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Aries is the first of all the sun signs. The Zodiac sign of Aries is
ruled by the planet Mars. A fiery positive sign, Aries is symbolized by
Ram. The persons born under the sun sign are noted for their energy and
initiative ness. They are born leaders and cannot stand being subordinate
to some body else. They are born fighters and loves challenges and can
overcome any difficulties which come their way. They are responsible and
commanding; this makes them stand high above others. They are active,
imaginative and inventive. Just like an infant an Aries moves around
himself and has an individual identity. Their own freedom is more
important to them than anything else.

They are highly ambitious and prosper more when they are self employed &
they are capable of rising to the top. They are impatient when someone
else does not keep up the same pace they are moving. The main defect of
Aries zodiac sign is the rashness with which they act and short
temperedness. They also possess excessive self confidence. Though short
tempered their anger gets cooled easily. Their over-confidence sometimes
leads to their ruin. They are courageous and hard working. They are
always ready to take in new concepts.

An Arian is splendid in organizing and has the ability to foresee things.
They like to follow their own intuitions and do not follow any plans and
fixed system. They are very friendly and are very popular with friends.
Aries have a bright chance of fame and fortune in sports, police and
armed forces. Aries succeeds more in their own country than in any
foreign country. The people born under Aries are self made and do not
rely on others.

As far as love is concerned Aries are fiery, attractive and are
successful in matters of love. Compatibility between two Aries depends on
how well they gel with each other because being Aries they are both
subjected to independence and averse to domination. A relationship
between an Aries and scorpion are very passionate over every thing. Aries
and Sagittarius make a good combination. The relation between then is
full of passion, enthusiasm, adventure and zeal. The personality traits
of independence and exuberance make Aries and Aquarius highly compatible.
Love match between Aries and Pisces is not good.

An Arian man is full of excitement and hates monotony and dullness. An
Arian man is generous, full of compassion and is very particular about
time and money.

He is sometimes very romantic but at the next moment he is different. An
Aries man is highly dedicated in matters of his love life. He radiates
energy and is always full of creative ideas. He is always young at heart.

An Aries woman is very romantic and always yearns for that someone
special. She does not need the real man in her life but she will think of
him in the monsoon. Though she seeks for her man an Aries girl never
wants anyone constantly chasing her. The total confidence and
independence of her personality does not gel with male ego. An Aries
woman does not like complimenting her unnecessarily. She is very
possessive about her love and can never share.

Birth stone – Diamond
Lucky day- Tuesday
Lucky number -Seven (7 series)
Your animal- Ram/Tiger
Your color- Red, White and Rose pink
Your flower-Wild Rose/ Thistle
Your metal-Iron
Zodiacal Mate- Libra

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