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Pisces or “Meen” is the last zodiac in the belt. The two fish swimming in
opposite directions symbolizes the zodiac. Meen is ruled by Jupiter. The
people born between the dates of February 19th till march 20th belong to
this zodiac as their Sun sign. The Nakshatras of Purva Bhadrapada, Uttara
Bhadrapada and Revati belong to this sign.

The sign of Pisces belongs completely to the water element, and is the
richest of all signs. It contains traces of all the previous signs in the
zodiac belt. This makes Pisces as a highly evolved Zodiac. People
belonging to this zodiac are extremely easy going in their disposition.
If not for any aggressive sign dominating in their chart, Pisceans are
quite laid back about their life. They are more focused and fine tuned to
finer aspects of living and they cherish Arts and people.

Its also true vice a versa.

Pisceans are naturally gifted for fine arts. They are also very intuitive
and sensitive towards other`s feelings. Many a fields of arts are richly
gifted by Piscean talents. And there are but very rare people who do not
connect deeply with ones born under this zodiac. A Piscean is usually the
agony aunt to many a people, where the fish friend will simply soak up
their pains silently and sympathetically.

A fish will thrive on colourful, artistic surroundings of leisure.
Somehow, Pisceans are able to ignore the harsh reality of life, and see
the world through dreamy haze. They like to dream and live in them. A few
of them follow their dreams to turn it into reality. But more often than
not, many Pisceans spend their life daydreaming, realising fully that
they need to face the harsh world to materialize their wishes, but at the
same time are scared to leave the cozy cocoon of the warm and friendly
world they inhabit or imagine.

Pisces reflects emotions and sensitivity that runs deep. They naturally
identify with the versatile emotions of the people surrounding them. That
is the prime reason everyone confides his or her own feelings in him or
her. A Piscean is so subtle and seemingly harmless, that its very rare
that they invite any enemies. They are adaptable to any adversity instead
of opposing it fiercely and bitterly. They fit in this scheme of world
rather nicely. And yet, they can survive any situation that turns into
adversity. The secret being that they charm people in their emotional
nitty gritty without an ounce of suspicions. Well there is nothing to be
scared about, but sometimes their occasional crankiness, lack of
discipline, and habitual lies can create a feeling of deception for
people involved with them.

Pisces AstrologyThey can uncover the mystic sciences and spirituality
easily. Many of them are highly intuitive. They can look up in any secret
and premonition about future with mere insight. They have haunting
sweetness and gentleness which makes the other people immediately
comfortable with them.
Pisceans loves variety. They love travelling and living the life with all
forms of pleasures available. Many of them actually manage to live life
out of the ordinary. Many glamorous socialites are also the gift of this
sign. They like to dress up well, have fetish for shoes and an eye for
beauty. Talking about eyes, Piscean eyes are usually out of the world.

Although they are haunted by lots of unspoken emotions and dreams.
Romance, art, emotions are the issues round which a Piscean life is
beautifully knitted.


Pisces rules feet, liver and lymph. People with Pisces as their ascendant
can have foot disorders, anemia, eyelid inflammation, and problems
related to heavy eating and drinking. Pisceans generally love food and
drinks and hate workouts. This can cause many physical problems. Also,
soaking up those mental pains and burdens by sympathizing with others can
also affect their health in long run.


The zodiac lends to a natural gifts in arts, be it music, poetry, acting,
writing or painting. A Piscean should follow his own heart with a
practical intent. Otherwise there is no limit to wasted Piscean artists
in this world. Their natural tendency to sympathize can make up for the
best of nurses under this sign. Travelling and tourism also suit them.


Pisces AstrologyPiscean`s need for romance is the core aspect of their
natures. Even the more practical looking Piscean is rich with a romantic
soul that`s hidden. A romance with a Piscean is all about soul gazing in
garden of roses. Everything else is sweet, gentle and beautiful till
practicality raises its head. Their mood swings, a sarcastic tongue and
an unknown desire to lie (or make believe) may upset you every now and
then. But the level of comfort one shares with these people is

People, emotions and ideas of   all kinds will be constant companion to a
Piscean. This will makes sure   that your life will never be boring, least
to say. They will be the most   gentle, understanding husband/ wives who
will let you be you, and have   full faith in you no matter what.

Not to mention that your own life will never be short of one essential
Piscean boon -”ROMANCE”.

Pisces have soulful compatibility with Scorpio. They go along quite well
with Cancer, Taurean, Virgo and Capricorn. This is one sign that can
actually go along with all the signs. Relationship compatibility is
governed by other factors of astrology.