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									                     It all started from hearing sound from time to
                     time without any noise present. You try to
                     neglect it and hoping that it will vanish or
                     stop but it goes on and continues to exist. It
                     became worse as days went on. This time
                     you must find the best solution for your
                     problem and this be done as soon as

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What you are experiencing is what we called tinnitus. They say
that it is not a disease but the fact that it gives you discomfort so
there is still a need to cure for this. Some conclude that it is a
symptom that can be caused by some medical condition. So it
would be better if you know the cause why you had this and seek
for the best possible answer to cure for this. You can have home
treatment for tinnitus as choice of solution.

Some of the home remedies that you can try are the following:
you mix one teaspoon of salt and one teaspoon of glycerine in
one pint of warm water. Then place the solution in a spray bottle
and spray it in each of your nostril and throat. You can do it three
times a day. Be sure that you include in your diet sea vegetable
and plenty of garlic. Also eat frequently fresh pineapple as it
reduces inflammation. It is also recommended that you take
bayberry bark, goldenseal, flower and myrrh gum for it purify the
blood and counter act infection.

You can search other home treatment for tinnitus in the internet
if you really would want to do solve it without spending much.
Knowing that going to a specialist will force you to find some
resources to pay for the consultation and in doing some hearing
test so having this option will require you at least a big amount of
money. With this issue others would choose trying first home
remedies before going to an expert.
So in your choice to cure tinnitus by means of home treatment
you must be consistent to do the treatment and make sure that
you finish what you have started.

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