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					?The health reform acts that President Obama signed into law in March 2010 called
for the creation of health insurance exchanges. These health insurance exchanges are
meant to provide consumers with a one-stop market where they can find information
about health plans, learn about health insurance policies, and be able to quickly apply
and enroll in a health insurance plan.
When the law was signed into effect, there were only a few health insurance
exchanges already in effect. These were in Massachusetts, New York, and Utah. Two
other states had attempted to have health insurance exchanges, but these failed in that
they did not serve the function and purpose they were meant to serve. However, now
the states are all implementing the health insurance exchanges and the federal
government is regulating them to make sure that they work as intended.
In Georgia, you can get a lot of information on health plans at georgiahealthinfo.com.
This web portal serves as health insurance exchanges in that it provides information
that consumers might need about health insurance and health plans. There is also
information about health insurance vocabulary, government-subsidized alternatives
for those with financial need, and lists of other important resources. These are some of
the things that health insurance exchanges are supposed to do for consumers.
The regulations demand that health insurance exchanges be written in simple, easy to
understand language, and provide objective and impartial information about health
plans. Some people have stated that search results or health plan information should
be delivered in a random manner so as to not give preferential results to certain health
plans based on alphabetical order. A secondary purpose of health insurance exchanges
is to provide accountability and transparency to the health insurance industry.
Providing objective and unbiased information about health insurance is an important
part of achieving that secondary purpose.
Successful health insurance exchanges will help consumers find the information they
are looking for when they are shopping around for health insurance plans. In a few
years, American citizens will be taxed or charged penalties if they are not enrolled in a
health insurance plan. Therefore, many Americans are already relying on health
insurance exchanges for comparison shopping, and perhaps just to be educated on the
health insurance world. It is important that consumers be prepared with knowledge
and information when they go to shop for a health insurance plan. Health insurance
exchanges can certainly help with that mission.
In Georgia, health insurance exchanges provide information about other places to go
for help, such as the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the Georgia
Department of Human Resources, and the Georgia Department of Community Health.
Be aware that what health insurance exchanges do for consumers is similar to the
function that an educated insurance broker serves. Both will provide you with the
information you need to make an educated decision about your health insurance plan.
Some people may prefer the personal customer service that a broker will offer, while
others want to just read about health insurance plans on health insurance exchanges.
The Georgia health insurance exchanges is still a work of art, and will continue to be
improved as experiences helps all states develop their health insurance exchanges.
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