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                              SAUK RAPIDS CITY COUNCIL
                         City Hall Council Chambers, 115 2nd Ave. N.
                                    Monday, May 24, 2010

                                      REGULAR MEETING
                                 SAUK RAPIDS CITY COUNCIL
                            City Hall Council Chambers, 115 2nd Ave N.
                                      Monday, June 14, 2010
                                             6:00 PM

6:00 PM
1.     Call to Order and Pledge of Allegiance
Mayor Campbell called the meeting to order at 6:00p.m. Members present: Brad Gunderson, Paul Weber,
Dave Saunders, and Jared Gapinski. Others present: Ross Olson, City Administrator, Adam Ripple, City
Attorney, Todd Schultz, Community Development Director, Tom Roy, Police Sgt, Roger Schotl, Public
Works Director, Jack Kahlhamer, Finance Director, and Dana Furman, Administrative Assistant.

2.      Additions or Changes to the Agenda
Councilperson Gunderson requested to add a Police Officer Recognition as agenda item 12-A. Mayor
Campbell requested to add a 1st Street South Crossing Update as agenda item 12-B and a Paperless Packet
Discussion as agenda item 12-C.

3.     Approve the Agenda
Motion: Moved by Councilperson Weber and seconded by Councilperson Gapinski to approve the
Agenda as amended. Motion carried unanimously.

4.     Approve Minutes
       A. 5-24-10 Regular City Council Meeting Minutes
Motion: Moved by Councilperson Gunderson and seconded by Councilperson Saunders to approve the
5-24-10 Regular City Council Meeting Minutes. Motion carried unanimously.
       B. 5-24-10 Special City Council Audit Minutes
Motion: Moved by Councilperson Gapinski and seconded by Councilperson Gunderson to approve the
5-24-10 Special City Council Audit Minutes. Motion carried unanimously.

5.       Receive and File
         A. 4-26-10 Special Meeting Minutes of the Sauk Rapids HRA
         B. 5-4-10 Regular Meeting Minutes of the Sauk Rapids HRA
         C. 4-5-10 Regular Meeting Minutes of the Sauk Rapids Planning Commission
         D. 5-3-10 Regular Meeting Minutes of the Sauk Rapids Planning Commission
Motion: Moved by Councilperson Saunders and seconded by Councilperson Gunderson to receive and
file agenda items 5A-5D. Motion carried unanimously.

6.      Mayor’s Communications
     5 Years of Dedicated Service Award—Jason Fleming, Building Department
Mayor Campbell recognized Jason Fleming, Fire Marshal/Assistant Building Inspector, for his 5 years of
dedicated service with the City of Sauk Rapids. Fleming was present to receive his recognition plaque.
     10 Years of Dedicated Service Award—Tim Sigler, Police Department

6-14-2010                                                                                                 Page 1
Mayor Campbell recognized Tim Sigler for his 10 years of dedicated service with the Sauk Rapids Police
Department. Sigler was present to receive his recognition plaque.
     5 Years of Dedicated Service Award—Matt Bosma, Police Department
Mayor Campbell recognized Matt Bosma for his 5 years of dedicated service with the Sauk Rapids Police
Department. Bosma was present to receive his recognition plaque.
     10 Years of Dedicated Service Award—Jeremy Welsh, Police Department
Mayor Campbell recognized Jeremy Welsh for his 10 years of dedicated service with the Sauk Rapids
Police Department. Welsh was present to receive his recognition plaque.
     Don’t Drink & Drive Public Service Announcement—The City Council viewed the “Don’t
        Drink and Drive” Public Service Announcement, which was sponsored by Sauk Rapids Liquor,
        and features Police Chief Beise and Fire Chief Hommerding.
     Rapids River Days Reminder—Mayor Campbell reminded residents of the upcoming Rapids
        River Days festivities. He noted that the Miss Sauk Rapids Scholarship Pageant kicks off the
        festivities on Thursday, June 24th. The Rapids River Day is Friday, June 25th and Rapids River
        Food Fest concludes the festivities on Saturday, June 26th. Mayor Campbell encouraged residents
        to take part in the fun-filled activities that are planned.

7.       Audience Items/Visitors
         Total Time Limit 10 Minutes for Items NOT on the Agenda
Rand Schaper, Architect hired by Independent Lifestyles, stated that he was here tonight representing his
client, Independent Lifestyles, with a request for the City Council to consider. Schaper stated that
Independent Lifestyles, a non-profit, recently purchased the building adjacent to the bridge in Sauk
Rapids. He said that what Independent Lifestyles is questioning is the requirement that states that a site
plan must be developed by a licensed civil engineer. He noted that Independent Lifestyles is a non-profit,
and the main reason for the proposed addition is to add an elevator to make their building on all levels
more accessible to all of its clients. Schaper said that he would like to request that he as a licensed
Architect be allowed to put the site plan together for this elevator project versus Independent Lifestyles
having to hire and foot the costs for hiring a Civil Engineer.

Mayor Campbell said that he would recommend that Schaper work with staff regarding this request as the
Council cannot take action on this item being that it was not on tonight’s meeting agenda for discussion
or action.

Kevin Olson, 900 Oakcrest Drive, stated that he has 30 years of service in the construction industry, and
he would like to work with the City for no-charge in the concept of a new City Hall.

Mayor Campbell asked Olson get in touch with Ross Olson to discuss this issue further.

8. Public Hearings
    A. Applicant                                         Purpose
City of Sauk Rapids                                  To Consider Making Improvements to Summit
                                                     Avenue from Benton Drive to 2nd Street South,
                                                     and 5th Street South from Summit Avenue to
                                                     Highway 10. These Improvements Include Edge
                                                     Milling and a 2” Bituminous Overlay.
                                                      1. Open Public Hearing
Terry Wotzka advised the City Council that the 2010 street overlay improvement project includes a
bituminous overlay on Fifth Street South from Summit Avenue to Hwy 10. Wotzka said that this project
is included in the City’s 5-year Capital Improvement Plan for construction this year. The project is
planned to be financed with a combination of assessments and franchise fees. Wotzka noted that an

6-14-2010                                                                                                    Page 2
informal meeting was held on Thursday, June 10th with the impacted residents. He explained that
overlay improvements are done to extend the life of a street or roadway. The total estimated cost of the
project is $322,530 with $74, 281 as the estimated total assessment amount and the City’s total cost is
estimated to be $248,249. The assessment will run seven years. Wotzka noted that all residential
properties are proposed to be assessed $1,025 per lot based on preliminary assessments with the
commercial rater being a little higher than the residential rate. Wotzka said that the hope is to have this
project constructed in August.

Wotzka noted that staff received two letters from Dave Rothstein, 1031 5th St. S, and Gerald and JoAnn
Feld, 933 5th St. S. Wotzka stated that both parties are opposed to the assessment of this project. Staff
distributed copies of the letters received to be entered in to the public packet.

Mary Theisen Mitchell, 1303 5th St. S., stated that she was surprised by the level of assessments facing
homeowners but the lack of assessments facing businesses. Wotzka stated that if the property essentially
accesses 5th Street or Summit Avenue then that property is proposed to be assessed.

Harry Hall, 709 Summit Ave, also questioned why the residents are being assessed and not the
businesses. Wotzka said that only those properties fronting the roadways are identified as the benefiting
properties. Hall questioned why his taxes continue to rise by nearly $200 every year. He also said that he
was concerned that when he phoned the police department it took him having to call twice to get the
police department to respond. Hall asked when the City is going to quit spending money.

Mayor Campbell said that the City is an entity that needs to continue to provide services to the
community (water, police, fire, etc.). Mayor Campbell noted that there are three entities involved in
taxation (County, School, and the City). Mayor Campbell suggested that Hall attend the Truth-N-
Taxation hearings and the Board of Equalization meetings to learn more about how the tax rates are
established and to provide input regarding taxation.

Ruth Naber, 502 Summit Ave S., stated that she understands that the work needs to be done to this
roadway and that she does look at the project as routine maintenance. She sated however that she is
concerned by the fact that this is the first improvement project to be completed under the new assessment
policy. Naber questioned what is in place to protect residents from the Council changing the rules again.
She said that she just wants to see that the policy is fair to all involved. Naber questioned whether or not
the City has thought about possibly assessing projects, like this, to all of the residents and businesses to
share in the cost of maintaining the City’s infrastructure.

Mayor Campbell said that he cannot predict what a future City Council will or will not due in terms of
assessment policies in the future. Mayor Campbell noted that the concept of assessing the whole City has
been discussed.

Gerry Cole, 801 Summit Ave S, stated that he totally disagreed with the assessment plan for this project.
He said that he doesn’t understand why certain homeowners are being assessed when everyone in Sauk
Rapids uses this roadway. Cole stated that the road needs to be done, but he questioned at whose

Barb Helget, 801 Summit Ave S, Questioned if there was another way of paying for these improvements.
She also questioned if the City might possibly be taking their land or their house in the future for further
development needs.
                                                       2. Close Public Hearing
Motion: Moved by Councilperson Gunderson and seconded by Councilperson Gapinski to close the
public hearing. Motion carried unanimously.

6-14-2010                                                                                                      Page 3
                                                       3. Consider Action
Councilperson Weber asked what types of questions were asked at the public information meeting
regarding this project. Wotzka said that the general consensus at this meeting was that the project is
needed, but the residents impacted did not agree with the assessment policy. Councilperson Weber asked
if this improvement project would increase or better their property value. Adam Ripple said that in order
to be assessed it has to be proven that the property owner is benefiting from the project.

Jack Kahlhamer noted that the project will be paid with Franchise Fees.

Councilperson Gapinski said that the assessment issue is going to come up no matter where the location
in that nobody likes to see their property assessed for City improvements. He noted though that the City
Council is trying to be as fair as possible with their assessment policy. Councilperson Gapinski noted that
assessment decisions are never fun, but decisions need to be made to improve the City.

Mayor Campbell said that at this point in time he feels that maybe an overlay improvement project should
be picked up by the City. He stated that he would be in favor of the proposed resolution if it included the
City’s franchise fees covering the entire project amount.

Councilperson Saunders said that, as a council member, he has been through the assessment process
several times, and it is never enjoyable but improvements to the City’s infrastructure need to be paid for.
He said that taxes will need to go up if the City picks up the assessment costs for improvement projects.
Councilperson Saunders said that the City tried to be as fair as possible when adopting the assessment
policy. He noted that the City compared several assessment policies utilized by other cities to ensure that
their policy was in line with what is being done throughout the State.

Councilperson Gapinski said that he supports Mayor Campbell’s suggestion in that he agrees that many
people will benefit to improvements done to this roadway. He said that he himself probably uses this
roadway multiple times a day and possibly more frequently than those proposed to be assessed.

Ross Olson said that the current request is to move forward with design by ordering the preparation of
plans. He noted that what the Council members appear to be questioning is a component of the
assessment policy, which he suggested should be directed back to the Public Works subcommittee to look
further in to.

Adam Ripple noted that additional steps will need to be done before the assessments are conducted, so the
resolution being moved on tonight does work without touching on the assessment subject. Ripple
suggested addressing the assessment policy at a future meeting.

Motion: Moved by Mayor Campbell and seconded by Councilperson Gapinski to approve the resolution
ordering the improvements and preparation of plans and specifications for the 2010 Street Overlay
Improvement project. Motion carried unanimously.

Mayor Campbell suggested that the Public Works subcommittee and staff review the assessment policy in
regards to this project.

Terry Wotzka said that the June 28th meeting is when the plans and specs will be approved for this
project. Mayor Campbell suggested that residents watch the City Council agendas for the assessment
policy review.

    B. Applicant                                          Purpose

6-14-2010                                                                                                     Page 4
City of Sauk Rapids                                    To Consider the Sauk Rapids Housing and
                                                       Redevelopment Authority’s Proposed
                                                       Modification to the Redevelopment for Project
                                                       No. 1 and Modification to the Tax Increment
                                                       Financing Plan for Tax Increment Financing
                                                       District No. 4.
                                                       1. Open Public Hearing
Jack Kahlhamer noted that the City and its HRA have received an unsolicited offer for the current city
hall building and surrounding HRA & City sites. Kahlhamer said that if the purchase offer is accepted,
the financing of the new City Hall/Police building has been budgeted with the use of Tax Increment
Financing (TIF) District #4 to purchase a new City Hall site and eligible site improvements. He advised
that in order to use TIF District #4 money, the HRA’s Redevelopment Plan and TIF Plan for TIF District
No. 4 will need to be modified. Included with the agenda was the resolutions and modifications prepared
for review by Kennedy and Graven. Kahlhamer explained that the modifications identify property for
potential purchase for a new City Hall site and also adjust the budget for Tax Increment Financing
District No. 4 to address the potential expenditure on real estate and site work for the new City Hall. Per
Council direction, the future City Hall location has been narrowed down to two sites (Benton Crossing
and the Hoppe property). The Redevelopment Project and District 4 TIF Plan Modifications include both
of these sites.

Kahlhamer advised that the HRA approved the public hearing for the modification on April 26, 2010.
The Planning Commission confirmed compliance with the City’s existing comprehensive plan on May 3,
2010. He noted that the amounts listed in terms of the budget modifications are estimated numbers only
and are intended to be high as many details are not known and the hope is to try and reduce the need and
expense of modifying the plans again should there be any unforeseen changes.
                                                       2. Close Public Hearing
Motion: Moved by Councilperson Saunders and seconded by Councilperson Gunderson to close the
public hearing. Motion carried unanimously.
                                                       3. Consider Action
Motion: Moved by Councilperson Weber and seconded by Councilperson Saunders to approve the
resolution adopting a modification to the redevelopment plan for redevelopment project no. 1 and a
modification to the tax increment financing plan for tax increment financing district No. 4 therein.
Motion carried unanimously.

C. Applicant                                             Purpose
City of Sauk Rapids                                   To Consider an On-Sale Intoxicating License,
                                                      Club On-Sale, Special Sunday License, On-Sale
                                                      3.2 Beer License, Off-Sale 3.2 Beer License, and
                                                      Seasonal Outdoor Sales License.
                                                          1. Open Public Hearing
Ross Olson informed the Council that per City Ordinance, the Council is required to approve the
Annual Liquor Licenses by Public Hearing. He stated that staff has conducted the investigation
on all Liquor License Applicants. The investigation includes verifying that all appropriate
paperwork is completed, payment of appropriate fees has been made, background checks have
been completed, verifying property tax compliance, and appropriate insurance has been
submitted. Olson reviewed the list of establishments requesting Liquor License renewals in the
City of Sauk Rapids, which are as follows: JLDT Inc.-Bubba’s Bar and Grill; JP’s Investments—
JP’s Grill & Bar; Nightway Inc.-Benton Station; Shamrock House Inc.-Jimmy’s Pour House;
VFW-VFW Post 6992; American Legion-Post 254; Coborn’s Inc.-Coborn’s Superstore;
Speedway SuperAmerica, LLC-SuperAmerica #4434 and Sky Ventures, LLC-Pizza Hut. He

6-14-2010                                                                                                     Page 5
noted that staff has found no evidence for disapproval and would request that the Council adopt
the Resolution approving the renewal of liquor licenses and seasonal outdoor sales for those
establishments listed.

Mayor Campbell questioned if there were any businesses in violation of any ordinances. Staff
noted that they were not aware of any violations by any of the liquor license applicants.
                                                          2. Close Public Hearing
Motion: Moved by Councilperson Saunders and seconded by Councilperson Gunderson to close the
public hearing. Motion carried unanimously.
                                                          3. Consider Action
Motion: Moved by Councilperson Saunders and seconded by Councilperson Gapinski
to approve and adopt a resolution approving annual intoxicating on-sale, intoxicating special Sunday,
Intoxicating Club and 3.2 Beer On-Sale, Off-Sale Licenses, and seasonal outdoor sales for the license
period July 1, 2010 through June 30, 2011 for the establishments listed on the resolution. Motion carried

        D. Applicant                                      Purpose
City of Sauk Rapids                                   To Review the City of Sauk Rapids’ Storm
                                                      Water Pollution Prevention Program (SWPPP)
                                                      for 2009.
                                                           1. Open Public Hearing
Todd Schultz noted that each year the City is required to provide an Annual Report to the Minnesota
Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) with a summary of the City’s status of compliance with MS4 permit
conditions, including an assessment of the appropriateness of the City’s identified best management
practices, and progress towards achieving the City’s identified goals for each of the minimum control
measures as required by the permit. Schultz reviewed the minimum control measures and other aspects of
the annual report.

Roger Schotl said that the City has increased the frequency of sweeping the streets as a result of changes
in regulations required as part of the SWPPP. He continued to say that the City attempts to collect the
pollutants prior to reaching the waterways . Schotl noted that there are many mandates with this program,
but no additional revenue was provided to implement the mandates.

Mayor Campbell noted that the advertisements sponsored by the Central Minnesota Water Education
Alliance (CMWEA) have helped him to change his ways on some simple everyday things that he does.
                                                       2. Close Public Hearing
Motion: Moved by Councilperson Saunders and seconded by Councilperson Gunderson to close the
public hearing. Motion carried unanimously.
                                                       3. Consider Action
Motion: Moved by Councilperson Gapinski and seconded by Councilperson Gunderson to approve the
submittal of the 2009 MS4 report to the MPCA.

 Councilperson Weber said that he has noted that there are some unfunded mandates with this program,
like the increased frequency of street sweeping. He noted that there are ways that residents can help to
improve the waterways by doing simple things like moving the downward spout on their rain gutters to
have the water flow into their yards.

Motion carried unanimously.

6-14-2010                                                                                                    Page 6
9.      Consent Agenda
   A. Approve Police and Fire Department Contracts for the Air Show--Pulled
   B. Approve Ordinance Exempting City of Sauk Rapids Properties from the Storm Water
        Utility Fee and Approve Summary of Publication
   C. Approve and Authorize the Repair of Sewer Services at 1125 3rd Avenue South To Be
        Applied to Taxes
   D. Approve Technology and Communication Use Policy Addition to the Personnel Policy
   E. Approve the Placement of Stop Signs at River Avenue & 1st Street South
   F. Approve the Purchase Agreement for Excess Right of Way in Block 48
   G. Approve Updated Job Descriptions
   H. Approve Bridge Right of Way Plat Miscellaneous Real Estate Matters
   I. Approve the Waiver of Sign Fees for Two Temporary Signs for Rapid River Days
   J. Approve Disc Golf Planning Services Payment
   K. Approve the Salzer Petition for Site Plan Approval Extension--Pulled
Motion: Moved by Councilperson Saunders and seconded by Councilperson Gunderson to approve
consent agenda items B-J. Motion carried unanimously.

9-A. Approve Police and Fire Department Contracts for the Air Show
Mayor Campbell said that he had heard that Regent Broadcasting has changed their legal name. He noted
that as far as he is aware the new name for Regent Broadcasting is Town Square Media.

Adam Ripple recommended that the Council approve the contracts on the condition that the proper
corporate name as well as the number of hours for the Fire Department is clarified before signatures are

Ross Olson said that Town Square Media will deposit the money for the Police and Fire Department
services prior to the event taking place so in the end the City is covered no matter what in terms of
reimbursement for services.

Motion: Moved by Mayor Campbell and seconded by Councilperson Saunders to approve the police and
fire department contracts for the Air Show on the condition that the corporate name and the number of
Fire Department hours is clarified prior to the City entering in to agreement for the Air Show. Motion
carried unanimously.

9-K. Approve the Salzer Petition for Site Plan Approval Extension
Todd Schultz clarified that the City Code states that Conditional Use Permits (CUP) that are not
commenced after one year of their issuance date will no longer be considered valid. Schultz said that in
the case of the Salzer’s CUP, he believes that when the cement slab was poured the use then commenced.

Motion: Moved by Councilperson Saunders and seconded by Councilperson Weber to approve the
Salzer petition for site plan approval extension. Motion carried unanimously.

10.     Regular Agenda
        A. Award Sale of 2010C Capital Improvement Plan Bonds
Rebecca Kurtz, Ehlers & Associates, advised the Council that the bids for the refunding of the 2003A
Public Facilities Lease Revenue Bonds were received today. Kurtz presented the tabulated bids to the
Council. She noted that Ehlers & Associates along with City staff participated in a bond rating
conference call on 6/8/10. The bond rating from Standard & Poors did not change after the 6/8/10 rating
call. Kurtz noted that included with the meeting agenda is the resolution to approve the sale of the bonds

6-14-2010                                                                                                    Page 7
and the escrow agreement for the bonds as the Lease Revenue bond cannot be called and paid off until
2013. She explained that the funds must be kept in an escrow account until 2013.

Kurtz advised the Council on the results of today’s bid opening. The lowest bidder was UBS Financial
Services Inc. in New York, New York. Kurtz said that the actual bond amount will be $4,195,000. The
savings that the city will see with this transaction is $254,268.11

Motion: Moved by Councilperson Weber and seconded by Councilperson Saunders to approve the
resolution awarding the sale of $4,245,000 General Obligation Capital Improvement Plan Bonds, Series
2010C fixing their form and specifications; directing their execution and delivery; providing for their
payment; providing for the escrow and investment of the proceeds thereof; and providing for the
redemption of bonds refunded thereby. Motion carried unanimously.

        B. Approve Awarding Preliminary Design Work on CSAH #3 to SEH
Bob Kozel, Benton County Engineer, noted that at the last City Council meeting, the City Council
approved the presented resolution recognizing the City’s contribution of funds to be used for preliminary
design for the preferred design option for County State Aid Highway (CSAH) #3 or Golden Spike Road.
Along with the last approval, staff included the approval of awarding the preliminary design work to

Kozel said that to facilitate moving the project forward, the current proposal is for the City, using tax
increment from District No. 4, to provide the funds necessary to cover the costs of the preliminary
roadway design. The preliminary design will provide necessary information regarding the land
acquisition needs and anticipated project costs. Kozel noted that this step is an essential next step in
moving this project forward.

The City Council opted to not move forward on the approval of the design work at the last meeting as
Bob Kozel was not in attendance to present the County road design proposal and staff and the Council
Subcommittee working on this project anticipated questions that would need to be answered. Kozel noted
that the included with the agenda were the proposals for design work submitted for consideration from
SEH and WSB. He said that these two firms were considered by the County and the City’s subcommittee
appointed by the Council. The Golden Spike Corridor Committee, which is comprised of HRA and City
Council members, is recommending hiring SEH to provide preliminary design services for this corridor.
Kozel shared his rationale for recommending SEH over WSB for this project.

Councilperson Gapinski said that because the bids were so close he wanted Kozel to come in and share
how a final decision was made. Kozel stated that as the County Engineer, he has participated in the
awarding of several projects and he used this experience and expertise in making the recommendation to
hire SEH.

Motion: Moved by Councilperson Gunderson and seconded by Councilperson Gapinski to approve and
authorize awarding the preliminary design contract for CSAH #3 to SEH . Motion carried unanimously.

         C. Approve Resolution Approving the Sale of City Hall Property to Semper Development,
Adam Ripple noted that a Resolution concerning the sale of the City Hall property to Semper
Development Ltd. was included with the meeting packet. Ripple explained that the Purchase Agreement
is the same as was previously provided to the Council a few months ago when the sale process was
initiated. The Purchase Agreement includes the HRA selling the remainder of Block 48, which is not
currently being used for right-of-way purposes to Semper. Ripple stated that the HRA has approved this
sale contingent upon City Council approval. Ripple advised that if the Council accepts this Purchase

6-14-2010                                                                                                   Page 8
Agreement, Semper’s due diligence period will begin, during which Semper will review environmental
issues, work through site plan approval, review the status of title to the property and other due diligence to
ensure that the site will work for their client. This period runs for 180 days. Ripple said that assuming
that the contingencies are met and Semper proceeds to closing, the actual sale is anticipated to occur on
December 31, 2010. Ripple advised that City Administration has spent considerable time negotiating the
terms of the Purchase Agreement and believes that it is in an acceptable form if the Council determines
that a sale of City Hall is appropriate. Ripple reiterated that this is a legally binding document and so
once the agreement is entered in to there is no turning back. The earnest money will be deposited within
5 days. The vacation date would be September 30, 2011. Ripple explained that there is a provision that
talks about what happens in the event that the investigation brings out some environmental concerns and
how this provision will work. The provision in the contract is limited to environmental issues that fall
under state and federal regulations. The City would become a tenant until it vacates. Ripple covered the
remedies in case of default for the Council. In the case of a default, Semper Development would lose its
earnest money if they default and the City would pay Semper its earnest money should the City default.

Motion: Moved by Councilperson Gunderson and seconded by Councilperson Saunders to approve the
resolution approving the sale of City Hall property to Semper Development, Ltd. Motion carried

        D. Award 2010 Second Avenue Improvement Project
Jon Halter noted that a copy of the Preliminary Final Assessment Worksheet that shows the post-bid and
the pre-bid calculated assessment were included with the agenda. Halter stated that the post-bid
assessments are considerably lower due to the low bid and a reduction in contingency.

Halter advised that the Public Works Committee has reviewed the bids and recommended award of the
Base Bid, including Section “A”—Parking Lot Improvements, Section “B”—Alley restoration
Improvements and Alternate “A”-Benton Drive and 1st Street North Corner Modification in the amount of
$867,461.19. This project is being funded through a combination of assessments, franchise fees, and
sewer and water funds. Halter noted that no bonding is necessary. The low bid was 13% below the
engineer’s estimate. Halter said that assessments are decreasing across the board as a result of the low

Councilperson Gapinski questioned if the Second Avenue project could be pushed off until next year
considering the current City Hall site will also be constructed in roughly a year. Halter noted that the low
bid is valid for 60 days.

Councilperson Weber questioned property #18, which currently lists Mr. Mimbach as the property owner
of the site that the City has now taken possession of to develop a new City parking lot. Olson stated that
#18 should read the City of Sauk Rapids and that the City will be paying these assessments.
Councilperson Weber asked what the contingency amount had been lowered to. Halter stated that the
contingency has been lowered to 5%.

Councilperson Gapinski questioned if there is anything that could be looked at in terms of the
streetscaping costs. Ross Olson said that there are different hierarchies of improvement laid out within
the City’s downtown plan. He said that some sections of the City have more intense levels of
streetscaping required. Olson noted that there are two blocks remaining in the downtown that are part of
a level 2 (more intense) streetscaping plan. Halter advised that the streetscaping plan has had minor
adjustments made in an attempt to lessen the cost of the project as part of the feasibility study.

6-14-2010                                                                                                        Page 9
Councilperson Weber said that he has been thinking about this project since it first came forward in that
there are some large assessments being placed on businesses. He questioned if the City could possibly
cover the original estimated amount and then lower the assessments being placed on businesses.

Jack Kahlhamer said that he would be a little reluctant to start changing the assessment policy for each
project. He suggested that one way to reduce the assessment cost in terms of streetscaping would be to
assess all streetscaping at a level 3. This approach would mean a savings of $21,000 amongst the
impacted properties.

Councilperson Weber noted that the numbers could be worked out later as tonight’s action is to award

Motion: Moved by Councilperson Saunders and seconded by Councilperson Gunderson to approve the
resolution accepting the bid from C&L Excavating for the 2010 Second Avenue Improvements project.

Councilperson Gapinski said that for some of these businesses they are just getting back in to the swing of
things after the bridge project so he really wants to see staff look further in to the streetscaping issue to
see what can be done to cushion the cost of the assessments for the businesses.

Councilperson Weber said that he, too, struggles with impacting businesses, but he agrees with
Councilperson Gapinski if the City can do anything more to lessen the assessments it would help.

 Motion carried with 4 yes votes (Saunders, Gunderson, Gapinski, and Weber) and 1 no vote

         E. Approve Plans and Specifications for the Mimbach Building Demolition
Terry Wotzka noted that in regards to the Mimbach Building Demolition, a decision has been made to bid
this project in two phases. The reasoning for the two phases is because of the two distinct types of work
necessary to accomplish the project. Wotzka said that the first phase would be to include the demolition
of the building, and the necessary repair of the Wash-n-Tan building roof, due to the connection of the
two buildings. Wotzka said that it is the first phase that staff is asking for approval of plans and
specifications for on Monday night.

Wotzka advised that phase two of the project would include improvements to the north face of the Wash-
n-Tan building, including the screening of mechanical equipment located on the roof of the building.
Wotzka said that staff will return to the Council for formal approval of these plans at the June 28th
meeting. He noted that staff plans to request quotes for this work from four local contractors.

Mayor Campbell asked if there was anything of value with the building that will reduce demolition costs.
Wotzka s said that the demolition costs are being estimated at about $45,000, and he was not aware of
anything of value that would reduce the demolition costs.

Motion: Moved by Mayor Campbell and seconded by Councilperson Saunders to approve the resolution
approving plans and specifications for the Mimbach Building and order quotes from contractors. Motion
carried unanimously.

11.    Other Staff Items
       A. 6-29-10 Joint Cities Meeting/Regional Leadership Summit
Mayor Campbell noted that the next Joint Cities meeting will take place at the Municipal Park in Sauk
Rapids on Tuesday, June 29th. The meeting will begin at 5:00pm with the Regional Leadership Summit

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portion of the evening running from5:30pm until 9:00pm. Mayor Campbell asked that Council members
interested in attending the next Joint Cities meeting RSVP to Dana Furman before June 24th.

Ross Olson stated that Manea’s Meats will be participating in the catering in a barbeque type picnic.

        B. Business Development Goal Setting Meeting
Todd Schultz noted that the City from time to time has brought its Boards and Commissions together with
the City Council to conduct goal setting. He said that this typically provides a great opportunity for staff,
policy makers, and the recommending bodies to have a discussion about how the City defines its
economic development goals at the City. Schultz said that this meeting will allow for discussions on
what staff is doing right and what could be done differently. He noted that staff is envisioning holding
another meeting, like those that have occurred in the past, but with the focus of this meeting being
economic development in the City. The proposed meeting would include staff, the HRA, and the City
Council. Schultz noted that staff brought up the idea of this meeting to the HRA Board and the members
were supportive of the idea.

Mayor Campbell asked how long staff anticipated such a meeting taking. Staff thought that the proposed
meeting would likely take a couple of hours. Mayor Campbell said that he prefers a night meeting or
possibly even a weekend meeting. He suggested that staff come up with some proposed dates and run
them by the City Council and the HRA to see which dates would work better for this joint meeting.

        C. Partnership Trip to Iowa
Ross Olson informed the Council that the St. Cloud Area Economic Development Partnership is
coordinating a road trip to Dubuque, Iowa. He noted that about 15 years ago Dubuque was one of the
most undesirable cities in the United States, and since that time many jurisdictions and communities have
partnered and developed coalitions to become one of the most recognized small to mid-size cities in the
country. Dubuque was name an “All America City” in 2007. The Partnership will be taking a motor
coach from the St. Cloud area and driving to Dubuque (6 hour road trip). The trip will take place July
15th and 16th. Olson noted that he will be attending this trip as a representative of the HRA, and that he
wanted to extend the invitation for this trip to the City Council.

Mayor Campbell suggested that the HRA also be invited to attend the City of Dubuque tour.

12.     Other Council Items and Communications
         A. Police Officer, John Zwack, Recognition
Councilperson Gunderson read an e-mail written by he and his wife recognizing Officer John Zwack for
taking the time to not only care about the big details in the City of Sauk Rapids, but the little details as
well when responding to police calls.

Mayor Campbell said that he agrees that the City of Sauk Rapids has a fine police department that is
dedicated to the residents of the City of Sauk Rapids. Mayor Campbell said that he fears that should the
area police departments be combined in a cost saving effort then the City would lose some of the personal
aspects that make the City’s police department so great.

         B. 1st Street South Crossing Plantings
Mayor Campbell said that he added this item to the agenda because he would like to see that the plantings
at the 1st Street South crossing are done prior to Rapids River Days.

Roger Schotl said that the plantings will be done before Rapids River Days.

        C. Paperless Packet Discussion

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Mayor Campbell stated that he does not want to wait any longer to see the City Council meeting packets
go paperless in that there is a large amount of paper and staff time being wasted to create these meeting
packets. Mayor Campbell requested that staff look again in to making the dais paperless.

13.      Approve List of Bills and Claims
Motion: Moved by Councilperson Saunders and seconded by Councilperson Gunderson to approve the
List of Bills and Claims. Motion carried unanimously.

The Council recessed at 8:35pm to allow for members to meet and reconvene at the old Checkers
building for a tour.

14.      Old Checkers Building Tour
The City Council reconvened at 8:42pm at the old Checkers building site.
Structural Buildings, Inc. presented the City Council and the Advisory Park Board with different
possibilities in terms of functionality and aesthetic treatments for the building. Removal of the mold will
come with a ten year guarantee. Structural Buildings, Inc. discussed HVAC needs, presented examples of
exterior siding treatments, and discussed remedies for mold, insulation, and water intrusion problems.

The Advisory Park Board expressed interest in salvaging the building for a possible community
shelter/park shelter. Advisory Park Board members stated that if a decision is made to demolish the old
Checkers building, then they would like to see a new building/shelter built in its place at the same site.
The Advisory Park Board will discuss the Checkers building further at their July Advisory Park Board
meeting with the hope of coming up with a recommendation in which to present to the City Council at its
July 26th meeting.

15.    Adjournment
Motion: Moved by Councilperson Weber and seconded by Councilperson Gunderson to adjourn the
meeting. Motion carried unanimously.

Mayor Campbell adjourned the meeting at 9:19 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Dana Furman
Administrative Assistant

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