Future Technical Advancements For Mobile Apps

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					?Internet access, everywhere. Faster mobile networks. Greater computing power in
ever-smaller packages. Unlimited data storage with still-faster retrieval. Ask anybody
with an ounce of knowledge about technology what the future holds for mobile
devices, and you'll get answers like these.

What does all of that mean for mobile apps? It means a nearly infinite scope of
opportunity for new ones.

For example, would you waste your time today on a smartphone app that gave
frequent travelers something meaningful to use while strapped into an airplane seat?
Not if it required Internet access, because today there are very few domestic flights
that offer Wi-Fi. But fast-forward the clock just a few years into the future, and you
may find that Internet access is just as common on airplanes as it is today in hotels.

Now, imagine an application that an iPhone user could access while he's at 30,000 feet.
Perhaps it gives him real-time updates of weather and traffic conditions in his
destination city. Maybe it tells him which baggage claim conveyor he should walk to
after he lands. And of course, it will no doubt tailor a few advertisements for local
businesses to his specific preferences.

Social gaming, networking and mobile entertainment in general will benefit greatly
from future technical advancements. The ability to download an entire full-length
feature movie using a network faster than 3G (maybe they'll call it something like
Giga-G by then) to your phone, say, in two seconds flat? Wouldn't that kind of speed
make a big difference in how people use their phones in the future?

Finally, with ongoing advancements in the storage and computing power of mobile
devices, the obstacles to bigger and brighter apps will continue to be removed.

Better. Stronger. Faster. That's how the future of mobile applications will be built.