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					?FAIR PRICE!!! Jack at to 'keep it clean' recommended you! Dave Suda Landscape &
Design recently did my rental property. Excellent job together with your ideas, your
fair price and your quick installation. I know my job was not one of your largest funds
producers, but you certain treated it like it had been. Thank you for the personal
experience. jackm

NEVER HAD A..PROBLEM!!! Reliable yard service in San Diego! Dave Suda
Landscape & Design has been taking care of my front and back yard for nearly two
years now. I am military, currently stationed in Japan, and rented out my home in San
Diego. The few times I have visited San Diego during this time, the yard looked
excellent, and I have never had an invoice or billing Dilemma. The renters are really
happy with Dave Suda's service also. Extremely recommended! Mershs

GREAT!!! Autosprinker performing strange things! Sprinkler control had a mind of
its own, due to the operating manual having a misprint. Difficulty SOLVED over the
phone, excellent service, thanks Dave Suda Landscape & Design! eBayRSL

DID AN OVERHAUL!! excellent job! I received lower bids, but Dave Suda was so
nice and genuinely seemed to "get" what we had been attempting to do. He did an
overhaul of a yard that had not been updated in 40+ years and did a excellent job!
We're keeping him on for maintenance to ensure the nice work he did stays nice.
Additionally, he worked with me from afar to get it all completed. I am 3,000 miles
away from the job, but Dave Suda Landscape & Design made it simple to work with

received a number of bids and Dave Suda Landscape & Design bid came in a bit
higher than the others---after speaking with Mr.Suda directly I was convinced he'd
given me the very best price feasible for what I required carried out, utilizing only the
highest Top quality materials. The work was completed on schedule at the price I was
quoted. My landscaping has never looked far better and I will refer this organization
to all I know. A really pleasant experience!! Isdwork

NOTICE: The rater of this organization is real. This positive testimonial review of
Dave Suda Landscape in San Diego, CA could be modified to qualify as distinctive
content within the review space supplied herein. Call Dave Suda Landscape at
619-229-1316 for much more FIVE STAR***** Reviews and Ratings.

Dave Suda Landscape is one of the premier full service landscaping businesses in the
metro San Diego area. Our services consist of landscape design, landscape
maintenance and installation. Our experienced landscapers guarantee clean, prompt
service. We serve both residential and commercial maintenance properties. Dave Suda
Landscape is licensed and insured. We offer a wealth of encounter and expertise for
over 23 years serving the San Diego area. Our services include Free Estimates, Lawn
Installation, Lawn Maintenance, Flower Beds and Gardens, Irrigation, Clean Up,
Bush Trimming, Aeration, Fertilizing, Low Water Landscape Design, Concrete
Driveways, Patios, Walkways, Arbors, Fire Pits, and BBQ Design, Call us these days
at 619-229-1316 or visit our site at

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