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					?Dental Logos are a graphic designer's dream! Think of all those available images:
teeth, smiles, mouths, frothy bubbles and toothpaste, and tools. And no need for the
"Do it Yourself" designer to worry about the clip art found in a Desktop Publishing
program being used by a competitor. Why not? Think of how many Dental Logos
you've seen and how many include pictures of teeth. Teeth and tools tell the viewer
the logo represents dentistry but do they differentiate one dental practice from

Color and Graphics
There are plenty of things you can do with color and graphic enhancements to make
your Dental Logo stand out from the rest. Colors used most frequently are white for
smiles, and shades of red for mouths. If you want to be different, try different colors.
To convey professionalism in their logos some include the medical image of a snake
coiled around a staff. The abundance of available imagery means many Dental Logos
end up looking cluttered and thus less functional. A logo that can't be enlarged or
reduced without diminishing the message of the logo can't be used in as many places
as one that can be reduced or enlarged. A good Dental Logo could be reproduced on a
promotional shirt or hat as well as on letterhead or the web or in advertising and
marketing materials.

Fear-Soothing Logos for the Dental Practice
Despite all those pictures of things associated with dental care, an image you'll never
see in any Dental Logo anywhere is an image of a pair of pliers, or a drill. Why not?
The answer is obvious: most people fear going to the Dentist. In fact, amongst
medical practices, Dentists are the least popular. Some feel that logos that accentuate
the positive aspects of dentistry -- bright white smiles and foamy, clean teeth -- ignore
this basic fact. Dental practices and suppliers and anyone needing a Dental Logo who
acknowledges this fear want logos that promote a calm and reassuring feeling. Think
about this for a moment. The most frequent image appearing in Dental Logos is one
of an extracted tooth with roots showing. If you are one of the many who have a
morbid fear of having your teeth pulled, what does a logo that depicts exactly what
you are deathly afraid tell you? How about, Stay Away! But it is possible to design
logos that deal with this unhealthy fear.

Designing a Dental Logo
Dental logos can convey a sense of reassurance by substituting graphical
enhancements like graceful curving lines and soothing fonts and colors. Curving lines
can be configured in the shape of a smile or of a mouth, without reminding viewers
that the teeth are ultimately going to be involved here. Eliminating the teeth and tool
images and substituting the universal medical shield symbol -- a winged shaft with
two snakes coiled around it facing each other -- goes a long way towards reminding
viewers of the logo that Dentists are trained Medical Professionals. While Dental
Logos may be some of the most difficult to design, it can be done and it can be done
well. If you want to take the easier "Teeth and Smiles" way, it becomes easier. For a
reassuring logo, consider hiring a professional design consultant. It will be worth the

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