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									?Call forwarding is a terrific way to set up shop in the communities that you want to
serve, either locally or internationally, without having to go through the hassles and
the expense of setting up a physical location. If youre expanding within your own
country, establishing a local phone number in each city that you serve and then
forwarding the calls to a central location allows you to have a local presence without
the need for occupying office space. The same is true when you expand
internationally. In this case, youll need an international toll free number and
international call forwarding.

Local Phone Call Forwarding
With local call forwarding in your own country, its smart to have both an 800 number
as well as a virtual number local to the community that you are targeting. For example,
if your company is located in Michigan and you want to serve customers in Florida,
your Florida callers could reach you at no cost by dialing your 800 number. However,
that 800 number leaves callers with an impression that your company is a large,
possibly out-of-state company.

By establishing local virtual numbers in Florida, your callers will see that you have a
local presence in their state. Callers from within the same area code will be more
inclined to call you because of the localization that these virtual phone numbers
provide. In addition, callers in the same zone will not have to pay long distance
charges in order to reach you.

Having both an 800 number and a local virtual number gives callers in outlying areas
a choice as well. When they see that you have a presence nearby, but perhaps just out
of their local calling range, callers will perceive you as local yet they can still reach
you without long distance charges by calling your toll free number.

A local call forwarding number immediately gives you a local presence without
requiring a physical location for your office. Instead of occupying office space, use a
call forwarding service to route local calls to your main office, wherever that may be.

Global Call Forwarding
You can globalize your business using the same principle, except this time, youll need
international toll free numbers for each country that you are expanding into. For
example, if you want to serve Italian, Spanish, and French customers, youll need
international toll free numbers for Italy, Spain, and France. Once you have those
numbers, youll then use international call forwarding to redirect calls originating in
Italy, Spain, and France to your main office where your Italian-, Spanish-, and
French-speaking customer service representatives will answer the calls.

By establishing an international toll free presence in each country, local callers will be
more likely to call you and buy from you. Given a choice between calling a company
with a toll free number or an out-of-country toll number, most customers will choose
the toll free option. Many companies have found that the cost of owning international
toll free numbers is justified by the increase in sales. Since customers prefer calling
local and toll free numbers over out-of-country numbers, the number of calls, and thus
the number of sales, increases.

Whether you are expanding to a new market inside your country or abroad, getting a
local or international toll free number and using a call forwarding service to redirect
those calls allows you to expand virtually and increase sales without requiring actual
office space. offers numerous telecommunications solutions including local and
international call forwarding. Choose from several calls forwarding, month-to-month
plans loaded with useful features, terrific sound quality, rollover minutes, and more!

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