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What is Microsoft Dynamics GP


									?Microsoft Dynamics GP is a mid-market business accounting software package
popular in North America that can run on a Microsoft SQL Server database. It is one
of four accounting packages acquired by Microsoft that now share the Microsoft
Dynamics tag. Microsoft has claimed to be working toward merging these four into
one future product - this exercise called "Project Green". The packages currently each
have a different code base, are written in different languages, and in some cases use
different databases and operating systems. Aside from the common ownership and the
shared branding they have little in common and the costs of such an exercise are
proving to be enormous. Dynamics GP for example, is written in a proprietary
language called dexterity and was originally developed to run on CTREE and
Pervasive SQL. A number of sites still use these data management systems. Given
Microsoft's failure to hit milestones and the continual pushing out of target dates,
some industry pundits believe that Project Green will never happen.

The Dynamics GP product was originally developed by Great Plains Software, an
independent company located in Fargo, North Dakota, which was founded by Doug
Burgum. It was one of the first accounting packages in the USA that was designed to
be multi-user and to run under Windows. In late 2000, Microsoft announced the
purchase of Great Plains Software for $1.1 billion. This acquisition was completed in
April 2001.


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