Data Entry- Understanding of Various Data Entry Methods by iupon13


									?Data is a vital in the form of information and data entry is the procedure of entering
data in to any source either online or offline. It can be done manually or automatically,
in manual entering a person will enter a data and in automatic software or tool with
enter data. There are numerous types of data entry such as insurance claim, legal
formalities, and entry for cards, books, and images. Two major types of it are online
and offline.

Online entering of data is useful for entering e-books, entering websites, keeping track
of credit and debit card transactions, submitting and processing online forms, entering
images in various formats. Entering of data into software applications, database is
necessary now for printing or effective use of data as information. It is also useful for
keeping track of several hundred websites or URL collection etc. Offline data entry is
useful in document entry, excel entry, MS access entry etc. for quick access.

Image entry is also one of the useful methods of entering data. In image entry images
should entered to include photographs, attachments, magazine, yellow pages, novels,
books, scanned images is necessary for card entry also. Insurance claim entry is
method to enter data of insurance holders for the companies and record of holder's
data and records.

Well known data entry methods also include text, numeric and alphanumeric entry.
These all are also done either automatically or manually. In any of the form either text,
numeric or alphanumeric entry can be done from scanned images, entry in
encyclopedia, dictionaries, warranty periods, market research data, reports,
questionnaires, survey form etc.

Individual or a company knows importance of data entry in this era of information.
Many times it requires to process data which may internal or external. It also required
for managing and increasing existing client database, type recorded audio in any
application, word or spreadsheet, E-books and websites, or keeping track of
transactions of cards and insurance claims. It is important for any routine tasks of

There are several websites (i.e. ) which are extremely useful for small or emerging
organizations for data entry requirements.

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