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									 Inside                       March 5, 2007                                   Oklahoma City Community College

                 This Week
  • Constructive criticism good, editorial, p. 2.
  • Black History week celebrated, p. 9.
  • Swimmers, divers compete, sports, p. 12.
  • Volunteers help out others, p. 14.


It will cost big                                                                     Details, details

bucks to build
new festival site
   Up to $1 million has been pledged
  to ready the area over several years
By Valerie Jobe

 A     rts Festival Oklahoma has been held on OCCC’s campus for the
        past 28 years. Although the long-standing site just outside of
the Arts and Humanities Building has been cleared for the construc-
tion of the Arts Education Center, the festival will continue its tradition
in a new location — at a price tag of up to $1.4 million.
  At a Board of Regents meeting Feb. 19, a proposal was approved for
Triad Design Group to begin planning for the relocation across Faculty
Circle in the northwest corner of the campus.
  The firm will be in charge of all necessary architectural and engineer-
ing services for the project.
  According to the Feb. 19 meeting agenda, up to $81,650, or 5.75
percent of the total construction contract, will be paid to Triad Design
Group to provide those services.
  The agenda reports that the new site will require “excavation, irriga-
                                                                                                                                        Photo by Carrie Cronk
tion, electrical, water, sidewalks, a new stage, etc.”
  Those projects will be phased in over several                                        Sophomore Visual Arts major Yuko Oshizawa works on a greenware
years using Section 13 Offset funds, money that See “AFO,” page 16                   sculpture of a boot in Professor Layne Thrift’s evening ceramics class.

Online degree programs penciled into OCCC’s future
By Amanda Bittle                  work.                            versity of Oklahoma and          Oklahoma City University     based on several criteria.
Staff Writer                         Though no official re-        Oklahoma State University      and Southeastern Okla-           “I think they’re looking at
                                  sponse has been received,        also offer some online de-     homa State University offer    quality and support struc-

 S     tudents may soon
       have the opportunity
to earn an OCCC degree
                                  Sechrist said, the HLC
                                  team indicated in their exit
                                  interview on Feb. 20 that
                                                                   gree programs, according
                                                                                                  online degrees as well.
                                                                                                    Sechrist said the team
                                                                                                  determines qualification
                                                                                                                                 tures and what is called

                                                                                                                                        See “Online,” page 16
without changing out of           they felt OCCC met the nec-
their pajamas.
  One of many steps in
                                  essary qualifications.
                                     If approval is granted, the
                                                                   Former student sentenced to six years
OCCC’s plan to offer online       first program offered will be    By Valerie Jobe                                      programs showed his willing-
degree programs was com-          an associate of arts in lib-     Editor                                               ness to ignore his problem.
pleted recently, said OCCC        eral studies.                                                                           Durant was charged in May
President Paul Sechrist.
  A peer review team from
the Higher Learning Com-
                                     Degrees in humanities,
                                  psychology and informa-
                                  tion technology also are
                                                                    F    or mer OCCC student
                                                                         Kevin Wayne Durant, 28,
                                                                   was sentenced to six years in
                                                                                                                        2002 with second-degree rape in
                                                                                                                        Canadian County.
                                                                                                                          Gray referenced a preliminary
mission of the North Cen-         being considered, Sechrist       prison for taking clandestine                        investigation report in which Dr.
tral American Association         said.                            photos of a female student on                        Richard Kisher, a psychiatrist,
of Colleges and Universities         Online degrees already        campus.                                              diagnosed Durant with para-
visited the campus Feb. 19        are offered at many Okla-          Oklahoma County District                           philia, or voyeurism that, ac-
and 20, Sechrist said.            homa colleges and univer-        Judge Twyla Mason Gray con-                          cording to Kisher, could not be
                                                                                                       Kevin Wayne
  The purpose of the HLC          sities.                          sidered Durant’s past encoun-                        remedied.
team’s visit was to help de-         In addition to franchise      ters with the Oklahoma court                           Durant was caught in August
termine whether OCCC is           universities such as The         system when the sentence was handed 2005 at OCCC videotaping up a female
ready to offer degrees based      University of Phoenix and        down. Gray told Durant that his failure to student’s skirt.
strictly on online course-        Devry University, the Uni-       complete any community-based treatment        “Durant mini- See “Durant,” page 16
2 • PIONEER • March 5, 2007

                                                 Editorial and Opinion
                       Editorial                           Peace comes in variety of forms
     Criticism can                                         To the editor:
                                                             It was recently in the Pio-
                                                           neer that our Free Hugs
                                                                                            gruesomeness of war can
                                                                                            spread an awareness.” Do
                                                                                            we really need to know sto-
                                                                                                                            and yourself, and most im-
                                                                                                                            portantly, peace is love.
                                                                                                                              The Advocates of Peace

      be helpful                                           Campaign was an admi-
                                                           rable, symbolic gesture
                                                           “but if peace is going to take
                                                                                            ries of bloodshed to truly
                                                                                            know peace? This isn’t an
                                                                                            Anthony Burgess novel and
                                                                                                                            Club, and the events it
                                                                                                                            sponsors, is dependent
                                                                                                                            upon students and their
    OK, so Anna Nicole Smith is dead, Britney Spears       hold, it must be done with       OCCC students are not           ideas, and encourages both
  is now a space monkey ready for her mission to           more than the symbolic           your average droogs.            to help it establish a start-
  Mars and the pointless, media-induced morbid fas-        gestures of hugs and poles”         We are not characters of     ing point. Every revolution
  cination with both of them remains everlasting.          and that the most impor-         fiction and you cannot at-      has a starting point.
                                                           tant way “to create peace is     tempt to mandate private               —Kristi McClatchy
    However, what does the public do when tales of         through awareness.”              screenings of the darker                 and Cody Ingram
  celebrity faux pas, either those in life or those that     The writer urges readers       and bloodier side of our         Advocates of Peace Club
  contribute to someone’s death, occur? Do we help         to “give peace a better          existence and expect us to                         Members
  them? No. We instead ridicule them in instant            chance with actions.” I          know peace. Forcing our
  messages, blogs and chatrooms.                           would refute this notion         eyelids to open to such
    While the fascination with Spears and Anna             that a hug is merely a sym-      atrocities is a moot point.
  Nicole is superficial at best, the students and fac-     bolic gesture. There is cer-        The horrible nature of
                                                           tainly an amount of cour-        war is apparent and we are             Vol. 35 No. 23
  ulty here at OCCC can learn from their misfor-                                                                             Valerie Jobe..........................Editor
  tune.                                                    age shown by club mem-           reminded of this several
                                                           bers who chose to take time      times a day on television.       Amanda Bittle................Staff Writer
    Receiving criticism, both positive and negative,       out of their day to hug com-     We see death tolls in differ-    David Miller....................Staff Writer
  is vital to our growth as individuals, and as a glo-     plete strangers.                 ent languages on different
                                                                                                                             John Savage..................Staff Writer
  bal society. It’s when that criticism is distributed                                                                       Courtney Barrie.............Staff Writer
                                                             I’m not discrediting the       news stands. How has this        Drew Hampton..............Staff Writer
  to an unrelated third party, or the masses, instead      symbolism of a hug, but          served us?                       Scott D’Amico............Online Editor
  of the proper recipient, that it becomes destructive     rather endorsing the idea           The greatest advocates of     Mike Ferak...................Webmaster
  in the name of passive-aggressive behavior, as well      that the action of human         peace were pacifists who         Carrie Cronk.............Photographer
  as being construed as gossip, on the part of the         embracement in our indi-         did not partake in any sort      Tim Cronk...................Ad Manager
  person misguidedly releasing the criticism.              vidualistic society is per-      of combat. Jesus, Dr. King,      Richard Hall.............Lab Assistant
    When feeling the need to criticize someone, even       haps one of the most effec-      and Gandhi spread their          Ronna Austin.............Lab Director
                                                           tive ways to promote love.       collective wisdom through        Sue Hinton............Faculty Adviser
  for legitimate reasons, most people feel an appre-         Many Western Civiliza-         non-violent actions.                The PIONEER is a publica-
  hension in doing so for fear of upsetting the recipi-    tions have become so con-           There is a misconception      tion of Oklahoma City Com-
  ent. Conversely, some people would rather com-           sumed with separation and        that has been socialized         munity College through the
  plain to someone else instead of experiencing that       self-promotion that some-        into our society — that          Division of Arts and Humani-
  brief uncomfortable moment in which they tell the        thing as simple as hugging       peace is opposite of war.        ties. It is published weekly
  person what they’re doing wrong, even though it          is considered strange and           Peace has so many other       during the fall and spring se-
                                                           undesirable. Advocates of        dimensions that many sim-        mesters and the eight-week
  might encourage a more efficient and positive en-
                                                           Peace want to demolish the       ply do not understand.           summer session.
  vironment afterward.                                                                                                          All opinions expressed are
    Humans need criticism whether they like it or          barriers between people.         Peace is finding a common
                                                             The article states that        ground, humanizing en-           those of the author and do not
  not. However, it should come from a place of re-         “showing unabashedly the         emies, accepting others          necessarily represent those of
  spect and a genuine desire to help that person who                                                                         the publisher.
  wants to perform to the best of his or her ability. It                                                                        The PIONEER welcomes let-
  shouldn’t be derived from a desire to belittle a per-                                                                      ters to the editor and encour-
                                                                                                                             ages the use of this publica-
  son, which is evident when the criticism is told to
                                                                                                                             tion as a community forum.
  an unrelated third party.                                                                                                  All letters must include the
    We also need to be strong enough to accept that                                                                          author’s name, address,
  criticism when it is deserved. A healthy attitude                                                                          phone number and signature.
  toward receiving constructive criticism is impera-                                                                         However, the PIONEER will
  tive to a working and learning environment. If one                                                                         withhold the name if the re-
  can’t take the criticism, then he or she most likely                                                                       quest is made in writing. The
                                                                                                                             PIONEER has the right to edit
  will suffer during these interactions with co-work-
                                                                                                                             all letters and submissions
  ers for the rest of the time he or she is in the                                                                           for length, libel and obscen-
  workforce.                                                                                                                 ity.
    The other vital ingredient is trust. We need to                                                                             Letters to the editor can be
  trust the faculty as well as our peers to care enough                                                                      delivered to the PIONEER of-
  to tell us when we can do something better and                                                                             fice, mailed to: Pioneer Editor,
  also provide us with methods to improve our per-                                                                           7777 S. May, Oklahoma City,
                                                                                                                             Oklahoma 73159 or faxed to
                                                                                                                             (405) 682-7843.
    In this learning environment known as Oklahoma                                                                              Letters may also be e-mailed
  City Community College, let’s care about and re-                                                                           to A phone
  spect each other enough to give constructive criti-                                                                        number for verification must
  cism so as to create a healthy and productive learn-                                                                       be included.
  ing environment. Perhaps if someone close to the                                                                              The PIONEER can be ac-
  two celebrities mentioned above had done this, one                                                                         cessed on the Internet at:
  would possibly be more well-rounded and the other
  might still be walking the Earth.
                                        —David Miller
                                           Staff Writer
                                                                                                                       March 5, 2007 • PIONEER • 3

                                                 Comments and Reviews
‘Black Snake’ makes
viewers moan for home
   It’s been said “you can’t     of the corny and cliché
turn a ho into a housewife,”     lines.
and this statement is pro-         This movie portrays Rae                                          The title of this column is very appropriate this
ven true again and again in      as an over-sexed drug ad-                                       time.
the film “Black Snake            dict who finds herself face                                        The view is of construction equipment and crews
Moan,” directed by Craig         down, beaten and left for                                       working on several new building projects on our
Brewer.                          dead near Lazarus’ farm-                                        campus.
   Brewer is known for his       house.                                                             From my view, I see that OCCC is moving forward
writing and directing of           Rae’s character spends                                        and building the infrastructure to empower our
“Hustle and Flow,” but           more time on all fours than                                     current and future students to achieve a college
“Black Snake Moan” lacked        the dog in “Air Bud,” but                                       education of the highest quality and value.
flow and the only hustle         Lazarus is determined to                                           The final trim is being added to the Robert P. Todd
you will be wanting is from      force her to change her                                         Science, Engineering and Math (SEM) Center and
the credits.                     wrongful ways.                                                  will be completed in March.
   The movie features Sam-         Lazarus soon nurses her                                          This new facility will provide new classrooms and
uel L. Jackson, who plays        back to health, and to stop                                     labs to support students studying math and sci-
the part of Lazarus, a God-      her wickedness, he eventu-                                      ence — and includes a world-class botany class-
fearing bluesman who is          ally chains her to the heater                                   room and greenhouse. The $10 million addition to
intent on saving Rae,            in his living room.                                             the Main Building is being built by the students of
played by Christina Ricci.         Scenes of Lazarus playing                                     OCCC — by raising bond funds repaid through
   A lot of the comedy in this   the guitar are well-cut and     ordinary. In the end, view-     student fees.
film is ho-hum at best, and      sound genuine as he plays       ers are left with an empty         It is truly a building built for and by students. We
is funny only when Lazarus       the blues in several scenes.    feeling and no closure.         plan to move into the SEM Center after spring break
gets angry and spouts out          The plot bounces around         Snakes may have saved         and be fully operational by the end of the spring
a memorable line, which          from scene to scene without     Jackson’s last film, but this   semester.
are few and far between.         infor ming viewers that         one doesn’t have enough of         Two other major buildings are under construc-
   Some scenes with Rever-       things are happening.           a sensible plot to leave        tion — the Health Professions Education Center
end R.L., played by John         There is no real sense of       viewers satisfied.              and the Arts Education Center.
Cothran Jr., could be con-       direction.                        Rating: C-                       These buildings have a combined cost of $15 mil-
sidered funny, but I wasn’t        Jackson’s acting was                      —John Savage        lion. They are being paid for by the state of Okla-
laughing, perhaps because        solid but nothing out of the                   Staff Writer     homa as the result of a statewide bond issue that
                                                                                                 the voters approved to support at least one project
Stick to the show with ‘Reno’                                                                    on every state college or university campus in
  Break out the aviator sunglasses and the       into contact with new varieties of wildlife        The new buildings are scheduled for completion
short shorts — “Reno 911!” has made the          and the new opportunities for mishaps           next spring and should be ready for the summer
transition to the silver screen.                 provided by the beasts.                         semester in 2008.
  In “Reno 911!: Miami,” the Reno, Nev.,           All of the officers, with the possible ex-       Some other good news — we are one step closer to
Sheriff’s Department receives an invitation      ception of Trudy Wiegel, take full advan-       begin offering selected programs totally online.
to participate in a national police conven-      tage of the all-night party scene for which        Last week, our regional accrediting association
tion in Miami.                                   Miami is known.                                 conducted a comprehensive evaluation of OCCC ’s
  After making the journey via a beat-up           Though the individual scenes retain the       ability to support an entire degree online.
charter bus, the officers arrive in Miami        humor that brought popularity to the se-           The review team concluded that OCCC is ready
and attempt to check into the convention.        ries, the film’s plot adds nothing to the       and will recommend approval.
  They are dismayed to learn they are not        material. Writers Robert Ben Garant, Tho-          The reviewers were very complimentary of our
on the registration list, but they attempt       mas Lennon and Kerri Kenney-Silver              faculty and staff, the quality of our online courses
to make the best of things by finding al-        seemed simply to find a reason to relo-         and support services, and the College’s long-term
ternate lodging and spending the evening         cate Reno to Miami.                             commitment to an effective online learning and
getting drunk.                                     Besides co-scripting the film, Garant         college experience.
  As luck would have it, biological terror-      serves also as director and actor, portray-        We also learned this past week the Ethics and
ists hit the convention during the night,        ing Deputy Travis Junior. Lennon and            Excellence in Journalism Foundation approved a
leaving the attendees quarantined inside         Kenny-Silver also appear onscreen, as Lt.       grant for new state-of-the-art broadcasting equip-
the swank hotel at which the convention          Jim Dangle and Wiegel, respectively.            ment at OCCC.
is being held. Almost every cop in the im-         “Reno 911!: Miami” is rated R for sexual         The grant, in the amount of $105,000, will be
mediate vicinity is under microbial              content, nudity, crude humor, language          used to purchase five high-definition camcorders,
lockdown.                                        and drug use. Fans of “mockumentary”            which will provide hands-on recording experience
  It’s up to the Reno Sheriff’s Department       humor will enjoy the film, but probably         for our broadcast journalism students.
to step in and keep the city of Miami in         no more than they would an episode of              It is an exciting time for OCCC, and the view from
line while the Department of Homeland Se-        the series. Be sure to stick around for the     the President’s office looks great and is getting even
curity searches for the terrorists.              full credits.                                   better.
  Fans of the show can guess what hap-             Rating: B-                                                                            —Paul Sechrist
pens during the film’s subsequent hour.                                    —Amanda Bittle                                               OCCC President
  The Florida setting brings the officers                                       Staff Writer
4 • PIONEER • March 5, 2007

Students added to honor rolls
  Final grades are in and the     Kennedy, Jaclyn Kephart,        Walls, Robert Weaver, Sara           Ekole Ebune, Michael           Lindsey Miller, Joshua
following people have been        Kayla Kirlin, Sandra Kle-       Wheeler, Amanda Williams,         Faith, Paul Ferguson, Amy       Mills, Dani Mirich, Jamin
included to the Fall 2006 honor   zyte, Lona Lodge, Amber         Nicholas Wilson, Trent            Ferrell, David Fetter, Mary     Miser, Obrien Montoya,
rolls. Congratulations.           Louch, Jesse Lucas, Hai Lu-     Wood, Danielle York.              Fitzgerald, Kayla Ford, Ja-     Brandi Moore, Gary Moore,
                                  ong, Elaine Lyons.                                                son Freeling, Lucas Gar-        Tira Moore, Naisha Morris,
                                    Nancy Mai, Jeannine                                             field, Justin Garrett.          Makenzie Morrissey.
       President’s                Mantooth, Sheryl Martin,            Vice President’s                 Shane Gibson, Donna            Betty Mwangi, Ken Nghi,
       Honor Roll                 Robert Mason, Robert Mc-               Honor Roll                 Goll, Thomas Graham, Jus-       Joseph Nicholson, Robert
                                  Donald, Robyn McHan,                                              tin Grimsley, Donna Guy,        Nolan, Travis Norman, Sean
   Students are eligible to be    Leroy Montano, Kathryn            Students are eligible to be     Jennifer Haddon, Stacey         Oats, James Ocasio, Lan-
on the President’s Honor          Morris, Katherine Neale.        on the Vice President’s Ho-       Hale, Steve Hamilton, No-       don Olson, Amber Over-
Roll by achieving a GPA of          Charles Nelms, Timothy        nor Roll by achieving a GPA       etta Harjo, Tamara Harris.      turff, Richard Pasley.
4.0 while carrying at least 12    Nix, Lauren Nunn, David         of 3.5 while carrying at least       Cristen Hartman, Lisa          Roberta Peters, Phu
hours. Part-time students         Oakes, Rosa Olivo, Kelly        12 hours. Part-time students      Heath, Kerry Hebble-            Pham, Rachel Picott, Keshia
are eligible if they have main-   Olson, Joseph Ortega, Sal-      are eligible if they have main-   thwaite, Patricia Heffley,      Potts, Dennis Powell, Chris-
tained a 4.0 GPA for two con-     ma Parven, Jimmy Patillo,       tained a 3.5 GPA for two con-     Nicholas Henthorn, Aman-        topher Price, Modesto Re-
secutive semesters.               Robert Pekus, Neyland           secutive semesters.               da Herren, Cynthia Herrera,     sendiz, Kit Revell, Ronald
   Arati Adhikari, Bobby Al-      Pettis, Christine Phelps.         Trevor Adler, Jessica Al-       Richard Hill, Michael Hisey.    Riggs, Tony Robertson.
lahyar, Susan Angelino, Hil-         Jorita Pittman, Kathleen     brecht, Roberto Alvarez,             Paul Hobbs, Sharlet            Tracey Robinson, Samuel
ario Barraza, Theresa Bel-        Plummer, Glory Police,          Stephen Anderson, Tami            Hogue, Steven Hoke, Adam        Sampson, Apryl Satterlee,
ler, Rochelle Bohanon, Geo-       Julie Porter, Stephanie         Anthony, Erick Atlee, Kim-        Holt, Mark Horton, Amber        Joshua Sauer, Brandi
ffrey Boyd, Heather Brewer,       Pratt, Jessica Price, Michael   berly Atterberry, Athar Ba-       Huffer, Angela Hunter,          Schmidt, Amelia Scott, Mi-
Sara Brickey, Aaron Bryant.       Rankin, Christopher Ratz,       loch, Jessica Blackshaw.          Alecia Jacobs, Philip Jecty,    chael Searle, Martha Selzer,
   Owen Burnett, Jason By-        Jeremy Real, Jose Reyes,          William Blankinship, Vic-       Andrew Johnson, April           Natisha Shepard.
num, Valerie Carter, Jenni-       Amelia Rios-Baxter, Anna        toria Boyles, Willie Braggs,      Johnson, Kristen Johnson,         Lawrence Simpson, Don-
fer Cochnauer, Justin             Roberts, Jamie Roberts, Li-     Kalyn Bray, Monique Bris-         Deborah Kennison, Jimmie        na Smith, Rhonda Spain,
Comp, Tori Contreras, Tyler       ana Rowe, Jarrod Rutledge.      tol, Christie Brophy, Can-        King, Paula Lackey, Rita        Jason Spiller, Gregory Stan-
Crain, Jeanne Davilla.              Amanda Schaefer, Vir-         dace Brown, Brian Buet-           Landsberger, Emily Lan-         ton, Skye Statum, Jamie
   Kevin De Young, Patricia       ginia Schiefer, Alicia Schog-   tner, Scott Burkhart.             gley, Christian Leclercq.       Steichen, Jeffrey Ste-
Dexter, Jeremiah Didier,          gin, Colin Shawhan, Debra         Candace Cantrell, Court-           Chris Lehew, Katie Leon-     venson, Summer Stiger,
Stacy Fitzgerald. Danielle        Shoestock,        Elizabeth     ney Carothers, Fransisco          ard, Lisa Leyn, Janette Lile,   Emily Stock, Jennifer
Franklin, Sally Gomez,            Shultz, Jamie Silvest, Mi-      Cazares, Kerri Christian,         Justin Liston, Rachel Liv-      Stramski, Arlene Sullivan.
Daniel Graham, Jordan             chael Simons, Brock Smith,      Caitlin Clabes, Brent Coff-       ingston, Spencer Living-          Barbara Tech-Buckner,
Gullo, April Hampton.             Jeff Spence, Rachel Stanley.    man, Shanita Cogshell,            ston-Gainey, Patrick Lock-      Blake Thompson, Carrie
   Jason Hanan, Chasity             Kendall Steverson, Gary       Brad Collins.                     ett, Mary Lockyer.              Tomlinson, April Trumbo,
Harjo, John Hashimoto-Mc          Stokes, Jodey Stokes, Ash-        Chris Cope, Cynthia                Annette Loughridge, Cody     Stephanie Viner, Jerry
Creery, Tracye Hickey, Chri-      ley Sutton, Logan Swift,        Coszalter, Kyle Davis, Caleb      Lovett, Elizabeth Lovett,       Walker, Elizabeth Wallace,
stopher Hyde, Kevin Hymel,        Beverly Taggart, Tara Tate,     Dobbs, Tarah Donoghue,            Robin Marshall, Susan           Charlie Ward, Tuesday
Furrukh Iqbal, Cynthia            Laurie Thornton, Jennifer       Clayton Dorris, Rashida           Mattison, Rodney McAli-         Watkins, Kenny Watson,
Jones, Eric Jones.                VanWassenhove.                  Douglas, Amanda Dupler,           ster, Samuel Mendiola,          Jennifer Wells, Whitney
   Jessica Joyner, Kimberly         Stephen Varner, Amber         Sadia Durrani.                    Rebecca Milledge.               Wright, Aaron Zaitshik.

    “My congratulations to each of these
   outstanding students. Your academic
   achievement is an honor that all of us
                    at OCCC celebrate.”
                          —Paul Sechrist

       “I would like to offer my heartiest
        congratulations to all those who
    made the honor roll. This represents
     a tangible recognition of your hard
                         work and drive.”
                            —Felix Aquino
                            Vice President                                               read the PIONEEROnline
                                                                                                                          March 5, 2007 • PIONEER • 5

Enrolling requires some advance planning
                                                                                By Scott D’Amico                        let a student into the class even if
                                                                                Staff Writer                            the class is full.
                                                                                                                          Aguigui also spoke about online
                                                                                  Enrollment consists of more           enrollment, something she said she
                                                                                than just picking classes, said Aca-    recommends to returning stu-
                                                                                demic Advisor Melissa Aguigui.          dents.
                                                                                  In a recent lecture, “Enrollment        Business sophomore Porsha
                                                                                Basics,” Aguigui spoke about the        Webb, 23, said she found the lec-
                                                                                importance of planning a class          ture helpful. “It makes me want to
                                                                                schedule that fits around a             use my time more productively to
                                                                                student’s personal schedule.            get the schedule and professors I
                                                                                  “You have to balance your work        want.”
                                                                                and family obligations,” she said.        Aguigui said one of the more im-
                                                                                  Aguigui said students should          portant aspects of enrolling is
                                                                                also be leery of taking classes that    knowing what your long-term goals
                                                                                don’t fit their personality.            are. She said some degree pro-
                                                                                  She said students who have a          grams — like an associate degree
                                                                                hard time waking up shouldn’t           in applied science (AAS) — allow
                                                                                take morning classes and students       students to go to work immediately
                                                                                who go to bed early should not take     after school.
                                                                                night classes. “You have to be re-        If a student is looking to transfer
                                                                                alistic,” she said.                     to a four-year university, she said,
                                                                                  She also went over important          the student can either finish a de-
                                                                                deadlines with students.                gree here or transfer before finish-
                                                                                  For instance, she said, students      ing the requirements for an asso-
                                                                                can add or drop classes through         ciate degree.
                                                                                the first week of a 16-week semes-        Aguigui said getting the most out
                                                                                ter.                                    of enrolling isn’t that difficult.
                                                                                  Students also can register late         “Basically, in a nutshell, you guys
                                                       Photo by Scott D’Amico   during that first week and if a class   need to be proactive,” she said.
  In a recent lecture, “Enrollment Basics,” Academic Advisor Melissa Aguigui    is full, students can ask the pro-        Online Editor Scott D’Amico can
spoke about the importance of planning a class schedule that fits around a      fessor for an override, Aguigui said.   be reached at OnlineEditor@occc.
student’s personal schedule.                                                      An override allows a professor to     edu.

Vans ordered for security officers
By A.J. Houston                                                provide documentation of
News Writing Student                                           all parking lot activity,”
                                                               Sloas said.
  The OCCC Safety and                                            “It will also provide us
Security Department will                                       with a real-time, advanta-
be receiving new security                                      geous viewing platform in
vans this March and new                                        which to deter criminal ac-
surveillance equipment in                                      tivity.
June.                                                            “It is a step forward in re-
  The college will receive                                     ducing overall crime on
two 2007 service package                                       campus,” he said.
Ford Expeditions, which                                          With the numerous re-
are expected to arrive this    on campus.                      ports of car break-ins on
March.                           The cameras will be ac-       campus, he said, these new
  “The larger vehicles will    companied by a wireless         additions will be a great tool
allow for us to use them as    surveillance system. This       for officers, Sloas said.
a command center for ra-       will allow the officers to        “I would like everyone to
dio and telephone commu-       view any camera on cam-         know that this is a direct
nications in the event of a    pus from laptops in the         result of forward-think in
disaster,” said Ike Sloas,     newly-acquired security ve-     crime prevention by the
Safety and Security direc-     hicles.                         President’s Cabinet and
tor.                             “The camera system will       President Sechrist.”
  New camera systems also
were approved by OCCC
President Paul Sechrist on
Feb. 19 and will be deliv-
                                    Have a story idea?                                            Place a personal classifed ad
                                                                                                         It’s FREE to OCCC
ered by June 30.
  The total cost of this          Call 405-682-1611, ext.                                              students & employees!
project is $95,000.
  The new cameras will be         7409, and tell Valerie                                       
placed in the parking lots
6 • PIONEER • March 5, 2007

Signs designate proper smoking areas
By Courtney Barrie                       According to a report by the Sur-
Staff Writer                           geon General, there is no risk-free
                                       level of exposure to secondhand
   Oklahoma state law requires         smoke.
smokers to stand at a 25-foot dis-       Non-smokers who come into
tance from all state-owned facili-     regular contact with secondhand
ties’ entrances.                       smoke increase their chances of
   According to Oklahoma’s Sec-        heart-related disease by at least 25
ondhand Smoking Laws, law-             percent.
breakers could be subject to fines       OCCC student Geraldine Camp-
of $10 or more for standing too        bell doesn’t mind standing away
close to school doors.                 from the door when she lights up.
   Ike Sloas, Campus Safety and          “[The sign] is right there by the
Security director, said he is not      door,” Campbell said. “Besides
aware of any official OCCC smok-       that, you’ve got to be considerate
ing policy.                            of the people who don’t smoke.”
   Sloas said the school must fol-       History major Jeremy Harris also
low state law, but that security of-   is a smoker who places a high value
ficers do not have the power to en-    on courtesy toward others.
force this law since they are not        “I always go past the line, be-
state police officers.                 cause I don’t like to blow smoke in
   Technically, those who choose to    peoples’ faces,” said Harris.
smoke closer to the doorway are          For more information on Okla-
breaking no laws if they stand at      homa’s smoking laws, visit www.
least 25 feet from the door, and
                                                                                                                                     Photo by Carrie Cronk
they are not subject to disciplin-       Staff Writer Courtney Barrie can
ary action.                            be reached at StaffWriter3@occc.         Smokers gather at a designated campus smoking area. Signs identifying the
   “We ask that the entire college     edu.                                   areas are posted in compliance with state Secondhand Smoking Laws.
help enforce this law,” Sloas said.
   Keith Bourque, Campus Safety
and Security coordinator, encour-
aged those who see people smok-
                                       Emergency Medical Sciences
ing before reaching the designated
area to respectfully ask them to
move. If the offender refuses, se-
                                       program adds new technology
curity officers may then be asked      By Kerry Lowery
to intercede.                          News Writing Student
   In regard to recent complaints,
Bourque said, security officers who      The Emergency Medical Sciences
do not observe the designated          department at OCCC can breathe
smoking area are dealt with as an      a little easier these days.
internal department issue.               Thanks to Emergent Respiratory
   Signs on OCCC’s campus have         Products, a CPAP, or continuous
been set out by Physical Plant         positive airway pressure machine,
workers to point out the appropri-     is now available for EMS students
ate distance for smokers to stand,     to use in their studies.
but the lack of uniformity from en-      Emergent Regional Sales Man-
trance to entrance could be a          ager Lois Tanner presented the de-
source of confusion for both smok-     vice to EMS Professor Harvey Con-
ers and nonsmokers alike.              nor and his students on Feb. 22,
   For instance, although the          giving a brief demonstration of
Transportation Technology build-       CPAP’s capabilities.
ing has signs posted 30 feet from        Connor said CPAP allows emer-
the doors near entry 13, a sign on     gency workers to give patients a
a wall next to the entry way reads,    higher level of care than was avail-
“Smoking Allowed in this Desig-        able before.
                                                                                                                                     Photo by Carrie Cronk
nated Area.”                             Designed for severe respiratory
   Three feet away on the glass                                                 Paramedic Care Three student Ryan Stewart adjusts the mask to the new
                                       distress, the machine forces oxy-
doors a sign reads “No Smoking in                                             continuous positive airway pressure machine (CPAP) on an Emergency Medical
                                       gen into the patient’s lungs with
this Area.”                                                                   Technology Basic student during a demonstration on Feb. 22. The CPAP
                                       great efficiency.
   Because of the confusion sur-                                              machine was one of five donated to schools by Emergent.
                                         The CPAP is an adjustable pres-
rounding designated smoking ar-        sure machine that gauges the           way to the hospital.                  director, and a group of EMS stu-
eas, Pioneer staff measured all        patient’s exhalations to determine       “One of the key reasons we chose    dents attended the presentation.
main entrances. They found all         the amount of oxygen needed.           OCCC to receive the CPAP machine        The CPAP machine is valued at
have signs posted well beyond the        Tanner explained that the CPAP       is Harvey Connor,” Tanner said.       more than $1000, Barnes said.
required 25-foot mark.                 machine greatly reduces the            “He has been pushing the advance-       Connor added, “We’re real fortu-
   The main entry has signs posted     amount of drugs that need to be        ment of CPAP for years.”              nate that Emergent has decided to
75 feet from the door.                 administered to the patient on the       Leaugeay Barnes, EMS program        give this unit to our school.”
                                                                                                                         March 5, 2007 • PIONEER • 7

Tutors needed for one-on-one work
By John Savage                          taged backgrounds, according to          higher in the subject he or she will   to her work schedule, she had to
Staff Writer                                                be tutoring.                           drop the class but could use the
                                           The program is federally funded         Some students who have re-           tutoring services to finish the class
  TRiO Student Support Services         and offers help to students who are      ceived help from the tutors really     next semester.
wants to hire students who can          first-generation college students,       appreciated it.                          Math Tutor and OCCC student
tutor subjects such as mathemat-        low income or have a disability.           Ashley Tomajan is an art major       Vu Tran said he likes to help stu-
ics, science and history.                  McMurtrey said TRiO services          who received help with college al-     dents with their studies.
  Although some other labs help         can help up to 160 students each         gebra.                                   “Mostly I like to stick with a lot
students with the same academic         year.                                      “[My tutor] was really good and      of the stepping stones like elemen-
subjects TRiO does, Program Spe-           “We just provide extra services for   helped me get the main concepts,”      tary and intermediate [algebra].”
cialist Linette McMurtrey said the      them to be successful in college,”       Tomajan said.                            Tran said he likes to tutor be-
difference is the TRiO tutors will      she said.                                  “He always expected me to have       cause it helps fellow students ac-
mostly be working one-on-one with          She said students would be            my homework done.                      complish their goals.
the students.                           qualified depending on household           “Having my homework done was           He said he enjoys working indi-
  “We’re looking for students who       size. TRiO uses the same numbers         one way he could look and see          vidually with the students.
feel confident about tutoring in        as Financial Aid. Normally if the        where I was having problems,” she        “When [students] go to the math
that subject,” McMurtrey said.          student receives a Pell Grant, they      said.                                  labs they might have to sit there
  Students can apply online at          qualify for help.                          Other students had their tutors      and wait their turn,” Tran said. and also will             One of the requirements that          help them in the science depart-       “This is more of a one-on-one ba-
need to submit a transcript. The        must be met is the student’s grade       ment.                                  sis.”
pay is $8.50 per hour.                  point average needs to be a 2.8 or         OCCC student Raquel Carranco           For more information, contact
  The Federal TRiO programs are         higher.                                  said last year she received help       McMurtrey at 405-682-1611, ext.
educational opportunity outreach           The applying tutor also must be       with her chemistry and this year       7865.
programs designed to motivate and       currently enrolled at OCCC and           she might require tutoring again.        Staff Writer John Savage can be
support students from disadvan-         must have had a B average or               She explained that last year, due    reached at

Students test-drive new  Courses offered for
video game design course late-semester credit
By Locke Grant                                  sign degree program is being offered as a          By Drew Hampton
News Writing Student                            stand-alone trial class and has already            Staff Writer
                                                been filled to capacity by eager men and
   From “Pong” to “Donkey Kong,” video          women.                                               There is hope for students needing just a few more
games have slowly but surely become                Thomas Ashby, computer science pro-             credit hours to graduate before summer.
commonplace in most households. For             fessor and network/software coordinator,             Spring late eight-week and fast-track classes are
good or ill, the era of digital entertainment   has taken up the task of teaching the              still open for enrollment, said Admissions Services
has reached its golden age.                     course. This is his first experience in the        Assistant Lyndsie Stremlow.
   With the game industry                                   field.                                   Students can sign up for spring late eight-week
surpassing Hollywood in                                         So how does one teach a spe-       courses until March 26, when the classes begin,
gross income, many of                                           cial topics class without any      Stremlow said, although several classes already are
the silver screen’s “who’s                                       first-hand knowledge of the       full.
who” are swapping                                                material?                           “To enroll in (the full) classes, students will need
scripts for microphones                                             “Anytime you go about          the instructor’s permission,” she said.
to cash in by lending like-                                          teaching a new subject,         Enrolling after the deadline also might be pos-
ness and voice to digi-                                              it’s all about doing your     sible with the professor’s permission, Stremlow
tal counterparts.                                                   own homework,” Ashby           said.
   A vast new market                                                  said.                          “See the corresponding division office for details,”
for talented designers                                                   “We’re breaking new       she said.
has appeared. Colleges                                           ground. Most video game             Once classes begin, the latest date students can
nationwide have seen                                  courses focus on the programming as-         drop a late eight-week course with a full refund is
this void, and many                                 pect, leaving the creative niche empty.”       March 30. Students have until May 4 to drop with-
are taking steps to                                This class is different, Ashby said.            out academic penalty, Stremlow said.
fill it.                                           The trial class aims to teach students            Five-week fast-track courses also are available,
   OCCC is in the final stages of approv-       how to “speak the lingo,” and tries to in-         Stremlow said. Session 2 classes start March 2,
ing an associate degree program for video       voke the creative spirit by instructing stu-       while Session 3 offerings begin April 13.
game design and development.                    dents in the design and creation of their            For more information, pick up a copy of the OCCC
   The program would teach students             first original game, he said.                      2007 Spring Schedule, or visit the Recruitment and
about the history of the industry, how to          The deadline for the first major project        Admissions office on the first floor of the Main Build-
anticipate and exploit potential trends in      in the class is March 13, at which time            ing.
the market and how to find employment           students will submit a fully-tested game             Staff Writer Drew Hampton can be reached at
in the cutthroat world of freelance game        of their own make and design.            
design.                                            If the guinea pig course proves fruitful,
   In order to gauge student interest in the    the full program could be offered as soon
program, the first class in the game de-        as next spring.                                     Read the Pioneer Online at
8 • PIONEER • March 5, 2007

                                                                                       Author reveals time
                                                                                       spent with KKK
                                                                                       By Amanda Bittle
                                                                                       Staff Writer

                                                                                         Daryl Davis is possibly the only
                                                                                       African-American to proudly pos-
                                                                                       sess Ku Klux Klan robes and
                                                                                       hoods. He spoke Feb. 22 at OCCC
                                                                                       about how he came to acquire that
                                                                                         Davis spoke to an audience of 90
                                                                                       about his book, “Klan-Destine Re-
                                                                                         While researching the book,
                                                                                       Davis befriended several Klan
                                                                                       members, including Roger Kelly,                      Daryl Davis
                                                             Photo by Carrie Cronk     the Imperial Wizard of the Invin-
  Derrick “Jump Off” Wallace, played by Kennard Rose, entices De’Angelo                cible Empire Knights of the Ku Klux Klan.
“Grand” Grayson, played by David Harris, to participate in illegal activities during     Over time, Davis said, some of these members abandoned the Klan.
a scene of David Harris’ “Grand Standing.”                                             When they did, many gave Davis their Klan regalia.
                                                                                         Davis said he grew up in numerous countries as the son of a foreign
Week reminds of history                                                                service officer. It was typical for him to attend school with classmates of
                                                                                       different races, colors and backgrounds.
By David Miller                            patent for a medical invention.               His first experience with racism did not come until age 10, when he
Staff Writer                                 “I chose her because I wear con-          was living in the Boston area. While marching in a parade with his
                                           tacts and glasses, and I thought it         white scout troop, Davis was heckled and pelted with objects from spec-
   In the observance of Black His-         was amazing how she created that            tators.
tory Month, the college’s Black Stu-       laser tool to remove cataracts,”              Davis didn’t realize they were targeting him. He thought the specta-
dent Association expressed their           Jackson said.                               tors must not like the Boy Scouts. When he returned home and told his
history in several ways.                     Black History Month actually              parents about the incident, they explained to him the concept of rac-
   The BSA set up a table, giving          originated as Black History Week            ism.
away bookmarks and buttons con-            when Carter G. Woodson, known                 Davis refused to believe anyone could dislike him without even meet-
taining information on African-            for writing the contributions of            ing him. He later became interested in race studies, he said. In 1991 he
American leaders.                          black Americans into the national           decided to write a book on racism.
   “We need to know the history, not       spotlight, founded it in 1926 dur-            “I wanted to write about the black supremacists … the white suprema-
only the history that they teach in        ing the second week of February,            cists … the neo-Nazis, the Klan, the skinheads — you name it, I wanted
class,” said BSA president Carlos          according to                 to write about it,” Davis said.
Robinson.                                    After the Civil Rights movement             “But I needed a focal point, a nucleus. If I had that nucleus, all the
   “But also some of the things the        of the 1960s, it was expanded to            other groups could come in on the fringe of the book.”
African-American culture has done          include the entire month. Black               The Klan was a logical nucleus, he said, because he had come into
that people may not see every day.”        History Week is now com-                    contact years earlier with a member of the Klan. The Klansman had
   BSA members rounded out the             memorated Feb. 19 to 23.                    been impressed with Davis’ piano playing, who was “like Jerry Lee Lewis,”
month by dressing up as more ob-             Student Life hosted two guest             but refused to believe black musicians had influenced Lewis.
scure African-American leaders to          speakers during the week.                     Davis tracked down the man, who had recently left the Klan, he
increase the public’s knowledge, as          The first speaker was Oklahoma            learned. The man told Davis where to find Kelly. Davis contacted Kelly
opposed to popular figures such as         author Rilla Askew, who penned              and told him he was writing a book on the Klan. Kelly, unaware of
Martin Luther King, Malcolm X,             “Fire in Beulah,” gave a lecture on         Davis’ race, agreed to meet with him.
Harriet Tubman and Rosa Parks.             Feb. 19 regarding the Tulsa Race              Davis said hatred comes from fear of the unknown. By reaching out
   They dressed up as the icons on         Riot of 1921.                               to Klan members, he alleviated some of their fears.
the last three days of the month.            The most anticipated speaker                “While you are actively learning about someone else, you are pas-
Robinson portrayed abolitionist            was perhaps Daryl Davis, a black            sively teaching them about yourself,” he said.
Frederick Douglass.                        man, who befriended numerous                  Over time, Davis said, he developed a friendship with Kelly and even
   However, one of the icons he            Ku Klux Klan members, even con-             began attending Klan rallies. Kelly left the Klan in 2000.
most admires is native Oklahoman           vincing some to renounce their rac-           Many audience members seemed surprised by what Davis had to say.
Clara Lupert.                              ist beliefs.                                First-year art major Ben Safely said he attended the lecture as part of a
   Robinson said Lupert fought seg-          Student Life also set up a dis-           course.
regation in local restaurants by or-       play that focused on the role of Af-          “I didn’t know what to expect,” he said.
ganizing and participating in the          rican-Americans during the De-                Safely said he was impressed that Davis was brave enough to ap-
1958 sit-in movement.                      pression, World War II and the Civil        proach Klan members for the book.
   “It’s one of the highly respected       War, along with more obvious his-             Ann Hovda, a first-year student with an undecided major, said she
things that she did here in this           torical events such as slavery and          enjoyed the lecture.
state,” Robinson said.                     abolition. Icons featured included            “Some of it was almost heart-breaking,” she said.
   BSA member Torey Jackson                Nat Turner and Daisy Bates.                   “But I’m glad I came and that I learned so much about how much
dressed up as Patricia Bath, the             Staff Writer David Miller can be          hate there is out there.”
first female doctor to receive a           reached at             Staff Writer Amanda Bittle can be reached at
                                                                                                                        March 5, 2007 • PIONEER • 9

Higher Education Day highlights students
By Valerie Jobe

  Five OCCC students par-
ticipated in Higher Educa-
tion Day at the State Capi-
tol Feb. 27.
  Students were given an
opportunity to meet with
state senators and repre-
sentatives during their visit
to the capitol.
  The day allows students
to ask their representatives
questions they feel need to
be addressed in higher edu-
  Business major Carlos
Robinson was one of the
student speakers who ad-
dressed how higher educa-
tion has benefited his life.
  “I will be the first in my
family to graduate from col-
lege,” Robinson said.
  A standing ovation fol-
lowed his speech, the only
one given to a student pre-
  Robinson’s mother, sister
and sister -in-law were
present to show their sup-                                                                                                              Photo by Liz Largent
port.                            (From left to right) OCCC student Carlos Robinson stands with Lt. Gov. Jari Askins and fellow OCCC students Chris Stewart,
  Literature about OCCC’s       Valerie Jobe, Miranda Noakes and Carrie Cronk. The group attended Higher Education Day on Feb. 27 at the State Capitol.
programs, alumni and ser-
vices, in the form of the       Education Alumni Council       also have a larger number      diminish.                       higher education is about
magazine “Connections,”         of Oklahoma executive di-      of students,” Jones said.        “We had a tremendous          access to affordable learn-
was left with each represen-    rector, gave the opening         Jones said the purpose       year in higher education        ing.
tative.                         speech inside the Senate       for the day is to make ev-     last year,” Morgan said. “It      “For us to make the ac-
  Higher Education Day is       chamber. Jones said this       eryone feel welcome to         is important that we not        cess [to education] afford-
open for any student or fac-    day does several things for    share ideas of how higher      backslide now.”                 able to you, the state of
ulty member to attend, said     students.                      education can be better.         Morgan said he wants the      Oklahoma needs to con-
Pat Berryhill, Institutional      “I think each year we not      President Pro Tempore of     student population to have      tinue to step forward and
Advancement executive di-       only have a larger number      the Senate, Mike Morgan,       confidence these actions        up to the plate.”
rector.                         of higher education sup-       spoke about last year’s ef-    work.                             Editor Valerie Jobe can be
  Kathryn Jones, Higher         porters who attend, but we     forts that he hopes will not     Lt. Gov. Jari Askins said     reached at

Women’s History Month celebrated in March
By Drew Hampton                        spoke several different languages       History Forward.”                      Women’s History Week was ex-
Staff Writer                           … she was deaf and blind, and did         In honor of this, the NWHP is        tended to its current length in
                                       all of that.”                           highlighting two important histori-    1987.
  When asked who they thought            When asked what woman had             cal anniversaries — the integration      Since then, the subject of
had most influenced the course of      personally had the most influence       of Central High School in Little       women’s history has become a
women’s history in recent years,       on their lives, however, students       Rock 50 years ago and the meet-        widespread topic taught in public
students’ answers ranged widely.       almost universally answered with        ing of the National Women’s Con-       schools across the nation.
  “I’d say Laura Bush,” said busi-     “my mother.”                            ference in Houston 30 years ago.         The NWHP is also honoring 14
ness major Karie Dove. “She’s not        Every March, the National               Both were major events in the        women who have made impressive
meek and mild, like many in her        Women’s History Project sponsors        civil rights movement — and, by        strides in their respective pursuits.
position have been, and she sees a     Women’s History Month — a cel-          extension, the women’s rights            For information on these honor-
lot — she’s outspoken, and isn’t       ebration of the influence of women      movement.                              ees and more details about
afraid to say what she thinks.”        on world events.                          Women’s History Month began as       Women’s History month, visit the
  “I could probably name three —         According to the National             a single week of celebrations in       National Women’s History Project
Hillary Clinton, Anita Hill and        Women’s History Project’s website       March of 1978, isolated to the city    website at
Helen Keller,” said music major        at, the theme of the       of Santa Rosa, Calif. With a large       Staff Writer Drew Hampton can
Gloria Arce. “(Keller) graduated       2007 Women’s History Month is           amount of popular support and the      be reached at StaffWriter1@
from Radcliffe as a cum laude, and     “Generations of Women Moving            bipartisan approval of Congress,
10 • PIONEER • March 5, 2007

     Accident damages                                      Nursing program offers
      cars, not people
  By Amanda Bittle
                                                           quick degree program
  Staff Writer                                             By Whitney
                                                           Olschwanger                      “This program will allow the nursing school at
     An automobile accident involving two students left    News Writing Student                       OCCC to create more opportunities
  two cars damaged on Feb. 23, reported Safety and                                                                        for its students.”
  Security Officer Larry Lundy.                              OCCC offers a nursing
                                                           program that will provide
                                                                                                                       —Rosemary Klepper
     No one was injured in the accident, Lundy re-
  ported.                                                  students with bachelor’s                                 Nursing School Director
     A silver Buick Century collided with a black Honda    degrees a unique opportu-
  Accord on J. L. Keels Boulevard. The driver of the       nity to earn a nursing de-       Since the time period is      new program, a student
  Buick failed to yield to the posted sign, according to   gree.                          much shorter, there will be     must have completed all of
  the report.                                                The program is called the    a heavy academic load as        the OCCC admission re-
     The Honda sustained damage to the radiator,           Baccalaureate to Associate     well as clinical workload,      quirements, and students
  hood, front bumper, both light fixtures and both         Degree Nurse Accelerated       Klepper said.                   must also have at least a
  front fenders.                                           Pathway, abbreviated as          “This is a great opportu-     2.5 grade point average,
     The Buick sustained damage to the rear bumper         BADNAP, said Nursing           nity to become licensed as      Klepper said.
  and passenger-side rear door, tire and axle, accord-     School Director Rosemary       a registered nurse, but it is     Students don’t have to
  ing to the report.                                       Klepper.                       not for people with jobs or     have a bachelor’s in a spe-
     The driver of the Buick drove his vehicle from the      The program will give stu-   other time commitments,”        cific area to be considered
  scene, Safety and Security Director Ike Sloas said.      dents who already have a       she said.                       for this program.
  The Honda required towing.                               bachelor’s degree the op-        Applications are due            “This program will allow
     In another incident, a missing purse was recov-       portunity to complete the      March 30 in the nursing         the nursing school at
  ered on Feb. 23, reported Safety and Security Of-        associate degree in nursing    department and the pro-         OCCC to create more op-
  ficer John Hughes.                                       in 10 months instead of two    gram will begin this June.      portunities for its stu-
     Student Tonya Nelson reported her purse miss-         years.                           To be considered for this     dents,” Klepper said.
  ing from the Communications Lab, where it was later
  recovered. Nothing was missing from the purse,
  Hughes reported.
                                                           Students get job information
     Staff Writer Amanda Bittle can be reached at          By Courtney Barrie                                   Staff Writer
                                                                                                             “How to Start
                                                             Laura Choppy, Employment Services
                                                           coordinator, has prepared students to be          a Job Search”
                                                           successful when they fill out job applica-
                                                           tions at OCCC’s upcoming job fair and in
                                                           other future job searches.
                                                             Choppy was the presenter for the “How
                                                                                                                March 12
                                                           to Fill Out a Job Application” workshop
                                                           Feb. 26.
                                                             Choppy had a list of tips for those who
                                                           are undertaking the daunting task of fill-        When first meeting a recruiter, make eye
                                                           ing out job applications.                      contact and don’t be shy about giving a
     Daytime Staff Needed. Apply in Person:                  She reminded students to always write        firm handshake.
    931 S.W. 25th, Moore, OK Near 19th St. &               neatly and legibly.                               Always follow up with a potential em-
     Telephone Rd. (next to Shoe Carnival).                  Also, while filling out the application,     ployer with a phone call or a thank-you
                                                           pay close attention to spelling and gram-      card.
                                                           mar, she said.                                    This will let them know they have a seri-
                                                             If there is a negative aspect from a past    ous applicant.
                                                           job, do not lie about it. Instead, put it in      Choppy said her goal is for these work-
                                                           as positive light as possible.                 shops to help relieve the stress many
                                                             Choppy also presented the topic “How         people feel when figuring out the unique
                                                           to be Successful at a Job Fair” on Feb.        atmosphere of a job fair.
                                                           27.                                               She encourages all who attend the March
                 FREE                                        In this workshop, Choppy went over the
                                                           basics of how to leave a lasting impres-
                                                                                                          7 job fair to bring copies of their résumés
                                                                                                          and cover letters.
    OCCC JOB BOARD                                         sion when meeting with recruiters at a job        For those unable to attend the job fair,
                                                           fair.                                          Choppy will host a workshop at noon,                                She encouraged students to obtain a list     March 12, in 1F6 of the Main Building,
                                                           of businesses who are setting up during        called “How to Start a Job Search.”
      More information is available at:                    the fair.                                         For questions about OCCC’s job fair, or
   OCCC Employment Services                                  Use this list to do Internet research on     for help with résumés, contact Choppy at
    First Floor, Main Building                             potential employers.                           405-682-1611, ext. 7369, or e-mail
           405-682-7519                                      This knowledge could potentially give                              students a leg up on what questions to            Staff Writer Courtney Barrie can be
                                                           ask during the initial meeting.                reached at
                                                                                                                          March 5, 2007 • PIONEER • 11

Fashion trends part of campus life
                                                                                                                      hat do UGGs, hobos and headbands have
                                                                                                                      in common?
                                                                                                                     They’re all trends sported by the fashion-
                                                                                                                    forward at OCCC.
                                                                                                    The über-popular UGG boots can often be seen with
                                                                                                  skirts, or over skinny jeans or sweatpants.
                                                                                                    These sheepskin boots were developed in Australia,
                                                                                                  according to
                                                                                                    The name “ugg” reportedly was short for “ugly” and
                                                                                                  traditionally referred simply to sheepskin boots favored
                                                                                                  by Australian farmers.
                                                                                                    Today the U.S. manufacturer, UGG Australia, holds a
                                                                                                  trademark on the name
                                                                                                    Hobo bags and messen-
                                                                                                  ger bags are a popular way
                                                                                                  for students to schlep
                                                                                                  their school gear. Mes-
                                                                                                  senger bags come in a va-
                                                                                                  riety of styles, from no-
                                                                                                  frills to embellished, and
                                                                                                  can be seen on the shoul-
                                                                                                  ders of both men and women.
Pocket designs, which hit a peak in popularity in the 90s, continue to thrive as a fashion trend.   Rashida Douglas, diversified
                                                                                                  studies sophomore, said she thinks pe-
                                                                                                  rusing magazines is a good way to follow
                                                                                                            current trends.
                                                                                                               “If you look at Lucky magazine or Shop maga-
                                                                                                            zine, you can get a pretty good idea of what the
                                                                                                            trends are going to be,” Douglas said.
                                                                                                               “It gives you a good idea of how to put things
                                                                                                               Style from the 1980s also has seen a recent
                                                                                                            comeback. Leggings under skirts, nautical stripes,
                                                                                                            off-the-shoulder tops and wide headbands can
                                                                                                            be seen all over campus.
                                                                                                               Carlos Robinson, second-year business major,
                                                                                                            said he thinks how a person dresses can affect
                                                                                                            how he or she feels for the day. He said he tries to
                                                                                                            dress to feel good and to be an individual rather
                                                                                                            than simply following trends.
                                                                                                               “I have my own style,” Robinson said. “[I find
                                                                                                            clothing at] G Q Fashions, Burlington’s and even
                                                                                                               Natalie Deitz-Bales, second-year business ma-
                                                                                                            jor, said she also looks to trends for inspiration
                                                                  Hats have made a comeback as a            but is careful to choose pieces that look good on
                                                                  way to express individuality.             her. “I’ll watch what other people have on … and
                                                                                                            if I see something I like and I think it will look
                                                                                                  good with something, I’ll put it together and try it.”
                                                                                                    Other trends that can be spotted on campus include
                                                                                                  ballet flats, large, ornate jewelry, metallic fabrics and
                                                                                                  winter coats with fur or faux-fur trim.
                                                                  Left: UGG boots, with skinny      Staff Writer Amanda Bittle can be reached at Senior
                                                                  jeans tucked in, is just one
                                                                     example of current fashion
                                                                        trends. Right: Ballet-
                                                                           slipper-type shoes
                                                                            offer comfort to the
                                                                              wearer while still
                                                                              being stylish.

                                                              Text by Amanda Bittle
                                                              Photos by Carrie Cronk
12 • PIONEER • March 5, 2007

  •March 5: The Intramural
  Women’s five-on-five basketball
  tournament will have its first team
  meeting in the gymnasium at
  12:30 p.m. Registration is any
  time for this event at the Recre-
  ation Services office. For more
  information, contact Community
  Education and Health Specialist
  Eric Watson at 405-682-1611,
  ext. 7786.

  •April 4: The Intramural 5k run
  members will have a meeting at
  1 p.m., April 4 in the gymnasium.
  Registration for this event is any
  time at the Recreation Services
  Office. This event is free for stu-
  dents and faculty. For more in-
  formation, contact Community
  Education and Health Specialist
  Eric Watson at 405-682-1611,
  ext. 7786.
                                                                                                                                     Photo by Carrie Cronk
  •April 4: The Intramural Home
  Run Derby players will have a           Texas Christian Universitiy freshman Natalie Melenric swims in the eighth annual Mountain West Conference Cham-
  meeting at 1 p.m., April 9 in the     pionships which took place at the OCCC Aquatic Center Feb. 21 through 25. Fifteen teams competed in the event and
  gymnasium. There will be a total      broke several records. The women’s TCU team scored 394 points and came in sixth place. The men’s team also placed
  of three meetings before this         sixth with 431.5 points.
  event takes place. Registration
  for this event is any time at the
  Recreation Services Office. The
  Home Run Derby challenge will
                                        Athletes go the distance at championships
  take place at 2 p.m., Thursday,       By Miguel Rodriguez
                                        News Writing Student
                                                                                   “I love the event being held in Oklahoma City and I think
  May 3. For more information,
  contact Community Education                                                                              the Aquatic Center is wonderful.”
  and Health Specialist Eric              The University of Las Vegas                                                      —Theresa Rogers
  Watson at 405-682-1611, ext.          men’s swim team did it again. They                       University of New Mexico swim team member
  7786.                                 won their third Mountain West
                                        Championship at the OCCC                The Utah women set an NCAA             Many of the competitors agreed
  •April 5 - 12: The Intramural         Aquatic Center in February.           record in the 200-meter freestyle      that holding the event at OCCC
  men’s and women’s Bench Press           The women’s championship            relay with a time of 1:31.93.          was fair to all the teams compet-
  Contest will take place during the    team was Brigham Young Univer-          The BYU women broke the all-         ing because it’s a neutral site.
  week of April 5 through 12. This      sity. Together the men and women      time record for the 400-meter            Theresa Rogers from the Univer-
  contest will be spread out over       broke seven records.                  freestyle relay with a time of         sity of New Mexico said, “I love the
  three days. Registration for the        Amber Walter, of the University     3:22.47 and broke the MWC record       event being held in Oklahoma City
  event is open. Forms can be           of Utah, broke the 50-meter           for the 400-meter relay with a time    and I think the Aquatic Center is
  found in the Recreation and           freestyle conference record with a    of 3:42.76.                            wonderful.”
  Community Services office. For        time of 22.51 seconds and auto-         The BYU women’s team took first        Rogers, who made the consola-
  more information, contact Com-        matically qualified for the NCAA      place with 747 points.                 tion finals, swam in the 50-meter
  munity Education and Health           national championships.                 Utah’s women’s team placed sec-      freestyle.
  Specialist Eric Watson at 405-          Angela Goodson of BYU broke         ond with a total of 618 points fol-      Coordinator of Aquatics Roxanna
  682-1611, ext. 7786.                  two all-time MWC records in the       lowed by UNLV with 527 points.         Butler said the MWC champion-
                                        100-meter butterfly with a time of      The UNLV men’s team took first       ships had a good turnout of teams
  For more information on               54.29 and the 200-meter butterfly     place with a total of 699.5 points.    and spectators.
   all sport classes and                with a time of 2:01.14. Brett Allen   BYU men placed second with a to-         “It ran very smoothly,” Butler
      schedules, visit                  of BYU tied the MWC record for the    tal of 684.5 points. The Air Force     said.                    50-meter freestyle with a time of     Academy placed third with a total        For more results, visit www.the
                                        19.62.                                of 633 points.               
                                      March 5, 2007 • PIONEER • 13

ready to
By Drew Hampton
Staff Writer

  Six members of the OCCC
Business Professionals of Ame-
rica club will compete at the
2007 State Leadership Confer-
ence, said BPA Club President
Chris Stewart.
  The conference, to be held
March 13 and 14 at the Okla-
homa State University campus
in Okmulgee and Oral Roberts
University in Tulsa, will give stu-
dents the opportunity to show
their business and computer
skills and exchange ideas,
Stewart said.
  Stewart will compete in Desk-
top Publishing. Other categories
OCCC students will compete in
include Fundamental Word Pro-
cessing Skills, Fundamentals of
Accounting, Integrated Office
Applications, Prepared Speech,
Graphic Design Promotion and
Human Resource Management.
  Students must finish first or
second in their category to ad-
vance to nationals, Stewart said.
  In addition to these competi-
tions, the conference also will
host a number of workshops on
various topics, Stewart said.
  “It’s a great opportunity for
students,” Stewart said.
  “They’ll be able to expand their
horizons … they’ll get to see
other people and the way that
they think, the different ideas
that they have.”
  This is not the first time OCCC
has attended the event, Stewart
said, but the organization had
lain dormant until a year and a
half ago. Since then, BPA has
become one of the leading clubs
on campus, voted “Best New
Club of the Year” in its first se-
mester, Stewart said.
  For more information about
BPA, contact Stewart at big

   BPA to host speaker
      Jim Mason, State
    Chamber of Commerce
        vice president.
    “Nanotechnology in the
     World Today” at 12:30
    p.m., March 6, in CU3.
14 • PIONEER • March 5, 2007

                                                                    A sodding good cause
  Auditions for Greek comedy March 5
    Auditions for Aristophanes’ classic Greek comedy
  “Lysistrata” will be at 7 p.m., Monday, March 5, and Tues-
  day, March 6, in the OCCC Theater. Fifteen to 20 women
  and 10 to 15 men are needed. For more information, con-
  tact Theater Professor Brent Noel at 405-682-1611, ext.
  7246, or e-mail

  College Republicans to host Shawnee mayor
    The College Republicans are hosting a special presen-
  tation with Shawnee Mayor Chuck Mills from 1 to 2 p.m.,
  Tuesday, March 6, in the OCCC Theater. Mills will speak
  about voting and community involvement. For more infor-
  mation, contact Dustin Fisher at 405-519-3716.

  Guest to speak on nanotechnology
    The Business Professionals of America is hosting Vice
  President of the Oklahoma Chamber of Commerce Jim
  Mason from 12:30 to 1:20 p.m., March 6, in room CU3 of
  the College Union. Mason will speak on nanotechnology
  and its effect on students’ lives. For more information, con-
  tact Chris Stewart at 405-410-7891.
                                                                                                                                          Photo by Carrie Cronk
  Gay and Lesbian Alliance to meet
                                                                      Public Speaking student Julieta Ortiz helps lay sod at the construction site of a Habitat
    The Gay and Lesbian Alliance is meeting at 2:30 p.m.,
                                                                    for Humanity home on Saturday, Feb. 24. In all, 15 OCCC student volunteers helped lay
  March 6, in the Club Meetings Room on the first floor of the
                                                                    half an acre of sod for the home.
  Main Building. GALA will discuss sponsoring a Gay Stu-
  dent Alliance at Moore High School. For more information,
  contact Learning Skills Professor Mark Schneberger at 405-
  682-1611, ext. 7624.

  Business scholarship offered
                                                                  Students help lay sod, plant
     Application forms are available for the Connie Nieser
  Memorial Scholarship in the Business division office and
  the Institutional Advancement office. Applicants must have
                                                                  shrubs for Habitat home
                                                                  By Avery M. Cannon
  completed 12 or more credit hours at OCCC, have a GPA
                                                                  News Writing Student
                                                                                                       “It feels good to help someone settle into a
  of at least 2.5, have declared a major in business and be                                          new home. It was my first time, and hopefully
  intent on completing an associate degree at OCCC. The                                                         not my last, to work with Habitat for
                                                                    On a windy day in south
  deadline for submission is 5 p.m., Friday, March 16. For
  more information, contact Business Professor Myra Decker
                                                                  Oklahoma City, Habitat for                                             Humanity.”
                                                                  Humanity and 15 volun-                                           —Antranetta Willis
  at 405-682-1611, ext. 7332.
                                                                  teers were hard at work                                             OCCC Student
                                                                  doing what they do best —
  Psi Beta membership drive
                                                                  helping the community by        ism major and student vol-         Habitat for Humanity
     Psi Beta is looking for new members. Students who are
                                                                  building low-cost houses.       unteer. “We were slipping        funds most of their volun-
  interested must have at least a 3.0 GPA, have at least 12
  hours of credit completed, and must be interested in ma-          The site was a newly-         and sliding in the mud as        teer work through dona-
  joring in psychology. Three of the 12 hours must be in a        built house across from an      the wind blew the sod back       tions from various corpora-
  psychology course. Induction will be held 6:30 p.m., April      elementary school on S.W.       into our faces.”                 tions. They sponsor a com-
  13, in the College Theater. For more information, contact       23rd Street where a family        Difficulty aside, it was       munity service event every
  Peggy Jordan at 405-682-1611, ext. 7157.                        will move in soon.              worth it for Willis. “Despite    Saturday where volunteers
                                                                    But before they do, the       the wind it only motivated       do everything from build
  Scholarships available                                          house needed a yard. This       us more,” she said.              houses to clean up streets.
    The Office of Recruitment and Admissions has scholar-         is where volunteer students       “It feels good to help           Anna Steven, representa-
  ship forms available for qualified applicants. There are cur-   and one construction su-        someone settle into a new        tive for Habitat for Human-
  rently 10 scholarships available. For more information, con-    pervisor came in.               home. It was my first time,      ity, said the organization
  tact Linda Sapp, Prospective Student Services assistant,          “We were armed with over      and hopefully not my last,       has six full-time construc-
  at 405-682-7580.                                                a half an acre of sod,” said    to work with Habitat for         tion staff members. “But for
                                                                  Student Life Coordinator        Humanity.”                       something like landscaping
      Highlights are due by 5 p.m. each Tuesday for               Jon Horinek. Trees and            Helping the community is       they will only send one of
       publication in the next issue of the Pioneer.              bushes were brought and         important to Horinek.            the six,” she said.
    Forms are available in the Pioneer office, located            the crew went to work.            “It was difficult with the       For more information on
    in 2M6, on the second floor of the Main Building,               The sky was full of dust      wind, but it feels good to       Habitat for Humanity or
       adjacent to the elevator. Highlights may be                and the wind howled as          help the community,” he          Service Saturdays, contact
   e-mailed to using the word               they began to lay the sod.      said. “Good deeds make           Horinek at 405-682-1611,
              Highlights in the subject line.                       “It was the most difficult    people feel good. It was a       ext. 7697, or Steve Mush,
                                                                  part of the experience,” said   great time and I’m glad I        Habitat for Humanity coor-
                                                                  Antranetta Willis, journal-     was a part of it.”               dinator, at 405-232-4828.
                                                                                                                                           March 5, 2007 • PIONEER • 15

Pioneer Classified Advertising        Detail and Lube Technicians. No       tracts. Save time and money.
is free to all currently enrolled     experience necessary. Advance-        Great gift. Call Mark for details
OCCC students and employees           ment opportunities. Come by 2220      405-802-3330.
for any personal classified ad.       S. Broadway in Edmond or call            FOR SALE: New PowerHouse
Ads must be submitted in writ-        844-8084 to apply.                    Weight Machine. Cost $200 at
ing with IDs supplied or work            LOOKING FOR SOMETHING              Academy. Moving, must sell.
area and college extension in-        FAST-PACED AND EXCITING?              Price: $150 OBO. Call 590-7041
cluded. Deadline for advertis-        Trappers Fish Camp is now hiring      or 378-0619.
ing is 5 p.m., Tuesday prior to       experienced waitstaff. We have           FOR SALE: Women’s Hyperlite
the publication date. For more        one of the largest per person guest   Diva 128 wakeboard. Never been
information, call 405-682-1611,       check averages on Reno ranging        used, brand new. Size small bind-
ext. 7674, or fax 405-682-7843.       from $17-$24 per person. Apply        ings included. $100 OBO. 570-
                                      in person @ 4300 West Reno in         1499.
                                      OKC from either 9-11 AM or 2-4           FOR SALE: Sound system. 2
                                      PM, 7 days a week.                    12” Cerwin Vega subwoofers with
   FOR SALE: ’99 Sportage Jeep           NOW HIRING: Energetic Serv-        ported box and a JBL 600 watt
4x4. Nice car, manual tran., low      ers with great attitudes at the       amplifier. Like new. Need to sell in
miles, fully-tinted windows, very     County Line BBQ in Oklahoma           order to upgrade car. Contact
good condition. Asking $2,700.        City. Flexible scheduling. Perfect    Logan at 405-740-4095. These
405-408-2828.                         for students. Apply in person be-     are competition subs and are very
   FOR SALE: ’88 Honda Pre-           tween 2-4 at 1226 NE 63rd St.         nice. Call for price.
lude. Black 2-door, manual trans.,                                             VOCALIST, BASSIST, SYN-
tinted power windows, anti-lock.
Neat and clean interior. New tires
                                       Zio’s Italian Kitchen                THESIST WANTED: For
                                                                            Hardcore/Death Metal Christian
and valves. New engine and al-               2035 S. Meridian
                                                                            band. Must be devoted to Christ
ternator/battery. Work done at          Now Hiring 12 Servers               and open to practicing 3 times a
Eskridge Honda. 200k miles.              Apply in person Monday             week regularly & playing shows.
Great condition with car alarm w/       thru Thursday 1 PM-4 PM             Contact Andrew Lopez: 350-1639
remote. Needs clutch work. Ask-                                             or 350-7501 or e-mail theandre
ing $700. Call 405-821-5675. For                                  
pics or more info: e-mail              CITY OF EDMOND                          CHRISTIAN MUSICIANS        Summer positions @ Pelican           NEEDED: New Horizons Fellow-
                                      Bay Aquatic Center: Lifeguard,        ship in OKC is in need of experi-
                                        Cafe & Cashier Staff, Water         enced musicians to assist in lead-
  BABYSITTER AVAILABLE:               Safety Instructors. Golf Course,      ing praise and worship. Playing
OCCC student will babysit at           Arcadia Lake, Parks & Recre-         by ear would be most helpful. If
                                       ation jobs also open. Job info       interested please contact Cheryl
person’s residence. Flexible hrs.,
                                               line 359-4648                Flud at
can work nights and help around
                                                     TRADE WANTED: Yamaha 12
the house. $6.50/hr negotiable.
                                      Apply at 100 E First, room 106        string guitar FG-410-12. Will trade
Please contact Jennifer at 703-
3664 or                                                for Japanese Fender 6-string and
                                                                            wah-wah pedal OBO.
                                                                               REWARD OFFERED: LARGE
                                        ROOM FOR RENT: Homestay             REWARD for LOST WHITE
  FOR SALE: Microsoft wired           for Korean student. 20-25 min-        GOLD SMALL HOOP EARRING
router, like new. Wired ethernet      utes west of OCCC. All utilities,     with nine small diamonds in it.
base station model. $25. Call         groceries, and house expenses         Lost Thursday, Feb. 8, in main
Dustin at 388-3913.                   paid. Delicious Korean and Ameri-     parking lot or Main Building. First
  FOR SALE: Dell Desktop PC.          can foods served. $800 per month.     Christmas present from my hus-
Dimension 3000. P4-3000,              Contact Sun: 824-5430.                band and very sentimental. Please
800fsb, 512-dual inline Memory,         FOR RENT: 2 bed/2 bath du-          call Christina at 788-5258 or con-
DVD+/RW, 80GB HD. Complete            plex next door to OCCC. $600 per      tact school security.
system w/17-inch Flat Panel LCD       month. Call Robin at 570-5310.           TUTOR AVAILABLE: I teach
monitor. Purchased 10-05. Must                                              Math, French, and advise for good
sell. $600. 590-7041, 378-0619.                                             health and nutrition. You set your
  FOR SALE: Durabrand 20”                                                   own schedule. Call for details and
                                        FOR SALE: Daybed for sale.          I will be glad to help you. You will
color TV. 2 years old/silver color.                                                                                IT PAYS TO ADVERTISE IN THE PIONEER
                                      Black, western-looking. Asking for    enjoy it! 405-632-4111.
$50, please call Rachel at 405-                                                                                           CALL 405-682-1611, ext. 7674,
                                      $125 OBO. Call 255-8989 and              CAREGIVER NEEDED: For
                                      ask for Ashley.                       paralyzed lady in the Village-                or e-mail
                                        FOR SALE: 4 POD Computer            Nichols Hills area. Weekend split-           FOR RATES AND DEADLINES
                                      Table. Just like the ones in the      shift available Saturday and Sun-
                                      Computer Center. Great for gam-       day. Morning 6AM-10AM & Night
                                      ing! Asking $200 OBO. E-mail at       9PM-10:30PM. Must interview
                                                with patient and be hired through
Lanes Supercenters are looking
for individuals with leadership                                             agency. Call Sharmel at 752-9064.
skills. We have a new store open-                                           Leave your name and number
ing by Quail Springs Mall, and are                                          and you will be called back.
looking for good people to help us       FOR SALE: Three-year-old                                                                        Tim Tanner
                                      Ludwig Doetsch violin with soft-
grow. Good pay & health benefits                                                                                            Air National Guard Representative
available to those who qualify.       side case. In excellent condition.       The Pioneer accepts
                                      Kid graduated. A real buy at                                                 Oklahoma Air National Guard             Office: (405) 686-5215
Come by Fast Lanes 2220 S.                                                      CREDIT CARDS!                      5624 Air Guard Dr.                        Cell: (405) 517-3409
Broadway in Edmond to apply, or       $1500. Contact 306-3290 or 306-
                                      1396.                                     Call 405-682-1611,                 Oklahoma City, OK 73179-1067               Fax: (405) 686-5537
call 844-8084.
  FAST LANES NEW STORE!                  FOR SALE: Tanning Bed for             ext. 7674 for details.                                                   Toll Free: (800) 528-2231
Now hiring Carwash Attendants,        sale. Cheaper than some con-                                                 e-mail:           DSN: 720-5215
16 • PIONEER • March 5, 2007

College proposes spending up to $1 million on festival
“AFO,”                          munity colleges,” he said.       about the cost.
Cont. from page 1                 “In addition to providing        L yndsie Stremlow, ad-
                                education, a community           missions assistant, said the
is specifically used for con-   college strives to have some     price tag did not shock her
struction improvements.         cultural activities for the      at all.
  Although college officials    community it serves. The           “I think it’s a noble cause
estimate the total cost of      festival is one way that         to spend money on,” she
the project could be as         OCCC, as a community col-        said. “The arts are one of
much as $1.4 million,           lege, reaches out to our         the most important things
President Paul Sechrist         community.”                      that this college has to of-
said nothing has yet been         Sechrist said the festival     fer.”
set in stone.                   is not a money-making              Journalism and broad-
  Regents expressed con-        event for OCCC.                  casting major Valerie Car-
cern about the cost of de-        Nevertheless, he said,         ter wonders why the college
veloping the new site.          spending the money to im-        needs to spend this money.
  “I have not had sticker       prove the new site for the         “It seems like the $1.4
shock like this in many a       festival is something that is    million is a lot,” Carter said.
year,” said Regents Chair-      good for the college in a        “Even spread out over a
man Tom Hoskison.               variety of ways.                 couple of years it still seems
  Sechrist defended the fes-      “The benefit to the college    like a lot of money.
tival, which is co-sponsored    is that we have thousands          “We need to keep the Arts
by the South Oklahoma           of our community members         Festival Oklahoma here on
City Chamber of Com-            on our campus in one             campus and I guess if this
merce, Central Arts Asso-       weekend,” he said.               is the asking price, then we
ciation and Women of the          “The event provides an         have to do it.
South.                          avenue for Oklahoma art-           “I am very proud of the
  “[Arts Festival Oklahoma]     ists to show their art.”         school for all of this.”
is an event that is part of       Some students on the             Editor Valerie Jobe can be       The proposed site for Arts Festival Oklahoma is flanked by
the mission of most com-        campus have thoughts             reached at                  Interstate 44 and S.W. 74th Street.

College receives approval for online degree programs from commission
“Online,”                       fore final approval.             the full (HLC). Then it’s         year elementary education         Josh Harris, nursing stu-
Cont. from page 1                 Final approval requires        taken to the Board for ac-        major, said she has taken       dent, said he will continue
                                action by the OCCC Board         tion.”                            online courses in the past.     taking all of his classes on
‘sustainability’: [whether]     of Regents, the Oklahoma           The OCCC Board of Re-             She said she took psy-        campus. “I don’t have the
we have the capacity, the       State Regents for Higher         gents approved the pro-           chology and film studies        discipline for [online
financial resources, the        Education and the HLC            posal, Sechrist said. He          online and will begin En-       classes],” Harris said.
right people, the right ex-     Board, he said.                  said final approval is ex-        glish II after spring break.      Staff Writer Amanda Bittle
pertise and the right tech-       “The reason [approval]         pected this spring.                 Robinson said, while she      can be reached at Senior
nology to be able to sustain    takes a little bit of time is      Students say not every-         enjoys online courses, she
quality as we add (online       that the review team pre-        one is a candidate for an         would not want to earn a
degree) programs,” he said.     pares the written report,        online degree.                    degree entirely via the Web.         Classified Ads FREE to
  “They verified that the       which they have not done           One said she would miss           “I wouldn’t want to take          students, faculty, & staff.
right people, the right fi-     yet,” Sechrist said.             the human contact lacking         all my classes online,” she        Turn form in to the Pioneer
nances (and) the right            “Then they send it to us       in online classes while oth-      said. “I wouldn’t get any in-         office (2M6) by 5 p.m.
structures were all in place    for any corrections of (cleri-   ers may fear they lack the        teraction with people.”            Tuesday for the next issue.
for us to do this.”             cal) errors,” he said.           discipline to complete on-
  Sechrist said there still       “Then, it goes back to         line coursework.
are several steps ahead be-     them and they forward it to        Megan Robinson, second-

Six-year sentence handed down in video crime
“Durant,”                       Dell, argued that his client     and sexual offender class,
Cont. from page 1               was being punished too se-       Gray will consider sus-
                                verely when Stillings in-        pending the remainder of
mizes his own behaviors,”       sisted on a 10-year sen-         the sentence at the time.
Gray said.                      tence.                             Durant’s family, who
  Prosecuting Attor ney            Stillings defended her        were at the sentencing
Pam Stillings said the vic-     decision.                        hearing, declined comment
tim withdrew from school           “No program will work to      but were affected by the
because she was so dis-         rehabilitate Mr. Durant un-      judge’s decision with his
turbed by what Durant had       til he admits to his wrong-      mother saying, “Oh, sweet
done.                           doing,” she said.                Jesus.”
  Stillings went on to say         Gray pronounced the             Durant was taken into
that Durant has shown no        sentence with only one           immediate custody follow-
remorse for his actions,        other stipulation. If Durant     ing the decision.                             Voice your opinion.
past or present.                successfully completes a           Editor Valerie Jobe can be                       It’s FREE
  Durant’s attorney, Brian      cognitive behavior program       reached at           Write the editor at

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