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					?Rss stands for Rich Site Summary. It is a small file usually called a feed that is used
by websites who deliver regularly changing web content. Blogs have become one of
the most popular of websites to use this feature.

What the rss feed actually does is contain all the newest updated information of your
website. This means each time you post, the rss feed is updated to contain the latest
posted information.

The purpose of an rss feed is to allow frequent website readers to easily stay informed
by retrieving the latest content from the sites they are interested in. They don't have to
visit a site to receive its updates.

Visitors of the site use your rss feed in whats called a feed reader to have their content
delivered to any number of places, their cell phones, their desktops, or their most used

Sites such as yahoo and google both offer feed reader services. You can also find a
comprehensive list of desktop software based feed readers at

Only one thing left to say, rss feeds have a few standard graphics like the one display
in the top right of this post (or the top right of my blog if you want my rss feed).
However if you can't find the rss feed of a blog check the side menu, most sites
display it there.

Bruce Bates
Blogging for Bucks

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