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									Tutorial exercise

Study the following scenario and produce a Use Case diagram.

                            Buying a sofa scenario

   1. A customer phones a furniture company with an enquiry about a sofa
   2. The salesperson answers the phone and asks if they can help.
   3. The customer asks if they have a grey leather two-seater sofa in the sale
   4. The salesperson searches the computer stock records
   5. The computer records show that they have just one item left in stock of the
      type requested.
   6. The customer asks for the price
   7. The salesperson asks if they need it delivering or whether they will pick it
   8. The customer asks if it can be delivered
   9. The salesperson checks the price including delivery on the computer
   10. The salesperson tells the customer the price including delivery and VAT
   11. The customer agrees to buy the sofa
   12. The sales person asks if the customer can pay by credit card
   13. The customer confirms that they can pay by credit card
   14. The salesperson gets the card details from the customer
   15. The sales person enters the card details into the payment system
   16. The salesperson reserves the sofa on the system
   17. The salesperson checks when the first delivery is possible
   18. The salesperson tells the customer when the first available delivery is
   19. The customer agrees to the delivery date and time
   20. The salesperson books the delivery
   21. The salesperson confirms the delivery with the customer.
   22. The salesperson thanks the customer for their order
   23. The call ends

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