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					?Delsey equinox is lightweight luggage designed with the busy traveler in mind. The
luggage features a lightweight Dura-Flex frame made of space age honeycomb
composite. The fabric is constructed of Dura Ballistic with Eva form backing. The
interior is fully lined and has a removable suiter with suiter clip. There are also
multiple pockets for easy storage. The bottom foot handle makes lifting easy and there
also a side handle for removing the case from inside automobiles, etc. The Equinox
case features self-repairing interlocking #10 nlyon coil zippers on the main openings.
The recessed locking Trolley handle with access button will lock and release the
handle with one hand. This allows you to push the bag or pull it along as the need
arises. The cases also expand up to 2.5 inches, which grants additional packing space
when needed. The expansion area also comes in handy on the way home if you like to
purchase souvenirs. A hidden zipper along the side of the Pullman cases accesses the
expansion area. The protected and recessed Velocity in-line skate wheels offer easy
rolling and long lasting service on all surfaces.
  Delsey luggage is custom made for all of your needs and expectation. Their luggage
will always be your faithful companion on the move. You can relax and travel with
confidence when you use Delsey luggage. The materials are carefully selected and
manufactured with the utmost care. All of the designs have been tested for repetitive
use durability. The lock has been opened and closed 10,000 times. The handles have
been used for 10,000 cycles when fully loaded. The wheels have been put through the
staircase test and have been used fully loaded on the decent for 200 steps. The zippers
are opened and closed 5,000 times. The wheels are used with the luggage fully loaded
for 20 miles. The case has been dropped fully loaded from 3 feet high 26 times. This
consists of over 40,000 cycles of testing to exceed the highest of standards. Since
Delsey takes pride in the quality and design of their luggage, the Equinox luggage
collection has a Worldwide Limited 10-year warranty against defects in material and
workmanship. The company takes pride in the quality and design of their luggage,
bringing you the very best in technology, durability and quality. There are many
discount luggage brands in the market, and Delsey deserves your attention.
  The collection is available in black, and red and bright blue. The sizes are sure to
please every traveler whether the travel is for business or pleasure. There's a 29"
expandable Suiter Trolley and a 26" expandable Suiter Trolley. All of the cases have
additional outside pockets for last minute items. A raincoat and an umbrella also fit
nicely and are readily available from the outside pockets. The very handy 21" that can
be used as a carry-on or for short trips is one of the most popular of sizes. This 21"
piece is also equipped with a removable suit fixture. In addition, there's also a rolling
trolley tote that accommodates a laptop as well as all of the travel accessories you
cannot do without. Rolling down the aisle of the airplane is easy with this smaller
sized carry piece. This trolley tote has an attachable band on the back so it will sit on
top of the other rolling pieces. Another convenient piece is the rolling garment bag.
This will hang men's or women's suits, slacks and shirts or blouses without wrinkling.
The garment bag also has a large outside pocket as well as smaller pockets inside. The
adjustable tote-a-long clip found on the Pullman sizes will hook up and carry
additional bags. You can sit the trolley tote on top of the 26" and hook the rolling
garment bag or 21" carry-on to the front. Then with only one hand, you are able to roll
through the airport straight out the door to your destination. It absolutely could not be
simpler or easier to handle.
 Delsey makes other collections of discount luggage in their line, but the Equinox is
one of the best priced and durable of their line. They also offer a Pilot line in blue,
black and platinum, as well as a Breeze series in Raven Black or Alpine Green. The
Fusion series is of 1800 Polyester and is available in Light Pink, Sky Blue, Midnight
Black and Red.

Maxine Greco has been in the luggage and travel business for over 38 years. She is
currently working at Village Luggage and Gifts.

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