Dedicated Server Rentals for Businesses

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					?If your business website is getting an increasing amount of traffic, it may be time to
look for a dedicated server. There are two options to consider outright purchase or a
dedicated server rental. In case you decide to rent, look for a company that provides
dedicated servers at a reasonably priced monthly rent. Renting a dedicated server can
be a good option as the rental company will generally offer technical support for any
server related problems.

While server sharing works out for millions of websites, not every website can
function properly on a shared platform. As traffic to a website increases, it is no
longer practical for a shared server to tackle this in an appropriate way as problems
like server crashes and slowing down of response times will crop up. In these
instances, getting an exclusive server will be the best solution to handle the increased
volume of traffic.

A dedicated rental arrangement means that you get a server that is dedicated only to
your business and you dont have to share resources with others. The main concern
with dedicated server rental is that the company should provide reliable services.
Choose a company that has a strong reputation and a lot of experience. It is always
better to opt for a large company that has been in the industry for many years.

There are several other smaller firms that act as middle-men between large dedicated
server rental companies and clients, but it is better to avoid signing rental contracts
with them. The problem with such companies is that if there are any technical issues,
you will have to go through two layers of communication. By the time the problem is
resolved, you could have suffered losses.

Why renting is a better option

Many business owners face a common dilemma whether to purchase a server or get it
on rent or lease. The answer lies in the resources or funds available as well as the time
frame for which the server is required. You may look at the rent option for periods of
up to a year and lease options for a year to three years.

A small company should ideally first obtain a shared server and later shift to a
dedicated server depending on its needs. A monthly rental service fee will be charged
and you can avail tech support too whenever you need help in configuring or using
the server. In case something goes wrong with the server, the rental company will
replace the equipment.

On the contrary, your business may be a medium to large one where funding is not a
problem, and where you can maintain additional staff for the management of your
server. In this situation, you might want to buy a server instead of opting for a
dedicated server rental. But make sure that you are ready to take care of regular server
maintenance and that you have the right in-house technical support to deal with any
issues that may arise.

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