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									?The Datacard company has been delivering ID card printing innovations to the
market for over 35 years. Their contribution to the mass production of personalized
plastic cards for financial institutions has changed the face of businesses all over the
world. In 2008, the corporation achieved certification with the ISO 9001:2000 - an
international quality assurance standard that customers can rely on.

Digital photo ID solutions developed by this company are a standby for government
and corporate environments; recent advances in holographic marking bring their card
security to new levels. In addition, all of this manufacturer's equipment from manual
feed desktop printers to high volume units can incorporate magnetic stripe and smart
card encoding options. Online assistance is also available for the entire line of printers
so you will always have help when you need it.

SP25 Plus

The SP25 Plus makes excellent ecological and financial sense for companies that like
to keep a good handle on their flow of supplies. Buying consumables to issue brand
new cards is only necessary when expanding your customer or employee base (or
when you must replace the occasional lost card). This unit uses thermal technology to
generate rewritable cards for small businesses in many sectors.

Having the ability to physically update images and text such as expiration dates and
reward balances is simple using this equipment. Rewriting a card "while you wait"
doesn't take much of a customer's time either since the process takes less than 12
seconds. Temporary IDs that are turned in by visitors can also be tossed back in the
hopper to be erased and reissued at your convenience. If you want to print full color
photos on one side of your cards and rewritable text on the other, the unique SP25 is
the only printer in its class that can do this for you.

SP35, SP55, and SP75 Plus

The front loading/dispensing SP35 is ideal for work environments where space is
limited. Field upgradeable options and continuous cleaning are just a couple of the
advantages this user friendly device offers. Add the soft sided carrying case to your
order if you plan to take this 9 lb printer with you to off-site events.

The SP55 and 75 models offer dual sided printing to double your available card
surface and eliminate cluttered designs. Both printers work well for mid/high volume
use and can be outfitted with advanced encoding modules for smart cards and
proximity devices. The SP75 offers single and dual sided lamination that can be used
in conjunction with printing or to simply laminate existing cards. It is also the only
Datacard printer currently offering the fluorescent ink option.

All the printers in this series feature Datacard's ribbon saver technology that cuts your
cartridge cost to a minimum by using only as much length as necessary for each job.
Advanced Image Technology featured on these printers ensures crisp, clean edges for
photos, text and bar codes. Add supply tray and equipment locks to keep your ID
production in the right hands at all times.

RP90 Plus and RL90 Laminator

This high-end model is designed with the needs of large businesses and government
entities in mind. The RP90 brings you retransfer printing for increased durability and
print quality on every card. This technology also allows you to transfer images onto
irregular surfaces without damaging delicate RFID chips or smart card connections on
advanced access and data devices. Take advantage of the Intelligent Supplies
Technology on the drop-in ribbons used with this equipment to track consumable
usage and reduce waste. For applying DuraGard topcoats and laminates, you can have
the PL90 module incorporated into your printer package.

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