What is Motor Fleet Insurance- by bnmbgtrtr52


									?Finding the right Motor Fleet Insurance for your business can be a daunting task.
Despite popular opinion there are various levels of cover you can request from your
Fleet Insurance. Your Motor Fleet Insurance needs to provide the right cover for your
vehicles as well as your drivers. There are three levels of cover you can choose from:

Third Party Fire & Theft
Third Party Only

Some fleet insurance companies will also allow you to have varied cover on your fleet
insurance policy.
In addition to this cover you can also be offered certain extensions to your motor fleet
insurance policy which may include:

Windscreen cover
Breakdown Cover
Courtesy cars
Legal Expenses Insurance

You need to give careful consideration as to who will drive your vehicles as the higher
the age restriction the larger the discount you will receive from your fleet insurance
company. Some of the more common restrictions you can opt for are:

Any Licensed Driver Over 30
Any Licensed Driver Over 25
Any Licensed Driver Over 21

In addition, if you have particularly sporty or expensive cars to be covered by your
fleet insurance you may wish to voluntarily restrict the driving age just for these
vehicles. This is to demonstrate that you are not going to let your 18 year old
apprentice drive your Porsche!

Finally your fleet insurance broker will need to know the type of use for your motor
fleet insurance. Examples of these are as follows:

Carriage of Own Goods
Private and / or Public Hire
Social Domestic & Pleasure use only (SD&P)
SD& P and Business Use
Carriage of hazardous Goods
Airport Side Use Extension

Hopefully reading this has made you more aware of the varying cover a fleet
insurance policy can offer you and your business. If you need assistance sorting out
this information or would like to discuss more about motor fleet insurance please

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