Getting acquainted With an Accelerometer by gyvwpsjkko


Have you ever tried to find out how an ipod responds to the game being played by
you on the screen or how does it know when flipped over? Well, the piece of
technology that makes you wonder in none other than the ‘accelerometer'. The itouch
accelerometer makes use of three major components- silicon springs, silicon mass and
current. When these elements are placed in conjunction, they provide the user with a
superb gaming experience.

The role of the silicon springs is to figure the correct position of the silicon mass so as
to make the electric current fluctuate. For doing this, the silicon springs have to gauge
the movement of electric current throughout the silicon mass. As soon as there is a
movement in the silicon, the electric current changes and a different signal is received
by the LCD screen. This variation is more than enough to send Ipod a signal for
adjusting the game on the screen. That's how the display changes automatically when
you rotate your ipod from landscape to portrait view.

The accelerometer technology is being used for programming a plethora of web
applications. These days, almost all the mobile phones that hit the market, contain an
in-built accelerometer. This technology brings an entirely new factor into gaming. Its
not just Symbian, Ipod or IPhone but even J2ME accelerometer is gaining popularity.

Accelerometers can be used for a variety of tasks. They can be used to measure the
vibrations on safety installations, process control systems, buildings, machines and
even cars. Accelerometers can also be used for measuring dynamic distance, seismic
activity and inclination. These days, accelerators are being used in more and more
electronic devices like gaming devices and media players. Even Wii Remote makes
use of multiple accelerometers for providing thrilling component of gameplay. The
entire range of latest smart phones has been incorporated with 3G accelerometer. This
accelerator is used for switching between landscape and portrait modes, user interface
control and even for step counters.

Some of the modern notebook computers also contain accelerometers for the
automatic alignment of the screen in accordance to the direction in which the device is
being held. Some of the camcorders also make use of accelerometers for stabilizing
the image.

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