Generating CSR for Wildcard SSL Certificate _IIS6_ by gyvwpsjkko


									?Before you can order your SSL Certificates, you must first generate a CSR
(Certificate Signing Request) on your server. A CSR is an encrypted body of text.
Your CSR will contain encoded information specific to your company and domain
name; this information is known as a Distinguished Name or DN.

1.Start >> Programs >> Administrative Tools. Click Internet Information Services (IIS)
2.In the Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager, click on the Website and then
right click on it. Click Properties.
3.On the Website Properties dialog box, click the Directory Security tab.
4.On the Directory Security tab, click the Server Certificate button.
5.Click Next on the Welcome to the Web Server Certificate Wizard page.
6.On the Server Certificate page, select the Create a new certificate option and click
7.On the Delayed or Immediate Request page, select the Prepare request now but send
it later option. Click Next.
8.On the Name and Security Settings page, leave the default settings in the Name text
box and the Bit length drop down list. Click Next.
9.On the Organization Information page, enter the name of your organization in the
Organization text box and an organizational unit text box. Click name in the
Organizational UnitNext.
10.On the Your Site's Common Name page, enter the name that will be included on
the wildcard certificate for your domain. In the current example, our secure website is domain. Therefore, we need to create a wildcard certificate for the
* domain. We will enter * in the Common name text
box. Click Next.
11.Generating CSR for Wildcard SSL Certificate (IIS6) On the Geographical
Information page, select your Country/Region from the list. Enter a State/province
name and a City/locality name. Click Next.
12.Enter file name for your CSR and select location and Click Next.
13.Review the information on the Certificate Request Submission page and click
14.Click Finish on the Completing the Web Server Certificate Wizard page.
15.Go to https:// and purchase wildcard SSL certificate, during process you will be
asked to submit

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