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									?When you try to educate your customers about what is ISO 9001, you focus their
attention on two facts. This certification ensures that consumers will get dependable
products or services and there will be a continual development in your process
ensuring better quality of products or services.

When you will try to focus your attention on your milestone of achieving an ISO 9001
certification and the benefits tagged with it, they may show more interest in knowing
about it in detail. There will be several questions around the query what is ISO 9001.
You should think to give them better insight on ISO 9001 certification so that your
customers remain loyal to your products or services.

Though explaining 'what is ISO 9001' in few words is very difficult, yet you should
try to give as much information to your customers as you can give. ISO 9001
certification is provided by the International Organization for Standardization. The
organization is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland and publishes thousands of
international certifications. The objective of these standards is to help companies to
do business more efficiently. These standards are applicable and respected throughout
the world.

The ISO 9001 certification is a 27 page document itself. Its comprehensive nature can
be understood by this fact and how it helps in achieving quality of product or service
delivery is a great story. The certification has an objective of defining essential
business practices that a company must adhere to in order to maintain a certain
standard for the products or services delivered. When a consumer sees the emblem of
ISO 9001 certification, his trust is ensured, provided he is aware of the certification. A
customer who doesn't know about all this will definitely ask 'what is ISO 9001'.

The ISO 9001 certification focuses on implementing a proper quality management
system (QMS). There are certain processes involved in making a company eligible for
this standard. Organized documentation and other formal practices are the important
aspects for achieving ISO 9001 certification. A company's internal operations and its
efficient management are the key factors to be considered to be awarded with ISO
9001 certification. The objective of all this is to finally see how customer's
requirements are met by a company in a consistent manner.

Participating countries in the ISO certification process administer official
certifications to companies that are in compliance with the ISO 9001 requirements. A
qualified auditing firm conducts an audit to evaluate the quality systems of the
companies. Only companies following the norms of ISO 9001 strictly are issued this
certification. Once a company successfully achieves the certification, the next step is
to educate its customers about what is ISO 9001 certification. Shelmet Precision
Castings, Inc is certified in ISO 9001:2008 that is the quality specification awarded to
Precision Investment Casting companies who achieve successful certification.
What is ISO 9001

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