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					?There are many ways you can go about getting yourself a new job in construction.
The most obvious methods are to write to companies, visit building sites, visit your
nearest job centre and check the local press. This is one way of finding out about
construction opportunities, but you want your name to be considered as soon as
vacancies arise.

Many construction companies hire staff through recruitment agencies, so you should
register with as many as possible. Also, you can help yourself by making it easy for a
recruiter to headhunt you - there are several ways you can put yourself in the frame.

Making it easy for people to headhunt you

You must make time to speak to recruiters if they call you. If you cannot speak at that
particular moment, make sure you arrange a more convenient time to speak to them.
Make sure you communicate your skills, experience and qualifications to them in
detail and ensure you send them an up-to-date CV.

Do not simply wait for recruiters and agencies to call you back. Maintain a regular
dialogue with them and you will be more likely to get to the top of their list of people
to place. If you are dealing with one company or agency, try to communicate with a
single contact and endeavour to build a rapport with them.

There are a number of databases and services on the Internet designed to match
applicants with jobs. Many employers use this method of recruiting staff, so
registering your CV can greatly enhance your chances of landing a new construction

Possible stumbling blocks

Some people are unable to find a job offering the kind of salary they deem acceptable.
Others may find their education a barrier, either because they lack the relevant
qualifications or because employers see them as over-qualified and likely to jump ship
for a better offer.

What can you do if you are confronted with this situation? What can you do to boost
your chances of finding a new job?

Talk to friends, family, old colleagues and acquaintances as they may be able to either
reemploy you or recommend you to their employer, making it clear that you are not
simply looking for stop-gap employment.

Tailor your application form, CV and cover letter to the particular construction job for
which you are applying. Don't be boastful, and highlight how perfect a match you will
be for the job role.
Be realistic when negotiating a salary and remember you are only worth what the
company is willing to pay.

By following the above advice you will help yourself get headhunted and overcome
the issue of people labelling you overqualified.


Getting headhunted for a construction job is one way of getting around being
over-qualified for construction jobs.

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