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					?In the taxi software industry there is a feature called "Call popping"

Without caller ID and call popping, also known as job popping most booking and
dispatch system are not much better than pen and paper.

What is "Caller ID
Caller ID is when the telephonist can see a display of all the numbers that are ringing,
more advanced software such as Diplomat Navigator will also show the
corresponding names and addresses that these numbers relate to.

What is "Cherry picking
This useful feature enables a busy telephonist to cherry pick where the calls are
coming from and answer the ones most appropriate to the work balance. They literally
look to see where the clear cars are and look at the areas the calls come from and
using their mouse click on the most appropriate line.

What is "Call popping"
Once answered the callers previous job history is displayed and the telephonist can
easily pick the address and relevant matching job details to rapidly speed up the
booking process. This feature tremendously cuts down the typing a telephonist has to

Telephone reporting and statistics
In addition to this the recorded data allows management to look at reports and
telephone statistics. The logs of calls will show how many rings to answer, missed
calls and calls not resulting in a booking. more>

Telephone voice recording
In addition to these useful statistics the caller ID software can also be used to control
the voice recording suite and enable any booking voice recordings to be indexed to a
job number and to be played back at a later date if required.

Why is it free?
As we feel that Caller ID is the most powerful and most often requested feature of
Diplomat Navigator (over 90% of our customers use it) we feel it would be unfair to
try and charge it as an optional feature. It is therefore included in all future releases of
Diplomat Navigator and Navigator Metro free of charge.

For further information or specifications see

What Hardware do I need.
The free pbx software can connect to either a single line caller ID box for businesses
with only a single phone line this is available from

The PBX software can be used with a variety of PBXs from the simple 4 line
Analogue Hybrex to a 128 line Digital Avaya Callcentre exchange.

The most common PBX to be used by BT is the BCM50 and the caller ID is also
compatible with that.

Stewart harding is the CEO of Windowview Ltd.

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