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Zodiac - Libra Sign



Libra, known as “Tula Rashi” in Hindi, is the seventh Zodiac in the
system. It is ruled by Venus. Venus also rules the earthy sign of Taurus,
but in case of airy Libra, Venus gives a varied effect. Sun transits
through this Zodiac every year on September 23rd to October 22nd. Chitra,
Swati and Vishakha are the Nakshatras under this Zodiac.

Librans are the seekers of love and harmony. They are also fair and
logical. And everyone knows that how difficult it is to follow all these
ideals at once. The result is excessive chaos and stormy thinking task to
strike a balance. That is what a Libran is all about – Living the life in
fun while balancing the scales. And they do it with such sweet manners
and gentle smile, that the environment around a Libran seems simply
heavenly. But when caught up in the hurricane process of being balanced,
it results in indecision, arguments, restless energy, and quite a few
heartbreaks. Why? Because a Libra argues everything back and forth, and
is unable to reach any conclusion, atleast not easily. A Libran thinks
that he wont be able to stick to a decision taken in throws of moments.
So, he takes a lot of time and a lot of thinking. Sometimes, much more
than needed. But more often than not, when he takes a decision, he
follows it with ardent persuasiveness.

A Libran is also a judge, and bases his decision on what he sees and
perceives. Fact is a fact, no matter the what`s the emotion or reason
behind it. Irony being that at times he will contradict himself to get
the blissful pleasure of an intellectually stimulating argumentative

Venus is goddess of beauty. And many Librans if not beautiful, are
atleast pleasant looking. Apart from his exquisite features, his mere
flash of smile is the most charming Argument he can make to win over
every logical discussion. Libran charm can topple any heart out of
balance within seconds.

Libra AstrologyPeople born under this Zodiac have deep sense of
aesthetics and beauty. Their wardrobe is elegant, and they are often keen
on the pleasant interior décor. Especially the females have the most
envious wardrobe of all. (Consider all the Libran film stars like Rekha,
and Hema Malini and you will know).

Each Libran is an artist at heart, and hopelessly romantic. A Libran, if
not happily married, will always be in love with someone or the other.
With the kind of looks and charisma they are endowed with, such kinds of
cupid`s arrows are but natural. Good music, good food and wine, elegant
surrounding, with a pleasant stimulating conversation is all it takes to
bring the bright side of a Libran.

Inspite of their seemingly flighty nature, they are born with warm
affectionate hearts. They also honor HONOR in a relationship and also in
general life. They love knowledge, and usually are avid book readers and
collectors. Inspite of the fact that many a times they are extremely
brash and satirical, they are a social delight with loads of compassion,
optimism and charm. Libran women are known to be superbly elegant with
loads of hidden strength within their feminine grace.

It`s not easy to live along a Libran with all those conflicts raging
within a single soul. But given his gentleness and intelligence, combined
with his irresistible persona, loving a Libran is just inescapable.


The zodiac of Libra rules kidneys, Skin, uterus and vasomotor system.
Usually, Librans have wonderful complexion, sonorous voice and good body.
But their love for food and drinks at times going in excess can create
many problems. People with inflicted sign can go through Lumbago and
urinary problem.


Librans are inherent artists and are quite successful in arts related
fields. They can be good writers, actors, composers, interior decorators,
lawyers and civil servants.

Libra AstrologyRomance

The goddess of love herself rules Libra. So the people of this sign have
absolutely no problem in being the leaders of this field. They are
attracted to the opposite sex ever since their childhood. Their charm and
looks assist them to be irresistible of all the whole lot. Librans are
nothing if not romantic. Though some people are shocked at their tendency
to have full-fledged affair when still trying to avoid marriage. But then
again their indecisive nature is responsible for the situation. And some
people are equally taken aback to see them going from one affair to
another with surprising ease. But that`s again because they can`t even
breath without romance, and are in it before they even know it. But most
of all people are jealous at the ease at which others find them
attractive and irresistible. Librans are the most charming and beautiful
human beings. For them and the one paired with them, love life is all
about ups and down and a challenge to keep it smooth and balanced. At the
same time they prove the efforts worthy by their dimpled smile, velvet
voice and the most romantic soul on this side of the earth. You see, it`s
really not easy to be a Libran!

A love affair between a Libran and Aquarian is mentally and verbally
stimulating. Aries, Leos and Sagittarius bring special flairs to the
romance. A Libran can still go along with Pisces and Cancer. With other
signs, the gentle Venusians might feel restrictive (compatibility depends
upon other factors).

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