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					?There is some debate about whether a resume should have an objective or not. The
how to write a resume pundits often advise against this feature when speaking about
effective resume formats. Yet others advise that the objective of the resume should be
stated in the cover letter of the resume that you plan to send out. Therefore, even
though having a resume objective is optional in many cases, it makes sense to have a
resume objective at the beginning of your resume in certain scenarios:

When you are looking to change careers: Here you clearly set out at the outset that
you are seeking to venture into a new arena, for whatever reason and for which you
will be able to use your current skill set, experience and know how effectively. Here
the objective can be included in resume formats to display how you will effectively be
able transition from one to another kind of job.

When you are a first time job hunter: Now when you are fresh out of school or have
just concluded your specialized training in a profession, you are obviously not going
to have much to put down as work experience. Here it does make a lot of sense, when
you are figuring out how to write a resume, to include a resume objective, which
clearly sets out your hopes and aspirations personally as well as those that you may
have from the organisation that you hope to be part of. It can help set you apart from
the other applicants who are vying for the job by putting out there your particular or
unique qualities.

Including a resume objective in your resume examples can help show how one is
familiar with the field and that you know what you are talking about.

There are a lot of resume objective samples that you can get, however it is important
not to copy one and just add it to your resume. It must be customized in a way that
makes it pertinent to your situation and the position you are seeking. One must be
specific and clear.

Also one needs to keep in mind that this is a resume objective, and it is therefore
absolutely necessary that it is brief and to the point. A long winded resume objective
will cause the reader to lose interest in it right away. It is only a precursor to your
resume, remember? The actual resume will follow, and it will contain all the various
details that you want to convey to a prospective employer.

A resume objective should be no more than one or two meaningful sentences: this is
not supposed to be for cosmetic purposes, and should not be some pretty sounding
sentences that you happened to read somewhere. They should be pertinent to what
you are trying to express about yourself. Ideally the objective should demonstrate
your personal brand and the value addition that your employment can mean to your
prospective employer.

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