EDITOR: Chuck Marcum
    VOLUME XXVI ISSUE 12 FEBRUARY 2010                 PHONE: (918) 906-9912
    The Outpost is published monthly by the Three Forks Treasure Hunters Club. We are a nonprofit
    organization dedicated to the promotion of metal detecting as a hobby. No brand or model of metal
    detector is endorsed by the club. Membership is open to the public with the only requirement being
    that all members follow the Treasure Hunters Code of Ethics. Club dues are $25.00 per family yearly.
    Any comments or stories that you would like to contribute to your newsletter are always welcome.

    MEETINGS: First Friday of each month.
    TIME : 7:15 P.M
    PLACE: Wagoner Community Building at the corner
    of Jefferson and Cherokee streets in Wagoner Oklahoma.
    NEXT MEETING: February 5, 2010
    BOARD MEETING: Immediately after the Monthly
                          Club Meeting.
    CLUB PO BOX: P.O. Box 753 Wagoner, Ok. 74477-0753

    PRESIDENT:       Larry Koch
    VICE PRESIDENT: Gary Young
    SECRETARY:       Sarah Young
    TREASURER:      Cathy Young
                    Nancy Coffey              Gilbert Leake
                    Gene Coffey               Chuck Marcum
                    Jerry Callison            Eddie Tamplin
                    Bruce Stubbs              Mary Tracy
                    Lorie Stubbs              Francis Tracy
                    Sandy Leake

          Missing Newsletters                                          Upcoming Events
                                                             February 5               3 Forks Club Meeting
    If you, a friend, or co-club member did not receive      February 5               3 Forks Board Meeting
    the Three Forks Newsletter this month it is              February 6               Agency Cemetery Cleanup
    because my computer crashed again. I lost                February ??              3 Forks Club Outing
    everything that I did in the last 11 months on it        March 5                  3 Forks Club Meeting
    including all new email addresses and paper              March 5                  3 Forks Board Meeting
    newsletter addresses. Email or call me if I missed       March 6                  Agency Cemetery Cleanup
    you and remember that you can always get a copy          March??                  3 Forks Club Outing
    of our newsletter from the Newsletter Page on our        April 26 & 27            3 Forks National Hunt

                                                                             January 27    Lani Stuart
                                                                             February 5    Victoria Taylor
                  February 1     Rusty & Mio Poorboy
                                                                             February 12   Abraham Lincoln
                                                                             February 13   Sarah Young
                                                                             February 14   Janelle Boyd
                                                                             February 16   Neville Lester
                                                                             February 22   George Washington
                       We will have cake at the February’s                   March 1       Marge Wierzchowski
                       Club Meeting to celebrate Three
                       Forks Treasure Hunters Club’s 27th

                                                  3 Forks Meeting
                                                  January 8, 2010
        The meeting began at 7:35 p.m.
        There were 24 members and one guest
        Prayer was given by Gene Coffey

    Old Business:
       The raffle on the detector was very successful.
       Nancy Coffey’s thank you card for sending flowers was also discussed.

    New Business:
       Club dues are needed by the February Meeting to enter into the drawing for the club hunt.
       The location for a Club Hunt was discussed- Possibly Diamond Mine, Arkansas.
       There is $976.74 for the National Hunt as of the time of the meeting.
       The Detector raffle has $114.00.
       The club needs members to volunteer to help set up, work, and clean up the National Hunt in April.
       50/50 was $16.50, and was won by Gene Coffey.
       The Consolation prize was won by Joe Poplin.
       Attendance drawing was won by Eddie Tamplin.
       Display Case was awarded to Joe Poplin.
       Meeting was closed at 8:55 p.m.

    Submitted by…
    Sarah June Young, secretary.

    The Three Forks Annual Auction….
       Will be held during our February 5th Club
     Meeting. There will be lots of good stuff to buy!!!
      We usually have Treasure Hunting Books and
     Accessories, Old Maps, Baked Goodies, Surprise
        Bags, Household Goods, and all kinds of
                   Miscellaneous Items.

      This is a very important fund raiser for our
     Club’s General Fund so bring lots of donations
               and lots of money to spend!

                              JANUARY PRIZE DONATIONS
        DONATION                             SHARED BY                    SHARED TO
      Treasure Magazines                        Francis Tracy               Gary Young
      Treasure Magazines                        Francis Tracy               Cathy Young
      Candle                                    Mary Tracy                  Gary Harper
      Tea Pot                                   Mary Tracy                  Cathy Young
      Puzzle Book                               Richard Carr                Joe Poplin
      Civil War Cards                           Richard Carr                Lorie Stubbs
      Chocolates                                Richard Carr                Gary Harper
      Chocolates                                Richard Carr                Mary Tracy
      Hanging File Folder                       Richard Carr                Anthony Moreton
      Computer Management Tool                  Eddie Tamplin               Larry Koch
      Candle Hearth                             Lee Wierzchowski            Mary Tracy
      Keyboard Vacuum                           Gary Harper                 Lorie Stubbs
      Chocolate Box                             Gary Young                  Joe Poplin
      Small Camera Case                         Gary Young                  Cathy Young
      Crystal Jewelry Box                       Gary Young                  Gary Harper
      Lottery Ticket                            Joe Poplin                  George Moreton
      Lottery Ticket                            Joe Poplin                  Lorie Stubbs
      Lottery Ticket                            Joe Poplin                  George Moreton
      Lottery Ticket                            Joe Poplin                  Anthony Moreton
      Lottery Ticket                            Joe Poplin                  Lorie Stubbs
      Blackberry Jam                            Nancy Coffey                Gary Young
      Tomato Juice                              Nancy Coffey                George Moreton
      Handmade Ear Warmers                      Nancy Coffey                Larry Koch
      Belt Carry Case                           George Moreton              Gene Coffey
      Calculator & Barber Quarter               Chuck Marcum                Mary Tracy
      Walking Liberty Half Dollar               Lee Wierzchowski            Mary Tracy
      $5.00 Bill                                Larry Koch                  Lee Wierzchowski
      $5.00 Bill                                Lorie Stubbs                Joe Poplin
      $5.00 Bill                                Bruce Stubbs                Chuck Marcum
      The 50/50 Pot of $16.50 was shared to Gene Coffey.
      The Donation Drawing was shared to Richard Carr.
      The Display Drawing was shared to Joe Poplin.
      The Attendance Drawing was shared to Eddie Tamplin.

                                      3 Forks Board Meeting
                                        January 22nd, 2010
       The meeting began at 7:26 p.m. at Western Sizzlin’.
       15 members attended

    Old Business:
       What kind of metal detector to purchase for the raffle was discussed; the board decided on a
       Tesoro Cortez. It was also decided that there will only be a 1st and 2nd place for the Detector
       raffle and a 5 oz. silver round will be given for 2nd place.

    New Business

       National Hunt Concerns:
    At meetings there will be a sign up sheet for help. The club needs around 20 volunteers for the National
    Hunt. A bingo game will be held the Saturday night of the hunt. Donations will be needed for the bingo,
    also. As before, the club will have one detector for every 25 entries in the main hunt.
       Name tags are to be disbursed next meeting.
       The Club needs donations for the upcoming auction.

    Submitted by…
    Sarah June Young, secretary

                                 JANUARY FIND OF THE MONTH WINNERS
                                   PROS                                            AMATEURS
         Oldest Coin                                             Oldest Coin
         1 1869 Shield Nickel                    Mike McGrew     1 1883 Indian Head Cent      George Moreton
         2 1887 V Nickel                         Joe Poplin      2 1910 Wheat Cent            Gary Harper
         3 1919 Wheat Cent                       John Hamilton   3 No Entry

         Jewelry                                                 Jewelry
         1 Indian Silver Earring Part            Mike McGrew     1 Silver Ring                George Moreton
         2 Heart Pin                             Joe Poplin      2 Earring                    Gary Harper
         3 No Entry                                              3 No Entry

         Val. Coin Silver & Gold                                 Val. Coin Silver & Gold
         1 1843o Seated Dime                     Mike McGrew     1 1946 Roosevelt Dime        Gary Harper
         2 1934 Washington Quarter               John Hamilton   2 No Entry
         2 1907 Barber Dime                      Joe Poplin      3 No Entry

         Valuable Coin - Other                                   Valuable Coin - Other
         1 1883 V Nickel                         Mike McGrew     1 No Entry
         2 1893 V Nickel                         Joe Poplin      2 No Entry
         3 1935 Buffalo Nickel                   John Hamilton   3 No Entry

         Relic                                                   1 Brass Arrowhead            George Moreton
         1 Pin Fire Bullet                       Chuck Marcum    2 Pocket Knife               Gary Harper
         2 Brass Knuckles                        Joe Poplin      3 No Entry
         3 Silver Pocket Watch                   Mike McGrew
                                                                 Military Relic
         Military Relic                                          1 Pistol Bullet              Anthony Moreton
         1 1 Piece Navy Button                   Chuck Marcum    2 Pistol Bullet              Richard Carr
         2 Heel Plate                            Mike McGrew     3 Pistol Ball                Gary Harper
         3 Eagle “I” Button                      Joe Poplin
                                                                 Non - Metallic
         Non - Metallic                                          1 Marble                     Gary Harper
         1 Green Trade Bead                      Mike McGrew     2 No Entry
         2 Blue Trade Bead                       Joe Poplin      3 No Entry
         3 Marble                                Chuck Marcum

                   Golden Eagle Award

                 Mike McGrew found this really
                 nice and key date 1843o Dime.

    You can view photos of all winning
    entries on our web site each month.

                                 Dues Are Due!

                     You can pay your dues at the meeting, send it to our PO Box on the front of this
                     newsletter, or online at

                 Three Forks Treasure Hunters Club Membership Application

        2010 Family Membership $25.00                          2010 Single Membership $20.00

    Name                                                    Birthday (month and day)

    Spouse                                  Birthday                            Wedding Anniversary

    Child                                                   Birthday

    Child                                                   Birthday

    Address                                        City                                 State           Zip

    Home Phone                                    Cell Phone

    Email Address
    Update – since I wrote this article in
    2004 Garmin has newer versions of
    the Rino out with color screens and
    new features.                                       Hi-Tech Relic Hunting Tools
                                                                    By Chuck Marcum
       Garmin has a line of GPS/Two Way           base map that includes Interstate and         doesn’t have the base map but does
     Radios out. It is the Rino 110, 120, and     State Highways along with exit infor-         have city points of interest and 1MB of
     130. What is unique about them is not        mation. You can also buy various Gar-         memory to download more points of
     just the Walkie Talkie/GPS combo but         min Map Source CDs such as US Topo            interests. The GPS is very easy to learn
     the ability to send your position to other   or Metro Guide to download more de-           and use. They have a 12 channel GPS
     Rinos within range. Have you ever been       tailed maps. The Rino 120 can accept          with the new WAAS system included.
     hunting with a buddy that comes back         up to 8MBs and the 130 up to 24MBs of         You can store up to 500 waypoints. To
     with a bunch of goodies and says “you        map details. The Rino 110                     navigate to a contact or waypoint you
     should have been there, I was yelling                                                      just follow the bearing arrow on the
     for you” or “I would have called you                                                       compass for direction, The navigation
     but I was so far away I couldn’t tell you                                                  page also shows you the distance, the
     how to get there”? With the Rino every                                                     estimated time in route, and your speed.
     time he calls you his position is updated                                                  Some of the other features are the Trip
     on your map screen so you can see                                                          Computer; Satellite Screen; Calendar
     where he is and the tracks where he’s                                                      Page; Calculator; Alarm Clock; Stop
     been. If you want you can navigate over                                                    Watch; Sun and Moon Page; Best Time
     to him. It also has a polling feature                                                      to Hunting and Fishing Page; and
     where you can find the positions of up                                                     Games. The Rino 130 has everything
     to fifty Rino contacts. The Radios have                                                    listed above plus a weather warning
     14 FRS channels with optional codes                                                        with seven supporting NOAA weather
     for privacy that you can transmit and                                                      channels, a built in electronic compass,
     receive up to two miles. They also have                                                    and a barometric altimeter. The GPS
     eight GRMS channels that have a five                                                       and Radio will run about 15 hours on
     mile range. In order to use the GRMS                                                       two AA batteries. The lowest price I’ve
     channels you have to obtain a license                                                      found for the Rino 110 is about $150.00
     from the FCC which costs $75.00. The                                                       each, $202.00 each for the 120, and
     peer to peer position reporting only                                                       $279.00 each for the Rino 130. These
     works on the FRS channels. They have                                                       are great for setting a waypoint at the
     voice activation and vibrates when you                                                     truck, setting waypoints at spots you
     get an incoming call. The whole unit is                                                    find, finding your hunting buddies,
     waterproof. The Rino 120 and 130                                                           your hunting buddies finding you, and
     comes loaded with a North American                                                         for safety.
                                                                   Rino 120

            Radio Screen                          Exit Services               Setting Waypoints Screen         Trip Computer Screen

         Rino 110 Map Screen                 Rino Contact Screen                   Map Screen            Map Screen w/Details Downloaded

     Chuck Marcum
     PO Box 2738
     Broken Arrow, OK 74013

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