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What is an Aweber Autoresponder-


									?Autoresponder puts an online OR offline business on Auto-Pilot, by sending emails
to your mailing lists. I use it to automate my response to my mailing list, saving me
valuable time.

When I am talking about valuable time saved, I really meant lots of times in terms of
weeks. How Autoresponders have helped many businesses is that it simplifies the
follow-up of its mailing list members, even just to remind its members of their
products or services.

When I first own my Autoresponder, I send out messages every few days. Some
immediately after they have subscribed. Others at an interval of 2 to 7 days.

Within months of having my blog up, I got 500 members.

I use it to remind my 500 members of my latest post as well as to remind them of my
offers of products and services.

I use it to guide my 500 members to the right resources that they want. I emailed them
the exact links. If I were to email them one by one, I don't think I have time to rest or
spend time with my family. Yes, initially I did. But I realize it was super tedious when
my members grew from 10 to 500 over two months.

That is why I got an Autoresponder account to help me in my business.

An Autoresponder has been advertising for me, tirelessly, 24 hours a day / 7 days a
week/ 365 days a year. It is always on Auto-Pilot.

There are many different Autoresponder companies. And I like Aweber best.

In fact, I signed up for GetResponse next so that I can have a second Autoresponder to
manage my growing business. But GetResponse's control panel is hard to use and
understand. So I fired GetResponse. And I still love Aweber.

Aweber's user-friendly user interface works well for newbies and even the
experienced marketer. It is easy to maneuver between the options.

If you get your Aweber now, you will be able to:
*set up unlimited campaigns
*unlimited messages
*spam checker
*text or html-based messages
*manage your subscribers

As an added bonus, Aweber has a referral compensation program as well, so you can
benefit by promoting your Aweber. And I managed to sell some accounts and now my
Autoresponder is free. So what you can do now to grow your business:

1.Identify a target group you want to market to
2.Come up with at least 10 follow-ups emails
3.The first email is always to welcome your subscriber and with the download of
freebies e.g. free report or e-Book
4.Write down the time intervals you want to send these emails
5.Once you got your Aweber account, copy and paste the emails into the message
6.Remember to on the "click-tracking" so that you can know how many of your
members have clicked on the links
7.Let it run and you go to sleep

So, if you have a set of good marketing emails and are still sending them one by one,
please stop doing it right now. To start getting the return on your investment that you
deserve, get Aweber now!

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