Dealing with Aggressive Individuals

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					?In everyday life, we often come across people that are less than friendly; the same
goes for business dealings. Many people are difficult to deal with but often we must
hold our tongue and learn to deal with it because they may be important to your
business. As well as this, it is vital to be able to learn how to rise above hostile
behaviour and act mature and professional.

Often it is clear if a person is angry or irritated before they even open their mouth
because we can tell by their body language or facial expression. So try to notice this
and acknowledge it before launching into a discussion. Communication and
assertiveness training shows us that an angry person needs to have their feelings
acknowledged in order to begin constructive interaction. So remember to address their
anger with empathic statements and listening before moving on to whatever issues
need to be discussed.

If the person you are dealing with becomes overly hostile, you must speak up for
yourself. Make your statement and then refocus the conversation back to the issue-
don't dwell on this person's poor communication any more than is necessary. Be
assertive, but never aggressive. Aggressive individuals look for people they can
control, so when dealing with such people it is important that you send the message
that their behaviour is not going to work on you, that you are not somebody to be
bullied. Once they realise this they will find some other poor victim. Ideally, everyone
should be able to stand up for themselves; personal development courses training can
help people learn how to do this.

Self-control of your behaviour is critical, of course you are entitled to be angry, but
the way you express that anger is key. Don't respond to hostile comments immediately
because your gut response is likely to be angry too. Take a breath and think about
what you're going to say in order to create less anger and upset on both sides. Also
pay attention to the speed and volume of your voice, as conversations speed up there
is less constructive thought and a higher chance that people will say things that are
If the hostile person you are communicating with slips in some scathing personal
comment; don't take the bait. By responding emotionally to such remarks you are
giving up control of the conversation. In most cases the ‘bait' has little to do with what
is being discussed and is best ignored. It is important to your personal development
training that you learn how to deal with aggressive people and how to respond
accordingly, it shows good business sense, maturity and ultimately your company will
improve from your actions