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					?Digital dashboard is a system that allows users to view information from a variety of
sources. This is ideal for companies and businesses as it allows them to view from a
variety of sources the performance of the business as well as identifying and
diagnosing any problematic areas. It can also be used to manage the health of the

One of such is the business data analysis. This allows the data being monitored to be
reflected as well as the current data that is into the system that is structured from
different sections. The dashboard also reads out like the normal gauges. Businesses
usually utilize this as the new data is important in making decisions based on the
reports. It also has critical alerts and notifications as well as security based access.

Although it seems idealistic for businesses, it can also be used on home PC's to check
a variety of information. The uses range from PC usage to electricity consumption and
also how much RAM is used up. It can be accessed free on the web and also
downloaded but for a small fee.

It might still be unclear the point of having a dashboard on ones computer but as
mentioned above it helps to track the information and keeps you updated on what is
going on inside the computer. For example the PC crashes although it could be caused
from a number of reasons like newly installed programs or file bugs. And there are
also times when there are a lot of running applications.

On a regular day a graph would pop up and display all the running applications as
well as the amount of CPU power currently being used. In the case of a PC crash as it
relates to the running of to many applications then there would be a problem as the
website would not be displayed and it would stop" responding." The user would then
be forced to close some of the running applications in order to get it running again as
the CPU usage would be too high.
A crash erases any unsaved data and stresses out the user in repairing the computer.
But with a dashboard that is equipped with all the running gauges this could be
prevented as it helps to monitor the CPU usage thus preventing any crashes. And for a
little more uniqueness and intuitiveness, a programmer could be added to it depending
on the preferences and programming. It also makes it a little less monotonous.

Adding a dashboard is not as simple as it may seem. One must first know that adding
a dashboard and corresponding gauges will leave room open regarding integration
into the computer system. One must also determine the most suitable programming
language that supports their PC. The CPU usage is also very important as some
widgets consume more of the memory space thus becoming the problem most users
try to avoid. Not all computers unfortunately can handle a dashboard; if the PC is
outdated then a simpler dashboard should work.

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