Dealing With Common Potty Training Problems by iupon13


									?One of the most common of all potty training problems that parents of young
toddlers will come across is when their young ones begin to scream for a variety of
reasons. To be sure, toddlers have been known to scream when they are pleased with
them and in such instances they will scream out of enjoyment. However, they may
also scream out of pain and finally, they may also begin to scream out of fear. Thus, as
a parent you need to recognize why toddlers scream and then learn how best to deal
with such common potty training problems before the problem becomes more severe.

Take Quick Action

However, there are other potty training problems that you will have to deal with as
well and which require taking quick action as well. Toddlers are often known to not
have any problem with urinating in a toilet, but will not do their poop in their toilet.
For every parent this can be mind boggling and the reason for such behavior may be
because the child cannot connect needing to poop with using the toilet. It is thus up to
you to teach your child how to make this connection and thus, you will need to talk to
them and even cajole them into going to the toilet and learn that pooping is done in
the toilet.

Yet another common potty training problem is when your child has a fear of falling
off the toilet seat, and this is a very real problem in the mind of toddlers for which a
simple solution presents it in the form of giving them a toilet cushion which can be
secured to the toilet. Or, you could use a step stool to help your child get on and off
the toilet, and another solution is using stand-alone toilets which help make toddlers
feel more secure while on the toilet.

Other potty training problems include when a child begins to hide from the toilet and
meets with an accident as a consequence. Even stranger still, is encountering potty
training problems in which your potty trained child suddenly begins to refuse to use
their potty. If such an instance occurs with your toddler, you will need to use your
powers of persuasion to get the child to begin using the toilet once more and being
patient and understanding is a sure way of getting around such potty training

Finally, you may also encounter another common potty training problem which is that
the child begins to wet his bed, which is very common among boys whose urinary
systems do not develop as well or fast as is the case with girls. To overcome this kind
of problem, you will need to show love and understanding, which should help you
resolve the problem in a matter of time.

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