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					?The dell studio XPS 16 is said to be one of the best laptop models that has recently
hit the consumer market. And once it did it took the market by storm, and kept its
competitors wary because of the new benchmark it had created for them. Gone are the
days when laptops were just a big metal block that was heavy and was not portable.
Also the features were all substandard and you really did not have any choice except
for a few configuration specs.
With the dell studio XPS 16 laptop you are sure to make a style statement as well as
carry along an air of elegance no matter where you go. The laptop is extremely
portable and carried anywhere and everywhere. You can now access and enjoy its
varied features no matter where you are. Its sturdy build also ensures that it can resist
the wear and tear of everyday life. With your dell laptop you can now enjoy a
brilliantly wonderful multimedia experience as well as make use of its robust
connectivity features so that you can keep in touch with friends, family and as well as
the online community. Its integrated speakers are of premium quality along with an
integrated subwoofer and output that are Dolby Digital.
You can easily hook up your dell studio XPS 16 laptop to your HDTV for a brilliant
hi-def movie experience. The widescreen is of 1080p which lets you view a varied
array of vibrant colors without any ghosting or blurring. You can also choose to use
the Blu-ray disk player which is available if you ask for it. You can even enjoy fast
paced action movies and fast moving games because of the laptops integrated 8ms
response time that makes every quick motion picture crisp along with clear resolution.
The keyboard on the dell XPS 16 laptop is easy to type on because of its touch pad
keys that make long hours of typing on the keyboard easy and stress free for your
fingers and your hands. Another feature of the keyboard is the white LED backlight
keys that work excellently when you want to type in the dark or in dim lights. The
HDMI slot makes it possible for entertainment lovers to enjoy quality digital audio
and video output. The ports that are included in this version of the laptop are the three
USB ports which include the eSATA port, USB combo, FireWire, two headphone
jacks for dual listening pleasure, media card reader, microphone jack for voice
recording or speaking to someone over the internet, ExpressCard slot, as well as the
Ethernet port that makes it possible for easy broadband connectivity.
The personal protection feature for preventing theft of stored data etc on your laptop
is now possible because of the integration of the facial recognition software that shuts
off automatically when you walk away from the computer and turns back on when
you return.

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