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					                                           REQUEST FOR QUOTATION (RFQ)

NAME & ADDRESS OF FIRM:                                         DATE: 08.06.2009


Dear Sir / Madam:

You are kindly requested to submit your quotation for the following items before close of business on 22.06.2009–17.00 h
at UNDP Payton Place 14 Prishtina,

Item    Generic Description [incl. Technical specifications, quality &   Destination                 Quantity     Price
        safety standards, special features required]
1.      Small tables                                                                                   10 pcs
        Technical characteristics:
               Made of wood

               Size 60x60cm

               Guarantee 1(one) year

2.      Dining table with 6 chairs                                                                  3 sets
        Technical characteristics:
               Made of wood

               Standard Size

               Guarantee 1(one) year

3.      Book shelves                                                                                 3 pcs
        Technical characteristics:
               Size wide 107 cm x 180cm long

               Guarantee 1(one) year

4.      Stand for TV                                                                                 1 pcs
        Technical characteristics:
               Made of wood

            Guarantee 1(one) year

5.   Garden table with six chairs                         2 sets
     Technical characteristics:
            Made of plasic

            Guarantee 1(one) year

6.   Sun blind (garden tent)                              1 pcs
     Technical characteristics:
            100m2

            Guarantee 1(one) year

7.   Sofa for sitting room                                4 pcs
     Technical characteristics:
            L sofa

            Color

            Guarantee 1(one) year

8.   Chandelier (lluster)                                 2 pcs
     Technical characteristics:
            Standard for ceiling

            Guarantee 1(one) year

9.   Sleeping beds                                        5 pcs
     Technical characteristics:
            Made of wood

            Standard size for single beds

            Guarantee 1(one) year


Delivery Date:
                                              All Bids should be delivered in closed envelopes.
7 days after signing the contract             Technical description
                                              Price schedule
                                              Transport is included from the company in all regions in Kosovo stated
Payment Terms                               After receiving the goods

Validity of Quotation                                   30DAYS

Preliminary Examination -                 Partial bids permitted.
Completeness of quotation.
                                        UNDP will award a contract to the bidder whose bid has been determined to be
                                        substantially responsive to the bidding documents and who has offered the lowest
                                        evaluated bid. UNDP reserves the right to accept or reject any bid, and to cancel the
                                        bidding process and reject all bids, at any time prior to the award of contract, without
                                        thereby incurring any liability to the affected bidder or bidders or any obligation to
                                        inform the affected bidder or bidders of the grounds for such action.
Mode of Transport:                      SURFACE

Availability of local service in country of final destination

       Details on any warranty/guarantee conditions to be stated

Language: All documentation, including installation and technical description - operating manuals shall be in:

 English         Albanian        Other

NAME, FUNCTIONAL TITLE:_Nazlie Bala, Project Manager WSSI, UNDP_____________________

Signature: _________________ DATE: 08.06.2009__________

CONTACT ADDRESS: Government Building VI-th floor office 603 in Prishtina,_________ FAX NO: ++381 38 249 065

E-MAIL ADDRESS: nazlie.bala@undp.org___________________________

This RQF is delivered to the company by: ______________________________ Date: _____________________

It is received by the company: _______________________________________ Date: _____________________