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									PCFL Spring Legislation 2011                                               Bill/Resolution #1

A Resolution to extend the Jobs and Growth Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2003

1   Whereas: the Jobs and Growth Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2003 also known as the
2   Bush Tax Cuts were scheduled to expire at the end of 2010, and
3   Whereas: the tax cuts being removed will hurt the U.S. economy, and
4   Whereas: Congress and the President wish to merely extend the cuts on a short term,
5   temporary basis, after which they would expire,
6   Therefore, be it resolved: that the Congress of the United States shall extend the Jobs
7   and Growth Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2003 through and including the date of
8   December 31, 2020.

Respectfully Submitted,
Brandan McCammitt
Archbishop Ryan High School
PCFL Spring Legislation 2011                                                   Bill/Resolution #2

                       A Resolution to Prohibit the Exploitation of Somalia

 1   Whereas various nations have taken advantage of the lack of an organized government
 2   in Somalia and dumped waste in the country; and
 3   Whereas various nations have over the years fished in Somali waters inside the
 4   boundary of international waters in violation of international law; and
 5   Whereas each of these actions have violated the rights of Somalis and caused
 6   resentment among Somalis toward other nations; and
 7   Whereas this resentment has contributed to Somalis engaging in piracy and
 8   kidnapping,
10          1. The United States shall not allow any U.S. companies or U.S. registered
11              ships to engage in any of the above illegal activities.
12          2. The Unites States shall use all available diplomatic and U.N. channels to
13              encourage and/or require other nations to cease any such illegal activites.
14          3. If the United States learns of any such activities with sufficient proof, the
15              United States shall warn the violating country the first time and shall impose
16              economic sanctions the second time.

Respectfully submitted,

Elisabeth Beaudouin
Archbishop Ryan High School
PCFL Spring Legislation 2011                                               Bill/Resolution #3

               A Bill to Achieve Pan-African Recovery and Restoration
 1   ARTICLE I:       This legislation here enumerated shall be referred to as the Pan-
 2                    African Recovery and Restoration Act.
 3   ARTICLE II:      This legislation here enumerated shall be fully implemented
 4                    beginning on January 1, 2011.
 5   ARTICLE III:     This legislation here enumerated shall be funded with required
 6                    contributions of four percent (4%) of each participating African
 7                    nation’s GDP and seven percent (7%) of the United States’ GDP
 8                    into a greater African recovery fund.
 9   ARTICLE IV:      Latex condoms shall be readily distributed to persons defined as
10                    adults in their respective African nations and to persons defined
11                    as minors in their respective African nations only with parental
12                    or guardian permission.
13   ARTICLE V:       Education campaigns shall be organized encouraging condom
14                    usage, abstinence, and other prevention methods to avoid
15                    contracting HIV and AIDS via mass media, person-to-person
16                    mentoring, community-centered classes, and other activities.
17   ARTICLE VI:      Funding shall be allotted working toward making HIV and AIDS
18                    treatments available and additional research possible.
19   ARTICLE VII:     The impoverished shall be employed as laborers to restore their
20                    respective nation’s infrastructure and revitalize their economies.
21   ARTICLE VIII:    The United States government shall intervene economically or
22                    militaristically when necessary to restore public order or to end
23                    civil war and genocide in any African nation.

                                                                      Respectfully submitted,
                                                                               Michael Manto
                                                         Conwell-Egan Catholic High School
PCFL Spring Legislation 2011                                                Bill/Resolution #4

                    A Resolution to Eliminate the Electoral College
 1   Whereas:     The people of the United States have elected their president and
 2                vice president through the electoral college system since 1787.
 3   Whereas:     The decision to create the electoral college system was originally
 4                based on the logistical difficulties of counting popular votes and
 5                enabling voters to make well-informed decisions.
 6   Whereas:     These aforementioned difficulties have since been overcome by
 7                computerized voting and mass media, respectively.
 8   Whereas:     The electoral college illegitimates the democratic process by leading
 9                to fraud-ridden elections such as those in 1876, 1888, and 2000
10                whereby the American popular vote was overruled by the college.
11   Whereas:     The electoral college has led to the modern existence of “swing
12                states” whereby other states are diminished in value and thus made
13                unequal partners in the Union.
14   Whereas:     The electoral college diminishes the value of the American voter
15                and thus does not reflect the nature of a true democracy.
16   Therefore, be it resolved by the Student Congress here assembled, that
17   the United States call state constitutional conventions to order for the purpose of
18   enacted a constitutional amendment eliminating the electoral college and making
19   general presidential elections determinable solely by national popular vote.

                                                                Respectfully submitted,
                                                                          Michael Manto
                                                     Conwell-Egan Catholic High School
PCFL Spring Legislation 2011                                               Bill/Resolution #5

                A Resolution to Redirect Peacetime Military Spending
1   WHERAS:       The amount of American peacetime forces far exceeds our need
2   WHEREAS:      Other sectors of the America are failing
3   WHEREAS:     If pressing issues such as unemployment and the national debt/deficit are
4                 not resolved, then long term fiscal problems will develop for the nation;
5                 therefore, be it
6   RESOLVED, that the United States cut peacetime military forces by at least 15% and
7   explore means to redirect those funds for the benefit of the other aggregate sectors

                                                                     Respectfully Submitted,

                                                                             Holy Ghost Prep
PCFL Spring Legislation 2011                                              Bill/Resolution #6

           A Resolution to Install a Payroll Tax Holiday for the Year 2011
1   Whereas:       The United States currently has a large amount of money on the
2                  sidelines
3   Whereas:       United States employers are already overburdened with taxes
4   Whereas:       United States companies are competitively limited as a result of
5                  mandatory spending
6   Whereas:       The United States desperately needs to re-stimulate a lagging
7                  economy
8   Therefore be it resolved that: This Congress institute a payroll holiday for the
9                  remainder of fiscal year 2011

                                                                    Respectfully Submitted,

                                                                            Holy Ghost Prep
PCFL Spring Legislation 2011                                              Bill/Resolution #7

                  A Resolution to Support the UN Mandate in Darfur
1   Whereas:     The genocide in Darfur has claimed over 300,000 lives and displaced
2                2.7 million people. The United States repeatedly abstains from voting
3                on this mandate and has not pledged any aid to the mission thus far.
4   Whereas:     This inaction and refusal to vote is unacceptable.
5   Be it Resolved that the United States shall affirm the UN Mandate and transfer
6                20,000 troops from combat operations in Afghanistan to support the
7                European forces in peacekeeping operations.

                                                         Respectfully Submitted,
                                                         Charles Cannon
                                                         La Salle College High School
PCFL Spring Legislation 2011                                              Bill/Resolution #8

                 A Resolution to Puerto Rico as an Independent Nation
1   Whereas: The inhabitants are culturally and linguistically Puerto Rican.
2   Whereas: Puerto Rico as a province has no chance of becoming a state.
3   Whereas: The majority of Puerto Rican people wish to be independent.
4   Be it Resolved that Puerto Rico be established as an independent state free of US
5   territorial claims.

                                                                    Respectfully Submitted
                                                                               Charles Cannon
                                                   La Salle College Preparatory High school
PCFL Spring Legislation 2011                                               Bill/Resolution #9

 1   Whereas:      The Southeast Asia region represents an important area for the United
 2                 States economically; and
 3   Whereas:      North Korea’s nuclear ambitions threaten to destabilize the area; and
 4   Whereas:      Chinese and Japanese tensions have been on the rise; and
 5   Whereas:      A more stable Southeast Asian region is beneficial to both the area and
 6                 the United States,
 7   Therefore be it resolved that: The United States government encourages the heads
 8                 of states of China , Japan, North Korea, South Korea, and Taiwan to
 9                 enter diplomatic talks as a group to discuss regional security.

             A Resolution to Push for Peace Talks within Southeast Asia

                                                                     Respectfully Submitted,

                                                                      Pennsbury High School
PCFL Spring Legislation 2011                                             Bill/Resolution #10

1   Whereas:      The country of Somaliland has been a country since 1993; and
2   Whereas:      No other country has recognized it as a full-fledge nation; and
3   Whereas:      Recognition by the United States would increase the stability and
4                 legitimacy of the Somaliland government; and
5   Whereas:      Somaliland is an Islamic nation that has established a democracy,
6   Therefore be it resolved that: This Congress here assembled urge the recognition by
7                 the United States government of Somaliland as a sovereign state.

      A Resolution to Urge the Recognition of Somaliland as a Sovereign State
                                                                    Respectfully Submitted,

                                                                     Pennsbury High School
PCFL Spring Legislation 2011                                              Bill/Resolution #11

      1   WHEREAS: A recent Supreme Court case, Citizens United v. Federal Election
      2               Commission, has allowed corporations to fund independent
      3               political broadcasts, and
      4   WHEREAS: Under these provisions, organizations known as 501(c)4s and
      5               501(c)6s can take private funds to air political advertisements,
      6               and
      7   WHEREAS: These organizations are currently not required to reveal how
      8               they are funded, and
      9   WHEREAS: These organizations have an immense influence on political
     10               races in America.
     11   THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED THAT: This Congress work to pass
     12               legislation to require 501(c)4s and 501(c)6s to reveal their
     13               donors.

                      A Resolution Concerning 501(c)4s and 501(c)6s

Respectfully submitted,
Joanmarie Del Vecchio,
Perkiomen Valley High School
PCFL Spring Legislation 2011                                           Bill/Resolution #12

                     A Resolution Concerning Unemployment Benefits
1   WHEREAS: Currently, unemployment benefits expire after 99 weeks, and
2   WHEREAS: Continued government spending will decrease the ability for job creation,
3   THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED THAT: Unemployment benefits revert back to the original
4   26 week period that existed before the extension to 99 weeks.

Joanmarie Del Vecchio
Perkiomen Valley High School
PCFL Spring Legislation 2011                                                 Bill/Resolution #13

                     A Resolution to Combat Hezbollah in Lebanon

 1   Whereas, Lebanon is experiencing civil unrest as a consequence of Hezbollah’s
 2   increased presence in the region; and
 3   Whereas, Lebanon is facing increased pressure from Iran which is showing its support
 4   for Hezbollah; and
 5   Whereas, the political stability of Lebanon is rapidly declining as a result of Hezbollah’s
 6   aggressive terrorist policies; and
 7   Whereas, Hezbollah’s continued pressure on Lebanon is a dire threat to US security
 8   goals in the Middle East; and
 9   Whereas, the population and government of Lebanon is opposed to the radical
10   terrorism plaguing their country; and therefore be it
11   Resolved, that the Congress here assembled authorizes a joint anti-terrorism coalition
12   with Lebanon in order to combat Hezbollah.

                                                             Respectfully submitted,

                                                             Evan Wescott
                                                             Saint Joseph’s Preparatory School
PCFL Spring Legislation 2011                                              Bill/Resolution #14

                   A Resolution Urging the Finalization of TPP Negotiations
1    Whereas, the Trans-Pacific Partnership is a multilateral organization that connects
2    Asian and Oceanic nations with North and South American nations, protecting the
3    interests of small countries; and
4    Whereas, being a partner in the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) provides vast
5    opportunities for the United States; and
6    Whereas, the United States requested membership in 2008; and
7    Whereas, other nations such as Australia and Peru have also requested membership in
8    the partnership; and
9    Whereas, these negotiations have yet to be finalized; now therefore be it
10   Resolved that the Congress here assembled urges the State Department to finalize the
11   negotiations on the TPP with other potential new partner countries and current TPP
12   members.

                                                          Respectfully Submitted,

                                                          Saint Josephs Preparatory School
PCFL Spring Legislation 2011                                               Bill/Resolution #15

 1                        A Resolution Regarding US/Chinese Relations
 2   Whereas:      China’s economic growth is exponential, and;
 3   Whereas:      At their current rate of growth they will very soon outpace our own
 4                 economy, and;
 5   Whereas:      A mutually beneficial alliance with China is necessary for the
 6   continuation of the United States’ prosperity, and;
 7   Whereas:      The continued recognition of an independent Taiwanese state is the
 8                 most destructive policy that the US government can enforce with
 9                 regards to Chinese relations.
10   Therefore:    Be it resolved by this Student Congress here assembled that: the
11                 United States of America cease all diplomatic relations with
12                 Taiwan in an effort to help the Chinese government reclaim
13                 leadership over that area.

Respectfully submitted,

City Center Academy
PCFL Spring Legislation 2011                                                   Bill/Resolution #16

                       Bill on the United States Airport Security System

1    Article I:     The United States should rid airports of current security methods and
2                   adopt Israeli airport security standards.
3    Article II:    The United States should discard full-body scan machines and pat-down
4                   procedures, and replace them with a behavioral profiling security system,
5                   like the one at El Al Airlines.
6    Article III:   To be implemented on December 20, 2010.
7    Article IV:    The Transportation Security Administration, otherwise known as the TSA,
8                   will enforce this bill. By December 20 th, all full-body scanners will be
9                   disposed from airports. New employees will be trained to interview
10                  passengers based on behavioral profiling.
11   Article V:     All other laws that are in conflict with this new policy shall hereby be
12                  declared null and void. These laws include mandatory scanning or pat-
13                  down procedures and the 3-1-1 rule for carrying on liquids.
14                  However, sharp objects, sporting goods, guns and firearms, power tools
15                  or tools larger than seven inches in length, martial arts and self-defense
16                  items, explosive materials, and flammable items, besides a common
17                  lighter, are all still prohibited from being carried on.

                                                      Respectfully Submitted,
                                                             Jill Walsh
PCFL Spring Legislation 2011                                                Bill/Resolution #17


1       Whereas: Article II, Section I of The United States Constitution states that the
2       offices of the presidency and the vice-presidency are to be chosen by the Electoral
3       College rather than the actual popular, or peoples’, vote.
5       Whereas: The candidate with the majority of the popular vote from any given
6       state receives all the electoral votes granted to said state.
8       Whereas: The minority of each state’s popular vote, sometimes, as a whole, the
9       country’s majority, is thereby no longer represented in the election process.
11      Whereas: In historic presidential elections, e.g. 1824, 1876, 1888, among more
12      recent elections, the candidate who had led the popular vote with the highest
13      numbers had failed to ascend to the office of the presidency, thus, at the same
14      time, negating the popular vote.
16      Let it be resolved by this congressional assembly: To urge the allocation of
17      state electoral votes designated to presidential candidates and replace the Electoral
18      College’s current practices and procedures through:
19                 1. Dividing a state’s electoral votes fairly and wholly by
20                 2. Awarding said electoral votes to each candidate by percentage
21                 according to number of popular votes received by each candidate in any
22                 given state
23                 3. To allow for a fair and equal representation of the citizenry’s
24                 “popular” vote.
26   Further let it be resolved: That a trial period of two electoral processes, or eight
27   years, be allowed by this assembly for proper evaluation of the effects of this
28   resolution with the open possibility, if warranted, of a proposed amendment to Article
29   II, Section I of The United States Constitution.

                                                  Respectfully submitted,
                                                          Nazareth Academy
                                                  Student Congress Representatives
PCFL Spring Legislation 2011                                            Bill/Resolution #18

                   A Resolution to Close the “Gun Show Loophole”
 1   Whereas: In a three year span, more than 400 guns sold by licensed dealers at gun
 2              shows nationwide were later recovered in connection to criminal activity.
 3   Whereas: Felons were associated with selling or purchasing firearms in 46 percent of
 4              gun show investigations.
 5   Whereas: Normally, a person wishing to purchase a gun would need to go through an
 6              extensive background check.
 7   Whereas: The ability to purchase a gun at a gun show allows convicted felons or
 8              other prohibited purchasers with opportunities to evade said background
 9              check safeguards.
10   Therefore be it resolved: That the United States Federal Government close these
11              “Gun Show Loopholes” by mandating that extensive background checks be
12              performed for any individual wishing to purchase a gun at a gun show.

                                                               Respectfully Submitted,
                                                               Truman High School
PCFL Spring Legislation 2011                                                 Bill/Resolution #19

                       A Bill to Decrease Russian Police Corruption
 1     Article I:   The United States federal government hereby establishes a Russo-
 2                  American Corruption Task Force (RACTF) that will help the Russian
 3                  Federation to decrease the rampant police corruption present in Russia.
 4    Article II:   The RACTF will cooperate with Russian authorities in the areas of
 5                  intelligence and legal counsel, and will be allotted an annual budget not
 6                  to exceed five million dollars.
 7   Article III:   This legislation will be implemented immediately upon passage.
 8   Article IV:    The Departments of State and Justice will oversee the implementation
 9                  of this legislation
10    Article V:    All laws in conflict with this legislation are hereby declared null and void

                                                                         Respectfully Submitted,
                                                                          Unionville High School

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