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Capricorn is the zodiac in which the sun travels from December 22nd to
19th January. The zodiac is known as “Makar” in Hindi. Astrology defines
symbol of the Capricorn as goat, or a being with the head of a deer and
body of a crocodile. The ruling planet is Saturn. The constellations
formed under the Zodiac are Uttara ashadha, Shravana, Dhanishtha.

The zodiac of Capricorn is at the receiving end of the full effects of
gloomy and stern Planet called Saturn. There is nothing aggressive or
flashy about the people born under it. Everything seems to be submissive
and subtle. Yet Saturn is the planet that rules the final outcome. People
of this zodiac face life with a calm, serious perspective, slowly making
their way to top. They are the ones to succeed eventually. And why not?
Capris are far above passion, aggression, display of emotions and
fickleness. Hard work, discipline, diplomacy and focus on their ambition
come naturally to the rooted, down to earth folks having close vibes with

People under this sign seem quite friendly and harmless. They often are.
But their opportunism and reverence to success makes more vulnerable
souls their indirect pray. They thrive on other`s flaws to prove
themselves strong. They are highly ambitious people who never give in to
laziness, ego and emotions. Usually they are epitome of efficiency.

Capricorn people respect tradition, power and authority. And their whole
life is devoted to gain these very objectives Though this sign is highly
materialistic, many Capricorns are known for their deep spiritual wisdom
(Our own swami Vivekanandji is one inspiration). It all depends on where
the efficiency is channelised. But more often than not, Capricorns are
focused majorly on making their niche in social or professional circle.
Usually, both.

They are the ones to take responsibility and ambition very seriously,
Especially when it comes to family. They are the caretakers of the
family, who will not compromise on family values no matter what.

Capricorn AstrologyNaturally, such burdens added with gloom leads to
loneliness, worry and various ailments related to it. Much often, along
with the passage of time, a Capricorn learns to cope up with his duties
and starts enjoying life. Each one of them is endowed with earthy sense
of humor. Many of them are quite artistic, and sophisticated than the
surroundings they were born with. It is usually a pleasant experience to
have a conversation with them.

Their impeccable manners and down to earth humble attitude make the other
person completely relaxed in their company. They are the most dependable
and loyal people. Their devotion to their family and relatives knows no
boundaries. Capris often adapt the role of quite, but highly responsible
role of a leader in an organisation, as well as family. Anything with
them has to a matter of the long run.
Life with obstacles is of no consequence to them. They know naturally how
to avoid hurdles or to endure them bravely, to gain the only things that
matter; namely success and family.

Such stubborn, shy people with gentle manners make a strong social circle
and few loyal friends. It is often said that Saturn is the planet that
brings gloom, obstacles and hurdles to life. But then it also rewards a
person with enduring success when a person emerges victorious from the
trial period. At the end phase of life, when saturnine people realise
that they have done their duty, and done it well, they relax and Saturn
releases them slowly with several rewards of family, friends, reputation
and success. Then Capricorn comes out in the sunlight, with an unusual
wide grin on their face. After all, they are the ones to deserve the last


The natural state of taking mental burdens, added to their serious mental
attitude incurs many a health problems. Still, theses people have amazing
stamina to speak of. The zodiac rules bones, skin and hair. Problem areas
can be knees, joints, eczema, leprosy and dislocation of bones.


Capricorns are the most efficient and organised people of all. They are
extremely practical and career conscious as well. They are good in
administrative fields, where the Saturn ruled leads the herd with a
single mind towards success. Capricornians usually become the backbone of
any organisation. They excel in any field that bring security, social
grace and money for them. A few of them are artist. But even then, these
people approach a career in arts with practical viewpoint.

Capricorn AstrologyRomance

A Capricorn is essentially a family person. Even if he is in love and is
serious enough to marry, emotions take a secondary stand. Practical
matters come first. The mate has to be intelligent and graceful enough. A
family oriented attitude is a must. Also, Capri`s own family has to
approve of the alliance. Only then a Capricorn will give the mate his
respect. Devotion is followed by love. A Capricorn may be so occupied by
his own family, career and being correct socially, that a wife/ husband
might actually wonder where does the priority of spouse stands. The fact
that a Capricorn is often a loner will also add to the worry. But as you
will start showing that you are dependable and trustworthy, you will get
more and more significant standing in Capris choices in life. Then he
will be able to release his romantic side with full faith in you. And you
will yourself see how reliable and loyal he stands for the entire
lifetime. His love wont be wishy washy, even though it may take time to
bloom, but he will reward his mate with an honor and trust that very few
lucky people receive. A lifetime achievement award is usually the best

A Scorpio usually complements Capricorns. Taurean, Virgo or Leo also suit
their temperament. They make good homemakers with Pisces and cancer. The
compatibility doesn`t fare well with Gemini. With other signs, astrology
compatibility is dependent on other factors.

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