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									?Give something back to your community by doing something worthwhile for
Valentine's Day. Here are some ways you can put some soul into your corporate social
responsibility programs:

- Valentine's Day is a day of love, so why not show your love for the environment
with some customized environment-friendly Valentine giveaways? Make this
nature-loving campaign company-wide. Encourage employees to replace disposable
paper cups with reusable mugs and tumblers bearing your corporate logo and to go
paperless, if possible. The latter is both cost-effective and environment-friendly.

- Show love and concern for employees by implementing an employee assistance
program, which workers can tap for personal, work, or financial problems. Your
employee assistance program should have a holistic focus, especially in these trying
times when stressed employees are worried about the possibility of losing their jobs or
their shrinking 401(K). Customized gifts such as piggy banks, bill-paying organizers,
calculators, and expenses planner make great Valentine giveaways while encouraging
employees to take charge of their finances.

- Emphasize the need for everyone in the company to take care of their health. Make
Valentine's Day an occasion for everyone to resolve to watch their weight and lead a
less sedentary lifestyle. Customized pedometers, jumping rope, and yoga mat are
perfect Valentine giveaways that relay your concern.

- While stressing the need to take care of individual needs, encourage employees to
find ways to spread the love. One example of this is donating blood. In the US, every
three seconds, a patient needs blood for emergency procedures, elective surgeries, and
cancer treatments, according to It is thus important for blood
centers to have a steady supply of blood. Thank donors through customized trinkets
and memorable Valentine giveaways like key chains, mugs, and silicone bracelets.

- Breast Cancer Awareness Month happens every October, but the need to raise
awareness for this disease is something we all need to do every day. Show a big heart
on Valentine's Day by helping raise funds for cancer research and mammograms and
educate the public about this killer disease. Employees can make tax-deductible
contributions to an organization of their choice. Spread awareness through
informative flyers or donate to the cancer programs by sponsoring some Breast
Cancer Post-Up with your corporate logo.

- Another cause you might want to support is AIDS awareness. It is believed that there
are more than 1 million HIV cases in the US. Discrimination and prejudice still
abound about this disease primarily because information is not disseminated properly.
Help raise awareness through custom giveaways and flyers.

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