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					Safeguarding Adults In London

  Developing pan-London procedures
         for adult safeguarding

Robert Templeton, Head of Transformation
Social Care Institute for Excellence
      Why have Pan-London Procedures?

 improve inter-agency working
 avoid people falling between the
    gaps in services
   reduce duplication of work
   gain a better understanding of
    safeguarding across all agencies
   ensure alignment of language
    used across agencies
The Challenge

     Metropolitan Police
     London Directors of Adult
     Chairs of London SABs
     NHS London
     London Councils
     33 London boroughs
                   NHS London

 The NHS London:
   29 acute trusts
   31 primary care trusts
   10 mental health trusts
   1 London Ambulance Trust
   1,550 GP practices
The process

              The process included:
               Collaboration and consultation with
                the London SABs and the London
               Scrutiny by an editorial board

              The procedures were approved by:
               NHS London
               London Directors of Adult Services
               Metropolitan Police
          Where are we now?

   We launched the document at
    Kensington Town Hall on 19
    January 2010.
   There is a specific area on the
    SCIE website to access the
    document and latest
   The editorial board has
    disbanded and handed
    responsibility for oversight of the
    implementation of the procedures
    to the JIP safeguarding subgroup
Next steps

   At a glance Guide
   Good Practice Guide - showcasing good
    practice across London.
   Support for adoption and implementation
   A living document and updated and amended
    at regular intervals in line with changes in
    policy and practice across London.
           Further information

Contact:   Robert Templeton
Tel:       020 7089 6869