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					?If you are looking for a website for your business, or you just want one for other
purposes, you have probably come across many companies and more than likely you
have heard about GDI. Unfortunately though, there are more negative blogs, post, and
rumors about GDI than positive ones. You have to understand that GDI is like any
other business no different than Wal-Mart or Ingles; it is not a SCAM. The reason
why there are move negative comments about GDI is because more people have quit
GDI than stayed. The people who quit however, didn't quit because they weren't
satisfied with GDI's services and their products, but because they signed up to
"Get-Rich-Quick." Many people promote GDI as a quick way to earn residual income.
However, it is a lot easier said than done, so the majority of the people who failed to
make anything online quit and branded GDI as a scam. If you are looking for a
company that sells domains and hosting, GDI is the largest and one of the fastest
growing companies in the US. It was ranked #37 out of the top 500 fastest growing
companies in 2002. No other hosting company can compete with GDI, and no other
company offers free domain name. Upon signing up to GDI the following features
come in the GDI package, but not limited to:
? Free Domain Name
? Free Webspace to host your Domain. You can have unlimited pages hosted on the
? Free SiteBuilder: A program that helps you to build your website that has
hundreds of professional templates to choose from.
? Free 10 Email Accounts: These are unique to your domain and have 1-gigabyte
? FREE Hosting for 7 days and after that its $10 a month. However hosting can be
free for life if you get 10 people to sign up to GDI. (Keep reading to learn how to
make your hosting free for life.
? Free Training and Support: such as the forum, FAQ, and Live Chat with the pros.

Sounds like a deal no other company offers? Yes, that's right, no other company offers
all this, that's because this is the BEST deal on the net. GDI even offers 7-day FREE
If you are looking to build and host a website, you have already read everything you
need to know about GDI you can go click on the link at the bottom of the article.
Ignore the hyped up "Get-Rich-Quick" motto of the website and the commercials,
because you are signing up for a website. However, if you are interested in learning
more about the income opportunity just keep reading. GDI's Income opportunity is
not a SCAM, as many times you have probably heard. There are many very successful
online marketers, whose main income stream is based on GDI's referral program.
However, their referral program is easier said than done. GDI pays you $1 for every
person that you sign up, up to 5 levels.
Lets say you get 5 people to sign up under you. This means that you'll get $5 a month
from GDI, subtract that form your $10 hosting fee and you'll only have to pay $5.
Now the great thing is you get paid for the referrals your referrals make up to 5 levels.
Here's what would happen:
Level 1: 5 people……………….$5
   Level 2: 25 people……………...$25
   Level 3: 125 people…………….$125
   Level 4: 625 people…………….$625
   Level 5: 3,125 people…………..$3,125

If you add the money from all 5 levels then you would get a total amount of $3,905 a
month. GDI will pay you this Plus $100 bonus for getting 5 signups per week.

     More than likely, however, most of the signups will cancel their GDI account due
to failure to earn money, but if you promote GDI as a hosting company than the
signups will stay for GDI's service rather than the income opportunity. Overtime your
downline, which are the people signed up under you will grow. Although getting
people to sign up sound very easy and requires no knowledge of the Internet and
MLM, it takes time. There's no such a thing as "Get-Rich-Quick," however, you can
become very successful online marketer; just remember that it takes time, work, and
patience. Click on the following link for more information and to sign up for free.

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