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Sagittarius is the zodiac symbolized by an archer with lower half body
depicted as horse. In Hindi, zodiac is known as “Dhanu”. The planet of
fortune- Jupiter rules Sagittarius. Sun remains in this zodiac from 22nd
November to 21st December.People born under these dates are known as
Sagittarius/ Sagis. The constellations of Mula, Purva ashadha and Uttara
ashadha fall under this Zodiac.

Optimism, Idealism, knowledge and honesty are the virtues directly
associated with this sun sign. Sagis are enthusiastic, friendly, truthful
and intrinsically straightforward. Although, they often seem to be
(sometimes they actually are) satirical and harsh, for most of the time
they are just blunt and straightforward in speaking what they see or
think. In reality, sagis are the most reliable and generous of the lot.
Whether its bestowing some warm gesture for a friend or taking up cause
for the unprivileged, a knack to help comes natural to a sagi. They also
cherish soft corners for the animals. Many are known to provide shelter
to sick and injured animals on street.

Not many people can go along with a Sagi without feeling uncomfortable,
as not all appreciate the Transparent thinking of these archers. But the
ones who value truth and honesty above all, not only cherish them, but
also are loyal to them for thick and thin.

Sagis are known to be the most frank and friendly people. They are
talkative extrovert souls loving social circles and entertainment. A few
of them may be a bit shy and stable, but all of them enjoy change and
thrill of scenario. Be it entertainment in social events and party, or
the thrill of any outdoor sports, every Sagi has an inherent need of the

They have alert eyes and confident walk that really stands out. Usually
they are provided with athletic bodies and a wide forehead, and an
unmistakable friendly smile that puts their complete trust in your soul
(also, vice a versa). Its really a pity to see a Sagi with their
repressed brilliance after the world has crushed him down with its
harshness, or the natural enthusiasm giving way to melancholy due to
confined responsibilities of family and life.

Sagis are big dreamers and are very intelligent and informed. They love
to acquire deep knowledge on subjects, and can be very good researchers
and professionals. They are restless by nature, and hates rules and
confinement. That may be the primary reason they are hesitant to tie
themselves down in nuptial knots. Sagittarians loves sports, horse riding
and more often than not are the receivers of speeding tickets.

Although their memory is good in general, they are relatively thoughtless
and forgetful in their daily life. Sagittarius are not necessarily
graceful in their movements and are prone to accidents and injuries.

A life with Sagittarian around is never dull and boring. And its really a
delight to see an honest and honorable soul with unwavering passion for
truth making its mark in this world.
Sagittarius AstrologyHealth

Sagittarian cheerfulness is the strong reason behind their robust health.
But they are often prone to accidents. Their love for good food and wine
is also one of the reasons for fat accumulation and other related

Sagittarius rules Hips and femur bones. Problem areas are hip dislocation
and rheumatism.


Sagis are naturally inclined towards showbiz and sports. They can also do
well in public relations, social works, as researchers and anything that
involves constant growth and change. But its very important that they do
what their hearts lead them to.


Sagittarius are warm and wonderfully friendly in romance. They are also
pretty sexual in nature. Their extrovertness exposes them to many
potential mates. So even romance is one area constantly under Sagi`s
exploration. They are usually faithful and loyal to the mate who
understands and trusts them. They need to be set free of any confinement
or obligations in any relationship, and they can actually amaze by
showing how dependable they can turn out to be. A Sagittarius constant
bluntness may hurt a mate`s ego now and then; but their loving nature is
genuine, and their enthusiasm for life is infectious. No wonder, there
are many people who can vouch for the out of ordinary life they live with
a Sagittarius.

Sagittarius attraction for a Libran is but natural. They go along well
with Leos, Aquarius, Aries and Gemini, and occasionally with Pisces and
Cancer. With all the other signs they may feel restrictive.