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					      September 2010                                                        Volume 84 , Issue 3

PDG Mick Newling of                 port!). That is not the end of the       District Governor
D9710 (DG 2006/07 Lead
the Way) was surfing E-                                                    Alan Anderson (Dorothy)
Bay and came across a               We had to collect the jacket, luck-
                                    ily the seller lived very near Ro-
Past District Governor              tarians Vin & Bernie Leonard in
jacket being advertised             Wallan who collected the jacket
for sale.                           on behalf of PDG Clive.

Mick, not wanting                                     After collecting
Rotary gear end-                                      the jacket, Vin
ing up in the                                         discovered that
wrong hands,                                          the royal blue
found out that the                                    jacket belonged
jacket once be-                                       to PDG Mike
longed to a PDG                                       Reiner 1985-86
of Rotary District                                    of the Rotary
                                                      Club of Pascoe
                                                      Vale.                        New
He called fellow
                                                     Sadly, PDG Mike
year Governor
Clive Walker and
between them
                                                     passed away
                                                     some years ago,
agreed to put in a                                   so the jacket will
                                                     now form part of
                                                                              See centre pages
bid for the jacket.
                                                     the District‟s
                                    memorabilia or maybe the Rotary
After hard negotiating by PDG       Club of Pascoe Vale may wish to
Mick, the jacket was purchased      inherit the Jacket? (Perhaps a
for $5.00 and paid for by PDG       donation to Foundation would be
Mick. (Inter-district sup-          appropriate!?)

                                 Alan’s Anecdotes September 2010 —Page 1
    Inside this issue:                   Alan’s Anecdotes - is a newsletter of Rotary Dis-
                                         trict 9790 Governor Alan Anderson for the year 2010 -
DG Message                    3
Youth Exchange                5
                                         It is produced and made available to all members of Ro-
Conference Update             9          tary Clubs in the District and interested persons.

Pakistan Needs Help           10         Contributions are welcome and should be sent to:

International Education       12         Editor: PP Ian Bushby (Rotary Club of Bundoora)

Under the Spotlight         14/15
New Generations             16/17
Lake Hume Challenge           18            Deadline: 25th of the month prior to publication.

Tree Planting                 20
                                         Past editions may be viewed and/or downloaded from the
DGE Briefing                  21         "What's New?" page and archives are here:

Mental Health                 21

Rotary Foundation             22         Got a Rotary Idea or Issue that you would like aired?

ACMF                          26         Alan‟s Anecdotes is for all Rotarians in District 9790 and
                                         we seek your input, views and comments as we seek to
Calendar of Club Events       28         grow, improve and upgrade the publication.

Conference                    28         Send your ideas, articles or views to the Editor and you
                                         will be heard. The Editor will, of course, need to make
Laughter                      29         sure of the integrity and suitability of articles. Articles
                                         should be more than one page in size and include photos
YOUR District Contacts        30         where available. Make sure your name, Club and contact
                                         details are sent with the article.
Attendance                    31

  “Rotary is a “spirit of service” as well as an organization of Rotary clubs, and we need
  to share our core values of service, fellowship, diversity, integrity, and leadership with
  other people and organizations.
  The words I have selected to describe Rotary‟s current mission and to highlight our
  achievements are what we do best:
  Building Communities — Bridging Continents”.
  Ray Klinginsmith — RI President, 2010–11

                              Alan’s Anecdotes September 2010 —Page 2
Welcome to the third edition         very important as in many cases           ing with schools and communities
of Alan’s Anecdotes. For this        it is the participant‟s first introduc-   across Australia and the Asia Pa-
month, we celebrate New              tion to Rotary and what Rotary            cific region.
Generations. New Genera-             can offer. It is also for many, the
tions became the Fifth Ave-          first contact of the participants‟        District 9790 is also participating
nue of Service – joining Club        parents to Rotary. Both opportu-          in a multi District (17 of the 22
Service, Community, Interna-         nities can and do lead to future          Districts in Zone 8) in an applica-
tional and Vocation as a foun-       membership. In addition, all of           tion to Rotary International for a
dation of Rotary Club activity.      the youth programmes offer                Public Relations Grant that is fo-
                                     Clubs an opportunity to achieving         cused on the youth and younger
The decision to make New
                                     the 2010 – 2013 Rotary Strategic          generations using the modern
Generations the Fifth Avenue
                                     Plan. The programmes involving            communication methods such as
of Service was made by the           international contact such as             Facebook, Twitter LinkedIn etc.
2010 Council on Legislation,         Youth Exchange, National Youth            the five Victorian Districts have
which met in April.                  Science Forum, Ambassadorial              also been invited to join the Royal
                                     Scholars, Group Study Exchange            Agricultural Society with their Ru-
Supporting the many Rotary pro- offers the youth and young adults              ral Ambassador Award that is
grammes for the youth and young an opportunity to be ambassa-                  focused on developing our youth.
adults is one of Dorothy and my      dors not only for themselves and          In addition, the five Victorian Dis-
objectives for 2010 – 2011 for       their parents but also for Rotary,        tricts are combining with St. Vin-
they are our future and we are       our Clubs, our District and our           cent‟s Hospital with the Sing to
encouraging Clubs to participate. country.                                     Win Competition and the winner
We hope to achieve this objective                                              to join with established artists to
because the Rotary youth pro-        One of the future challenges for          perform at the Carols in the Vines
grammes foster positive contact      our Clubs is however, the need            event at Rochford Wines in the
between its participants, their par- for our Clubs to identify and em-         Yarra Valley on December 11,
ents and our Clubs.                  brace the changes needed so               2010 as well as $5,000.00 prize
                                     that they are friendly to the next        money.
The programmes for the youth         generation and more accepting of
include Interact and Rotary Youth their approaches to life. In part,           When our youth and young adults
Programme of Enrichment, the         we hope to address this at the            participate in the Rotary pro-
Youth Summer Science Schools forthcoming March District Con-                   grammes, they are contributing to
(National Youth Science Forum        ference where Michael McQueen             President Ray Klinginsmith‟s
and Summer Science Experi-           will be one of the guest speakers.        theme for 2010 - 2011:
ence), Model United Nations As- He is a bestselling author of
sembly, the Ian Murphy Memorial books, social worker and a recog-                    “Building Communities
Debating competition and finally, nised public speaker on equip-                      Bridging Continents”
the International Youth Exchange ping generations for greater con-
programme.                           nection, understanding and en-
                                     gagement.                                 Yours in Rotary
For the young adults, the pro-
grammes include Rotary Youth         We also hope to assist our youth          Alan Anderson
Leadership Awards, Group Study and younger generations at the
Exchange, Rotaract, Ambassado- District Conference by inviting                 District Gover-
rial Scholars, Rotary Peace Fel-     Ms. Robyn Treyvaud to speak on            nor 2010-2011
lowships and the Rotary Centres cyber safety, communication, bul-
for International Studies in peace lying, teaching issues & technol-           Rotary District
and conflict resolution.             ogy. Cyber Safe Kids is a re-             9790
                                     source for online safety and digi-
From personal contact with young tal citizenship resources and is
people after participating in some managed by its founder Robyn
of the above programmes, I know Treyvaud an educational leader
that all have the potential for life and online safety educator work-
changing experiences. All are

                                     Alan’s Anecdotes September 2010 —Page 3
                   New Members                                    Paul Harris Fellows

Kay DeRoss (Hon)              Bundoora                Lyn Price             Wodonga

Len Limon (Hon)               Bundoora                Dennis Hunter         Albury
                                                      Barrie Halliday       Shepparton
Gary Saliba                   Albury North
Ray Terrill                                           Tom Garrett           Shepparton Central
(Transfer from Rutherglen)    Wodonga West            Frank Trawn           Riddells Creek

Ken Kirby                     Preston                 Roy Mangos            Reservoir
Bob Eycken                                            Alf Armstrong
                                                      (Sapphire)            Albury North
(Transfer from Diamond
Creek)                        Mansfield               Barry Bennett
                                                      (Sapphire)            Albury North
Ian McAtamney (Returning
Member)                       Deniliquin              Mark Smith            Albury North
Trish Carrington              Corawa
                                                               Royce Abbey Award
Ian Carrington                Corawa
Sue Howard                    Myrtleford
                                                      John Moore             Shepparton Central
Joyce Ogden                   Myrtleford
                                                            New Members Cont........
Philip Ogden                  Myrtleford
Wayne Edwards                 Bundoora
                              Appin Park Wan-         Gary Saliba           Albury North
Anne Williams                 garatta
                                                      Jozette Dellemain     Albury North
                              Appin Park Wan-
Margaret Bennett              garatta                 Kelvin Quonoey        Albury North
                              Appin Park Wan-
                                                      Rodney Seth           Albury North
Meryn Pease                   garatta

                         Alan’s Anecdotes September 2010 —Page 4
                D9790 YOUTH EXCHANGE PROGRAM

   FIRST ORIENTATION             While the newly
     WEEKEND 2010                arrived Inbound
                                 Students were
  Melbourne University Dookie
                                 given an over-
                                 view of some
         7th & 8th August 2010   Aussie sporting
The First Orientation Weekend    skills – mostly in
for the 2011 Outbound Ex-        cricket and AFL
                                 – the Outbound            DG Alan Anderson giving his „pep‟ talk
change Students was well at-
tended. Along with DG Alan &     students       partici-
Dorothy, DGE David and DGN       pated in a „Travel Expo‟ where proved.
John & Eileen, Inbound Stu-      they were given advice on Time was given for a
dents, Outbound Students,        banking, souvenirs, Aussie „countries‟ session, when the
parents, counsellors and Com-    gifts, reporting for Rotayak and outbounds-to and the in-
mittee members gathered at       their monthly reports, as well bounds-from a particular coun-
Dookie College for two days –    as being measured and having try were able to exchange in-
about 97 in total.               their photos & details taken for formation. This was felt to be
                                 their uniforms, business cards especially helpful in relation to
After welcoming remarks by
                                 and badges.                       school times, systems & uni-
DG Alan, the program began.
Many aspects of exchange         Counsellors and parents were      forms as well as host families
were presented, including ses-   given opportunity to air con-     and different customs.
sions on insurance, money,       cerns and discuss any aspect      On the Sunday morning, three
communication, inoculations      of the exchange – both from a     Rebound Students and a par-
and general medical aspects.     student / parent point of view    ent of an exchange student
The travel agent from Terra      and from a host Club and host     gave input to the group on
Australis Tours presented        parent point of view. The in-     their exchange year and capa-
many aspects of the travel ar-   bounds and outbounds com-         bly fielded many questions.
rangements, including pass-      bined in „countries‟ groups to
                                                                   After such an informative
ports, escorts, flights, and     allow the inbounds to give a
                                                                   weekend, the Outbounds and
many „what to do when...‟ sce-   short presentation, and each
                                                                   their parents have been able
narios.                          group was able to construc-
                                                                   to settle many questions, and
                                                   tively    and
                                                                   are able to focus on their
                                                                   preparations for exchange.
                                                   give    feed-
                                                                   This includes learning some of
                                                   back on as-
                                                                   the language and customs of
                                                   pects which
                                                                   their country of exchange, as
                                                   were good
                                                                   one of the homework assign-
                                                   and to re-
                                                                   ments is to prepare a short
                                                   flect on ar-
                                                                   speech in the language of their
                                                   eas     which
      The Big Men Fly!                             could be im-

                             Alan’s Anecdotes September 2010 —Page 5
Alan’s Anecdotes September 2010 —Page 6
Alan’s Anecdotes September 2010 —Page 7
            The Rotary Club of Belvoir Wodonga and the
                    NAB Camp Quality Bonfire

On the 31st of July the Rotary
Club of Belvoir Wodonga, along
with staff from NAB Agribusi-
ness organised a bonfire for all
Camp Quality families in North
East Victoria and Southern
New South Wales.
The rain held off and the night
was a great success with a spit
roast dinner for approximately
80 people. The children were
entertained with train rides,
face painting and craft activities
and the night ended with a fire-
works display.
The event was held on the
property of Rotarian Colin
Coyle and everyone had a
wonderful time, especially the Camp Quality chil-
dren. Our thanks go to the volunteers from the
NAB for assisting our Rotary club with the great

We urgently need funding to          more Aquaboxes. They are cur-         of clean drinking water to the
send more Aquaboxes to the           rently setting up tent villages in    many more disaster refugees.
disastrous flood areas of Paki-      many areas for the refugees           Please, if you have any queries do
stan and to ensure we have           from the floods and are faced         not hesitate to call us:
                                                                           Thank you for your support,
enough boxes on standby for          with an enormous task of com-
                                                                           PP Ian Thomas
the inevitable disasters which       bating disease and sickness           Rtn Peter Roden
will occur in our region in the      caused by contaminated drink-         Aquabox
coming months. At the moment         ing water - said to be the great-     Rotary Club of Eltham
300+ Aquaboxes are being             est risk they currently face. The     District 9790
sent from the UK to Pakistan         NCHD has undertaken to re-            0419 178 679
and we have 108 with AusAID          ceive and manage the distribu-
which have also been commit-         tion of Aquaboxes to the tent
ted to the Pakistan flood.           villages on our behalf. It is quite
All supplies of Aquaboxes have       clear that the number of
now been exhausted and we            Aquaboxes being sent to the
urgently need funding assis-         disaster areas is not enough
tance to prepare and send
more.                                District Governor Alan requests
Aquabox has received an ur-          that you support Aquabox - the
gent appeal from the National        purchase of one Aquabox ($480)
Commission for Human Devel-          by every Rotary Club in Australia
                                     will enable us to prepare enough
opment (NCHD) in Pakistan for
                                     Aquaboxes to ensure the provision

                                 Alan’s Anecdotes September 2010 —Page 8
                             Marching to Angry’s
                               Conference in
                                March 2011
                                       March 17th to March 20th

   Seven months to go and
counting to “Touch the Future”!
                                                                                   look at
The Conference Committee has over the last couple of                       Take a program in-
months made considerable                                                        r and
progress with the planning and confirmation of guest                     speake ation on the
speakers. The Program is getting close to being finalized                    form       9790
and all the information will be on the District 9790 Confer-                    District website
ence website - so why not have a look at what is planned.                   Confer

You should receive a copy of the next
edition of the Conference Newsletter (September) very
soon. If you haven‟t -please have a talk to your clubs
“Onto Conference” Representative, who will be able to
give you a copy.                                                    Please support our new
                                                                      Conference Sponsors.
                                                                              Gold Sponsors

The Committee would like to congratulate Assistant Gov-
ernor Colin McKenzie and all Group 2 Presidents for nomi-
nating your club‟s “Onto Conference” representatives.
You were the first complete group to do so. Well done!

If your club has not already let the                             Supported by the branches at : Albury, East Ivanhoe,
Conference Committee know of your                               Eltham, Epping, Greensborough, Shepparton, Sunbury,
representative can you please send the details to:                              Reservoir, Wangaratta

                                                                               Silver Sponsors

If you haven’t already done so -
please book your club’s accommodation now in Wan-
garatta as we have found out there is another major                       Supporter Sponsors
event on 19 March 2011.                                                    Hume Building Society

                                    Alan’s Anecdotes September 2010 —Page 9
            Rotarians send help to Pakistan flood victims
Rotarians are reaching out to         each other and their friends to     member of a family of four with
victims of the heavy monsoon          contribute generously toward        about 2 quarts of drinking wa-
rains in Pakistan, as the coun-       this noble cause."                  ter every day for a year.
try continues to cope with its        Relief efforts                      "It is likely that this emergency
worst flooding in decades.            In response to the floods, The      will continue for some weeks,"
Major rivers have flooded val-        Rotary Foundation Board of          Pike says. "But Rotary clubs in
leys in about one-third of the        Trustees is accepting contribu-     District 1200 are ready to re-
country, claiming as many as          tions to help fund Rotary pro-      spond."
1,600 lives and washing away          jects that will support long-term   Syed Shahab Balkhi, governor
bridges, roads, and entire vil-       disaster recovery in the af-        of District 3271, says Rotary
lages. The United Nations esti-       fected areas.                       clubs can do the most good by
mates that more than four mil-        Ahmed's district is also coordi-    planning for the rehabilitation
lion people have been left            nating with ShelterBox, a           of flooded areas.
homeless.                             grassroots disaster relief or-      "This is unprecedented flood-
"The people of Pakistan were          ganization supported by Rotary      ing and has been incredibly
not prepared for a disaster like      clubs around the world, to help     widespread," Balkhi says.
this to reach this magnitude.         distribute emergency aid. Shel-     "Long-term recovery will be
Each day it seemed to get             terBox is sending 5,000 water       acute and painful. But help has
worse," says Shehzad Ahmed,           filtration units and 2,500 water    been promised by every club in
governor of District 3272             containers to flooded areas.        my district and District 3272."
(Afghanistan; Pakistan). "It's        More than 1,900 tents and 600
difficult for me to imagine how       ShelterBox containers have
we're going to cope with this         already been deployed.
situation."                           The Rotary Club of Sharp-
Millions of children face diar-       stown (Houston), Texas, USA,
rhea, cholera, and upper respi-       filled two 40-foot shipping con-
ratory infections from contami-       tainers with relief supplies, and
nated water and insects. Eight        is coordinating with Ahmed's
million people are still in urgent    district and District 3271 to de-
need of humanitarian aid. The         liver them to Karachi, where
UN predicts that the economic         local clubs will help distribute
cost of the floods could reach        the goods.
billions of dollars.                  Meanwhile, the Rotary Club of
"While most Rotarians in my           Multan Metropolitan, Punjab,
district weren't terribly affected,   has established five flood relief
we still have a moral obligation      camps at local hospitals. Club
to help those who are suffer-         members are collecting tents,
ing," Ahmed says. He adds             household items, food, and
that clubs in his district are col-   medicine.
lecting food, safe drinking wa-       World Water Works, a Rotary-
ter, and medicine.                    club sponsored relief organiza-
Ahmed also formed a district          tion that provides disaster vic-
disaster relief committee of          tims with water purification
past district governors, gover-       tools, has sent more than 600
nors-elect, and governors-            boxes to the southern province
nominee, as well as other lead-       of Sindh.
ers, to oversee long-term re-         Hugo Pike, chair of World Wa-
covery efforts.                       ter Works and a member of the       Top: Volunteers hand out food and
"We've received tremendous            Rotary Club of Chelwood             other aid to victims of the flooding in
                                                                          Pakistan. Bottom: Pakistanis living on
support so far from clubs and         Bridge, Avon, England, says         the side of the road after
districts all over the world," he     each box contains a water puri-     heavy flooding. Photos courtesy of
says. "Rotarians are motivating       fication kit that can supply each   Rotary Club of Rawalpindi Rohtas

                                  Alan’s Anecdotes September 2010 —Page 10
One of the signature programs of Rotary Inter-       hosted by Tatura Rotary Club; attend excur-
national which Corowa Rotary Club has                sions organised by Corowa High School and
adopted with enthusiasm over recent years has        engage in activities organised through host
been Youth Exchange.                                 families and the Corowa Rotary Club.

The program not only requires the Club to spon-      Over the past few years, Corowa Rotary Club
sor and send a local student to an overseas          has hosted a student each year, and this year
Club for 12 months but in return the expectation     two students overlapped for 6 months. Anders
is that the local Club hosts an overseas student     Larsen from Denmark arrived in Corowa in July
for the same period of time. This leads to won-      2009, and Mathias Jacobs from Brazil arrived in
derful opportunities for building mutual under-      February 2010. After his farewell speech in
standing and friendship as students are hosted       early July, Anders returned home to Denmark
by families and are enrolled at Corowa High          while Mathias is with us for another 6 months.
                                                      Anders had a fabulous year with the Corowa
During the twelve month period, hosted stu-          Rotary Club, and travelled with his host families
dents meet with other exchange students at           to South Australia,
educational and social weekends at Melbourne         Sydney,     Queen-
University‟s Dookie Campus; go on a „Rock to         sland,    Tasmania
                                                     and Melbourne. He
Reef‟ safari; attend a ski weekend hosted by
                                                     partnered a debu-
Myrtleford Rotary Club; attend a social weekend
                                                     tant at a local Deb
                                                     Ball; followed the
                                                     Bulldogs in the
                                                     AFL; sampled the
                                                     heat     of   Uluru;
                                                     climbed the Syd-
                                                     ney         Harbour
                                                     Bridge and snor-
                                                     kelled on the Great
                                                     Barrier Reef as well Anders Larsen with book
                                                                            presented to him by
                                                     as fitting in many Corowa Rotary Club
                                                     more activities than
                                                     most Aussie students his age would have ex-
 Anders with „Bulldog‟ and Brazilian exchange        perienced!
 student Mathias Jacobs

           Web Site Hosting                          All for a low annual fee. Setup costs are low with
                                                     a small fee if you want your own domain name.
                                                     All funds stay in Rotary for Rotary‟s benefit. For
Host your web site with Rotary Down Under.           details see:
Your choice of how you will host with full service  
or part. Design service where you can put your
own Club‟s material on the site, edit and maintain
it yourself.

                                Alan’s Anecdotes September 2010 —Page 11

When we consider the true meaning of the Ro-         The Citizens Foundation
tary Theme for 2010/11, Building Communities
Bridging Continents, we realise that it abso-        TCF is non-profit organization set up in 1995
lutely encompasses what Rotary International         by a group of citizens concerned with the dis-
Service is about.                                    mal state of education in Pakistan. District
                                                     9790 clubs have contributed before but ongo-
In Rotary we form network bridges between the        ing assistance is required
more developed countries and those in a less
developed phase.                           

Through international education programs we
work with people in developing countries to
provide opportunities for improvements in living
conditions and the ability for these improve-
ments to be sustainable.                              RAWCS Project 85
“We cannot stop terrorism or defeat the ideolo-       A joint Rotary District 9640 program with the
gies of violent extremism when hundreds of            Salvation Army (Bala Keselamatan), it has
millions of young people see a future with no         now been run for over thirty years and is de-
jobs, no hope, and no way ever to catch up to         signed to assist the education of needy chil-
the developed world.” Hillary Clinton January         dren in Indonesia.
                                                      If you wish to sponsor a child it is just A$110
The underpinning of sustainable development           per year Contact Rotarian Frank Wilkinson
is education. We believe by supporting Sus-         
tainable Education Programs Rotarians can
again make a difference.
                                                      Pennies for Peace
Please ask your club to consider a contri-            The Pennies for Peace program is designed
bution to one of the following programs:              to help students broaden their cultural hori-
                                                      zons and learn about their capacities as phi-
                                                      lanthropists. It educates students about the
John Walton                                           world beyond their experience and shows
                                                      them that they can make a positive impact on
Coordinator of International Education
                                                      a global scale, one penny at a time. Talk to
District 9790                                         school in your area and
                                                      learn more by following this
                                                      link    http://
Rotarian Action Group for Popu-             
lation Growth and Sustainable                         about-the-program/
RFPD supports its vision by educating 1.2             The School of St Jude
million Rotarians and Rotary leaders on
Population Concerns, and by promoting Ro-             St Jude‟s is a school in Tanzania that primar-
tary humanitarian projects that directly ad-          ily serves orphaned and vulnerable children
dress the population and development issue.           from the lowest socio-economic back-
To see some of these projects follow this link        grounds. Learn more at:                       
Projects/                                             tabid/198/Default.aspx

                               Alan’s Anecdotes September 2010 —Page 12
Alan’s Anecdotes September 2010 —Page 13
                                                          Stuart says “patient, tolerant and persistent in long
                                                          term but not in the short term.”
                                                          Kathryn says “generous, loving and prone to taking
                                                                  quick loud snoring naps”

                                                                   Megan says “impatient, generous, Rotary,

                     ot                                            intolerance for incompetence.”

             t he sp
     U nder        n ders
                          on                                        What’s the oldest item in your wardrobe

             lan A
                                                                    that you still wear?

        DG A                                                       A pair of old Ugg boots and an ancient and
                                                                   worn polar fleece that is still comfortable and

                                                                   What do you look or feel really good in?

                                                                   My District Governor‟s jacket.

                                                                   What’s one simple thing you’re really
                                                                   good at?

                                                                   Talking under wet cement with a mouthful of
                                                          Eating – see food and eat it.
                                                          “Spending the kid‟s inheritance”

What’s one thing most people would be surprised           What do you least like to do?
to know about you?
                                                          Clean up and organise my study/office much to Doro-
I was called “The Bishop” when I worked for ICI Aus-      thy‟s despair.
tralia and have a Bishop‟s mitre to show.
When travelling around the world in 1967 – 1971, the      What’s the one talent you wish you had?
only fare we paid was from Melbourne to London on
the ship (our honeymoon). And Dorothy and I have          Tolerance of people I perceive to be fools, hypocrites
stood on all the 5 continents of the world.               and/or disloyal.
                                                          Be a
What’s the smartest thing you’ve been told?               medical
Relax and enjoy life – you pass this way but once.        Being
When I retired, the hole that remains when I pull my      able to
hand out of a bucket of water is the amount that I will   play golf
be missed.                                                better
                                                          and to
How would someone you love describe you?                  snow
Dorothy says “a compassionate and loveable but
sometimes grumpy old man.”

                                   Alan’s Anecdotes September 2010 —Page 14
                                                            Australia in Montreal, Canada in 1970.

                       tligh           What was your happiest birthday

                 e          n
         de r th     de rso             My last one when all of my family were
      Un            n
                an A
         DG A
             One thing you refuse to eat?
Tripe and brains.

I’m glad I ....
Joined Rotary in 1999 for the great fellowship,
friendship and the
many very rewarding activities.
Became a grandfather to our adorable Zoe.

Who’s your most memorable character?
Nelson Mandela, Winston Churchill and Professor
Chris O‟Brien.

Currently, you are reading
More and more Rotary stuff.

If you were an animal
what would you be?
An elephant.

Are you a dog or a cat
Definitely and dog person,
they are generally honest
and loyal

What was your best break
in life?

Meeting Dorothy in 1965,
getting married in 1967 and
spending 4 years travelling
around the world together.
An accidental meeting of a
senior manager from ICI

                               Alan’s Anecdotes September 2010 —Page 15
Rotaract                                                 Interact

Michael Shields, District Rotaract Representative        WHAT IS INTERACT?
and President Sean Ingram have been visiting Ro-
tary Clubs throughout 9790 and have actively pro-        Interact is a Rotary-sponsored service club for
moted Rotaract.                                          young people. Made up of members ages 14 -18
                                                         or secondary-school age. Interact gives young
                                                         people an opportunity to participate in fun, mean-
     The Rotaract Club of Diamond Valley are
                                                         ingful service projects.
      going from strength to strength.
                                                         Along the way Interactors develop their leadership
     Rotary Club of Myrtleford is looking into          skills and initiative while meeting new friends.
      chartering a joint Club with Bright and Mount
      Beauty.                                            Interactors have access to the many resources of
                                                         Rotary International and The Rotary Foundation of
     The Rotary Club of Benalla is looking at re-       RI.
      forming the Rotaract Club that disbanded in
      2001                                               Rotary International provides the administrative
                                                         support that helps Interact clubs thrive.

Great to see the amount of activity in respect to a      The word INTERACT stands for "international ac-
program that is so important to the future or Rotary     tion" and today nearly 250000 young people in
and in respect to our ever so important New Gen-         more than120 countries belong to some 11000
erations.                                                clubs, making Interact a truly international phe-
                                                         nomenon. All over the world, young people are
                                                         spreading fellowship
                                                         and international understanding through a wide
Rotary Youth Leadership Award                            array of Interact service activities.

                                                         WHY ORGANIZE AN INTERACT CLUB ?
RYLA is Rotarians working with youth in leader-
ship development.
                                                         Today's young people will become tomorrow's par-
                                                         ents, professionals, business leaders and commu-
Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) is an              nity leaders. With the help of programs like Interact
intensive training program for community youth           they can gain the tools and skills necessary to de-
leaders. Young people ages 18-30, chosen for             velop into responsible, productive members of so-
their leadership potential, attend an all-expense-       ciety.
paid seminar, camp or workshop, generally three
to ten days in length, organized and run by Rotari-
                                                         Now is the time for Rotary clubs to focus on
ans with records of achievement. The RYLA event
                                                         the future by challenging New Generations to
can be sponsored by several districts jointly, by
                                                         test their talents, develop new skills, and confront
one district, or by a Rotary club.
                                                         issues they will face in their lifetime.
                                                         The Interact programme can instil in its members
Ask your New Generations Director to get your            life skills that can be shared with others for gen-
club involved.                                           erations to come.

    Model United Nations Assembly                      tions Director Michelle Banfield spoke to her club in
                                                       relation to this program and Peter Kelton followed up
Congratulations to the Rotary Club of Mooroopna.       with the result that District 9790 for the first time in
                                                       many years was represented by students from
                                                       Mooroopna Secondary College.
This year as a result of hearing about Model United
Nations Assembly at District Assembly New Genera-

                                  Alan’s Anecdotes September 2010 —Page 16
   Rotary Youth Program of                                  Summer School Program
                                                        Science sparks an interest?
                                                        Now in Canberra and Perth, the National Youth Sci-
Outcomes for Participants                               ence Forum is the only program in Australia that
                                                        offers students currently in Year 11 the chance to
RYPEN aims to deliver the following outcomes:           test-drive a wide range of universities and careers
• Increased motivation and improved life skills.        in the sciences.
• Better self-image and more pride in themselves.       A tremendous amount of interest this year and a big
• An understanding of setting and achieving             thank you to the clubs that nominated students. The
goals.                                                  standard of applicants was indeed a vote of confi-
• The confidence to overcome failure and take           dence in our New Generations and a credit to the
control of their future.                                successful 23 out of 69.
                                                        The Science Experience.
Outcomes for Rotary Clubs                               Visit the website for more information on yet an-
                                                        other wonderful programme.
RYPEN has separate outcomes for participating 
Rotary Clubs:
• Fills a niche in the teenage market.
• Reiterates Rotary’s commitment to youth.
• Good “bridge” to RYLA.                                              Youth Exchange
• Great opportunity to build relationship with local    The First Orientation Weekend for the 2011 Out-
schools.                                                bound Exchange Students was held at Melbourne
• Provides a good news media story.                     University‟s Dookie College and was well attended.
                                                        DG Alan & Dorothy, DGE David, DGN John & Ei-
                                                        leen New Generations Chair Clive Faul, Inbound
Get your club involved in yet another of your Dis-      Students, Outbound Students, parents, counsellors
trict‟s successful programmes.                          and Committee members gathered at Dookie Col-
RYPEN will be held 1 to 3rd April, 2011 at Lake         lege for two days - about 97 in total.
Nillahcootie Camp as per usual. Applications            Counsellors and parents were given opportunity to
will close approx 15/03/11.                             air concerns and discuss any aspect of the ex-
The District Program is open to Year 10 students        change - both from a student / parent point of view
in 2011.                                                and from a host Club and host parent point of view.
                                                        The inbounds and outbounds combined in
                                                        'countries' groups to allow the inbounds to give a
 Ian Murphy Memorial Debating                           short presentation, and each group was able to con-
                                                        structively and positively give feedback on aspects
Clubs encourage secondary schools to form de-           which were good and to reflect on areas which
bating teams to compete with different schools in       could be improved.
our District. Debates are normally conducted at
the club's meeting place. The final debate is held
at the District Conference each year. The Ian           If your Club is not presently involved in Youth
Murphy Memorial debate was named after PP               Exchange then don’t put it off any longer make
Ian Murphy of the Rotary Club of Corryong               the commitment and become involved. You owe
                                                        it to your members and the future of Rotary

Please note that the following deadlines will apply
in the conduct of this competition.                    2. Proposed deadlines for the three rounds to be held
                                                       in 2011 will be:
                                                       First round – 24th June, 2011.
1. Last date on which nominations for this com-        Second round – 16th September, 2011.
petition will be accepted is last day in March         Third round – 18th November, 2011

                                   Alan’s Anecdotes September 2010 —Page 17
        The Annual Lake Hume Challenge Ride

The Rotary Club of Bellbridge                       Refreshments provided during and after
                                                                  the rides.
        Lake Hume
                                                      B-B-Q for all entrants on completion.
                                                    Light lunch at Mongans Bridge for Kan-
  Sunday 31            October 2010                           coona Climb riders.
   The 12th year of this fun event!
                                                       Electronic Entries Close 11pm
                                                          Thursday 28th October.
    Choice of 2 fun supported rides
 around quiet and picturesque asphalt
country roads of the scenic Kiewa Val- All Rides Start and Finish Australia
       ley and the Hume Weir                       Park Albury.
   Escort vehicles and refreshments
               supplied.                          Entry Fees
      184km Kancoona Climb
      94km Kergunyah Cruise                         # Early Bird prize draw of mountain
                                                     bike for entries prior October 24th,
                                                       awarded at conclusion of ride.
 Great spot prizes to be won, you
Shouldn‟t miss out on this enjoyable                Entries, maps & profiles link on web-
                day!                                                 site.
 Get the family together or your work               Colin Maginnity (02)60264365, Email
  mates and come along to support              
         your local hospitals!

     A personal challenge ride .

                                                             # Early Bird Entries Prior October
              Ride Distance                  Start Time

       184km Kancoona Climb                    6.00am                       $50

       94km     Kergunyah Cruise               7.30am                       $50

                              Alan’s Anecdotes September 2010 —Page 18
                Happenings at Diamond Creek
District Governors Visit            hopes and plans for the club in
                                    the new Rotary year.
On 3rd August, District Gover-                                        New Members Inducted
nor Alan Anderson visited the       Paul Harris Fellow Presenta-
Rotary Club of Diamond Creek,       tions                             We have recently inducted two
along with his wife Dorothy.                                          new members into the Rotary
Alan spoke to the club and out-    A Paul Harris Fellow is an         Club of
lined his plans for the year, and  award named after the founder Dia-
his expectations for our club.     of Rotary, Paul Harris, and is     mond
Each Rotary year, the District     awarded to both Rotarians and Creek.
Governor‟s partner chooses a       non-Rotarians who have made They
charity, for which funds are       a significant contribution to Ro- are Pe-
raised during the year on visits   tary. This year, the Rotary Club ter
to the 61 clubs in the district.   of Diamond Creek awarded           Hodge
Dorothy spoke about her cho-       three Paul Harris Fellow awards and
sen charity, the Victorian Chil-   at the Changeover night. The       Phillip
dren‟s Music Foundation, which     worthy recipients are Rotarian Maran-
brings music to underprivileged    Greg Adams, Rotarian Alan          daz.
children. President Clyde pre-     Jones, and Maureen                 Peter
sented a cheque to Dorothy for     Mackenzie, wife of Rotarian        is the
$1,000 to Dorothy on behalf of     Rod. Greg is currently the club husband of Rotarian Jacquie
the club for her charity. And      treasurer as well as Bulletin edi- Hodge, and Peter attended the
Clyde presented DG Alan with       tor, while Alan has been Direc- District Conference in Albury in
a Geelong cap and scarf.           tor of Service Projects for the    March, and was so impressed
                                   past 3 years, and is now Presi- with the many wonderful things
Induction of New President         dent Elect. Maureen has been that Rotary does, he decided to
                                   recognised for her great contri- become part of it, and joined
On June 29th, outgoing Presi-      butions to                         our club. Phil was introduced to
dent Pat Millar inducted Clyde     the club                           the club by Rod Mackenzie and
Hulme as President of the Ro- through                                 came along to several meetings
tary Club of Diamond Creek for the Town                               before deciding to become a
2010-2011. The Changeover          Fair since                         member of our club. We welcoe
night was attended by more         the club                           both Peter and Phil to the club
than 80 Rotarians and family       took over                          and look forward to many years
and friends, including the out-    the run-                           of Rotary service together in the
going District Governor, David ning of the                            future.
Cooke. Clyde introduced his        fair. Mau-
new Board members to the           reen or-                           If you would like to come along
club, and thanked last year‟s      ganises                            and see what the Rotary Club
office bearers for their contribu- and runs                           of Diamond Creek is about,
tions. Clyde presented his               the two Showbag trailers, please phone Membership
                                         and has taken responsibil- Chair John Egan on 0418 499
                                         ity for the OH & S require- 873.
                                         ments. The club takes
                                         great pleasure in recognis-
                                         ing these three new Paul
                                         Harris Fellows, and con-
                                         gratulates all of them.

                               Alan’s Anecdotes September 2010 —Page 19
            A Cold Day For Planting in Clonbinane
It was a bitterly cold start to the   1pm by a team of about 50          (proud corporate supporter of
day at Clonbinane on Saturday         people with ages ranging from      RC Pascoe Vale). It was fan-
July 27, when the RC Pascoe           4 to 74, under the guidance        tastic and heart warming to see
Vale BBQ Trailer was set-up           and assistance of the Landcare     so many people there to help
perched on top of the hill at         team. The day seemed to get        Jacqui, working as a team and
Jacqui Sim‟s property. 16             colder and colder as it went on,   enjoying the day. Overall a very
months earlier a few of us had        and all were treated to a much     rewarding day for those who
stood on this peak and
been horrified at the
damage the bushfires
had caused to this area,
whilst we helped Jacqui
to clear her block of the
devastation and loss of
her house and all be-

On this occasion, no
one was really feeling
the cold as we were all
excited to be there
again to help Jacqui and
her daughter Mia to con-
tinue to put their lives back to-     needed burger or snag and a        helped, and a project where
gether. Jacqui has battled to         drink courtesy of the RC Pas-      you can really see your efforts
rebuild her house and has             coe Vale.                          contributing to the improvement
done a marvellous job, how-                                              of someone‟s life and the envi-
ever this tree planting day or-                                          ronment.
ganised in conjunction with           The team of tree planters came
Landcare will provide much            from various backgrounds,
needed native plants and trees        some friends, some locals,     We all look forward to returning
for her property. 1,700 trees         some Rotarians and some from to Clonbinane in a few years
were planted between 9am and          businesses like Westpac        time (on a slightly warmer
                                                                                          day!), to sit
                                                                                          on Jacqui‟s
                                                                                          deck with a
                                                                                          glass of red
                                                                                          to really see
                                                                                          the fruits of
                                                                                          our labour
                                                                                          and com-
                                                                                          pare photos
                                                                                          of today to
                                                                                          once the
                                                                                          trees and
                                                                                          shrubs have

           BBQ Trailer providing much earned sustenance for tree planters

                                  Alan’s Anecdotes September 2010 —Page 20
                  DGE at Director’s Briefing Weekend
DGE David Anderson has attended           and Philippines Office which is also    the same team which brought Shel-
the annual Governors Elect Briefing       located in Parramatta. A key focus      ter Box to Rotary Clubs, now they
weekend in Sydney at the end of           of the briefings at the RI Office was   bring forward Disaster Aid Australia.
July. The weekend brought together        upon The Rotary Foundation. A
all twenty two Governors Elect from       walk through the Parramatta busi-       Four uniquely New Zealand pro-
Australia as well as the six from         ness district from the RI Office to     grammes were included on the pro-
New Zealand. It was the first time a      RDU House enabled the Governors         gramme one of which, The InZone
combined Briefing Weekend had             Elect to reflect upon the task ahead.   Experience, showed how vocational
been held. It was convened by Zone                                                service and new generations could
7/8 Director Stuart Heal, a member        RDU Chairman, PDG Des Lawson,           be combined to offer career guid-
of the Rotary Club of Cromwell in D       introduced the Board of Rotary          ance to young people.
9980, New Zealand.                        Down Under which includes, as
                                          Treasurer, D 9790 Past Governor         The weekend briefing also covered
In another first, the Briefing Week-      Don Cox                                 the establishment of eClubs in Dis-
end was attended by RI President                                                  tricts, insurance for Rotarians, Clubs
Elect Kalyan Banerjee, a member of     Over the final two days, Governors         and Districts and the very important
the Rotary Club of Vapi, Gujarat,      Elect and partners were introduced         area of public relations which identi-
India. He was accompanied by his       to eighteen of the in excess of 60         fied upcoming public relations and
wife, Binota. It was the President     Rotary programmes operating in             marketing campaigns to ensure Ro-
Elect‟s first official overseas assign-Australia and/or New Zealand or            tary has „brand essence‟.
ment in the year and came five         programmes which attract Rotary
weeks after he was officially elected  support. The latter category in-
as RI President 2011-2012 at the       cluded presentations on Interplast
Montreal Convention in June.           and Medic Alert. Amongst the new
                                       programmes presenting was Disas-
The content of the weekend is ar-      ter Aid Australia which was con-
ranged by the staff at the RDU –       ducted by the former General Man-
Rotary Down Under – office in Par- ager of Shelter Box in Australia
ramatta and began with a briefing      Jenni Heenan. Her pitch to the Gov-
from the RI staff at the South Pacific ernors Elect was quite simple – from

What do you know                          tance of road safety,             Betty began running Mental Health
                                          but how much do we                First Aid (MHFA) courses as a com-
about mental health?                      know about caring                 munity service activity. Now, Austra-
In 2008, 2,191 Australians commit-        for someone who                   lian Rotary Health, in conjunction
ted suicide. Over three-quarters of       has or is developing              with Rotary Clubs around Australia,
them were male. 103 were Indige-          a mental health issue?            are running their own preventative
nous Australians.                      According to Professor Anthony       mental health first aid workshops
                                                                            that aim to assist in providing sup-
While suicide accounts for only a      Jorm and his wife Betty Kitchener,
                                                                            port to community members who
relatively small proportion – around not enough. “First Aid courses teach
                                                                            are at risk of or who are experienc-
1.5% - of all deaths in Australia, its you how to deal with emergencies
impact on specific age groups is       like someone having a heart attack, ing a mental health crisis.
great.                                 or getting bitten by a snake,” says  By supporting Australian Rotary
                                       Tony. “However, these emergencies Health, you can make a difference
From a population of 21.4 million,                                          to your community by helping fund
                                       are not common. On the other hand,
the numbers may seem small. How-                                            essential programs. To find our
                                       mental health problems and crisis    more please visit our website at
ever, around 6,400 Australians die
                                       situations like someone being suici-
each year from mental and behav-                                            or call 02 8837 1900 for more infor-
                                       dal are much more common,” he
ioural disorders, well above the                                            mation. All donations over $2 are
1,400 deaths attributed to transport                                        tax deductible.
accidents. We all know the impor-      To address this issue, Tony and

                                      Alan’s Anecdotes September 2010 —Page 21
The Rotary Foundation is your Charity!                    secondary school education for 7 students
The Rotary Foundation is the charitable arm of            in Kenya.
Rotary, what you contribute is best utilised to         Provide prosthetic limbs to twelve disabled
make this world a better place to live. Give $2          people in Thailand / Cambodia.
a week and in fifty Weeks it multiplies to $100. A
$100 contribution to The Rotary Foundation has
helped the following:                              There are many more projects, the Foundation
    4 new wells for rural villages in Zimbabwe. has helped; and would be helping. Every dollar
                                                   you give to our charity will make a big difference
    Text books for one elementary school in to the less fortunate people of the world. Every
     Zambia.                                       Rotarian Every Year your contribution of any
    Hearing aid for a deaf child in Pakistan.     amount that you can afford will be a great help to
    Training materials for 500 people in Val- the less fortunate of this world. Encourage your
     lampadgai, India to promote awareness
     about organic gardening.
    Two sturdy bicycles and maintenance
     equipment to help teenagers in remote ar-
     eas of Thailand to travel top school.
    Supply six desks for a school in Mexico.

                                                    Club Foundation Chair establish ways that allow
                                                    YOU to contribute to The Foundation. I have
                                                    suggested above that $2.00 a week added to
                                                    your dinner fees may be one way to donate.
                                                    Alternatively one fine session a month may be
                                                    the clubs way to donate. Whatever the way you
                                                    or the club raise Foundation funds - Make the
                                                    Rotary Foundation your first charity of choice.
                                                    All donations over $2.00 are tax deductable.
                                                    For further information please be free to contact
                                                    EREY Coordinator Geoff Long or the members
A contribution of $500 to the Rotary Foundation     of the District Foundation Team whose contact
has helped:                                         details are given in the District Directory and in
                                                    the District web. Let us support Every Rotarian
    Cataract surgery for 20 people in India        Every Year (EREY) and make people Happy
    Provide a watch repair mini business for
     six disabled workers in the Philippines.       PDG Clive J Walker (Rae)
    Pay for tuition and books for one year of      Chair District 9790 The Rotary Foundation

                               Alan’s Anecdotes September 2010 —Page 22
    RDU is a great way to promote your Club’s activities
                 amongst other Rotarians.
Any Club can get an article into RDU – and put details into the same format          Feel free to write about a Rotary
and you can earn the eternal grateful- as the section of Dave‟s Diary you            passion outside your club!
ness of RDU Editor Bob Aitken by       wish to see the article in.
following some simple steps when                                                      RDU needn‟t be just about articles
submitting articles.                                                                  from your Club – if you are passionate
                                                                                      about wider Rotary programs or think
Articles need to be unique!
                                            Submit pictures!                          a wider society issue could do with
                                                                                      sounding out amongst others to de-
An article about a Rotary project           RDU loves pictures. Especially when       velop ideas of how Rotary could help –
or effort is always great but for           they are resized nicely. The ideal pic- write us an article about it. A feature
RDU we prefer articles that are             ture size for articles is 200x200px. Our article is a great way to attract atten-
                                            favourite contributors put the pictures tion and get multiple Clubs and Rotari-
unique. The presentation of PHF,            at the end of articles on a blank page    ans behind a project or idea.
new members, changeovers are                and include them as jpg attachments
all very good but EVERY Club does           in their emails as well. Remember         Appoint an RDU Liaison!
                                            pictures with action and emotion are a
it and then we lose impact for a
                                            lot more interesting to see than posed This may be your Club‟s PR person or
great story. Try to show off your           pictures of handshakes, headshots or might even be someone who is a tal-
unique characteristics and pro-             people holding up certificates.           ented writer – Club Presidents and
                                                                                      Secretaries are often very busy and
jects that others can learn from.
                                            Get in early!                             it‟s understandable when they don‟t
Submit your article in MS Word for-                                                   have time to concoct and submit
mat rather than PDF!                        The earlier in the month that you sub- something for RDU – so get someone
                                            mit an article, the greater the chance    else from your club into it. Remember,
As sophisticated as Bob is, he prefers      of publication. We cut off on the 25th of a role involving discovery and collation
simplicity in editing articles. Word        each month.                               of Club, District and Worldwide Rotary
documents without extensive format-                                                   activities is a great way to expose new
ting are preferable.                        Don’t be mundane - Provoke a              members to what Rotary is about too.
Submit your article so it’s ready to                                                 Give it a go!
publish!                                    Rotary should be inspiring – so make
                                            sure what you write captures that es-    Many clubs never get the publicity
Many clubs submit articles that have        sence. If you have people talented at    they deserve because they don‟t
been written for their own bulletin.        writing at your club, encourage them     bother to promote what they are doing.
These are welcome, however an arti-         to write or edit articles to give them   Give it a shot when it comes to submit-
cle that refers to “The Rotary Club         some human interest.                     ting articles to RDU – Bob will do his
of….” instead of “us” helps the editorial                                            best to publish your article and give
staff immensely. Spell check the arti-                                               you the promotion that your club de-
cle, make it interesting to outsiders                                                serves!

                                       Alan’s Anecdotes September 2010 —Page 23
The CEO of the Hume Building Society Andrew    with Dyanni's overall vocational development
Saxby has strongly endorsed the Rotary Founda- which has been positively influenced by the GSE
tion, Group Study Exchange program.            program.

The Hume Building Society along with the Rotary     A report on that program and the opportunity to
Club of Albury West sponsored Marketing Man-        participate in the GSE program for 2010/11 to
ager Dyanni Bonacci to District 1190 in England.    D1950 Southern Germany appeared in the local
The Hume Building Society is extremely pleased      Albury paper:

                                Alan’s Anecdotes September 2010 —Page 24

Youth at Risk
Juvenile Detention Centres
Endorsed by the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations

The ACMF has music programs operating in 14 of the 18 Juvenile Detention Centres across Australia where
we provide free weekly music tuition and free instruments.

The ACMF does not begin a program in any centre until we have sufficient funds
to remain for a minimum period of 12 months. We believe this is crucial to obtain
optimum results. It is our aim to make these programs permanent in every Juvenile
Detention Centre in Australia.

Juvenile Detention Centre music programs consist of weekly 1.5 to 2 hour music
sessions. They include song writing, musical instrument tuition (including guitar,
bass, keyboard and drums) or rap/hip hop style tuition.

Music instruments and equipment including guitars, keyboards, bass and amps
are donated to all schools. Whenever possible, when released from detention, The
ACMF donates the instrument permanently to the student.

The NSW Department of Juvenile Justice has endorsed our programs operating in the centres. One of Austra-
lia's leading music academics, Professor Margaret Barrett, has completed a 12 month research report on the
achievements of The ACMF music program at the Ashley Youth Detention Centre, Launceston for the Australia

The ACMF Music Program and the NSW Youth Drug and Alcohol Court Program

The Rotary Club of Sydney has chosen to support our new project as part of the NSW Youth Drug and Alcohol
Court (YDAC) Program. The NSW YDAC Program was set up to address the needs of young offenders with
drug and alcohol problems.

It aims to divert young offenders from further drug use and reoffending by providing specialist assistance with
their health, social, educational, offending and accommodation problems. The Program uses a range of ser-
vices, ensuring a holistic approach to addressing young people‟s problems and needs.

                                                              The Past catching up with the Present!

                                                             District Governor Alan Anderson re-
                                                             cently visited The Rotary Club of
                                                             Sunbury and caught up with real
                                                             ‟pasties‟, PDG‟s Terry Grant and
                                                             Mani Seneviratne.

                                    Alan’s Anecdotes September 2010 —Page 25
Alan’s Anecdotes September 2010 —Page 26
                              HEALTH CONCERNS
A deep vein thrombosis is a blood       1 Pain and tenderness in the leg     ultrasound
clot that forms in the lower leg or     2 swelling of the lower leg          The treatment of DVT involves the
thigh. If the clot comes loose from                                          use of drugs that help to dissolve
its attachment to the vein wall, the    3 redness and heat in the skin
                                        overlying the DVT                    the clot and to prevent further
clot travels to the pulmonary ar-
                                                                             clotting. Usually after the initial use
tery, which is the main blood ves-      The risk factors of developing a     of drugs to dissolve the clot, war-
sel to the lungs. If the clot is very   deep vein thrombosis are             farin (an anticoagulant0 is used for
big, it can completely block the                                             3-6 months. If there are any risk
                                        Being overweight
artery and sudden death can oc-
                                        Coronary heart disease and con-      factors identified, these need to be
cur. If the clots are small, it can                                          addressed (eg stop smoking, and
                                        gestive cardiac failure
cause chest pain and haemoptysis                                             lose weight)
(coughing up blood)
                                        Pregnancy and high dose oral con-    If there are any risk factors for de-
As the blood flows up the leg,          traceptive pills                     veloping a DVT especially after an
against gravity, mechanical help is     Family history of DVT and clotting   operation or a prolonged airplane
needed to help the blood to return      disorders                            flight Graduated compression
to the heart from the lower limbs.      Recent surgery                       stockings can be of great help
The muscles contracting in the calf     Sitting still for long periods
act as a pump and also the valves       Some types of cancer
in the veins prevent the blood from     Previous DVT                         Being overweight
flowing backwards.
                                        The diagnosis of DVT is made on Smoking
The symptoms of a deep vein             clinical grounds taking into account Pregnancy
thrombosis can include:                 various risk factors, combined with
                                        a blood test and a special type of   From: Dr Carmel Love

 25 Year Reunion at Bundoora                               hosted by the Rotary Club of Coburg.
25 years ago, PP Alex Shaw and Marilyn, then               spon-
with Coburg, hosted an exchange student from               sored by
the USA.                                                   the North-
                                                           glen Ro-
On August 11, a welcome visitor arrived on our
                                                           Club of
shaws to renew friendships, attend a school re-
union and enjoy some real Aussie fare that she
missed. From going to the traditional tourist
                                                           rado. Both Marilyn and Alex along with their
stuff, down the coast, Healesville and of course
                                                           families enjoyed the opportunity of having Kathy
a day at the footy (MCG).
                                                           with them again after such a long time. The en-
                                                           joyment of their grandchildren talking to and
Kathy Bottone (nee Coakley) returned to our                listening to Kathy was a great experience for
District to attend a renuion at the Ivanhoe Girls          them.
Grammar School, the school she attended as a               We all agreed that the Rotary Youth Exchange
Rotary exchange student 25 years ago, when                 program is one worthy of support.

                                    Alan’s Anecdotes September 2010 —Page 27
                                                                        Marching to Angry’s
                                                                          Conference in
                                                                           March 2011
                                                                               March 17th to March 20th

October 1                Riddells Creek                    The conference theme is "Touching the Future",
                         Seafood Spectacular               and we plan therefore to have an emphasis on
                                                           youth, international relationships and the environ-
                                                           ment. We have looked for keynote speakers who
                                                           could support this theme.
October 24               Benalla Golf Day
                                                           Over the last few weeks, the Program Committee
                                                           have been able to lock in most of the          keynote
                                                           speakers as you will see below. We hope that you
October 28 - Nov 2       Wangaratta Art Show and           will agree with us that the list is impressive
                         Jazz Festival
                                                           George Negus - international media correspon-
October 31               Lake Hume Challenge               dent, and will speak on bridging continents, over-
                                                           population and global aid assistance.
                         Rotary Club of Bellbridge
                         Lake Hume                         Michael McQueen is an expert on the key influ-
                                                           ences that are shaping youth culture and the mind-
November 12              Bundoora Golf Day                 sets of today's young people, and explores Gen-
                                                           eration Y's paradigm when it comes to work ethic,
November 13              Rotary Club of Deniliquin         patience, loyalty, respect and communication.
                         60th Anniversary Dinner           Robyn Treyvaud will speak on Cyber safety, the
                         Deniliquin RSL                    power & pitfalls of internet communication and
                                                           youth distraction.
                         6.30pm and $35.00pp.
                                                           Prof Douglas Hilton, Director, Walter Eliza Hall
November 13-14           Eltham Town Fair                  Medical Institute. He will be speaking on malaria,
                                                           breast cancer and third world health issues.
March 17 - 20            District Conference
                         Wangaratta                        Further, we have asked each of the 9 Assistant
                                                           Governors to prepare a short presentation of a se-
              Your event not listed?                       lection of the projects being undertaken in their
                                                           Group. We are confident that it will inform the con-
          Send details to - The Editor                     ference delegates of the wide level of activity in
                                                           District 9790.
                                                            Sports Day Dinner:
              Further details from:                        We can announce the Guest Speaker for the
                            Sports Day Dinner will be Raelene Boyle, AM,
                                                           Raelene represented Australia at three Olympic
                                                           Games as a sprinter, winning three silver medals,
                                                           and at Commonwealth games where she won five
                                                           gold medals.
                                                           Her achievements also include being inducted into
                                                           the Australian Sporting Hall of Fame in 1985.
                                                           Raelene is a Board Member of the Breast Cancer
                                                           Network Australia and is a patron of both the Sun-
STOP PRESS: We can confirm that Mr. Hugh Evans,            shine Coast's Cancer Care Centres and the Living
CEO, The Global Poverty Project, Inc. will be a Keynote    Trees Program
speaker at the conference. Global Poverty Project's
vision is a world without extreme poverty within a gen-

                                    Alan’s Anecdotes September 2010 —Page 28
You know, somebody actually com-          The husband decides to tell his wife   When Pete's wife cooked dinner she
plimented me on my driving today.         how happy he's been over the           always put it straight on the table for
They left a little note on the wind-      years. He then decides to tell her     him. However, most days he would
screen. It said, 'Parking Fine'. Was-     something that he'd kept secret for    be home late, having stopped in at
n't that nice?                            many years. He explained that once,    the pub for a few ales, and his din-
                                          early in the marriage he had been      ner was on the table but cold. So he
A man walked into the doctors and         drunk and had been seduced by          suggested to his wife "why don't you
said, 'I've hurt my arm in several        another woman. He said it had been     put my dinner in the oven for me,
places.' The doctor said, 'Well don't     a terrible mistake and he needed to    dear, instead of leaving it on the ta-
go to those places anymore.'              tell her and hoped she would forgive   ble?"
Ireland 's worst air disaster occurred                                           He arrived home late again the next
early this morning when a small two-      Without a moments hesitation his       day to find his dinner in the oven
seater Cessna plane crashed into a        wife told him she forgave him. She     and was quite pleased. He opened
cemetery. Irish search and rescue         then said she had a secret too. She    the door to take it out … it was a
workers have recovered 726 bodies         told him that before they met she      salad.
so far and expect that number to          had been a man and had a s*x
climb as digging continues into the       change operation.
night.                                                                           Confucius says:
                                     She was grateful to have this oppor-
                                     tunity to tell him. He was stunned          "A Lion will not betray his wife.......
A couple who have been happily                                                   but a Tiger Wood."
                                     and said he could never forgive her.
married some thirty years are having
                                     "I just can't believe it", he said "Now
a romantic dinner after a round of                                               "He who drives well on the fairway
golf at their favourite golf club.   you tell me. All these years I've been
                                     letting you hit off the ladies tee!"        does not always fare well on the

                                         Alan’s Anecdotes September 2010 —Page 29
District Governor                                       WHAT TO SEND – TO WHOM AND WHERE
Alan Anderson (Dorothy) Rotary Club of Eltham
                                                        Address all District Mail, and Attendance Report to:
9 Monclaire Court           (H) 03 943 93953
                                                        District Secretary: Greg Adams
Eltham VIC 3095             (M) 0419 330 774
                                                        PO Box 153                     (H) 03 943 85857
                                                        Yarrambat VIC 3091             (M) 0419 355 842

District Secretary                                      District Dues & Insurance Premiums:
Greg Adams (Irene)          Rotary Club of Diamond
Creek                                                   District Treasurer: PP Dick Barker
PO Box 153                  (H) 03 943 85857            2/12 Rodney Street             (H) 5420 7542
Yarrambat VIC 3091          (M) 0419 355 842            Gisborne VIC 3437              (M) 0417 527 735                   

                                                        Club Bulletins
District Treasurer                                      Email your bulletin to:
Dick Barker (Margaret)      Rotary Club of Strathmore
                                                        The following will automatically receive their copy:
2/12 Rodney Street          (H) 542 07542
                                                        DG Alan Anderson- DGE David Anderson – DGN John
Gisborne VIC 3437           (M) 041 752 7735            Gatt.                              PDG Brian Bowen (District Award Committee) and your
                                                        relevant Assistant Governor.

District Governor Elect
David Anderson              Rotary Club of Yea
                                                        District Database and Register of Members
‘Glenside’ 447 Ghin Ghin Road        (H) 579 73213
                                                        PP Don Hamilton (Ann)          (H) 03 9857 4289
Yea VIC 3717                         (M) 041 853 3959   5/39 Orchard Crescent,         (M) 0418 374 927                                   Mont Albert Nth, VIC. 31290 (F) 03 9857 4125

District Governor Nominee
John Gatt (Eileen)        Rotary Club of Diamond        Insurance Claims & Queries to:
Creek                                                   PP Dennis Hunter (Patricia) (H) 02 602 17893
8 Giralong Court            (H) 03 9434 2003            230 Wirraway Street            (W) 02 604 14755
Greensborough VIC 3088      (M) 0407 492 209            Albury VIC 2640                (M) 04274 14766                         
                                                                                       (F) 02 604 14766
District Communications
Address all correspondence to:
                                                       Rotary Foundation Donations:
District Secretary Greg Adams PO Box 153 Yarrambat VIC
3091                 Please make cheques payable to The Rotary Foundation
                                                       and send to:
                                                        District Secretary, PO Box 153 Yarrambat VIC 3091
District 9790 Website
                                                        Every Rotarian, Every Year Contributions
                                                        Please send cheque payable to The Australia Rotary
                                                        Foundation Trust with all completed forms to District Sec-
                                                        retary, PO Box 153 Yarrambat VIC 3091

                              Alan’s Anecdotes September 2010 —Page 30
           ClubName     StartYear   Members   Change      New       Term.       Month %    Meetings     Pos.
Albury                          31          0                                         0.00                     61
Albury Hume                     33         33         0         0           0        85.60          4           6
Albury North                    57         57         0         1                    65.06          4          46
Albury West                     49          0                                         0.00                     61
Alexandra                       40         40         0                              68.00          4          41
Appin Park Wangaratta           33         34         1                     0        74.80          5          26
Beechworth                      20         24         4         0           0        72.22          4          31
Bellbridge Lake Hume            10          0                                         0.00                     61
Belvoir Wodonga                 36         35        -1         0           0        79.23          5          17
Benalla                         73         73         0         1           3        75.33          5          23
Bright                          33         34         1                     1        70.19          5          33
Broadmeadows                    18         20         2         0           0        65.00          4          47
Bundoora                        17         16        -1         0           2        85.50          4           7
Cobram                          25         25         0         0           0        78.80          5          18
Coburg                          19         18        -1                     1        66.67          4          42
Corowa                          23         25         2         2           0        80.95          5          14
Corryong                        18         18         0         1                    69.00          4          38
Craigieburn                     14         14         0         0           0        75.00          4          24
Deniliquin                      24         24         0         1                    73.10          4          30
Diamond Creek                   29         29         0         0           0        87.00          4           4
East Shepparton                 19         19         0         0           0        63.00          4          49
Eltham                          47         49         2         0           0        73.33          5          29
Euroa                           51         51         0         1                    70.00          5          34
Finley                          21         21         0         0           0        75.70          4          22
Greensborough                   34         33        -1         1                    62.70          4          50
Heidelberg                      44         44         0         0           0        76.28          4          20
Holbrook                        26          0                                         0.00                     61
Ivanhoe                         16         15        -1         0           0        90.00          4           1
Kyabram                         32         33         1         0           0        87.75          4           2
Lavington                       12         12         0         0           0        83.33          4          10
Mansfield                       35         35         0         1           1        85.02          4           8
Milawa Oxley                    22         19        -3         0           1        72.00          4          32
Mooroopna                       37          0                                         0.00                     61
Moreland                        11         10        -1         0           3        68.46          4          40
Mount Beauty                    23         23         0         2           0        74.50          4          27
Myrtleford                      25         22        -3         0           0        81.40          4          12
Nathalia                        17         17         0         1           0        85.66          5           5
Numurkah                        34         34         0                              69.08          4          37
Pascoe Vale                     30         30         0                     4        87.07          4           3
Preston                         40         42         2         1                    65.50          4          44
Reservoir                         6         7         1         0                    90.00          4           1
Riddells Creek                  10         10         0                     3        84.00          4           9
Romsey Lancefield               14          0                                         0.00                     61
Rosanna                         28         28         0         0           0        77.08          4          19
Rutherglen                      34         36         2         0           0        76.00          4          21
Seymour                         36         37         1         0           0        75.00          4          25
Shepparton                      50         53         3         0           2        69.00          4          39
Shepparton Central              39         38        -1         0           0        62.50          4          51
Shepparton South                45         45         0         0           0        74.36          4          28
Southern Mitchell               26         26         0         2           1        80.00          4          16
Strathmore                      31         30        -1                              66.10          5          43
Sunbury                         40         40         0         0           0        60.00          4          52
Tallangatta                     16         18         2         0           0        80.70          4          15
Tatura                          35         29        -6         0           2        53.30          4          53
Tocumwal                        10         10         0         0           0        65.00          3          48
Wangaratta                      25         25         0         0           2        82.52          4          11
Whittlesea                      16         16         0         1           0        65.08          4          45

Wodonga                        31           30       -1         0           1       81.28          4           13
Wodonga West                   31           32        1         1           3       70.00          5           35
Yarrawonga Mulwala             40            0                                       0.00                      61
Yea                            36           37        1         0           0       70.00          4           36

                                    Alan’s Anecdotes September 2010 —Page 31
Alan’s Anecdotes September 2010 —Page 32

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