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									A Submission from Belper Against Tesco Superstore based on the
framework of:
Amber Valley Borough Council: Amber Valley Borough Local Plan 2006


Belper Against Tesco Superstore (B.A.T.S) was founded in May 2007 by local
residents concerned at Tesco PLC’s plans to build a large superstore, other
developments and a feeder road on the site of the old Thorntons factory off
Derwent Street in Belper.

The group has no political affiliations (and have been careful to avoid any), and are
not associated with any environmental organisations or pressure groups.

Our funding, such as it is, comes from fundraising events, donations from our
supporters and collections at our public meetings.

We have established a committee structure, a website (www. bats. fusiveweb. co.
uk), a regular newsletter, and we hold occasional, well – attended public meetings
and fundraising events. We also have an information stall which we hold on the
second Saturday of the month on King Street.

Anyone is welcome to join our campaign and email mailing list. Supporters can sign
up at our events or through the website.

We last held a Public Meeting on May 7th 2008 at the Lion Hotel in Belper. This was
attended by 150 people. At the meeting, and subsequently through our monthly
street stall and through local media, we solicited the Local Community for
suggestions as to what people would like to see the ER1C site used for.

Over 70 completed responses were received, and these comments have been
aligned with the Amber Valley Borough Local Plan 2006. However, all comments
received can also be made under ER1C and Policy ER11.

Belper Town Centre Area Action Plan

       2.15    This DPD will provide a planning framework for co-ordinating spatial
               development in Belper town centre. There is an opportunity to
               secure significant change to regenerate the town centre, in order to
               boost the local economy (including tourism) and enhance the historic
               environment, whilst at the same time recognising the need to
               conserve the quality of the existing environment.
       2.16    The Area Action Plan will focus on those issues highlighted in the
               Belper Derwent Project action plan which has been developed
               following the results of a ‘health-check’ for Belper and its surrounding
               hinterland, undertaken under the Countryside Agency’s Market
               Towns Initiative.
       2.17    The Borough Council commenced preparation on the Area Action
               Plan in January 2007. The Borough Council intends to publish an
               informal consultation document, setting out issues and options in
               November 2007, with a Preferred Options document scheduled for
               consultation June 2008.

ER1c Planning permission will be granted for mixed use development on land north
and south of Derwent Street, Belper, following the approval of a comprehensive
development brief for the site and providing that the proposals:-
a) incorporate improvements to the highway network to offset the impact of
   additional vehicle movements on Bridge Street, including the provision of a new
   road link to the west of Bridge Street, subject to detailed investigation
b) incorporate improved pedestrian links between existing retail units within and on
   the edge of the town centre
c) are of a form, scale and design which reflects the location of the site within Belper
   and Milford Conservation Area, the Derwent Valley Mills World Heritage Site
d) satisfy any criteria in relation to specific policies for each land use
Housing may also be acceptable as an element of any redevelopment proposals, if it
can be demonstrated that this would be essential to enable a comprehensive scheme
to be implemented

In considering proposals for business and industrial development, the Borough
Council will require that the proposals:-
a) are compatible with their surroundings
b) have regard to distinctive landscape features and nature conservation interests
c) provide supplementary landscaping, particularly where the development is visually
   prominent or situated on the established urban fringe
d) provide satisfactory vehicular access to the road network
e) provide utility infrastructure as appropriate
f) provide parking and servicing to the appropriate standards
g) provide necessary improvements to the road network to accommodate traffic
   generated by the development
h) promote access to the rail network where practicable

Part 1 Local Plan Strategy
          1.2     The Borough Council has agreed a number of Strategic Objectives, on
                  which it will focus service delivery. The Strategic Objectives relevant
                  to land use and development issues relate to:-
           sustainable housing and the environment
           safer communities
           active young people
           healthier communities
           thriving economy and employment

Part 2 Economic Development and Regeneration

          References: ER1a, ER1b, ER1c (Belper specific) PPS1, PPG4, PPS7,
          PPG13, PPG21, RSS8 ER3, ER4, ER5, ER6, ER7, ER8, ER9, ER10,
          ER11, ER12, ER13

          Our Respondents said:

     The old Thornton’s site could have conference facilities – ER1C
     The current Thornton’s could accommodate a building-sized shop (not 80,000
      square feet sized!) – ER1C
     Development should have a focus on the King Street area – ER1C
     There should be small shops – ER1C
     A number of respondents (4) would like to see a Marks and Spencer Food
      Hall! – ER1C
     There should be more specialist shops (i.e. sewing / craft, bookshop, etc) –
     People would prefer to see many small shops as opposed to one
      overpowering shop – ER1C
     There is concern that those that come to a large superstore won’t then shop
      in King Street and will not be part of the economy of King Street – ER1C
     There should be a number of small business units – ER5
     There could be a small industrial estate – ER5
     More could be done to encourage tourism to Belper to create money and
      jobs – ER12
     The site should accommodate a tourism/heritage information centre – ER12

Part 3 Housing

          References: PPG3, RSS8, H3, H4, H5, H6, H8, H10, H11, H12

          Our Respondents said:

     There should be retirement flats – H3
     There should be affordable housing – H10
     The site could best accommodate single storey buildings – H12

Part 4 Town Centres and Shopping

      References: PPS6, RSS8, TC1, TC2, TC3, TC4, TC5, TC6, TC7,
      TC8, TC9

      Our Respondents said:

     The site could accommodate a number of cafes and restaurants – TC8
     Provision could be made for one or more bars – TC8
     The general view from Respondents is that people want shops for local people
      not corporate profits for large conglomerates.

Part 5 Transportation

      References: PPG13, RSS8 TP1, TP2, TP3, TP4, TP5, TP6, TP7,
      TP8, TP14

      Our Respondents said:

     There is concern as to how access to Derwent street will be addressed? –TP1
     There is concern about what a ‘relief’ road would entail – would it take trade
      away from businesses on Bridge Street? – TP1
     A number of Respondents ask what traffic surveys have currently been
      undertaken and can we have access to these? - TP1
     There is general concern about increased goods traffic – TP1
     More could be done to encourage walk / cycle paths between Meadows edge
      and North Mill – TP2 / TP3
     There could be provision made for riverside walks and more footpaths –
     There should be provision for disabled access to park areas – TP2/3
     There should be cycle paths – TP2/3
     There should be sufficient parking facilities - TP6
     There should be smaller streets for access, not large roads – (A number of
      Respondents point to the example of Matlock’s new road)

Part 6 Environment

      References: RSS8, Amber Valley Environment Strategy 2001
      EN1, EN2, EN3, EN5, EN6, EN7, EN8, EN9, EN10, EN11, EN12,
      EN13, EN14, EN15, EN16, EN17, EN18, EN19, EN20, EN21, EN22,
      EN23, EN24, EN25, EN26, EN27, EN28, EN29, EN30, EN31, EN32,
      EN33, EN34, EN35, EN36

      Our Respondents said:

     There is a general worry that a large store in the valley will destroy current
      green fields and cause visual intrusion – EN2
     There should be no destruction of greenbelt and ‘significant’ trees, ie the
      Triangle – EN8/9
     The integrity of flood plain should be kept intact – EN15

     There is concern at the potential for light pollution with a large development
      and 24 hour lighting - EN16/17
     Efforts should be made to remove (where necessary) or to redevelop derelict
      buildings – EN18
     Any development should adhere to the heritage site status - EN26/27/28
     A number of Respondents would like to see increased parkland – EN26/27/28
     bird hides – EN26/27/28
     There could be a nature reserve, incorporating bird hides – EN25/26/27/28
     There should be a provision for eco housing – EN35
     There could be a community owned alternative energy project – EN36

Part 7 Leisure and Community Facilities

      References: LC1, LC2, LC3, LC4, LC6, LC7, LC8, LC9, LC10,
      LC11, LC12, LC13, LC14

      The great majority of our Respondents wished to see the site used for
      improved leisure facilities, with most calling for a new community centre
      (LC6) and a leisure centre (LC6). Other suggestions (in alphabetical order)

     adult education centre – LC9
     bowling green – LC1
     bowling alley – LC6
     canoe ramp – LC1
     children’s play area – LC1
     cinema – LC7/8
     concert hall - LC7/8
     golf course – LC6
     improved leisure facilities – LC6
     library – LC7/8
     museum – LC7/8
     outdoor swimming facilities – LC6
     performance facilities – LC 7/8
     public seating – LC11/12/13
     riverside promenade – LC1
     science centre – LC7/8
     scout / guide hut – LC6
     seated gardens for open air events (like River Garden?) – LC1
     skating facilities – LC6
     swimming pool – LC6
     tennis courts – LC6
     young person’s facilities – LC6

      Other things mentioned by our Respondents as suitable additions
      to the site were:

     An accident and emergency department
     A doctor’s surgery
     A day nursery

As you will see, we have attempted as accurately as possible to reference each of
our Respondent’s suggestions.

B.A.T.S has no official policy as to what we would like to see the ER1C site used
for; The views represented here are those of a wide cross – section of interested
local residents.

We thank you for inviting B.A.T.S to make such a submission and trust that
you will give it due consideration.

Vickie Minion (Co – Chair) On behalf of B.A.T.S

August 2008


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