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Customized Flooring A Must For Trade Shows And Conventions


									?Now that you have rented your booth space, why not maximize your exhibit dollar
and include a customized floor as a way to target the audience. This addition to trade
show displaystrade show display is unique but also will save the cost of renting a
floor or carpet for the duration of the convention.

With the cost of floor rentals between sometimes as much $500, your cost can quickly
add up if you are attending several shows a year. Additionally some convention
centers may hold you liable for any damage done by yourself or anyone visiting your
booth, even if the damage is accidentally

So if you want to avoid both the potential issues with renting, then invest in your own
interlocking trade show flooring. Here are four factors that should be considered when
getting ready to make your flooring purchase:

Typical booth space for most trade shows is 10x10, so you want to make sure that you
know your booth space first. After you determine the size you can start looking into
the sizes of tiles. Tiles can range from anywhere between 12 and 24 inches and are
usually sold in 10x10 sections.

After you determine the square footage needed, the next decision is choosing which
style of floor best complements your booth. Typically carpet and wood are the two
most popular choices, but there are several other options out there, which are very
good choices.

Trade show flooring comes in a variety of colors and allows for graphics to be printed
directly into them. Don't forget color can also play a role in hiding dirt, mishaps and
general wear. If you choose wood, then you want something that can be resistant to
scuffs and other mishaps.

Finally you must find a way ship to your newly purchased floor. Options include
using the cardboard boxes and plastic that the flooring originally was shipped in.
However, this isn't the strongest protection of your investment. Other options include
traveling cases that can also be shipped along with any trade show display, usually
through a major carrier.

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