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					?Computer worm is a malicious program that will spread over the connected network.
This differs largely from the computer virus. Computer virus is dependent on some
other program to run itself i.e. it needs a host program and then it runs as a part of it.
However, the computer worm is completely different, it can run on its own, and it
multiplies. Although it can run and stand without any host program but still some of
the computer worms make use of the host programs for running. The history of
computer worms is almost two decades long.

First computer worm was made and spread across the internet by the person named
Robert Tappan Morris. Although still it is not clear whether he intentionally did it or it
happened by chance. This computer worm was named the Internet Worm and it made
use of the fingerd, sendmail options to reach across the internet world.

Other famous worms included the slammer worm and the blaster worm. Both of these
spread in 2003 and used the vulnerability of the Microsoft SQL server and Microsoft
DCOM RPC respectively to reach out on the internet network. Some of the worms
like Melissa, Sobig, Mydoom used the email to spread themselves and lured the user
into opening the file attachment of the email. Therefore, in this sense they had some
similarity with the Trojan horse. While the Mydoom had another dimension to it that
it spread through the P2P sharing also and used applications like Kazaa.

You need to protect your computer against such computer worms and for that you
should download and install the patches that are provided by operations systems and
various software providers. You should also be careful in not opening the email
attachments that are suspicious. These attachments can be in the form of exe files as
well as Microsoft word or excels sheets.

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