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AAFES associates and their families                                                   Vol. 58 No. 8 August 2010

                                                                        aafes’ new
                                                                        3-in-1 offer!
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3 Lots of fans                        5 GoaLs to Go!                   6 Dan DanieL DC
   Social networking reaching           How your success contributes     Big construction projects, coin
   customers in modern ways             to everybody’s success           winners at the DDDC
Maj. Gen. Bruce Casella

Visiting with you around the world
                                                         isiting our stores around the world      many offerings at KMCC. Martha Stewart
                                                         and meeting the knowledgeable            products and Victoria’s Secret’s Pink line are
                                                         associates who keep them running         among our best sellers, and the PowerZone
                                                         are the most exciting parts of my        is doing absolutely fantastic.
                                               job as AAFES commander.                                I also toured our Gruenstadt bakery, where
                                                  Since coming on board, I am impressed           our professional, upbeat associates showed
                                               with how we’re serving the world’s best            me how to make all sorts of bakery products,
                                               customers with modern facilities and a wide        including donuts, buns, cakes, and Home
                                               array of products. Plenty of good things are       Pride and Wonder breads.
                                               taking place in our stores and we’re making            In Iraq and Kuwait, I discovered the great
                                               shopping with AAFES even more convenient           things we’re doing for our warfighters, such
                                               and enjoyable.                                     as opening another Green Beans coffee
                                                  For example, at Fort Bragg, N.C., our           shop in Baghdad. We’re moving into a larger
                                               managers and Real Estate Directorate are           PX near the Green Zone, which is twice the
                                               collaborating with the local command to work       size of our smaller trailer PX. The new facil-
                                               emerging requirements for AAFES support,           ity looks more like a stateside shoppette,
                                               such as a master plan for new buildings,           and we expect a huge increase in sales. We
Maj. Gen. Casella greeting associates at       upgrades and additions.                            may even expand our services to the U.S.
Yongsan AB in South Korea. To see more
                                                                                                  embassy in Iraq and bring in more affordable
pictures of associates receiving Commander’s   Impressive work ethic, pride
Coins from General Casella, turn to Page 11.                                                      athletic wear for the troops.
                                                   On my recent trip to the Pacific Region, I
                                                                                                  Quality backed up with service
                                               was impressed by the work ethic and pride I
                                               found while visiting with AAFES associates.           In air-conditioned buildings in Baghdad,
“I look forward to meeting as many
                                               Efficient stores, shoppettes and restaurants,      concessionaires offer quality products
                                               organized and neat stockrooms, and friendly        backed by great service—and even 90-day
associates as possible during my               customer service greeted me.                       guarantees found nowhere else in Iraq. To
                                                   In Guam, I saw very impressive softlines       ensure credit-card safety, shoppers go
                                               displays with the latest local and brand           through a standardized checkout at one loca-
trips. Introduce yourself and tell me          names. The managers and associates enjoy           tion rather than at each kiosk.
                                               a unique relationship with the island’s Na-           At our gigantic Camp Liberty PX, our staff
how you’re serving the world’s best            tional Guard and Reserves, two of our major        has reduced stock levels by at least 100
                                               customer segments for business growth.             connexes—outstanding inventory manage-
                                                    Most important, I want to ensure our          ment. They’ve made a science out of moving
customers . . . ”                              warfighters in Korea have exchanges that are       merchandise from the stockyard to the sales
                                               right-sized for troop transformation and base      floor.
                                               movements being planned for Camp                      Furthermore, our third-country nationals
                                               Humphreys. I am passionate about our               work in key positions and complement our
       The Exchange Post                       Military Clothing Sales Stores having proper       AAFES team wonderfully. We are collaborat-
                                               uniform sizes on hand—without our valued           ing with military leaders on drawing down our
      Vol. 58, No. 8            August 2010    customers having to wait.                          Iraq operations while still serving the smaller
        Army and Air Force Exchange Service                                                       number of troops who will be stationed there.
        P.O. Box 660202, ATTN: MK-SCC-PA       Ornaments to Harleys
               Dallas, TX 75266-0202                                                              Proud of professionalism
               Phone: (214) 312-2766              While in Germany, I was excited with the
                   or DSN: 967-2766
                 Fax: (214) 312-3456
                                               Kaiserslautern Military Community Center              Overall, every warfighter I talked to was
          e-mail:       (KMCC) and our folks working with state-           very happy with AAFES support. I am very
          Maj. Gen. Bruce Casella              of-the-art signage and advertising for our         proud of the great team effort, professional-
               Commander, AAFES                exclusive brands. Our vast concessions             ism, positive attitudes and tireless efforts of
                Joyce Bowers                   cover everything from holiday ornaments to         our AAFES team in theater.
        Vice President, Strategic Corporate    Harley-Davidson bikes.                                I look forward to meeting as many associ-
                                                  Our valued customers are definitely re-         ates as possible during my trips. Introduce
               Barbara Kirsch                  sponding to KMCC’s modern, sleek shopping          yourself and tell me how you’re serving the
                                               facility. In fact, people are traveling from all   world’s best customers and fulfilling AAFES’
                 Steve Smith
                 Assistant Editor              over the countryside to visit and enjoy the        strategic objectives. HOOAH!

2   August 2010 The Exchange Post
Chief Operating Officer

Michael Howard                                                            “Our 20,000-plus Facebook fans
                                                                          can talk instantaneously with
Social Networking...                                                      customer relationship experts.”

From Facebook to Twitter, AAFES reaches out

        AFES is really reaching out to its
        customers with the most up-to-date
        methods, and social networking is
right at the top. Consider what we’re doing:            We’ve also made our online presence felt
                                                    in another big way: AAFES’ Twitter handle,
                                                    AAFES_STYS, has turned into a valuable
                         and coupons, too!
                                                    customer-service asset. Along with our abil-
   Facebook is the leader in social media,          ity to monitor and respond in real-time to
                                                                                                          We truly believe the blog will help AAFES
so AAFES is taking full advantage of the            customer concerns, we can “tweet” links to
                                                                                                      become a better brand in servicing the “real”
website’s popularity by maintaining a public        other valuable information, such as events
                                                                                                      needs of the military community.
forum where our customers—aka “fans”—               and special-interest pieces from our Salute to
                                                                                                          As another way to utilize technology
can communicate instantaneously with our            Your Service blog.
                                                                                                      popular with our customers, AAFES tested
customer relationship experts.
                                                                                                      a text messaging program, AAFES Mobile
   Our fans can view AAFES’ Facebook page
                                                                                                      Marketing, at eight locations from August
to see what events are happening at their lo-
                                                                                                      2008–December 2009. The results showed
cal installations and join in discussions about
                                                                                                      shoppers are eager to participate and receive
how we can make the site more useful and
                                                                                                      exclusive promotional offers.
improve the military shopping experience.
                                                                                                          As a result, AAFES rolled out Mobile
They also can write comments about interest-           The blog is an additional tool for AAFES to
                                                                                                      Marketing to all locations and customers in
ing tidbits in their military communities.          have two-way conversations with customers,
                                                                                                      the continental United States. By June 30,
                                                    while building loyalty, addressing concerns
                                                                                                      the program had exploded to more than
                                                    and building goodwill.
                                                                                                      9,000 “opt-ins.”
                                                       Of course, this is still a blog representing
                                                                                                          The Sales and Marketing directorates have
                                                    AAFES, so you can appreciate limits to what
                      Cutest Kiddo Contest                                                            compiled a list of offers. Marketing pushes
                                                    we can say and to whom we respond. Please
                                                                                                      these offers to those customers who want to
                                                    take a few minutes to read and understand
    To create excitement for fans, we                                                                 receive text messages from AAFES about the
                                                    the AAFES Rules of Engagement and Terms
launched the Cutest Kiddo Contest on Face-                                                            good deals.
                                                    of Service found in the links on the right hand
book, which is tied to our Kids Exchange catalog.                                                         Along with exclusive offers from the Sales
                                                    side of the home page on the blog.
Our fans uploaded pictures of their children                                                          and Marketing directorates, customers can
                                                       The blog’s intention is to create a voice
up to five years of age in hopes their young-                                                         receive chances to win prizes, just like the
                                                    that truly represents what AAFES is—an
ster would be named the “Cutest Kiddo.”                                                               Ross family. They won a new Charboil
                                                    organization of associates who are military,
    Thanks to the contest, the number of                                                              Infrared Heatwave Grill valued at more than
                                                    former military, military spouses, and friends
AAFES fans has nearly quadrupled—from                                                                 $500.
                                                    and family of military loved ones.  
5,500 on April 28 to over 20,000 by July 1.                                                               Furthermore, customers can opt-in to the
                                                       All associates are encouraged to monitor
    What’s more, AAFES reached another                                                                program by simply texting AAFES to 95613
                                                    the blog conversations and learn from the
milestone: celebrating its 10,000th Facebook                                                          from their mobile phones. Within seconds
                                                    military community. Don’t hesitate to jump
fan, Joshua Cartwright of Aviano AB in Italy,                                                         customers will receive a bounce-back
                                                    into the conversation and help spread the
who received a Nintendo Wii video game                                                                message welcoming them. Customers can
                                                    word about the AAFES mission.
system.                                                                                               opt out of the program by simply replying
    “Everyone was truly amazed by the                                                                 “STOP.”
overwhelming response on Facebook, and                                                                    Throughout AAFES’ 115-year history, man-
we’re continuing to work hard to reach our                                                            agers and associates have reached out to the
goal of 25,000 fans by the end of the year,”                                                          most valued customers in the world to create
said Joyce Bowers, AAFES’ vice president of                                                           exciting shopping destinations and to give
Strategic Corporate Communication.                                                                    them good deals on popular merchandise.
    Along with our new policy to accept In-                                                               Now, as we are well into our second
ternet coupons, we have launched exclusive                                                            century of operation, we are reaching those
offers via the Facebook page. Customers can                                                           shoppers in ways that our managers and
print coupons and redeem them at our stores                                                           associates of just a generation ago couldn’t
for immediate savings.                                                                                imagine.

                                                                                       The Exchange Post August 2010       3
Strategic Marketing launches website
A    AFES’ Strategic Marketing recently launched Patriot Family
     Connection on to help build lifelong emotional
connections with customers by educating military spouses and other
                                                                                       By Susan Simone, VP Human Resources

                                                                          Business professionals are deep in discussions of the benefits of
family members about the value of shopping at the exchanges.
                                                                          performance management programs. Should we eliminate them or
   The Patriot Family Connection provides, military family members
                                                                          learn to implement them effectively?
with easy access to information about AAFES’ benefits, value and
capabilities, and supports them during PCS moves or deployments.          The Corporate Leadership Council says poor performance costs the
The site also features compelling sweepstakes, drawings and contests      U.S. about $105.5 billion every year.
under the “Events and Contests” tab. Under “Quality and Value,” shop-
                                                                          When companies effectively execute performance management
pers can find money-saving coupons, links to sign up for AAFES’ e-mail
                                                                          programs, they see:
Buddy Lists and sales flyers, and details on the Price Match policy.
                                                                            •   Employee goal achievement increase by 21.5 percent.
   The “Homefront Support” section features AAFES gift cards, pre-
                                                                            •   Strong bench strength increases revenue up to 9 percent
paid calling cards and PCS help.
                                                                                and profit up to 8 percent.
   AAFES will soon debut a web page, “Patriot Pride,” dedicated to
                                                                            •   The right talent deployed to the right job boost
active duty, National Guard and Reserve, Military Retirees and ROTC/
                                                                                revenue by 7 percent and profit by 5 percent.
new recruits.
                                                                            •   Performance feedback elicits improved performance, which
   Send questions and comments about what you think about the
                                                                                boosts motivation in two-thirds of cases.
Patriot Family Connection to Lisa Moak at
                                                                          What makes a performance management program effective?
AAFES, Mint encouraging use of $1 coins                                    •   Having clarity within the performance system.
                                                                           •   Promoting high-performance culture of communication, flex-

A   AFES and the U.S. Mint are encouraging shoppers to use $1
    coins when paying for products and services at the exchanges.
  Fort Sam Houston, Texas; Fort Huachuca, Ariz.; and Fort Carson,
                                                                               ibility and risk-taking.
                                                                               Including manager-employee interactions that solve work
             Peterson AFB and the U.S. Air Force Academy, all in           •   Conducting fair and accurate formal reviews by
                Colorado, launched the coin initiative July 4. The goal        balancing positive and negative feedback.
                 is to expand $1 coin usage to all 1,703 AAFES loca-       •   Linking daily work or individual goals to organizational goals.
                  tions throughout the United States.                      •   Increasing employee strengths and abilities with
                     The coins offer people speed and convenience at           challenging opportunities for development.
                grocery stores, restaurants, movie theaters, vending
              machines, parking meters and toll booths. A Government      The choice is obvious at AAFES: Performance Management drives
Accountability Office reported in 2002 using $1 coins could save the      the organization forward.
country more than $500 million annually.
  For more information, visit$1coin.

 AAFES-Europe: Helping a worthy cause                                     A Heart for a hero

                                       Associate Sam Cancel of                                                   AAFES Chief of Staff
                                       AAFES’ Gruenstadt Depot                                                   Col. Virgil Williams, right,
                                       in Germany hands out                                                      presents former Army
                                       T-shirts to some of the                                                   specialist Christian Caro
                                       3,200 people at a recent                                                  with a Purple Heart for
                                       Special Olympics. The depot                                               being wounded in the line
                                       provided Culligan water,                                                  of duty. Caro was severely
                                       sports towels, and Wonder                                                 injured when a roadside
                                       Bread for hot dogs served                                                 bomb detonated while he
                                       from Team Gruenstadt’s                                                    was serving in Iraq in 2006.
                                       new hot-dog cart. This                                                    He now works at Dallas/
                                       made the 11th straight year                                               Fort Worth International
                                       AAFES supported the Special                                               Airport as a customs and
                                       Olympics.                                                                 border protection agent.

4   August 2010 The Exchange Post
Exchange Home Services debuts

3-in-1: AAFES seeks
“bundles” of customers
          or potentially thou-
          sands of AAFES
          customers, selecting
          their TV, Internet and
                                                                                                    Goals to Go 2010

phone services just became                                                                                      e are nine months into the new
much easier on their nerves                                                                                     year and AAFES is moving in the
and pocketbooks.                                                                                                right direction. Focusing clearly
    Thanks to Exchange Home                                                                         on where we need to be at year’s end is
Services, which debuted in July,                                                                    crucial.
military families in the conti-                                                                          The 2010 Goals to Go (G2G) program
nental United States can make                                                                       can help. Think of it as your GPS to
smarter, budget-minded choic-                                                                       success.
es by going online and simply                                                                            With G2G in its third year, more than
typing a location and ZIP code                                                                      80 percent of us took the G2G course and
to call up side-by-side com-                                                                        filled out the cards we carry with us.
parisons of top providers of                                                                             In the past, G2G helped you understand
TV, Internet and phone service                                                                      an important connection: your Individual
                                    AAFES makes comparing prices for TV, Internet and phone
in their areas. They can then       services easier for thousands of customers.                     Goals support Operational Goals. Then, the
see what features and prices                                                                        Operational Goals support the Strategic
each provider offers.                                                                               Goals. And, all of this is measured by the
                                                   Center provides customers with easy access       Corporate Scorecard.
Buy single or go bundle
                                                   to popular wireless offerings, an array of       Taking the connection further
    They even can choose whether to buy a          handsets, access to service plans from major
single service or get all offerings bundled into                                                       This year, more of us are taking these
                                                   wireless carriers, competitive prices and
a nice, neat package, then schedule a start-                                                        principles to heart, and we’ve extended the
                                                   military discounts.
up, either online or through a call center.                                                         connection even further. We have focused
                                                   ‘Mobile’ destination points                      on how Facility or Division Goals fit into the
    Shoppers can reach Exchange Home
Services through a new category button—                This fall, AAFES will launch Exchange        overall Performance Management System,
                      “Mobile Phones, Internet     Mobile Center in stores to serve customers       so you can see exactly how you impact
                      & Cable”—on AAFES’           who enjoy tinkering with products and talking    AAFES’ activities for success.
                      webpage, www.aafes.          with associates knowledgeable in wireless           Your goals directly affect our Opera-
                      com and through www.         sales. Kiosks will roll out in PowerZones and    tional Goals, which are tied back to one of
                  selected mall locations in September, and        our five Strategic Goals. Strategic Goals
                         “On average, military     continue through November, as destination        are AAFES’ five-year plan for success.
                      families move every two      points with handsets, accessories, and ser-      Each year, you and your supervisor’s goals
   Mark Morell        years,” said Mark Morell,    vice plans from three major carriers.            should be aligned with the Operational and
                      AAFES’ vice president            The goal is to have 30 kiosks established    Strategic Goals.
for the Advanced Telecommunications Initia-        by the holiday shopping season, said Morell,        The G2G cards include our five Strate-
tive. “They regularly face a confusing array of    a marketing and business development             gic Goals and their perspectives: Cus-
TV, Internet and phone services at their new       director at Nortel, a global communications      tomer, Learning & Growth, Internal and
duty station. Exchange Home Services will          technology provider, before coming to AAFES      Financial.
help make life easier for our customers to         in 2009.                                            AAFES’ five Strategic Goals remain:
shop, compare and save, especially during               “The telecom business is very dynamic,
PCS or TDY, but also for those who just want       especially when you think of how many of                  #1 Customer: Develop a lifelong
to shop smarter by comparing.”                     us have gone totally wireless or use a smart        emotional connection with our
                                                   phone more like a mini-PC where talk takes a        customers.
    Service providers will vary by location, but
include AT&T, Charter, Comcast, Cox, Dish          back seat to surfing the Web, sending mes-
Network, Quest, Time Warner and Verizon,           sages and taking pictures,” Morell said. “Our             #2 Learning and Growth: Build
among others.                                      customers at AAFES want the same things.”           a culture of loyalty, ownership,
    Close on the heels of Exchange Home                “We’ve worked side-by-side with many            sustainability and continuous
                                                   leaders and directorates for more than a year       improvement.
Services is Exchange Mobile Center—with
the emphasis on “mobile,” the predominant          to make this happen. It’s very exciting, and
                                                                                                                   con’t on back page
trend in today’s world. Exchange Mobile            the best is yet to come.”
                                                                                     The Exchange Post August 2010        5
BOD held at Dan Daniel DC                                                                                          BOD
                                       A                                                                           Approvals
                                              AFES’ Board of Directors met at the Dan Daniel Distribution
                                              Center in May to discuss exchange business, review pending
                                              projects, and learn more about operations in the massive
                                                                                                                     AAFES’ board approved
                                       warehouse in Newport News, Va. The center is truly unbelievably
                                       massive.                                                                    an $11.4 million project to
                                         Opened in 1987 as the first state-of-the-art AAFES distribution           replace the DDDC roof,
                                       center, the “flagship” of AAFES Logistics:                                  which measures 1.4 million
                                         • Can hold 24 football fields and still have room left over in its        square feet. The work,
                                           1.4 million square feet;                                                which will start later this
                                         • Is three quarters of a mile from corner to corner;                      year, will take about 340
                                         • Houses more than 15 miles of conveyers;                                 days to complete.
                                         • Has 928 associates;                                                       The board also approved
                                         • Uses advanced warehousing technology: computers, radio                  $4.1 million to upgrade
                                           frequency devices, laser scanners and voice technology;
                                                                                                                   the 62,000 square feet of
                                         • Distributes $107.6 million worth of general and fashion
                                                                                                                   administrative support
                                            merchandise a month, enough to fill 1.1 million cases;
                                         • Keeps $95 million in average monthly inventory in its 22-acre           space used by associates.
                                           storage, equal in size to the Rockefeller Center in New York City;      The renovations, which
                                         • Serves about 2,043 facilities with general merchandise and 286          will start in mid-2011, will
                                           facilities around the world with fashion items;                         take about 320 days to
                                         • Is the primary warehouse for Europe, Puerto Rico, Central and           complete.
                                           South America, the Azores, and the eastern half of the United             Board members also
                                           States;                                                                 gave a green light to a $5.1
                                         • Has supported special and contingency operations, including             million project to replace
                                           Bright Star, New Horizons, Desert Storm, and present military           the 922,000-square-foot
                                           operations in Iraq, Afghanistan and throughout the Middle East;
                                                                                                                   parking lots next to the
                                         • Has supported AAFES’ mobile field exchanges at the sites of
                                                                                                                   center. Construction, which
                                           disasters, such as hurricanes, and the Pentagon and World Trade
                                           Center on 9/11;                                                         will start in early 2011, will
                                         • Provides, through its fashion distribution facility, global customers   take about 120 days.
                                           with current fashions from global suppliers.

From the top:
Senior Vice President Dale Bryan,
left, General Casella and the DDDC’s
Holly Norton review an expansion
project that will occur this summer.

General Casella presents a
Commander’s Coin to MCSS
Manager Margaret Henry.

Manager David Young, right, with
                                       Dan Daniel is a state-of-the art
Chief Operating Officer Michael
                                       distribution center, with more
Howard.                                than 900 associates. Several
                                       associates were recognized
General Casella reviews the new        for outstanding support and
military clothing sales module with    service to internal and external
Managers Jacinta Gibbs, Margaret       customers around the world.
Henry and Foreman Amy Greene.

6    August 2010 The Exchange Post
AAFES partners with ‘First Observer’

Learn how to spot possible terrorist
activities, report them to authorities
“Patriotism is easy to understand in
America; it means looking out for yourself
by looking out for your country.”
                          —Calvin Coolidge                                                                Through Corporate University’s

                                                                                                          Web-based training, AAFES

       he words of our 30th president have
       never been more important than today.                                                              associates can now learn how to
       Faced with the growing threat of terror-
ism, all Americans must realize how they can                                                              spot potential terrorist acts and
play a role in protecting our homeland.
    The recent attempted car bomb in New                                                                  report them to authorities.
York City in which bystanders saw suspicious
activity and alerted police shows how
important the role of ordinary citizens can
play in foiling a terrorist act.                   will be a valuable tool for the thousands of          prevent terrorism by increasing awareness,
    AAFES associates, especially those who         AAFES associates who are on the road every            because the more Americans are trained as
travel to and from military installations around   day in their jobs.                                    “first observers,” the higher the chances of
the world, can now take a training course that                                                           preventing acts of terrorism at home and
                                                   Protecting critical functions
will help them spot suspicious activity and                                                              abroad.
report it to authorities.                             First Observer uses the skills, experiences
                                                                                                         Winning against terrorism
                                                   and savvy of America’s transportation
New AAFES training guide                           professionals to help protect their critical              By using the program, all of us can
    A national awareness, safety and security      function of moving goods, services and                provide an extra set of eyes for identifying
program called “First Observer” and AAFES’         people across America.                                and preventing acts of terrorism or security
Loss Prevention have developed a new                  A key component is recruiting volunteers           breaches.
training guide for associates, who will come       from the trucking, motor-coach and school                 If you’re an AAFES associate who travels
away with the ability to observe, assess and       bus industries to act as “first observers”            frequently or uses public transportation, then
report on everyday activities that may in fact     by reporting to authorities any suspicious            this training is for you.
represent security risks or threats.               activities of a criminal or potentially terroristic       And when we learn how to spot potentially
    This training, now available on the            nature.                                               dangerous situations and report them, we win
Corporate University website as WBL 403S,             The program provides a unique way to               against terrorism.

Try these 7 tips for staying safe around your home
 A     ugust is National Safe at Home Month.
       Safe work habits should not be limited
 to the work environment, because more
                                                                                                           •    wear sturdy shoes, long pants, safety
                                                                                                                glasses and hearing protection when
                                                                                                                mowing the lawn;
 serious injuries occur at home than at work.                                                              •    place content labels on all containers.
     According to Safe At Home International,
 the top cause of accidental deaths in houses
 with children is poisoning, while the number-                                                           Remember: Bee Safety
 one cause of accidental fatalities in houses                                                            Smart Right from
 with adults is slips and falls.                                                                         Start.
     Costs of home-related injuries are
 higher for employers than work-related
 injuries through payouts of employer-
 provided health plans, lost productivity and          •    eliminate tripping hazards by ensuring
 absence from work. Although AAFES rarely                   carpets and mats are flat;
 experiences a slip/trip/fall work fatality,           •    ensure stairs are free from tripping
 slips, trips and falls are the top causes of               hazards;                                            What is the top cause of
 workplace injuries.                                   •    keep all medications out of the reach
     Whether at home or at work, follow these                                                                  accidental deaths in houses
                                                            of children;
 simple tips for a safer environment:                  •    don’t run extension cords under rugs
     •     always use a ladder instead of a                                                                        where children live?
                                                            or mats;
           chair when climbing;

                                                                                           The Exchange Post August 2010         7
                       Commander’s Spotlight                                                                  COO’s Customer Mania
                       Mila Brenner, Main Store Manager                                                      Amanda Schulze
                       Tallil AB, Iraq                                                                       Sales & Merchandise Manager

                                                                                                             Tallil AB, Iraq
                           The most important part of working in a contingency
                        position is taking care of Soldiers and other community
                        members. Our accomplishments are in conjunction with
                        providing the highest level of customer service and                Amanda Sc
                                                                                                             “    I spoke with Amanda Schulze to
                                                                                                              inquire about getting the Navy PT shirt
                                                                                                              because the PX carries only the shorts.
       Mila Brenner                                                                                    hulze
                        bringing them a piece of home. I sincerely want to take                              She made a few calls and within two
  care of my associates and my customers to the best of my ability. Without                days, there were four shirts coming from another location
  them (associates), I would not be able to enjoy the successes I have been                to Tallil. Because Navy uniforms are impossible to come
  fortunate to achieve. I love what I do. The work we do is so important to the            by, I’m ecstatic for her help and accommodation. I want to
  quality of life of people who have made a commitment to protect our way of               thank Amanda for going above and beyond for me while
  life, and in my small way, I am contributing to this effort.
                                                              ”                                          ”
                                                                                           serving in Iraq.

 Shoppers shout out on customer service
                      MILITARY STAR®                                      from another store and         be greeted by a stressed attendant, but that
                      Call Center                                         had it shipped to Fort         was not the case with James. As always, he
                         Thank you, Kathryn
                      Bowman. I really am
                                                                          Campbell. There was a
                                                                          backlog for deliveries,                professional
                                                                                                         was very friendly,
                      thankful for people like                            but this didn’t stop Chris
                                                                          since his motivation was
                                                                                                         and quick. It would be great if
                      you. Your professional-                                                            every employee had his attitude and profes-
                      ism and   courtesy                                  to ensure AAFES had a
                                                                          satisfied customer. Chris
                                                                                                         sional manner. James should be commend-
                                                                                                         ed for his outstanding service to Soldiers
     Kathryn Bowman   were delights and made             Chris Floden     loaded the mattress            and their families because Burger King here
                      my day so much more                                 and box springs in             brings a little piece of home to those of us
 pleasurable. I appreciate your  patience             one of your trucks and delivered it to our
                                                      home. Only when I was on active duty did I
                                                                                                         serving overseas.
 with me. I hope they call me with a survey so
                                                                                                                              Pacific Region
 I can give you good comments.                             professionalism
                                                      witness the                                                                I just wanted to write
                      Catalog Call                    and motivation that Chris                                               a quick comment on
                      Center                          displayed to ensure my wife and I were                                  the gentleman, Kaoru
                       I wish to express my           happy with AAFES service. Your store is                                 Uehara, who answered
                    sincere appreciation to           lucky to have an employee of his caliber, and                           the phone at Pizza Hut.
                    Belinda Gray for doing            I hope we have an opportunity to deal with                              I made an order for
                    what no one else would            him again,                                                              lunch, and his customer
                                                                                                             Kaoru Uehara
                    do. After more than a                                                                                     service was some of
                    month of continuous                                      Eastern Region                                   the best that I heard in
    Belinda Gray    “passing the buck” by
                    others, Belinda took it
                                                                                 Robin Hilewitz-
                                                                             Brown, the manager
                                                                                                         awhile. With his   great customer
 upon herself to ensure I receive my long                                    at the main store at        service           skills, I even bought an extra
 delayed, incomplete order. She      stood                                   Westover AFB, Mass., is     side item. I just wanted to let someone know

 by her promise to send me                                                   outstanding,                what a great job he is doing.

                                                                                                                              Western Region
 updates on the status of my order until a
                                                      Robin Hilewitz-Brown
                                                                             gracious and                                        I bought new boots
 reshipment was completed. Belinda should                                  truly a people person! I
 be commended for her outstanding service,                                                                                   at Davis Monthan AFB
                                                                           would strongly suggest
                                                                                                                             and used them for the
 patience and   best practices.                       that you clone her. I must mention that the
                                                      staff here is on the ball as well!
                                                                                                                             first time at Los Angeles
 This effort is a tribute to her masterful skill in                                                                          AFB. They didn’t fit right,
 quality customer service.                                                   Europe Region                                   so I went to the Military
                                                                                 Today, I patron-                            Clothing Sales Store,
 Central Region                                                              ized the Burger King at
                                                                                                            David Forsyth    where Dave Forsyth was
 My wife and I recently bought a mattress                                                                                    working. Dave immedi-
                                                                             Mainz-Kastel and had
 and box springs at Fort Campbell’s                                                                      ately realized the boots were mismatched.
                                                                             the good fortune of being
 PX. We encountered problems since the
 set we desired was not in stock and we
                                                                             served by James Turner.
                                                                             It was at the peak of the
                                                                                                         He  promised             I wouldn’t leave until
 didn’t want to wait until a similar item was                                                            he found a pair that fit properly—and he did.
                                                                             lunch rush and the food
 received. Sales Area Manager Chris Floden
 accepted the challenge and found a mattress
                                                         James Turner        court was quite full. One   I am very grateful Dave was
                                                                             would expect to wait or     working that day.
 8     August 2010 The Exchange Post
Good question: how will health                                                                          Health costs busting the bank?

                                                                                                        8 ways to cut
care reform affect you, AAFES?                                                                          your medical bills
Changes for dependent
coverage, FSAs, W-2s
                                                                                                        I n 2009, claims for medical costs at
                                                                                                          AAFES were more than $150 million.
                                                                                                        With such costs rising at such an alarming

                                                                                                        rate, we consumers must find ways to
       ast spring’s passage of the health care
                                                                                                        keep our expenses manageable.
       reform laws will bring changes to our
                                                                                                             Here are eight ideas to help you re-
       group health plans.                                                                              duce medical costs:
    In many cases, the impacts are still being                                                              • Go generic, if possible. Save on
determined as provisions will take effect in                                                            prescription drugs by asking your doctor
stages throughout the next decade.                                                                      about generics or suitable over-the-coun-
    Here are the provisions that will affect us                                                         ter medications.
in the near-term:                                                                                           • Review your medications with your
    • Dependent coverage to age 26: The                                                                 doctor once a year. Maybe one new drug
Affordable Care Act requires plans and issu-                                                            can do the work of two or three of your
ers that offer dependent coverage to make                                                               present medications or your doctor may
                                                  of employer-provided health coverage on               prescribe a less expensive option.
the coverage available until a child reaches      the employee’s annual Form W-2. The forms                 • Ask your pharmacist for price com-
26. Employees will be able to enroll these        will be sent in January 2012. The require-            parisons.
dependents this fall during open enrollment,      ment does not change the tax treatment of                 • Go for 90.
with coverage being effective on Jan. 1,          employer-provided health coverage. It is for          Order 90-day
2011.                                             informational purposes only and is not con-           supplies of
    • Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA).           sidered taxable income.                               your medicines
Beginning on Jan. 1, 2011, expenses for               As more details become available, the             through your
over-the-counter medicines or drugs which                                                               health plan’s
                                                  Benefits Branch at AAFESwill continue to
can now be purchased without prescription                                                               mail-order
                                                  update you on how health care reform will
will only be reimbursed from an FSA if a doc-                                                           program. The
                                                  affect AAFES.                                         more you get
tor has prescribed the medicine for use.
                                                                                                        at one time,
    • W-2 Reporting. Beginning in 2011,              For more information on the healthcare             the less you’ll
employers must report the aggregate value         reform legislation, visit
                                                                                                        generally pay.
                                                                                                            • Compare prices for medical ser-

              Dependent Audit Deadline                                                                  vices and diagnostic tests using your
                                                                                                        health plan’s website. Free-standing
                                                                                                        facilities often charge a lot less than hos-
     AAFES is conducting a dependent eligibility audit for all                                          pitals.
                                                                                                            • Use free preventive services. Most
   associates and retirees enrolled in the DoD Nonappropriated                                          health plans provide free preventive care,
       Fund Health Benefits Program with family coverage.                                               such as annual mammograms, Pap tests
                                                                                                        for women in certain age groups, and
                              The deadline for submitting documentation                                 regular screenings for colorectal and pros-
                                                                                                        tate cancer.
                                   to validate dependent eligibility                                        • Try small lifestyle changes. Ask your
                                   for benefits is August 12, 2010.                                     doctor about non-drug ways to manage
                                                                                                        your condition to get the same results.
                            To ensure medical coverage for your                                         Some people can control high cholesterol
                                                                                                        and blood pressure, sleep apnea, and
                          dependents continues, please complete,                                        prediabetes with diet, lower salt intake,
                                                                                                        weight loss and exercise.
                         sign and return the verification letter, along                                     • Use “in-network” health providers.
                           with required documents, to Chapman                                          The cost of in-network services has been
                                                                                                        negotiated by your insurance company.
         Kelly before the deadline. The address is P.O. Box 1587,                                       When you go out of network, your out-of-
                       Jeffersonville, Ind. 47131                                                       pocket expenses could be considerably
        For more info, visit
                                                                                                           Sources: National Institutes of Health,
                               The fax is (888) 898-0305.                                               Institute for Safe Medication Practices.

                                                                                         The Exchange Post August 2010          9
35 Years of Service                                                                                           Matthew Fiori, Keesler AFB         Michael O’Hearn, Fort Drum
Etta Beasley, Selfridge ANGB          Extraordinary Achievement                                               Bruce Fox, MacDill AFB             Alma Ojeda, Puerto Rico
Ann Randolph, Fort Jackson                                                                                    Martha Franz, Camp Liberty         Sandra Otten, Fort Bragg
                                                                                                              Danny Fry, Dan Daniel DC           Guy Pelland, HQ AAFES
30 Years of Service                                                                                           Dagmar Fuller, Robins AFB          Auneita Pipkins, Kuwait
Maria Almay, Fort Benjamin                                                                                    Michael George, Dan Daniel DC      Antonio Porter, HQ AAFES
Harrison                                                                                                      Christina German, Fort Rucker      Robbin Powell, AAFES-Europe
Nenita Ashhurst, Davis Monthan AFB                                                                            Mary Giles, Fort Meade             Caroline Pritchert, Kadena AB
Mary Brunker, Scott AFB                                                                                       David Gillespie, HQ AAFES          Angeline Pulley, Fort Bragg
Deborah Coleman-Carmon, HQ                                                                                    Randy Gin Sr., Waco DC             Ken Randle, Kadena AB
                                                                                                              James Gleaton, Atlanta DC          Luke Reisdore, Eglin AFB
Susan Davis-Smith, Atlanta DC                                                                                 Rodrigo Gomez, Guam                Laura Reynolds, U.S. Military
Phyllis Guy, HQ AAFES                                                                                         Tamara Greer, Robins AFB           Academy
Werner Kleisch, AAFES-Europe                                                                                  Jeffrey Gunn, Fort Eustis          Debra Rhodes, Robins AFB
Dorothea Maltos, Fort Bliss                  Victor Stephenson                 Starr Comstock                                                    Brien Richards, Dan Daniel DC
                                                                                                              Karen Haddox, Mainz-Kastel
Scott Montgomery, Atlanta DC                                                                                  Todd Hallet, Tyndall AFB           Patricia Robertin, Fort Bragg
Roy Morris, Little Rock AFB          Sabrina Cooley, Camp Speicher       Frederick Aulgur, Mainz-Kastel       Rashi Hamler, Okinawa              Karen Robinson, Fort Benning
Mark Neely, HQ AAFES                 David Crain, Patrick AFB            Phyllis Austin, Fort Bragg           Victoria Handy, Fort Bragg         Senobio Rodriguez, Waco DC
Isaiah Oxendine, Qatar               Michael Deerhake, Wiesbaden         Fairylyn-Joyce Bagaoisan, Robins     Hilda Harris, HQ AAFES             Gregory Roland, Fort Jackson
Serban Schoen, AAFES-Europe          John Engroff, HQ AAFES              AFB                                                                     Wilma Roman, Fort Bragg
                                                                                                              Wanda Harwell, HQ AAFES
Glenn Schubert, Hawaii               Jessica Foster, Cannon AFB          Brent Bailey, HQ AAFES                                                  April Romero, Fort Benning
                                                                                                              Sara Haynes, Charleston AFB
Mercedes Suel-Bristow, Langley       Robert Friend, Eglin AFB            Prasert Bailey, Fort Bragg                                              Steven Royster, Offutt AFB
                                                                                                              Eva Holleman, Fort Bragg
AFB                                  Chloe Gay, Eglin AFB                Cathy Baker, Ellsworth AFB
                                                                                                              Robyn Horton-Cornish, Mainz-       Francisco Sanchez, Waco DC
Bernice Taite, HQ AAFES              Lorraine Hastings, Fort Bragg       Debbie Baker, Mountain Home AFB      Kastel                             Berta Santiago-Carbo, Puerto
Ted Wuliff, HQ AAFES                 Frederico Hodge, HQ AAFES           Wendi Baker, HQ AAFES                Ahmed Hussein, Joint Base Lewis-   Rico
Isabella Zamora, Fort Jackson        Christopher Holifield, Robins AFB   Shannon Banfield, Mountain Home      McChord                            Beatriz Santos, Fort Buchanan
                                                                         AFB                                                                     Ernesto Sarmiento, Guam
                                     Billy Hullender, Eglin AFB                                               D’Saun Issac, Robins AFB
25 Years of Service                                                      Gary Barnes, Fort Leonard Wood                                          Christopher Seifen, Cannon AFB
                                     Rita Inchaurregui-Powell, Misawa                                         Brandy Jenkins, Mountain Home
Dennis Barber, Fort McPherson        AB                                  Gloria Barros, Cannon AFB            AFB                                Betty Sharpe, Fort Bragg
Rhonda Bradford, HQ AAFES            Frank Jaeger, Giessen DC            Lisa Bascom, Robins AFB              Shamika Jenkins, Dan Daniel DC     Jeanette Shirey, Fort Bragg
Janice Ector-Cannady, Atlanta        James Joyner, HQ AAFES              Sara Bateman, Wright-Patterson       Dolores Jewett, Mountain Home      Danny Shrock, Okinawa
DC                                                                       AFB                                  AFB
                                     Daniel King, HQ AAFES                                                                                       Helen Simecek, Fort Sam Houston
Joyce Clark, Fort Bliss                                                  Cecilia Batiller, Fort Leavenworth   Deborah Johnson, Fort Meade
                                     Teresa King, Dan Daniel DC                                                                                  Sandra Sledge, Fort Bragg
Cheryl Collins, Keesler AFB                                              Alice Beal, McClellan AFB            Anthony Jones, Dan Daniel DC
                                     Laura Klimasz, Fort Bragg                                                                                   Angelika Smith, Fort Leavenworth
David Crain, Patrick AFB                                                 Dorothy Beasley, Fort Benning        Catherine Jones, Tinker AFB
                                     Robert Konik, AAFES-Europe                                                                                  Bryan Smith, Scott AFB
Trina Elliot, Fashion Distribution                                       Kevin Beason, Dan Daniel DC          Pamela Jones, Keesler AFB
                                     Susanne LaFlamme, Gruenstadt                                                                                David Smith, Keesler AFB
Stephen Ferguson, HQ AAFES                                               Bonnie Bedward, HQ AAFES             Eva Kappesser, AAFES-Europe
                                     David Lee, Atlanta DC                                                                                       Wanda Watson-South, Fort
John Griger, Afghanistan                                                 Elizabeth Bell, Camp Liberty         Matthew Kirkland, Redstone         Benning
                                     Mahleewan Logan, Beale AFB
Peggy Heard, Fort Gordon                                                 Marvin Bibb, Fort Benning            Arsenal
                                                                                                                                                 Christine Spruance, Fort Benning
                                     Tina Lovitt, Andrews AFB
                                                                         Michelle Blackburn, Carlisle         Rhonda Knapp, Kuwait
Maria Jackson, Lackland AFB          Ronald Lueker, HQ AAFES                                                                                     Mary Stafford, Barksdale AFB
                                                                         Barracks                             Michael Lalic, Guam
Paul Kyle, HQ AAFES                  Matthew McCoy, HQ AAFES                                                                                     Cottis Steele, Fort Lee
                                                                         Alyssa Boyd, Dan Daniel DC           Aleyda Langstraat, Robins AFB
Kimberly Lopez, U.S. Air Force       Ana Middleton, HQ AAFES                                                                                     Kimberly Stettler, Fort Bragg
Academy                                                                  Annie Branch, Keesler AFB            Clarissa Lanier, Dan Daniel DC
                                     Samuel Nelson, HQ AAFES                                                                                     Karee Stewart, HQ AAFES
Emilie Lucas, Waco DC                                                    Diane Breedlove, Charleston AFB      Gina Lavoie, HQ AAFES
                                     Veronica Nelson, HQ AAFES                                                                                   Zuhal Stiles, Redstone Arsenal
Jeffery Melcher, HQ AAFES                                                Randy Brown, Eglin AFB               Christine Leathers, Malmstrom
                                     Bradley Nisbett, Mainz-Kastel                                                                               Aimee Stober, HQ AAFES
Beverly Miller, HQ AAFES                                                 Francisco Bruan, Guam                AFB
                                     Robin Price, HQ AAFES                                                    Qiana Leonard, HQ AAFES            Tafoya Stowers, Fort Leavenworth
Dwayne Ochs, Eglin AFB                                                   Trezur Bryant, Dan Daniel DC
                                     Sheila Sinclair-Reeves, Fort                                             Cheryl Lloyd, HQ AAFES             Cheri Stubbs, Fort Meade
Zehra Osborne, Atlanta DC                                                Milton Carriker, Atlanta DC
                                                                                                              Carolyn Longino, Keesler AFB       Richard Swarn, Barksdale AFB
Cedric Puentes, Fort Campbell                                            Alva Carter, Keesler AFB
                                     Lawrence Reimann, HQ AAFES                                                                                  Annette Talley, Fort Benning
                                                                         Shirley Carter, Kuwait               Daisah Lopez, Fort Benning
James Reddish, HQ AAFES              Kelli Rhody, HQ AAFES                                                                                       Terry Tate, Fort Benning
                                                                         Martha Castaneda, Kuwait             Sarah Lopez, Fort Sill
Lynn Rep, Wright-Patterson AFB       Rebecca Santee, MacDill AFB                                                                                 Barbara Taylor, Dover AFB
                                                                         Teron Cepeda-Salas, Guam             Tony Mabanag, Waco DC
Susy Roberts, Fort Carson            Letitia Santiful, Dan Daniel DC                                                                             Deirdre Taylor, Aberdeen Proving
                                                                         Jack Christensen, HQ AAFES           Eugene Marietta, Gruenstadt
Mary Shepard, Moody AFB              Joanne Scott, Wright-Patterson                                                                              Ground
                                                                         Wendy Cleland, Keesler AFB           Bethany Martin, Guam
Lawrence Simmons Jr., Scott          AFB                                                                                                         Keith Taylor, Camp Foster
AFB                                  Alicia Scott, HQ AAFES              Latasha Collins, Atlanta DC          Araceli Martinez, Camp Foster
                                                                                                                                                 Mary Taylor, Atlanta DC
Sherry Smith, Atlanta DC             Darryl Seals, Dan Daniel DC         Magaly Colon, Bamberg                Deborah Masner, Dover AFB
                                                                                                                                                 Traci Tucker, Fort Benning
Michelle Stallard, Los Angeles AFB   Sean Shaw, HQ AAFES                 Evangeline Colston, Fort Benning     Hannah Mathis, KMCC
                                                                                                                                                 Kevin Turnbull, HQ AAFES
Michael Sylvia, Grafenwoehr          William Stewart, HQ AAFES           N.M. Cooper, HQ AAFES                Cynthia Maynard, Fort Meade
                                                                                                                                                 Miriam Turner, Dan Daniel DC
Deborah Tillotson, Goodfellow        Theresa Ware, Eglin AFB             Irvin Corbett, Fort Bragg            Raelene McBride, Mountain Home
                                                                                                              AFB                                Patrice Turpen, Fort Belvoir
AFB                                                                      Kimberly Cowan, Fort Meade
                                     Bonita Williams, Robins AFB                                                                                 Miyang Viboch, Fort Bragg
Ronald Trementozzi, HQ AAFES                                                                                  Mary McClenney, Dan Daniel DC
                                     Ronaldo Willis, Waco DC             Robert Cox, HQ AAFES                                                    Betty Villareal, Kuwait
Tom Wilson, HQ AAFES                                                                                          Tamala McCoy, Fort Lee
                                     Pearly Wooten, Dan Daniel DC        Linda Crichlow, Fort Bragg                                              Ruth Wagner, AAFES-Europe
Daniel Wolfe, HQ AAFES                                                                                        Debra McKinney, Barksdale AFB
                                     Ted Wulff, HQ AAFES                 Donna Crouch, HQ AAFES                                                  Felica Walker, Hunter AFB
                                                                                                              Zenaida Miller, Fort Bragg
                                     Gordon Wynn, Fort Bragg             Katharina Cruz, McClellan AFB                                           Pamela Walker, Keesler AFB
Superior                                                                                                      Bryan Minhinnette, HQ AAFES
                                     Enrique Berdecia-Zayas, Atlanta     Nancy Culler, Robins AFB                                                Brenda Warfle, Atlanta DC
                                                                                                              Odis Mitchell, Dan Daniel DC
Accomplishment                       DC                                  Benny Dailey, Waco DC
                                                                                                              Denise Mock, Keesler AFB           Joy Warren, Robins AFB
Lena Allen, Fort Eustis                                                  Stephen Dale, Atlanta DC                                                Daniel Watkins, Dan Daniel DC
                                                                                                              Donna Montgomery, Fort Bragg
Ollie Anthony, Travis AFB            Excellence                          Letitia Damon, Dan Daniel DC
                                                                                                              Robert Montigue, Dan Daniel DC     Dwayne White, Dan Daniel DC
Randy Barnes, Camp Phoenix           Bradley Adams, Dan Daniel DC        Steven Dela Cruz, Guam                                                  Lisa Whittington, Fort Bragg
                                                                                                              Vanessa Morgan, Fort Bragg
Stephen Boyd, HQ AAFES               Chong Adams, Okinawa                Janice Dombrowski, Hanscom                                              Karaliea Williams, Guam
                                                                         AFB                                  Charlyne Morganfield, Dover AFB
Robert Brown, Eglin AFB              Timothy Adams, Camp Liberty                                                                                 Melissa Williams, Fort Bragg
                                                                         Patricia Effler, Barksdale AFB       Alrahima Muhammad, Atlanta DC
Amanda Burke, Eglin AFB              John Addison, Atlanta DC                                                                                    Myrna Woeller, Kuwait
                                                                         Veronica Engram, McClellan AFB       Karen Munns, HQ AAFES
Jeffery Byerly, Iraq                 Glorieto Aganon, Guam                                                                                       Tiffany Worden, Fort McCoy
                                                                         Carlos Espada Sr., Waco DC           William Neal Jr., HQ AAFES
Dale Casper, HQ AAFES                Marco Alcazar, Waco DC                                                                                      Hattie Wyatt, Fort Benning
                                                                         David Espinosa, Cannon AFB           Belinda Neeley, Keesler AFB
Courtney Clark, Incirlik AB          Diosdado Alejandro, Waco DC                                                                                 Rabih Youness, Okinawa
                                                                         George Espulgar, Guam                Tulong Nguyen, HQ AAFES
Hunter Cole, HQ AAFES                Janice Allen, McClellan AFB                                                                                 Chad Young, HQ AAFES
                                                                         Jeff Fagan, Mannheim                 Robin Nicholson, MacDill AFB
Cynthia Collier, HQ AAFES            Debra Arseneau, Eglin AFB

10 August 2010         The Exchange Post
                                 Major General Casella
                                  Coin Presentations

                                     Commander’s Coin Recipients
Yongsan AB                    Osan AB                       Kunsan AB                       West Coast DC                  Travis AFB
Gloria Cho, PX                Kang, Min-Hyon, MCSS          Im, Chong-bin, food court       Helen Buck, shipping           Vincente Acosta, main store
HAN, Sung-Pong, furniture     KIM, Ok kyong, food court     Han, Ung-San, BX                Mary Edu, receiving            Christina Goto, main store
KIM, Hyo-Cha, GM office       Nam, Sung-Hui, BX             Shin, Hyon-Ki, MCSS             Laura Jordan, shipping         Remedios Ramos, food court
Kim Ki-hun, 4 Seasons store   Sim, Man-Sop, BX              YI, Hui-ok, BX                  Kulwinder Kaur, order select   Von Valerio, main store
KIM, Kyu-Tae, shoppette       To, Hyong, shoppette                                          Victor Madarang, receiving     Fort Campbell
                                                            Fort Bliss
SON, Chung-Yun, food court    YI, Ki-song, food court                                       Daisy Mendoza, crossdock       Jackielynn Chase, Charley’s
                                                            Mark Boyer, executive office
Camp Casey                    Camp Walker                                                   Sary Oeun, administration      Joy Eldridge, main store
                                                            Brenda Cereceres, mini-mall
KIM, Pu-kon, stockroom        Chang, Hong-cha, food court                                   Juanito Pasion, receiving      Twila Gutierrez, Gardner
                                                            Toni Crane, main store
O, Song-sam, food court       Chong, Chin-man, shoppette                                    Andrea Rilveria, receiving     Hills Burger King
                                                            Cheryl DeRosier, main store
PAEK, Son-hui, Popeyes        Hwang, Kyong-hum, MCSS                                        Josefina Timbreza, backhaul    Terri Hill, services
                                                            Victor Estrada, Manchu Wok
SIM, Wang-kon, PX             Hwang, Yun-suk, concessions   Jasmin Galceran, HR             March AFB                      Jessica Larson, Manchu Wok
Camp Humphreys                KIM, Hun-su, Taco Bell        Paula Gunderson, GM             Joanne Brighton, main store    Melana Moenster, Air Field
PAK, Chong-sang, PX           Kwon, Ki-taek, main store     Ricky Hurst, project manager    Shirley Diaz, HR               mini-mall
YI, Chong-chin, shoppette     Yi, Su-yong, main store       Sylvia Lykins, main store       Maggie Evans, Los Alamitos     Sonya Rabideau, Nashville
Yi, Song-chae, MCSS           Andersen AFB, Guam            Scott McGahan, outdoor living   David Forsyth, MCSS            Eldon Ruhl, main store
YIM, Tae-u, PX                Chambers Belen, main store    Terry McKeny, services &        Elizabeth Gonzalez-Jimenez,    Deidre Scanlon, Gardner
                              Angel Blas, main store        vending                         Los Angeles                    Hills mini-mall
Korea DC
                              Ruben Manguerra, food court   Cecile Ryan, stockroom          McClellan AFB                  Brent Woodruff, MCSS
Chon, Song-hak, storage
CHONG, Po-hyon, transpor-     Jimmy Mendoza, car center     Cheryl Sullivan, main store     Vilma Bulda, main store
tation                        Ngiralbong Odel, main store   Hector Torres, Burger King      Patty Crandall, main store
Pak, Chong-chol, receiving    Karen Trefurt, shoppette      Rob Weatherly, Transformation   Su K. Lee, Burger King
Yi, Yun-su, port operation                                  Jeff Wikle, MCSS                Melody Phillips, main store

                                                                                        The Exchange Post August 2010        11
            aroundaafes                                                                                                               Central Region

                                                                            A future AAFES driver?

MINOT AFB - Manager Nancy              KEESLER AFB - Manager William
Martin, left, presents associate       Buell, left, presents a U.S. sav-
Pelagia Spryadaki with an MP3          ings bond to Isaac Heim in the
player for her participation in the    “You Made the Grade” academic
CyberScholar program. (Candace Ford,   contest as Isaac’s parents beam.
reporter)                              (Juanita Holliday, reporter)

                                                                                                          GRAND FORKS AFB - AAFES’ Driv-
                                                                                                          er of the Year, Johnny Lichnovsky, of
                                                                                                          the WACO DC in Texas, establishes a
                                                                                                           lifelong connection with a future
                                                                                                            shopper by giving the youngster
                                                                                                            a tour of the “green” tractor-trailer
                                                                                                             truck Lichnovsky drives on his
                                                                                                             routes. While showing off the
HQ AAFES - During a “You Made It Happen” celebration, asso-
                                                                                                   truck to shoppers at the North Dakota BX,
ciates who were crucial to the successful launch of the revised
                                                                            Lichnovsky received a special coin from Col. John Quinn, a vice
Performance Management Program line up after being presented
with custom crystal paperweights. Teams were recognized for their
contributions to different phases of the process, from design and           To read more about Johnny and AAFES’ two other top drivers, see
implementation to taking the training program on the road to the stores.    April’s Exchange Post. (Pat Fields, reporter)
(Patti Ramsden, reporter)

                                                                                                                 REDSTONE ARSENAL - Man-
                                                                           HQ AAFES - Deputy Commander           agers Loraine Arbo and Dwayne
     EGLIN AFB - Associate Shannon Gambill, left, helps pass
                                                                           Brig. Gen. Fran Hendricks pres-       Ochs present 8-year-old Glen Meza
     out information to Airmen about how to get ready for the
                                                                           ents his special coin to IT’s Ramie   with a $2,000 savings bond he
     2010 hurricane season. Customers could use supply check-
                                                                           Reynolds for his distinguished        won in the recent “You Made
     lists to go shopping in the BX. The year’s first hurricane—
                                                                           service to AAFES and interest in      the Grade” academic contest. “I
     Alex—was moving in the other direction toward Texas and
                                                                           improving visibility for disabled     think it’s pretty cool,” Glen told the
     Mexico, but still dumped a ton of rain on the base in western
                                                                           associates who work at home.          Redstone Rocket newspaper. (Terri
     Florida. (Melissa DeLacey, reporter)
                                                                           (Mistie Albiez, reporter)             Douglas, reporter)

12     August 2010 The Exchange Post
Central Region

 Nose to nose

                                                                                                                       FORT HOOD - Former First Lady
                                                                                RICHARD-GEBAUR AB - Sol-               Laura Bush signs a copy of her
                                                                                diers Wesley Watanabe, Beverly         book, Spoken from the Heart, dur-
                                                                                Lavers, Edward Purcell and Ruben       ing a recent autograph session
                                                                                Luyanda, left to right, help cut the   that drew a long line of fans. The
                                                                                cake as the BX in Missouri cele-       post in Killeen, Texas, is 54 miles
                                                                                brated the Army’s 235th birthday       southwest of the Bush’s ranch in
                                                                                (Marina Lemanua, reporter)             Crawford. (Marne Henson, reporter)

 LITTLE ROCK AFB - Kids get up close and personal to kittens
 and cats brought to the BX by a local animal shelter for the first
 adopt-a-pet promotion at the new store. Customers who adopted
 animals enjoyed 10 percent discounts off pet supplies—a great way
 to bring shoppers into the store and help a community organization.
 (Roberto Montalvo, reporter)

                                                                                FORT SILL - A Goody rep, left,         TYNDALL AFB - GM Al Fuentes
                                                                                and GM Mae Padgett present a           presents a $2,500 check to valued
                                                                                $2,500 check to a happy custom-        patron Maureen Signorotti in a re-
                                                                                er in a recent sweepstakes. (Brian     cent Goody’s sweepstakes. (Todd
                                                                                Sonntag, reporter)                     Hallett, reporter)

Galen Clark, right, and a product         OFFUTT AFB - GM Robin Ayling,
rep, left, present AAFES gift cer-        standing, promises plenty of
tificates to winners of the shop-         pastries for associates learning
pette’s burrito-eating contest, which     the Hyperon software that allows      FORT HOOD - Actor and former
helped increase sales of El Mon-          them to strictly control profit-      pro wrestler Steve Austin, right,      FORT LEAVENWORTH - Young
terrey delectables by 411 percent         depleting inventory variances.        greets three of the 2,500 fans         shopper Cole Mumm cuts the
that day. (Renwick Scott, reporter)       (Barbara Anderson, reporter)          who waited for six hours to get        cake during ceremonies to cel-
                                                                                autographs on his “The Stranger”       ebrate his winning U.S. savings
                                                                                DVDs. Customers scooped up all         bonds in AAFES’ “You Made the
                                                                                400 copies, resulting in $8,000 in     Grade” academic contest. (Robert
                                                                                sales. (Cathy Orona, reporter)         Tackett, reporter)

                                                                                                                        FORT POLK - With visions of
                                                                                                                        a nifty vacation dancing in their
                                                                                                                        heads, Capt. Bobbie Ragsdale
                                                                                                                        and wife, Meghan, go shopping
                                                                                                                        at the Louisiana PX for lug-
                                          HURLBURT FIELD - Valued cus-                                                  gage in hopes of winning the
MAXWELL AFB - Shoppette as-               tomer Sgt. Jarod Sims gives a                                                 American Airlines/Disney sweep-
sociates show off the plaque they         thumbs up after he won a Bud                                                  stakes. The contest created
won in a recent display contest.          Light beer fridge in a recent                                                 an exciting shopping environ-
Their winning $500 check bought           sweepstakes. It fits perfectly in                                             ment for patrons, even if they,
a propane grill for future team-          his man cave near the Florida                                                 like the Ragsdales, didn’t win.
building events. (Pam Heaton, reporter)                                                                                 (Kathy Turpin, reporter)
                                          store. (Daniel Eddington, reporter)
                                                                                               The Exchange Post August 2010    13
Eastern Region

                                      Sticky situation

FORT GILLEM - A retired veter-                                                                                      CARLISLE BARRACKS - Mili-
an surprises his wife of 50 years                                                                                   tary retiree Karen Balestrini, right,
with a $2,700 ring he bought at                                                                                     takes a sip of Seagram’s Sweet
the PX’s jewelry counter. Associ-                                                                                   Tea from Gallo product rep Kim
ates Styliani Watkins and Vickie                                                                                    Koposie and liked it so much that
Jones definitely helped establish                                                                                   she bought a bottle to take home
an emotional connection with the                                                                                    for a recent holiday weekend. (Rick
valued customers. (Jetdean Martin,                                                                                  Condran, reporter)

                                       FORT EUSTIS - The PX creates an exciting shopping environ-
                                       ment for Soldiers, who have a blast on a “sticky wall” erected at
                                       the store for troops taking part in advanced training at the Virginia
                                       installation. The “fun night” events included a dunk tank, open mic
                                       contest, martial arts demo, video-game tournament and other
                                       events. (Rita Sheridan, reporter)

                                                                            BANGOR ANGB - AAFES Dep-
                                                                            uty Commander Brig. Gen. Fran
                                                                            Hendricks, left, presents his ex-
                                                                            cellence coins to associates
                                                                            Lois Green and Rachel Kirby             FORT BRAGG - Valued customer
                                                                            and Manager Joe Tuulima, left           Nicolette Lanius, left, receives a
                                                                            to right, as GM Morris Howard           $200 AAFES gift card from South
DISNEY WORLD - Picked by
                                                                            from HANSCOM AFB in Mas-                Post Exchange Manager Latoya
leaders for the honor, Frank
                                                                            sachusetts joins in the honors at       McPherson in the “My Story”
Quinones, manager at AAFES’
                                                                            the Maine installation. (Peggy Gavin,   Patriot Family contest. (Stephanie
store in Walt Disney World’s                                                                                        Wilson, reporter)
Shades of Green Armed Forces
Recreation Center, cuts the cake
during the Army’s 235th birthday
celebration. Shades of Green is a
resort hotel that caters exclusive-
ly to service members, retirees,
Department of Defense civilian
employees and family members.
(Noelia Hamczyk, reporter)

                                                                                                                    ROBINS AFB - Nearly every-
                                                                                                                    body loves a good “T” and Staff
                                                                                                                    Sgt. Nathan Cruz has designed a
                                                                                                                    winning one. The radio frequency
                                                                                                                    technician at the Georgia base
BOLLING AFB - Drew Koike re-
                                                                                                                    proudly displays the T-shirt he de-
ceives a $5,000 savings bond
                                                                                                                    signed that won a contest spon-
from BX Managers Terrance Wise         FORT DIX - A father plays catch with his son after both “kids”
                                                                                                                    sored by The
and Veronica Reese in the “You         joined dozens of others to view the Crown Royal NASCAR 2010
                                                                                                                    T-shirts are available for purchase
Made the Grade” academic con-          tour car. The two-hour event resulted in sales of 19 bottles of
                                                                                                                    at select AAFES exchanges. (Kristen
test. (Chris Lara, reporter)           Crown Royal scotch worth $575. (Sheila Hall, reporter)                       Smith, reporter)

                                                                                       The Exchange Post August 2010          15
          aroundaafes                                                                                                                    Europe Region

                                     Taking a pie for the team

GRAFENWOEHR - Some of the
200 valued customers with pre-
paid tickets enjoy a wine gala                                                                                     MANNHEIM - Associates Abigail
sponsored by AAFES and MWR.                                                                                        Maldonado-DeLopez, left, and Sigi
The first collaboration between                                                                                    Knoop staff a booth to promote
the two organizations helped en-                                                                                   MILITARY STAR® and MILITARY
hance community relations and                                                                                      STAR® Rewards cards to shop-
partnerships, establish customer                                                                                   pers at the PX in Germany. (Patricia
loyalty and improve sales oppor-                                                                                   Olson, reporter)
tunities. (Chris Litch, reporter)     BAUMHOLDER - Main Store Manager Brian Smith gives a big
                                      thumbs up after getting smashed in the face with a pie during
                                      a recent barbecue to promote the Associate Satisfaction Index
                                      (ASI) surveys. Associates raised $165 for ASI by bidding for the
                                      right to smash their favorite managers with pies. (Lt. Col. Wayne Marotto,

STAVANGER - To show appre-                                                                                         LANDSTUHL - Associates from
ciation for associates serving 808                                                                                 the KMCC’s Baskin Robbins gather
troops at a mobile exchange in a                                                                                   with James Weiskopf, vice presi-
remote part of Norway, Brig. Gen.                                                                                  dent of Fisher House Foundation,
Charles Estes presents his coins                                                                                   to provide an ice-cream social for
to AAFES’ Karen Clarke, Margaret                                                                                   healthcare providers who treat
Carrigan and Michelle Howden.                                                                                      wounded warriors at the Land-
(Annette Harshaw, reporter)                                                                                        stuhl Regional Medical Center.
                                                                                                                   In three hours, they dished up
                                                                                                                   more than 1,000 two-scoop sun-
                                                                                                                   daes, which generated $2,535
                                                                                                                   in sales. The foundation provides
                                                                                                                   housing for military families while
                                                                        GARMISCH - Delegates from                  their loved ones undergo medi-
                                                                        Ramstein AB, Germany, top, at              cal treatment at Army hospitals.
                                                                        the annual conference of the Amer-         (Michael Sitrin, reporter)
                                                                        ican Women’s Activities Germany
                                                                        (AWAG) show off some of the
                                                                        400 earth-friendly shopping bags
                                                                        AAFES prepared for the four-
                                                                        day gathering. At left, AAFES-
                                                                        Europe’s Brad Nisbett presents
                                                                        lucky winner Lisa Wiser with one
                                                                        of five AAFES gift cards given out
VICENZA AB - Burger King’s Flavio                                       at the convention. Below at left,
Villaraspi stands beside an out-                                        delegates raise their Culligan wa-
door trash compactor that he re-                                        ter bottles at an AAFES display.           HAINERBERG - AAFES Managers
cently saw was on fire. His quick                                       Each spring, AAFES-Europe tells            Alonzo Veal, left, and Matt Wilson
action to alert managers helped                                         “the AAFES story” at the con-              present happy customer Gina
prevent an explosion at the base                                        ference, where volunteers from             Ashton with a gift card she won in
in Italy. He was awarded $100                                           AWAG clubs throughout Germany              a Kimberly-Clark sweepstakes at
from BK for the prompt warnings.                                        receive leadership training. (Brad         the store in Wiesbaden, Germany.
                                                                        Nisbitt, reporter)                         (Petra Richardson, reporter)
(Stephanie Ferretti, reporter)

16    August 2010 The Exchange Post

                                              A monster of a display

FOB Q-WEST - Food conces-
sionaires gather for one last meal                                                                                            ALI AL SALEM AB - Associates
just before the base at Qayyarah                                                                                              at the base in Kuwait pose for a
Airfield in northern Iraq closed re-                                                                                          picture after they received $25
cently due to the downsizing of                                                                                               from General Manager Barbara
American troops in Iraq. Many of                                                                                              Travis for a small party. The fes-
the concessionaires had worked                                                                                                tivities honor their 99.88 percent
at the quaint FOB for four years.                                                                                             accuracy rate in price scans.
(Martha Arellano, reporter)                                                                                                   (Amber Foley, reporter)

                                              CAMP ARIFJAN - Sgt. Brittany Raimer is taken back by the huge
                                              display of Monster energy drinks, one of AAFES’ best sellers in the
                                              Middle East. In fact, the sergeant makes out her entry form for the
                                              Monster Energy sweepstakes in hopes of winning a customized
                                              Ford Mustang or a $1,000 AAFES gift card, but not before saying
                                              she had never seen such a “monster display.” (Angela Oliphant, reporter)

Faisal Khokhar, left, and Mag-
bool Ahmad receive certificates
                                                                                                                              COS FALCON - Retail Business
of appreciation from Lt. Col. Bar-
                                                                                                                              Manager Timothy Adams, right,
bara McPhail for participating in a
                                                                                                                              presents a $250 check to Cashier
cultural awareness panel discus-
                                                                                                                              Manian Anil Kumar after Kumar
sion. The Pakistan natives fielded
                                                                                                                              used a fire extinguisher to douse
questions from 50 Soldiers about
                                                                                                                              a potentially disasterous fire that
Pakistani culture and perceptions
                                                                                                                              had broken out in a light ballast.
of U.S. troops. (Brian Murangwa, reporter)
                                                                                                                              The native of India has worked
                                             CAMP ARIFJAN - AAFES Man-                                                        for AAFES at Iraq’s Contingency
                                             ager Heather Martinez presents        CAMP ARIFJAN - Associate Tamiko            Support Station Falcon for three
                                             associate Gilbert Basa with a         Warren receives the contingency            years. (Pam Nix, reporter)
                                             certificate of completion after he    appreciation award from Manag-
                                             finished a new-hire orientation for   ers Pam Cann and Pam Veit for
                                             16 third-country nationals. They      her service during her deploy-
                                             received the same introduction to     ment to Kuwait. She worked in
                                             AAFES as new hires around the         finance and accounting. (Pam Veit,
                                             world. (Pam Veit, reporter)           reporter)

                                                                                     CAMP LIBERTY - Even in Iraq,
                                                                                     associates celebrated Ameri-
SOUTH VICTORY - Members                                                              ca’s founding on the Fourth of
of the Minnesota Vikings’ cheer-                                                     July. Visual Merchandiser Robin
leading squad surprised troops at                                                    Starr, left, and Military Sales
the Iraq installation during a 12-                                                   Clothing Store Manager Peggy             FOB FENTY - Manager Aziza
day performance tour of Iraq and                                                     Jensen sing karaoke to entertain         Lulchieva presents Rodney Wall
Kuwait. Some of the dancers had                                                      fellow associates at an Indepen-         with a $50 gift card as first prize
entertained the troops in previous                                                   dence Day cookout in Baghdad.            during a recent holiday drawing at
years during trips to the Middle                                                     (David Clore, reporter)                  the base in Afghanistan. (Elan Kane,
East. (Pam Nix, reporter)                                                                                                     reporter)

                                                                                                      The Exchange Post August 2010     17
          aroundaafes                                                                                                                                Pacific Region

                                                   ‘Shady’ contest

TORII STATION - Florence Ogola,                                                                                              CAMP ZAMA - Shoppette Man-
a family member whose husband                                                          FORT WAINWRIGHT - Sport-
                                                                                                                             ager Naoki Miida, left, presents
works on Kadena AB, talks about                                                        ing goods was the day’s
                                                                                                                             a “Little Tykes” playhouse to
her Kenyan culture and job open-                                                       theme so why not have a con-
                                                                                                                             customer Sandra Daniel, who
ings at AAFES with HR’s Kristy                                                         test to see who could use fish-
                                                                                                                             won it in Hershey’s Pure Kindness
Swensen, left, and Helen Everett                                                       ing rods to put lamp shades
                                                                                                                             Sweepstakes. (Naoki Miida, reporter)
during a recent Spouses International                                                  on their heads. In “Minute to
Fair on Okinawa. The fair showcased                                                    Win It,” a blindfolded young
the diversity of the world’s cultures                                                  patron, left, struggles to get
through displays, dances and dem-                                                      a shade on his head, while a
onstrations. (Sgt. 1st Class Jon Cupp, reporter)                                       Soldier, top, smiles after com-
                                                                                       pleting the task. Winners got
                                                                                       AAFES gift cards and sports
                                                                                       equipment. Think it’s easy?
                                                                                       You try putting a lamp shade
                                                                                       your head with your eyes
                                                                                       closed. (Leanne Duncklee, reporter)   KADENA AB - Reggae artist Sean
                                                                                                                             Paul gets up close and personal
                                                                                                                             with Associates Taquoya Coleman,
                                                                                                                             Annie Taylor, Nancy Jordan and
                                                                                                                             Diondra McCrimmon during a stop
                                                                                                                             at the Okinawa base to greet fans.
EIELSON AFB - Before letting the                                                                                             (Christine Goodwin, reporter)
little kids take over, Associates
Javier Ybarra, Lonnie Trout, Carleen
McFarland, Ashlee Cunningham,
Jennifer Leibenguth and Ashley
Sandahl test Burger King’s Whop-
per Hopper at the BX’s Alaska
Summer Solstice festival. (Carleen
McFarland, reporter)

                                                                                                                             YOKOTA AB - Associates establish
                                                                                                                             an early connection with young-
                                                                                                                             sters who gather around a table to
                                                                                                                             color cards for their dads during
                                                                                                                             a recent Father’s Day promotion.
                                                    HICKAM AFB - Hawaii General Manager Floyd Wynn
                                                                                                                             Moms bought AAFES gift cards to
                                                    waves to HR’s Senior Vice President James Moore and
                                                                                                                             slip inside the cards. (Rosie Womack,
                                                    Manager Gina Meeks in Dallas at the end of a Retail Manage-
                                                    ment Academy. Via teleconference, Moore and Meeks con-
                                                    gratulated graduates Patrick Clay, Karen Bedyelyon, Roxanne
                                                    Burroughs, Julie Fuentes and Randall Quemado for completing
MISAWA AB - Coffee and Frap-                        the academy and told them about expectations. Subject-matter
pacino aficionados file into the                    experts, left, join the future managers in clapping after Moore and
Starbucks Main Street Express                       Meeks’ presentation.
during its recent grand open-
ing. The ceremonies at the base                     With classes held throughout the world, AAFES’ Retail Manage-
in Japan featured Air Force of-                     ment Academy prepares associates with business and leadership
ficials, AAFES-Pacific Commander                    skills required for promotion to entry-level management positions.
Col. Mark White, AAFES manag-                       For more information, use the search phrase “Retail Management           YONGSAN AB - Soldiers cut
ers, and a ton of customers. (Rita                  Academy” on AAFES’ intranet. (Ikuko Dillon, reporter)                    the cake to celebrate the Army’s
Inchaurregui-Powell, reporter)                                                                                               235th birthday. (Carl Reed, reporter)
18    August 2010 The Exchange Post
Pacific Region

                                                One lucky Soldier

                                                                                                                              HICKAM AFB - A young winner
                                                                                                                              came in with her brothers to col-
                                                                                                                              lect the $25 AAFES gift card she
                                                                                                                              won in a recent coloring contest.
                                                                                                                              Manager Nanami Taniguchi, left,
                                                                                                                              was all too happy to establish
                                                                                                                              an early emotional connection.
                                                                                                                              (Nanami Taniguchi, reporter)

Stefanie Salinas, above, and Sgt.
                                                CAMP HUMPHREYS - Talk about lucky! When Spc. Rainier Genova
Clint Parker receive gift cards
                                                came by the AAFES store to pick up what he thought was a $1,000
from Manager Mark Neeley in the
                                                gift card he won in a Kimberly-Clark sweepstakes, GM Rick Fair,
ConAgra sweepstakes. Sgt. Parker
                                                left, surprised him with a second $1,000 gift card he won in a simi-
used his winnings to buy a TV in
                                                lar sweepstakes sponsored by Hanes. “These will go a long way in
the PowerZone. (Patricia Olson, reporter)
                                                helping provide things for our new baby,” said Genova, who sur-
                                                vived a bomb explosion while deployed to Iraq, according to the
                                                Morning Calm newspaper. “I am truly lucky to be here to accept
                                                these cards.” (Rick Fair and Kang, Hui-ung, reporters)                        CAMP FOSTER - Pacific Region
                                                                                                                              Commander Col. Mark White,
                                                                                 KWAJALEIN - Subway associates                far right, joins senior leaders and
                                                                                 display AAFES gift cards they won            managers near the gorgeous sign
                                                                                 after taking first and third place           in front of the Pacific headquar-
                                                                                 respectively in the Pacific Region           ters on Okinawa after their annual
YONGSAN AB - BX and company                                                      and worldwide catering contest               general managers’ conference.
reps celebrate the grand opening                                                 with other AAFES restaurants. The            To read about the conference,
of Olleh KT and relocation of LG                                                 team’s catering hit 8.83 percent of          see July’s Exchange Post, Page
Uplus. Both companies provide                                                    total sales. (Chris Taitingfong, reporter)   7. (Sgt. 1st Class Jon Cupp, reporter)
prepaid and contract cell-phone
sales, service and calling cards
for Airmen. Olleh’s store is the first
on a U.S. military base in Korea.
LG Uplus moved from the lobby
to the PowerZone inside the store
for greater visibility. (Carl Reed, reporter)

                                                CAMP WALKER - Korean traditional dancers help pint-size                       FORT WAINWRIGHT - Valued
teams with garrison safety ex-
                                                patrons play drums during a celebration of Asian Pacific Is-                  customer Sherilyn Roach shows
perts for a special “safety” day to
                                                lander Heritage. More than 100 customers at the installation in               off the $1,000 gift card she won
teach youngsters about fire dan-
                                                Korea learned how to make the island’s many cultural dishes, en-              in the Pacific Rim’s Conagra Be
gers. AAFES provided two bikes
                                                joy traditional games and get good deals at the parking-lot sale.             Fit Healthy Choice Sweepstakes.
for a drawing and products for a
                                                (Yi, Su-yong, reporter)                                                       (Debbie Pierce, reporter)
home-safety display. (Rick Fair, reporter)
                                                                                                The Exchange Post August 2010            19
          aroundaafes                                                                                                       Western Region

                                      Warriors in a different war

NFL player Mike Sherrod, right,                                                                              CANNON AFB - AAFES Com-
greets a customer during an ap-                                                                              mander Maj. Gen. Bruce Casella,
pearance to help AAFES promote                                             NELLIS AFB - The BX’s             right, samples coffee and cheese-
its new line of NFL leather jack-                                          cosmetics/beauty bar team         cake at the renovated BX’s recent
ets. (Maggie Evans, reporter)                                              kicks off the recent Breast       grand opening. He also presented
                                                                           Cancer Awareness Month with       his commanders coins for excel-
                                                                           a “pink makeover” event.          lence to Store Manager Jessica
                                                                           Above, a customer, wearing        Foster and Associate Lisa Hook.
                                                                           hat, gets ready for her special   To read about the general’s trav-
                                                                           makeover from beauty con-         els to AAFES stores since becom-
                                                                           sultant Gina Cardenas. At left,   ing commander in April, turn to
                                                                           Myong Chaves performs a           Page 2. (Jeff Willis, reporter)
                                                                           facial to another patron.

                                                                          As they demonstrated their
                                                                          skills, associates at the cos-
                                                                        metic counters were over-
                                                                        whelmed with support from
                                                                         customers. At left, breast-cancer
                                                                          survivor and customer Elaine
                                                                          Freeman stopped by to sup-
                                                                           port the cause with beauty
RANDOLPH AFB - Chief Master
                                                                           consultant Sharon Powell.
Sgt. Jeffry Helm, center, waits for
                                                                                                             LUKE AFB - GM Robert Carter,
directions to begin an Air Force
                                                                              In 2010, nearly 208,000        right, presents a $5,000 U.S. sav-
recruiting commercial at the air-
                                                                     cases of breast cancer will occur,      ings bond to Ylprynnz Perez in the
base in San Antonio. The finished
                                                      with more than 39,000 deaths, according to the         “You Made the Grade” academic
product is expected to post to
                                      National Cancer Institute. The killer is the second most common        contest. (Todd Smith, reporter) by November. (Judd
                                      form of the disease, after skin malignancies, and the second most
Anstey, reporter)
                                      common cause of cancer deaths after lung cancer. (Brenda Goodie
                                      and Steve Smith, reporters)

uty Commander Brig. Gen. Fran                                                                                FORT IRWIN - A happy fam-
Hendricks and GM Colleen Murray,                                                                             ily takes home delicious good-
right, present a $1,000 Hanes                                                                                ies from Baskin-Robbins during
gift card to Rebecca Roger, who       FORT BLISS - Some of the nearly 700 Soldiers and other custom-
                                                                                                             the highly popular 31-cent scoop
accepted the prize on behalf of       ers get their hair cut for free by AAFES barbers during a special
                                                                                                             night, a great way to create an
her winning husband, Steven, a        Gino Morena/AAFES promotion during Memorial Day. Twenty-
                                                                                                             exciting shopping environment.
specialist deployed to the Middle     seven barbers kept 27 of the shop’s 28 chairs filled throughout the
                                                                                                             The special nights have been hits
East. The Rogers’ two-month-old       day at the Texas post. Even the massage chair got a good work-
                                                                                                             at AAFES Baskin-Robbins’ stores
son also loved the award. (Colleen    out. Gino Morena Enterprises also offered free trims to Soldiers at
                                                                                                             around the world. (Estela Ramirez,
Murphy, reporter)
                                      FORT BRAGG, N.C. as a way to say, “Thanks.” (Terry McKeny, reporter)

20     August 2010 The Exchange Post
                                          Scott Hallett - shift manager (retail),    Jose Rodriguez - food court               Vincent D. Curry, 67, died June 20        3 in Honolulu, Hawaii. The former Haax

     transfers                            Thule AB, to shift manager (retail/gas),
                                          Kirtland AFB
                                                                                     manager, Eielson AFB, to restaurant
                                                                                     manager (PC), Keesler AFB
                                                                                                                               in Cannon Beach, Ore. The former HQ
                                                                                                                               AAFES associate retired in 1993.
                                                                                                                               Earnest Darby, 85, died May 2 in
                                                                                                                                                                         Distribution Area warehouse worker
                                                                                                                                                                         retired in 1990.
                                                                                                                                                                         Eugene F. Metzler, 78, died June 2
                                          April Hardin - inventory control           Bryan Smith - inventory control
                                          associate (store), Mannheim, to sales      associate (store), Scott AFB, to store    Washington, D.C. The former Myers         in St. Louis, Mo. The former HQ AAFES
Shubricca Bell - store associate,                                                                                              AFB custodial worker retired in 1984.     construction management engineer
Hunter AAF, to assistant restaurant       area manager, Fort Hood                    manager (BR), Travis AFB
                                                                                                                                                                         retired in 1991.
manager, Fort Riley                       Christine Healy - visual                   Dalan Stuart - restaurant manager         Irma L. De Billie, 58, died May 4 in
                                          merchandiser, Minot AFB, to visual         (concept) (MW), Fort Leonard Wood, to     El Paso, Texas. The former Fort Bliss     Pauline Phillips, 72, died May 6
Madelene Banks - restaurant                                                                                                    restaurant manager retired in 2010.       in Melbourne, Fla. The former Patrick
manager (concept) (CS), Fort Benning,     merchandiser, Vicenza AB                   food court manager, Fort Lee
                                                                                                                                                                         AFB associate retired in 1979.
to restaurant manager (BK), Fort Bragg    Christopher Holifield - general            Anthony Ventura - general                 Renate M. Elliott, 70, died June
                                                                                                                               25 in Chester, Va. The former AAFES       Arnulfo Quimiro, 79, died April 30
Danny Bottomley - sales and               manager, Robins AFB, to general            manager, Incirlik AB, to general
                                                                                                                               operations manager retired in 1985.       in El Paso, Texas. The former Fort Bliss
merchandise manager, Camp Zama,           manager, Fort Meade                        manager, Robins AFB
                                                                                                                                                                         food service worker retired in 1990.
to sales and merchandise manager                                                                                               Donald F. Godfrey, 87, died June 5
Misawa AB
                                          Thaise Jennings - food court               Katrina Walker - AB to 1 a/  st
                                                                                                                               in Rome, Ga. The former Golden Gate       Felipe M. Quimiro, 56, died June
                                          manager, Hickam AFB, to food court         restaurant manager (concept) (BK), HQ                                               10 in El Paso, Texas. He was a Fort
                                                                                                                               Exchange Region associate retired
John Burk - business manager,             manager, Fort Benning                      AAFES, to 1st a/restaurant manager
                                                                                                                               in 1987.                                  Bliss warehouse worker.
Fort Sam Houston, to Region program                                                  (BK), Fort Polk
specialist, Western Region                Kenneth Limtiaco - general                                                           Alejo Grajales, 78, died June 15          Pao Yeh Reeves, 68, died June 14
                                          manager, Korean Northern, to store         Teresita Williams – operations            in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. The former     in Panama City, Fla. She was a Tyndall
Philip Camacho - restaurant               manager (MS), Okinawa                      manager, Fort Sam Houston, to general     Puerto Rico Exchange associate retired    AFB food service worker.
manager trainee, HQ AAFES, to assistant                                              manager (dual), Dyess AFB
                                          Robert Maestas - store manager                                                       in 1972.                                  Dorothy M. Richards, 87, died
restaurant manager (BK), Fort Bliss
                                          (BR/Gas), Kirtland AFB, to store           Gordon Wynn - general manager,            Lucy Grogan, 96, died June 17 in          June 4 in Valrico, Fla. The former
Christopher Camps - food court            manager (MS), Livorno AB                   Fort Bragg, to general manager, Hawaii    Castro Valley, Calif. The former Golden   MacDill AFB operation clerk retired
manager, Spangdahlem, to restaurant                                                  Area                                                                                in 1980.
                                                                                                                               Gate Exchange Region associate
manager (BK), Bolling AFB                 Bryan Minhinnette - financial
                                                                                                                               retired in 1968.                          Willie J. Roach, 62, died May 22
                                          analyst, HQ AAFES, to field accountant     Andrea Young - store associate,
Keola Chan - store manager (BR),          II, AAFES-Europe                           Redstone Arsenal, to sales area           Walter H. Harris, 85, died June 2 in      in Covington, Ga. The former Atlanta
Thule AB, to sales and merchandise                                                                                                                                       Distribution Center associate retired
                                                                                     manager, Fort Bragg                       Santa Rosa, Calif. The former AAFES
manager, Vicenza AB                       Kyle Omler - services business                                                       associate retired in 1977.                in 2007.
Gloria Cho - store manager (MS),          technician, Travis AFB, to shift
                                                                                                                                                                         Thomas J. Rourke, 89, died May
                                          manager (retail), Thule AB                                                           Keith A. Howell, 56, died June 19
Korea Capital, to general manager,                                                                                                                                       25 in DeSoto, Texas. The former HQ
                                                                                                                               in Austin, Texas. He was a HQ AAFES
Northern Korea Exchange                   Michael Patmon - general manager                                                                                               AAFES associate retired in 1974.
                                                                                                                               strategic marketing manager.
Magaly Colon - restaurant manager         (dual), Dyess AFB, to general manager,
                                          Tinker AFB                                                                           Russell T. Jess, 96, died June 11 in      Nobuko Sirucek, 73, died May
(PC), Bamberg, to restaurant manager                                                 Carlos J. Birmingham, 75, died                                                      30 in Great Falls, Mont. The former
                                                                                                                               Mission Viejo, Calif. The former Denver
(BK), Hill AFB                            Antuonette Patterson – food                May 16 in Tucson, Ariz. The former                                                  Malmstrom AFB associate retired in
                                                                                                                               Exchange associate retired in 1972.
Christopher Covelli - sales and           service worker leader, Fort Campbell,      Pan-Cor Area Exchange warehouse                                                     2000.
                                          to assistant restaurant manager (BK),      worker retired in 1993.                   Arturo R. Jiminez, 85, died June
merchandise manager, Fort Carson, to                                                                                                                                     Janice Sitton, 75, died June 18 in
                                                                                                                               30 in Sacramento, Calif. The former
store manager (BR/Gas), Malmstrom AFB     Fort Polk                                  Frances A. Cabig, 89, died May            Oakland DC worker retired in 1990.        Alamogordo, N.M. The former Holloman
Ronald Daugherty - general                Erika Pfauntsch - general manager,         4 in San Francisco, Calif. The former                                               AFB associate retired in 1976.
                                                                                     AAFES data transcriber retired in 1987.   Charles E. Keitel, 85, died May 19
manager, Eglin AFB, to general manager,   Hawaii Exchange, to general manager,                                                                                           Charles D. Small, 89, died Jan. 9 in
                                                                                                                               in Alpharetta, Ga. The former AAFES
Fort Hood                                 Fort Bragg                                 Edward T. Chagoy, 58, died June                                                     Panama. The former AAFES associate
                                                                                                                               associate retired in 1974.
Renee Davis - store manager (BR/                                                     17 in Euless, Texas. The former HQ                                                  retired in 1976.
                                          Lucia Preston - operations                                                           Mary V. Knight, 85, died April 19 in
Gas), Fort McCoy, to store manager                                                   AAFES office assistant retired in 2009.
                                          manager, Andrew AFB, to operations                                                   Devine, Texas. The former HQ AAFES        Deanne A. Southerland, 61, died
(BR/Gas), Barksdale AFB                   manager, Lackland AFB                      Freddie M. Clark, 93, died April                                                    May 16 in Dallas, Texas. She was an
                                                                                                                               accounting technician retired in 1990.
Samantha Davis - core business                                                       15 in Cordell, Okla. The former AAFES                                               HQ AAFES financial analyst.
                                          Neal Purtee - retail manager trainee,      associate retired in 1976.                Margaret Y H. Lau, 93, died June
manager, HQ AAFES, to region              HQ AAFES, to sales area manager,                                                                                               Theodore J. Tripp, 81, died May 27
                                                                                                                               2 in Gilbert, Ariz. The former Hawaii
program specialist, Pacific Region        Wright-Patterson AFB                       Rose M. Cody, 86, died May 16 in                                                    in Port Orchard, Wash. The former Fort
                                                                                                                               Exchange associate retired in 1979.
Ernest Dill - store manager (BR),                                                    Orlando, Fla. The former Southeast                                                  Lewis service station manager retired
                                          Kathy Ray – loss prevention                Exchange Region associate retired         Wenonah P. Macomber, 74, died             in 1981.
Yokota AB, to store manager (BR/Gas),
                                          manager V, Korea Capital, to loss          in 1976.                                  May 26 in Leesburg, Fla. The former
Little Rock AFB                                                                                                                                                          James H. Wright, 79, died April 9 in
                                          prevention manager V, Fort Leonard Wood                                              MacDill AFB cashier-checker retired
Terry Gunn - restaurant manager                                                      Virgil L. Culp, 44, died June 1 in        in 1996.                                  San Antonio, Texas. The former South
trainee, HQ AAFES to assistant            Sandra Reed - sales and merchandise        North Richland Hills, Texas. He was a                                               Texas Area Exchange general manager
                                          manager, Ramstein AB/ Baumholder, to       Waco Distribution Center associate.       Daniel P. Melendez, 82, died June         retired in 1985.
restaurant manager (BK), McConnell AFB
                                          store manager (MS), Korea Capital

 Lourdes T. Dela Cruz, Schofield          Kenneth P. Hutson Jr., Atlanta             Eddie F. Daniels, Atlanta DC, 25          Remedios E. Ballesteros, HQ               Thomas A. Cavanagh Sr.,
 Barracks, 38 years                       DC, 29 years                               years                                     AAFES, 21 years                           Wright-Patterson AFB, 17 years
 Carolyn Brown, Atlanta DC, 35 years      Tracey C. McMurry, Atlanta DC,             Timothy E. Hall, Atlanta DC, 25 years     Margaret Brantley, Atlanta DC,            Michael G. Todd, Atlanta DC, 16 years
 Lawrence T. Amuro, Hawaii, 34 years      29 years                                                                             21 years
                                                                                     Rita W. Hambrick, Atlanta DC,                                                       Eldon L. French, Redstone Arsenal,
 Jeffery H. Evans, Atlanta DC, 34 years   William F. Nichols, HQ AAFES,              25 years                                  Somoquan Erb, Myers AFB, 21               15 years
                                          29 years                                                                             years
 Wanda D. Luck, Atlanta DC, 34                                                       Luis A. Perez Jr., Atlanta DC, 25                                                   Paulet M. Smith, Maxwell AFB,
 years                                    Donna U. Turner, Atlanta DC, 29            years
                                                                                                                               Mildred L. Holden, Atlanta DC,            15 years
                                          years                                                                                21 years
 Dale E. Meeks, Fort McPherson,                                                      Roy H. Robertson, HQ AAFES,                                                         Dawn L. Velez, Atlanta DC, 13
 34 years                                 Thomas L. Dudley, Atlanta DC,                                                        Mallinand Jones, Atlanta DC, 21
                                                                                     25 years                                                                            years
                                          28 years                                                                             years
 Willie L. Gardner, Schofield                                                        Nora L. Williams, Atlanta DC, 25                                                    Lillie M. Hamlett, Fort Gordon,
 Barracks, 33 years                       Norman H. Ham, Heidelberg,                                                           Tinnie W. McDaniel, Atlanta DC,
                                          28 years                                   years                                     21 years                                  12 years
 Carol A. Shipley, HQ AAFES, 33 years
                                          Anita L. Smith, Atlanta DC, 28             Cynthia D. Yancey, Atlanta DC,            Frenada Sims, Atlanta DC, 21 years        Marcia J. Loggins, Atlanta DC,
 Stevenson Slaughter, Atlanta DC,         years                                      25 years                                                                            12 years
 33 years                                                                                                                      Frank R. Zapata, Waco DC, 21 years
                                          Berna L. Davidson, HQ AAFES,               Cristobalina E. Anderson, Fort            Cathy Baker, Ellsworth AFB, 20 years      Marianne E. McCool, Fort
 Bobbie A. Ivey, Atlanta DC, 32 years     27 years                                   Bragg, 24 years                                                                     Leonard Wood, 10 years
 Gary L. White, Atlanta DC, 32 years                                                                                           Carolyn L. Green, Langley AFB,
                                          Gwendolyn R. Duffey, Atlanta DC,           Kay A. Cruikshank, Hanscom                20 years                                  Elizabeth N. Johnson, Atlanta
 Linda M. McPherson, Fort Hood,           27 years                                   AFB, 24 years                                                                       DC, 9 years
 31 years                                                                                                                      Letha J. Harvey, Atlanta DC, 20 years
                                          Kenneth W. Moon, HQ AAFES,                 Donna L. Mendez, Atlanta DC,                                                        Gloria H. Johnson, Atlanta DC,
 Elpidia S. Archibold, Atlanta DC,        27 years                                                                             Joane E. Kennington, Fort Knox,
                                                                                     24 years                                                                            9 years
 30 years                                                                                                                      20 years
                                          Faye E. Taylor, Fort Bragg, 27 years       Sherry J. Smith, Atlanta DC, 24                                                     Betty J. McCullough, Atlanta
 John E. Banks Jr., Atlanta DC,                                                                                                Shelley V. Lee, Dan Daniel DC,
                                          James Gleaton, Atlanta DC, 26              years                                     20 years                                  DC, 9 years
 30 years                                 years
 Linda H. Bing, Atlanta DC, 30 years                                                 Patricia M. Douglas, Atlanta              Chong N. Ruddy, Ellsworth AFB,            Linda Ford, Atlanta DC, 8 years
                                          Pauline Y. Parrish, Atlanta DC,            DC, 23 years                              20 years
 Ronald K. Lueker, HQ AAFES,              26 years                                                                                                                       Robert Lewis, Atlanta DC, 8 years
                                                                                     Tamie Hale, Randolph AFB, 23 years        Sarah Watts-Bell, Atlanta DC,
 30 years                                 Dale E. Phelps, Atlanta DC, 26                                                                                                 Grady Anderson, Atlanta DC, 7
                                                                                                                               20 years
 Debra K. Sluss, Langley AFB, 30          years                                      Catherine J. Jones, Tinker AFB,                                                     years
 years                                                                               22 years                                  Erna B. Weeks, HQ AAFES, 20 years
                                          Percy D. Ragsdale, Atlanta DC,                                                                                                 Bernice Cainion, Atlanta DC, 7
 Deborah A. Carmon-Coleman,               26 years                                   Marcus Raven, Fort Jackson, 22 years      John H. Sims, Atlanta DC, 19 years        years
 HQ AAFES, 29 years                       Wanda D. Beverly, Atlanta DC,              Lucinda Anderson, Atlanta DC,             Franciso C. Lim, Hickam AFB, 18           Gail Hawkins, Atlanta DC, 7 years
 Vivian Dixon, Atlanta DC, 29 years       25 years                                                                             years
                                                                                     21 years

                                                                                                                              The Exchange Post August 2010                          23
This ‘trap’                           HQ AAFES (Exchange Post)•P.O. Box 660202•Dallas, Texas 75266-0202                                            PRST.STD
                                                                                                                                                 U.S. POSTAGE

will surely                           RETURN SERVICE REQUESTED                                                                                        PAID
                                                                                                                                                DALLAS, TEXAS

ensnare you
                                                                                                                                                PERMIT NO. 8028

At work, to what
are we entitled?
By Mary Waldsmith

        re you in danger of falling
        into the “entitlement trap”
        with your AAFES com-
puter or BlackBerry?
    You may be if you’ve ever had                                                   Goals to Go 2010
this dialogue with yourself:                                                        con’t from Page 5
    “I work more than 40 hours a
week. I work nights and week-
                                                                                             #3 Internal: Provide expeditionary and mission
ends. I don’t even have time to                                                         support capabilities to “go where you go.”
take leave. I know that I’m not
supposed to use my AAFES
                                                                                              #4 Financial: Be the premier collaborative partner
computer or BlackBerry for                                                              with federal and commercial entities.
personal business, but doesn’t
AAFES owe me a little consid-
                                                                                             #5 Internal: Communicate the benefit, value and
eration for my hard work and                                                            capabilities of AAFES.
    The answer is clearly, “No.”                                                        The card lists our Operational Goals of increasing Customer Satisfac-
Disciplinary action?                                                                tion Index (CSI), Associate Satisfaction Index (ASI), sales and earnings.
    AAFES resources are for of-
ficial business only. Command
Letter 10-08 outlines succinctly
the organization’s policy on use      record was fired for unauthorized
of communications equipment,          access and inspection of tax-
including phone, computer and         payer records 15 times in several
BlackBerry.                           years. He unsuccessfully argued
    Misuse of government              that the penalty was too high,
resources can result in disciplin-    given his otherwise clean record.
ary action, as illustrated by the
following cases:                      Unearthing porno
    An administrative law judge          During the past year, employ-
was fired for, among other things,    ees at federal agencies have
using his government computer         been shown the door for keeping
for personal business ventures        pornographic materials on their                    Increase Customer Satisfaction Index:                 2 pts.
for at least two years.               government computers. In some                      Increase Associate Satisfaction Index:                2 pts.
                                      cases, routine IT reviews un-                      Increase Sales:                                       2%
Checking up on hubby                                                                     Increase Earnings:                                    1%
                                      earthed thousands of images on
   Accessing the National             the machines.                                      In addition, the card still has a place for you to write your Individu-
Crime Information Center to                                                         al Goals. Make sure your goals are SMART:
run a background check on her         Don’t fall!                                        S-Specific M-Measurable A-Actionable R-Related T-Time-based.
husband got an employee fired.            Don’t fall into the entitlement                On the card, you also can write your Facility/Division Goals, from
She claimed that she wanted to        trap! Misuse of official resources            which your Individual Goals flow. Now, we can all clearly see the rela-
ensure he had a clean criminal        is an ethics violation and can                tionship between Facility/Division, Individual and Operational Goals.
record, which was required to         result in disciplinary action.                     Every associate directly affects these goals, regardless of job
obtain a home mortgage. She               For questions about this and              titles. Review the G2G 2010 course for great ideas about how you
told her supervisor she knew it       other ethics issues, send an e-               can support your Facility/Division’s Goals and AAFES’ Operational
was wrong but that “desperate         mail to                     Goals.
times call for desperate measures.”                                                      G2G remains one of the best, most convenient tools for writing goals
   A tax examiner with an un-            Mary Waldsmith is an AAFES
                                                                                    and keeping us on track. You are instrumental in helping us Unleash
                                      senior associate general council.
blemished 13-year employment                                                        the Power of AAFES. Everyone has a role to play…what’s yours?

24 August 2010   The Exchange Post

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