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What is a Pop Up Shop- by bnmbgtrtr52


									?Have you heard people talking about pop up shops and wondered what on earth these
are? A pop up shop is quite simply a shop that pops up out of nowhere for a brief
period of time and possibly then vanishes just as quickly. They are often used by
companies that traditionally have no major high-street presence for short term
campaigns such as new product launches and are especially useful for retailers who
have a predominantly online presence to get some short term localized visibility.

These instant shops often take advantage of prime retail locations on short leases and
so the keyword here is speed, hence the name. A good pop up shop facilities company
can have all the decoration, fitting and retail displays designed, created and installed
in as short a time as 5 weeks which in terms of shop fitting is amazingly fast. The
company will source the site, negotiate terms and prices with the landlords and sort
out all the location contracts and legal matters such as insurance. They will work with
the company who are going to use the site to create the best retail displays and they
will install them and at the same time they will be choosing the staff to look after the
shop and making sure they are well trained to do whatever they need to do, including
(if required) giving them a much greater knowledge of the product that the company

Once the pop up shop is up and running, the staff will manage the shop and look after
the promotion until it is time to pack the shop up. The shop will them be
decommissioned and stripped and if required all the fixtures and retail displays can be
put into storage or moved to a new location and so, the cycle repeats!

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