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What is 3D AutoCAD Modeling-


									?AutoCAD 3D Modeling is the creation, manipulation and storage of geometric
objects to represent objects that are all around us, or virtual objects using advanced
software. The process begins with the use of specialized 3d software. The 3D artist
develops a mathematical, wireframe representation of the object using specialized
software. The final product is called a 3D model and the process is called 3D

It is very common that people visualize mentally in 3D. When we are thinking about
any particular object nobody thinks of it as three projection views. It is visualized as a
single pictorial object. AutoCAD 3D modeling works the same way, with the designer
creating 3D model on screen as if it was in his mind. Having manipulated and added
entities to complete the AutoCAD 3D model, he can adjust the model to look at it in
front elevations.

These elevations are the projection of 2D drawings - exactly the same drawings that
were created using traditional 2D methods. The pieces can be viewed individually or
as a module, so that we can get detail and assembly drawings from the common
model, without having to develop it in separately individual parts.

Once the 3d model is done, the 3D artist may begin the process of 3D rendering for
visual representation in 2D or use the 3d model for an animation. Also, the 3D model
can be used for other applications including computer simulation of physical
phenomena. The 3d model can also be physically created using 3D printing via rapid
prototyping techniques. When 3d printing is used, the 3d object is created connecting
layers of cross sections of material.

Outsourcing you 3D AutoCAD modeling and 3D building models requirements
provide many benefits including better design quality, expert help, competitive edge,
lower cost, reliability and project efficiency. That is why CAD design outsourcing is
adopted as the most profitable option in construction industry today.

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