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Customer Relationship Management _66411


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									?TechXact CRM Solution enables enterprise businesses to manage customer
relationships in a highly organized and efficient manner, delivering unbreakable bond
between you and your clients through a feature-rich seamless integration of all aspects
of customer relationship lifecycle.

TechXact CRM Solutions have been tailored to fit your industry and business
processes, your customer strategies, and your success criteria to build and sustain
relationship with your customers, while maintaining your efficiency at the optimal
level and achieving results better than ever before.

TechXact CRM is a systematic business approach that dynamically uses customers'
information to provide a personalized and consistent experience to each customer at
all time.
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TechXact is an expert in CRM software development and integration.

TechXact closely follows all trends in CRM software application development and
integration which combined with our technological expertise and knowledge if
business makes the optimal CRM solution provider.

TechXact CRM services include:

? TechXact CRM Consulting Services
? TechXact CRM Package implementation services
? TechXact CRM Integration services
? TechXact CRM Support services
? TechXact CRM Reporting services

Other services include:

? Business process consulting
? Gap analysis program
? Product fitment analysis
? Product customization and configuration
? Data migration
? Back-end infrastructure support and 24x7 helpdesk support

TechXact, with its complete understanding, offers an end-to-end integrated approach
in adopting a customer-centric business approach. From the initial strategy definition,
to configuration and implementation, TechXact offer a solution that is industry
specific and aligned to its business objectives.

These include:

? Defining CRM objectives
? Identifying corporate and customer needs
? Re-engineering processes to improve service delivery
? Aligning CRM strategy with the organization's business plan
? Offering a structured approach to technology selection
? Developing a business-led, phased implementation plan

Features of Techxact CRM:

? Comprehensive Sales Automation tool
? Impressive Customer Services
? Dynamic management of Marketing activity
? Flexible, Scalable and Customizable
? Library of Product and Competitor information
? Accurate, up to date Reporting

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