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					?In today's busy environment, families time and again share meals over pizza boxes
and takeout. Pampered Chef is altering this phenomenon, revitalizing family meals
and giving people more time to spend with those they love.


In the old tradition of bringing families back together at the dinner table, the
Pampered Chef is there with recipes and kitchen products to help prepare a delicious
meal. Pampered Chef has been serving families for about 30 years, founded in 1980
by Doris Christopher. As a working mother, but not a chef, Doris realized the need for
moderately priced but remarkable working kitchen tools. With her teaching
qualifications, she began in-home cooking demonstrations to showcase what is now
the Pampered Chef products.


The professional-quality kitchen tool product line of the Pampered Cher includes:

Kitchenware - Such as peelers and measuring tools
Pampered Chef Cookware - Including skillets and stainless sauce pans, as well as
serving ware and rice cookers
Stoneware - High quality baking tools
Bakeware - For making delicious cookies, cakes and pastries!
Bamboo - Including cooking sets, tongs, bowls, etc.
Cutting Edge - The high-class professional-quality cutting ware that no kitchen should
be without
Miscellaneous - Other products include outdoor serving sets and BBQ tools, and
items great for entertaining guests such as serving platters, napkin rings, table
placements, etc.


The Pampered Chef product line includes tools for preparation and serving family and
guests. The company chose individual direct sales as its method of distribution.
"Cooking Shows" as they are known are the in-home cooking demonstrations done by
today's Pampered Chef consultants. Pampered Chef claims that over 1 million
Cooking Shows are held each year, and more than 12 million customers have been
served with their high-quality products.


There are about 750 corporate employees at the Addison, Illinois Pampered Chef
headquarters. There are about 60,000 independent Pampered Chef consultants in the
sales force around the world.
The Pampered Chef Consultants have eight levels to achieve their goals, going from
direct sales to National Executive Directors. With no requirement to keep inventory in
your house, Pampered Chef has made it uncomplicated to enter the business as an
independent distributor. The company provides web courses, tele-classes, local sales
meetings with advanced sales reps, as well as national events to help give you the
training you need to make a successful career.

All Pampered Chef Consultants are given marketing tools including catalogs,
brochures and a personalized website. The Consultant is required to procure their own
demonstration kit but for a reduced price of $155 rather than the $570 value but they
aren't required to maintain inventory.

Independent consultants can work the hours they like, part-time or full-time. The
company does not have quotas. You can determine your own goals. Income is paid by
a sliding scale commission based on quantity sold per show. 20% is minimum
commission, with 25% commission for sales of over $4,000 in an individual show.
Average earnings are about $1,300 per month for performing just one show a week.
Of course, building your own team of distributors helps improve individual incomes
and you can earn you free vacations, jewelry, and other products.

Pampered Chef Consultants don't only earn money and a great living, but they can
also earn vacations and free products. All the tools an individual would need to
succeed as a Pampered Chef consultant are provided from the variety of help and
training and the one-on-one time with other consultants and directors making this a
great opportunity for a full-time or part-time career.

To be very successful with Pampered Chef, you need a system that will train your
down line how to create wealth with this opportunity. You need a system that teaches
people how to generate MLM leads, how to market Pampered Chef, how to follow up
with prospects and enroll new distributors into your Pampered Chef business. A
simple duplicable quality MLM lead system will get you on your way to unlimited
Pampered Chef success.