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									?GBG recently added a Platinum membership and enhanced its compensation plan
even more. Not long ago, I wrote about what I thought was the premier compensation
plan in the industry, so good it was copyrighted. It was already one of the most
generous plans around, and the requirements to qualify for commissions were about
as easy as you could make it. And yet, GBG has managed to improve the plan,
sweetening the pot even more. GBG has also introduced a new membership level for
those who want to take their business to another level. The GBG Platinum
membership package offers distributors extensive marketing training, marketing
materials, and a brand new advanced pay plan over and above the regular (Gold)
compensation plan. I think that it says a lot for the management and ownership of
GBG that they are constantly working to improve the distributor and customer
experience. But before we dive into the details of these new improvements, lets do a
quick recap of the GBG Opportunity.

  GBG is a 15-year old company based in Vacaville, California owned by Stuart
Finger. The GBG opportunity is free to join, there is the requirement to purchase a
month's supply of the 10-in-One Liquid Multi-Forumla. Once you join you receive a
free distributor kit, opportunity website, and back office. The GBG 10-in-One Liquid
Multivitamin and Mineral Formula boasts of having 10 formulas which contain all of
the superfruits, and 23 essential vitamins and minerals, as well as an additional 70
trace minerals in one bottle. When you join GBG, you are entered into a 2x10 forced
matrix that expands to 2x30 based on certain qualifications. You only need to enroll
two distributors to become a Regional Manager and fully participate in the
compensation plan. You are basically paid $1 for every person in your matrix. You
also will receive fast start bonuses on any of your enrollees' first order. What made the
compensation plan truly unique was the concept of pay points though. Pay points
allow you to re-enter the matrix in a new pay position over everyone you personally
enroll after your first two enrollees. So you can have multiple positions in your
downline and get paid for each one. So why try to improve on this?

My opinion is that the new compensation plan provides incentives to the heavy-hitters
or the people who are willing to go the extra mile in order to build a solid business.
GBG already had a promotion level called Senior Regional Manager (SRM). In order
to achieve the SRM level, you just need to help your two enrollees enroll two
auto-ship customers of their own. The SRM level qualifies you for 15 levels of pay
($0.25 on levels 10-15). GBG has added the Executive Regional Manager (ERM)
which has to maintain 10 personally enrolled auto-ship customers in your
organization. The ERM qualifies for $1.00 on levels 1-15. GBG already had Regional
Vice Presidents (RVP) and Executive Vice Presidents (EVP) who qualify for even
more pay and bonuses. The EVP receives pay on up to 20 levels. Finally there is the
President's Club Members who receive pay on up to 30 levels. And if you sign up for
the Platinum Membership, you will have even more ways to earn.

The Platinum Membership Package not only increases your earning power, but also
provides you with a solid internet marketing education. The GBG Platinum Business
Builders training package contains training materials including DVDs and CDs,
advanced training calls with GBG leaders, marketing materials, and deep-discounts on
additional GBG marketing materials. The Platinum membership has an annual cost of
only $300, and but the earning potential is huge. As a Platinum Member, if you sell a
Platinum package earn a $30 fast start bonus, plus 7 levels of platinum pay at $10 for
each Platinum in your organization. When you sell your second Platinum package,
you earn a $70 fast start bonus and qualify for 10 levels of platinum pay at $10 per
pay point. Every subsequent Platinum package you sell after your first two will net
you a $200 fast start bonus and qualify you for 30 levels of platinum pay. So to recap,
if you become a Platinum member and sell 3 Platinum memberships you have
recouped your $300 in fast start bonuses alone! And you have received some great
training and support materials.

At this point I would suggest that you do a little more research about the GBG
opportunity, as I have only been able to scratch the surface here. And the more I learn
about this company, the more impressed I am. For example, the owner and leaders of
this company are distributors too, and the only compensation they receive is from the
same compensation plan that their distributors enjoy. It impressed me that more than
60% of the revenue generated by GBG is re-cycled back into distributor commissions
and bonuses. And it continues to impress me everytime that management sets out to
give the distributors more than they did yesterday. That in turn creates massive
distributor loyalty, which means increased retention. It's simply good business.

I hope that you enjoyed reading GBG Platinum .
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