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Leo is often called   the Royal Zodiac. It is the fifth Zodiac, and is know
as “Simha rashi” in   Hindi. Sun travels through this Zodiac from July 23rd
to August 22nd. The   ruler of this zodiac is the kingly SUN. Magha, Purva
Phalguni and Uttara   Phalguni are the Nakshatra under this Zodiac.

Being a Leo is all about living the pleasure filled life with enthusiasm
and being the King of the social jungle. Leos are extremely generous,
warmhearted, outgoing and proud people with natural creative flairs. They
never fail to use their potential to the hilt. Their sincere and
enthusiastic approach to life makes them the most favoured people of all.

Leos know how to have a nice time. And they certainly know how to give a
nice time as well. Leos are superb host and extremely popular in social
events. Yet, they maintain their dignity, and command respect wherever
they go. They have very high affinity for anything that`s dramatic and
romantic. Passionate to the core, they look for romance in their life.
They groom and style themselves lavishly and have a very strong
attraction for the opposite sex. This automatically leads to sentimental
gushes and happenings of all variety around them.

This fire sign also provides with ambition and strong craving for power
(and never forget the term respect which is the bare essential for this
lion). Although, a normal lion is faithful, and truthful to the core,
their excessive lust for pride and ambition can make them extremely
selfish, vain and a manipulator in few rare cases. Whatever the instance,
nothing stands between their pride and themselves. You attack their
pride, and you will have it. A lion will shred you own pride with as many
ferocious cutting ways as possible.

Leo GlyphLeos are highly susceptible to flattery and admiration. This is
one of the weakest point of this zodiac born, along with their habit of
being extravagant. They like to pamper themselves and their loved ones
with gifts and treats. In more than one respect, they are definitely

Leos live out of the ordinary wherever they go, and create equally
fascinating outcomes in whatever they undertake. Maybe it`s the touch of
Sun itself, but we can rarely do anything but enjoy basking in a Leo`s


Leo`s playfulness keeps them happily away from many ailments. Still, they
have the tendency to run high fever. This zodiac rules Heart and spinal
cords. Either they have very good heart, or they suffer from heart and
back problems.


Leos are natural leaders, and make their way to head of any organisation.
They are good in leading positions as MD, CEO, department head,
lecturers, actors, artists, writers, athletes, politicians and welfare
workers. They don`t have much problem in getting acknowledgement and
respect wherever they go.


Leo AstrologyLeos and romance go hand in hand. It is very difficult to
see a Leo happy in life without a romantic liaison. Courting a Leo can be
the most regal romantic affair for anyone. No one can resist a lion`s
charm and passion. Just imagine when a lion turns on his/her full
charisma when he is in love. A Leo is also faithful and tolerant of the
person he loves. The romance is secure as long as the lion gets his fair
share of pride and pampering. Although anybody on receiving end of Leo`s
grace and devotion has measure upto the standard.

Fiery signs like Sagittarius and Aries keep a Leos spirits up, but they
can run in equally hot fights. Airy signs like Gemini, Libra and Aquarius
go well with this sign. Watery signs like Scorpio, Cancerian, and Pisces
also bring the best of their sentimental side, but they can also dampen
their spirit in course of time. Earth signs of Taurus, Capricorn and
Virgo don`t make much effect on Leos. Aquarius is one sign that appeals
most to the lion.

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