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                                                                                       CLERICAL-TECHNICAL UNION OF
                                                                                        MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY

Volume XXXVII, Issue 9                        Organized and Independent since 1974!                           September 2010

                                                                     An opportunity
                                                                     to question our
                                                                     future leaders
Left to right: Elections Committee Chairperson Brenda Bailey
and committee members Liz Owen and Becky Sullivan.                   The hours can be long and the effort often goes
                                                                     underappreciated. So why do they do it?
Members run the CTU                                                  Come meet CTU’s candidates, and ask them why
CTU members have stepped         Pamela Sloan, Duferia               they are running and how they intend to lead our
forward to run for all of the    White, Jennifer Wood,               organization. Like all CTU elections, the one on
positions available this fall.   Willie Paulsen                      Tuesday, October 26, 2010, is crucial.

 Vice President:                  Audit Committee:                   In order to make sure that we all have an opportu-
  Nancy Gray                       Colleen Drake                     nity to make informed decisions about our future
                                                                     leaders, the Elections Committee has scheduled three
 Secretary:                      The races for vice president,       candidate forums. Try to attend the one in your area
  Pam Brock                      secretary and Audit Com-            or as many as possible to get all of your questions
                                 mittee positions are uncon-         answered.
 Four directors:                 tested. In situations where
 Jeanette    Robertson,          Candidates continued on p. 4        Wednesday, October 20      Thursday, October 21
                                                                     11:30 a.m. – 1 p.m.        5:30 – 6:30 p.m.
                                                                     Room C9 Owen Hall*         Room S109 S. Kedzie
  Questions for the                                                          Monday, October 25
  candidates?                                                                11:30 a.m. – 1 p.m.
  The best opportunity to        tact information on page                    Abbot Seminar Room, Snyder Hall*
  ask questions of the can-      4) by Monday, October
  didates and assess their       18. The Committee will              *Please, no outside food.
  leadership skills is during    review the questions                *Food can be purchased from the Food Court.
  the give and take of the       and give the candidates
  candidate forums.              a chance to respond.
                                 Both the questions and
  You can also submit            answers will be posted            More information on the CTU elections is
  questions to the Elec-         on our web site at                available in this issue. See page 4 for
  tions Committee (see con-             instructions on obtaining elections rules,
                                                                 1 volunteering, etc.
CT News                          CTU
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Clerical-Technical Union
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  Cheryllee Finney                                                               Youth group fundraiser: Excur-
   Editorial Policy: The CT News is the                                                    sion to Chicago on Saturday, October
                                                         October General
voice of our union. It is our vehicle for                                                  30. Experience the Magnificent Miles,
communicating, on a regular basis, the                Membership Meetings
                                                                                           Navy Pier, the Children Museum, Mil-
issues that confront us as workers. Through       The final Quarterly Membership
                                                                                           lennium Park, Shedd Aquarium, Alder
this newsletter we explain union policies,        Meeting in 2010 will be held
show how dues are spent, and explain the                                                   Planetarium, Field Museum, great
                                                  Wednesday, October 27, in Room
views and actions of the elected leader-                                                   food & fun. Depart at 6:30 am from
                                                  252 Erickson Hall. The Meeting
ship for evaluation by the members.                                                        Maranatha Church and return before
   The CT News is the voice of the mem-           begins at 5:20, but the doors open
                                                                                           midnight. Stops can be made at Grand
bership. We welcome articles from mem-            at 5, so come early to socialize.
bers and stories about members.                                                            Rapids & Kalamazoo if needed. $55
                                                  Membership meetings are for
   While contributions are welcome, they                                                   per person, $30 deposit by 10/8/10
                                                  making decisions about the Union,
should be constructive and contribute                                                      (price includes light breakfast snack
positively to the welfare of our union.           asking questions and receiving
                                                                                           & travel). For questions & details, call
   We will accept no attacks on any union         updates about Union activities.
leader or member. We will accept thought-                                                  Francine Bushrey at 517-402-2262 or
ful discussion of all related issues in the        Executive Board Meetings      
letters section, and reserve the right to re-       1st & 3rd Tuesdays at 5:15
ply to those that seem to reflect a misun-                 CTU Office                      For rent:
derstanding of the union and its policies.
   Direct ideas, letters, questions and               All members welcome.                     Suite or individual office: 2990
comments to Cheryllee Finney.                                                                         Classifieds continued on p. 8

Time to get involved, again
By CTU President Deb Bittner                 way. We have already been through the
                                             Nominations phase and are moving into
We are in the midst of another elec-         the October “Meet the Candidates”
tion cycle and big politics with state-      phase. The October newsletter will
wide consequences. As we have said           have more information on the candi-
many, many times: union members need         dates and full election day details.
to be informed and involved because          Again this year, members will receive
our very jobs may depend on it! [Trinh       an election notice at their home
Thi Tuyet Tran]                              address. Look for that letter sometime
                                             in the first week of October. The elec-
October CTU elections                        tion is on October 26.
Our October elections are well under-                     Elections continued on p. 5

Why UNIONS engage in political action
By Daniel H. Kruger                            American workers.                         their voice and
                                               To help shape policies of the fed-        their seat at the
The political season is upon us. Tele-         eral, state and local government as       great social nego-
vision, radio and newspapers present           they relate to their employees. . . .     tiating table pro-
an ongoing stream of articles and ads          To elect congressmen, senators,           vided by democ-
on the presidential primaries. Candi-          state legislators, county commis-         racy. The work of
dates for public office seek support           sioners and city officials friendly to    a democratic society is accomplished
from both individual citizens and              workers and their legitimate interests.   through a system of bargaining by
groups in their efforts to get elected.        To help elect governors in order to       those who possess political power. The
Business groups, environmental                 shape the state budget and the allo-      greater the political power, the greater
groups, gays and lesbians, pro-abor-           cation of tax revenues for human          the bargaining power. And political
tion, anti-abortion, doctors, lawyers          services. . . .                           power is achieved. In the words of
and unions all engage in various types         To serve as a countervailing force to     Samuel Gompers, one of the founders
of political action.                           the legislative agenda of businesses      of the American Federation of Labor,
                                               and other special interest groups.        “Elect your friends and defeat your en-
[S]tudents ask me why UNIONS en-               To expand the institutionalization of     emies.” This statement was made in or
gage in political action. Below are 10         collective bargaining which is the        about 1881 and applies as well today.
reasons:                                       only legally mandated system of
   To help shape legislation that sup-         employee involvement in the               Political action is part and parcel of a
   ports the individual in his or her          United States.                            free democratic society, and unions, as
   dual role as citizen and worker.            The work of a democratic society          part of the democratic community not
   To help shape the role of the Fed-          is achieved through a system of           only do engage in political action, but
   eral Government and its impact on           negotiated transactions with groups       are obligated to do so on behalf of their
   the job economy through monetary            who possess political power. Politi-      members and their interests.
   and fiscal policies.                        cal action by unions gives workers
   To influence the appointments by the        a seat at the social negotiating table.   The late Daniel H. Kruger, a profes-
   President of the United States as cabi-                                               sor in Labor and Industrial Relations,
   net members, members of adminis-          Through political action, unions seek       was a friend of labor and a special
   trative agencies and federal judges.      to enhance their political power. Why       friend to the CTU. As we embark on
   To have a voice or help shape U.S.        is political power so important? In a       another political season, we thought it
   foreign trade policies which affect       democratic society the extent or mag-       fitting to re-run this comments on why
   jobs and therefore the livelihood of      nitude of political power gives unions      unionists become politically involved.

CTU elections infor mation
Candidates                                    Elections
continued from p. 1
only one candidate is running, Article        Committee
IV, “Officers, Nominations and Elec-          Any questions, concerns or com-
tions,” section 9, of our Constitution        ments about the elections should
requires:                                     be directed to one of the Elections
                                              Committee Members:
  “that an alternate choice through the           Brenda Bailey, Chairperson,
  process of a no vote be afforded      , 884-1058
  members voting. Should the no vote              Liz Owen,,
  receive the highest number of votes             432-6088

  cast, the elected Executive Board               Becky Sullivan, sulli306@
  shall fill the position until a special, 355-0120x333
  election could be called. The previ-
  ous nominee would not be eligible
  for appointment.”
                                             Coming in October:
                                             Special CTU Elections issue
This means that we will have a choice                                                 The Coalition of Labor Organizations
                                             featuring candidate state-
of “No” for vice president, secretary                                                 at MSU has initiated a Labor Chal-
and Audit Committee member.                                                           lenge as part of the annual 2010-11
                                                                                      MSU Community Charitable Cam-

Call for volunteers
The Elections Committee is looking          Released time is available to poll
                                                                                      paign. If you donate to the Charitable
                                                                                      Campaign, we are asking you to mark
                                                                                      your contributions so that it is clear
for volunteers to work on tasks at the      workers and van drivers who volun-        you are a union member.
following times:                            teer by Monday, October 12. To help,
   Wednesday, October 6                     contact one of the Elections Com-         Unions are all about working collec-
      Prepare ballots at the CTU            mittee members (list on page 1) or        tively, and through our joint efforts,
      Office, 5:15 p.m. until done.         the CTU office (,         your contribution—no matter how
   Tuesday, October 26                      355-1903). [Vickie Joanna Johnson]        small—strengthens other gifts. Every
      Work the polls at the Auditorium,                                               contribution will help someone who
      half-day and full-day shifts, 7:15                                              might not otherwise receive help.
      a.m. until 5:30 p.m.
      Drive a van for our Shuttle Ser-      Elections rules                           By giving through payroll deduction,
      vice, half-day and full-day shifts,   All candidates receive a copy of the      most working people have found that
      8 a.m. until 5 p.m.                   Election and Campaign Rules. Other        they can afford to contribute. By join-
      Count votes at the CTU Office,        members can request a copy by con-        ing other union members who share
      5:30 p.m. until done.                 tacting Barb Harris at 355-1903 or        our commitment, camaraderie, and
CTs not running for a Board or Audit A copy is also avail-   teamwork we can showcase what the
Committee position are eligible to          able on the web at    MSU Labor Family can do when chal-
assist the Elections Committee.             user/ctumsu/Rules.pdf.                    lenged. [Mildred A. Shiraev]

                                                                                      To ensure it counts toward your union,
                                                                                      just write “CTU” on the department
                                                                                      line after your department name.

                                                                                      Thanks for all you do on part of the
                                                                                      MSU community and the communities
                                                                                      where you live!

continued from p. 3
While we have a hardworking Com-            responsibility to help our communities.     hits home. State appropriations help
mittee (Thank you Brenda Bailey             We truly are part of Team MSU.              insure the financial health of MSU,
[chair], Liz Owen, and Becky Sulli-                                                     which has a tremendous impact on us
van!) and dedicated staff working to        So, what else can we do?                    as workers. You could think of such a
prepare the elections and make sure the                                                 donation as an investment in the future
process is smooth, the elections can’t      I would like to suggest that now is the     of our job security. It is also an invest-
run successfully without member             time for individual members to get          ment in the education of our children.
volunteers. If you are interested in        politically involved as we never have       MSU still receives less than its fair
assisting, please call the CTU office       before. Go out, join the campaign of a      share of public dollars when compared
(355-1903) or any of the Committee          politician who you know is pro-labor,       to other major universities in the state,
members. You’ll find information            volunteer for a phone bank, go door to      even though a huge proportion—
about volunteer opportunities in this       door, make a donation, do what you          80.58% of the entering freshman class
issue. I look forward to working with       can. And, in November, vote to save         are Michigan residents. We sorely need
you and seeing you on election day.         the American middle-class way of life.      a more educated workforce in Michi-
                                                                                        gan if we are to compete in the twenty-
The political environment                   You might also consider making a con-       first century economy.
We all know there is a big election for     tribution to the Green & White PAC.
the State of Michigan taking place in       If interested, go to www.greenandwhite      To help frame why being involved in
November. We don’t live in a bubble, or call me for more informa-        politics is necessary for union mem-
but sometimes we don’t realize that         tion. This independent political action     bers, please see the reprint of a favor-
off-campus politics affect us. I know       committee, initiated by the Coalition,      ite article of mine which was written
it seems that we have so much to worry      is working to get MSU-friendly can-         by one of my favorite people, the late
about around us—like layoffs and bud-       didates elected to state offices.           Professor Dan Kruger (p. 3). I hope
get tightening—that we cannot even                                                      this inspires you to find a way to get
begin to think of outside politics. But     Electing pro-MSU candidates really          involved in our future.
we need to pay attention.

We watch the news and see our neigh-
bors, families, and friends worrying.
We worry about jobs leaving our state
                                            Nominations sought for Breslin
and being shipped out to be done by
workers in third world countries at
                                            Distinguished Staff Award
wages that keep them living a third-        Nominations for the Jack Breslin            The award honors MSU staff members
world lifestyle. Is that what we are to     Distinguished Staff Award are due           who excel in job performance, have
become? Already, many American              October 29.                                 outstanding interpersonal skills, con-
workers lucky enough to get “any job”                                                   tribute to efficiency and effectiveness
are forced to work two or three just to     The annual award goes to six mem-           and provide valuable services.
get by. If we can’t manage, even after      bers of the university support staff,
years of working—if our job is elimi-       who will each receive a $2,500 stipend      Any member of the university, includ-
nated, if our pension is gutted, etc.—      and be recognized with a citation at a      ing co-workers, supervisors, faculty
we’re told it’s our own fault. The safety   special reception on April 25.              members or students, may nominate an
net has been shredded and there is little                                               eligible staff member.
to fall back on.                            Nominees must be regular, active
                                            employees with at least five years of       The nomination form and additional
But we keep working to keep our em-         service in a support staff position. Eli-   information, including criteria for the
ployer top-notch. We work together          gible employee groups are APSA,             award and instructions for nomination
with our unions and management to           APA, CTU, FOP, AFSCME Local                 can be found at the Human Resources
find solutions for health care problems,    1585, AFSCME Local 999, IATSE               website ( in the “HR
to correct inefficiencies in systems,       Local 274, IUOE Local 547, Nurses           News” section. Interested individuals
educate the public and meet our social      and Non-union.                              can also call 517-884-0114.

URs: On the front lines
The heart and soul of this successful      tions about whether our workplace          keep them up-to-date in both knowl-
union is our members, pulled together      rights have been violated or when we       edge and skills.
by a network of frontline URs.             have an idea about some union activ-
                                           ity that might improve conditions in
                                           our workplaces. While we can’t expect      Get involved!
What is a UR?                              every UR to be an expert on all aspects    There are many ways for members to
Our Union Representatives, or URs,         of workplace rights, it is her or his      participate in the CTU: voting, attend-
are the “eyes and ears” of the union,      responsibility to find the answers.        ing meetings, showing up for rallies
keeping track of what’s happening in                                                  and work sessions, writing letters to
our offices, laboratories, warehouses,     Often, just talking with a UR will solve   the editor, serving as officers, etc.
fields, orchards, and all of the various   the problem: maybe all that’s needed
environments in which CTs find our-        is the answer to a question or advice      For the essential one-on-one contact
selves working.                            about how to handle a situation. URs       with CTs that really makes a difference
                                           (as well as staff members and other        in the workplace, a great way to con-
For purposes of representation, the        elected officials) work with members       tribute is by serving as a UR. Currently,
CTU has divided its membership into        on a confidential basis.                   we have only four districts without a
40 districts that vary greatly in geo-                                                UR. To see if the position in your area
graphical size. Each area is entitled to                                              is vacant, or to find your UR’s name
representation by a UR, which mem-         It’s a union!                              and contact information, check out the
bers in the area have the opportunity      URs aren’t thrown into the deep end        list on the opposite page.
to select.                                 to sink or swim—this is, after all, a
                                           union, and we support each other.          “UR district news” is published every
URs make sure that we are informed         Training and backup for URs is a CTU       month, allowing us to see when URs
of what’s happening with the union,        priority. [Debra Diane Kolk]               come and go and when a UR position
and they relay information from                                                       is available. Information about becom-
members back to the union’s staff          URs have access to our Contract            ing a UR is published in this column.
and elected officials in order to help     Administrators, hired experts in em-
determine the direction of the union       ployee rights also known as CAs, as
and plan responses to management’s         well as Executive Board members and
actions. [Danah G. Reinerth]               other URs.
                                                                                      The following members have peti-
As members, our URs are our first          Orientation helps URs understand the       tioned for reappointment to UR posi-
point of contact when we have ques-        job, and regular training sessions         tions in their districts. If no other
                                                                                      members from their respective dis-
                                                                                      tricts express interest in the positions
                                                                                      before 5 p.m., October 14, they will
                                                                                      be appointed.

                                                                                          District 27 (Giltner, Natural Sci-
                                                                                          ence): Marie Hensley.

                                                                                          District 28 (Clinical Center [B,C,D
                                                                                          Wings], Engineering Research,
                                                                                          Radiology): Becky Sullivan.

                                                                                      Want more information about becom-
                                                                                      ing a UR? Contact URCC Chairper-
                                                                                      son Rosie Garcia (884-0205 or garciar
                                                                             or Vice President Nancy
                                                                                      Gray (353-8632 or

    Produced by your CT colleagues at MSU

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              2990 E. LAKE LANSING ROAD
              EAST LANSING, MI 48823-6219


  October 5 CTU Executive Board               October 15 Deadline to submit               pers, and the Creation of Working-
meeting. C-T Union Hall, 5:15 pm.           materials for the September CT News.          Class Whiteness.” MSU Museum
Members welcome.                              October 19 CTU Executive Board              Auditorium, 12:15-1:30. LEP Brown
  October 9 MSU Woman-to-Woman              meeting. C-T Union Hall, 5:15 pm.             Bag Series.
Sale. Here’s the chance to make some        Members welcome.                                October 26 CTU votes!
money (selling your stuff!) or find some      October 20, 21, 25 Come meet the              October 27 CTU Membership
great deals (shopping the sale!). MSU       candidates for CTU offices. Details on        Meeting, 252 Erickson Hall, 5:20 pm.
students, staff and faculty and their im-   page 1.                                         October 19 Deadline to request
mediate family members can rent spaces        October 22 “The Enraged People              absentee ballots from Barb Harris
to sell their women’s clothing and ac-      are Many: Race, Immigrant Newspa-             (355-1903, by 5 pm.
cessories (shoes, bags, jewelry, etc.).
Tables rent for $15 plus a $20 refund-
able deposit. Shopping is open to all
with no entry fee! MSU Union Build-         Classifieds
ing (Main Lounge) from 10 am to 4           continued from p. 3
pm. Call the MSU Women’s Resource           East Lake Lansing Road in East                Meijer and a highway interchange.
Center (353-1635) for information.          Lansing. Will work to meet your               $825/mo. Contact
  October 11 “How Things Work at            specifications. Contact the Clerical-
the Post Office: Postal Worker Fiction      Technical Union, 517-355-1903.                Free: Advertise to your colleagues in
and Poetry,” Kevin Breen and Patrick            Town house condo: 2 bedroom, 1½           the CT News. Contact Cheryllee Fin-
Cook. MSU Museum Auditorium,                bath, 2 story, full basement, sheltered re-   ney at The CT News
12:15-1:30. LEP Brown Bag Series.           served parking, deck, patio. New, newer       accepts ads from CTU members on
  October 12 Deadline for volunteers        95.5% efficient furnace, AC, carpeting,       items for sale and/or services provided
to receive released time to work on the     glass top stove, dishwasher, deck, paint,     by CTU members and/or their house-
CTU elections.                                                    8
                                            blinds. Near campus, Lake Lansing             hold family members.

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